Tsvangirai rules out unity talks

OUTGOING Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has ruled out the possibility of fresh unity talks that could culminate in a second government of national unity (GNU) with President-elect Robert Mugabe, saying doing so “will sanitise” the “rigged election”.

Wonai Masvingise

Speculation swirled at the weekend that Tsvangirai’s withdrawal of the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) petition challenging the re-election of Mugabe last Friday could have been a trade-off and that the two political rivals would hold unity talks.

Tsvangirai has described the July 31 polls as a “farce”.

The Premier’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka told NewsDay yesterday that entertaining talks with Zanu PF would be akin to “sanitising” the “rigged election”.

“He (Tsvangirai) is not open to negotiations. We will not sanitise this theft. Remember he has already said he will not entertain any talks for another GNU.

“We have already said the MDC will pursue legal, political and diplomatic means and the legal route has discredited itself so we will pursue the political and diplomatic routes,” he added.

On Friday, Tsvangirai withdrew his ConCourt petition citing among other reasons the non-availability of crucial vote material which had formed the basis of his court challenge.

In a sworn affidavit, Tsvangirai said: “For these reasons, I consider that I have no other option, but to take this grave decision. This, sadly, as far as I am concerned, entails that the Zimbabwe situation is far from resolved and on my part as leader of my political party, I shall endeavour to use all democratic means to bring about a successful resolution of this issue. I wish, however, to thank the court and all its officials who have taken time to consider the petition that I had filed.”

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday, Tsvangirai said the MDC-T would now pursue the political route without explaining what this entailed.

“We were going to use the legal platform to expose the electoral fraud and also show Zimbabwe and the world how just or unjust is our judiciary system. But remember the struggle for democracy is fought not only on a legal basis, but also on a political one,” said Tsvangirai.

Last week, Tsvangirai told mourners at the burial of party activist Rebecca Mafikeni that he had rejected talks with Mugabe.
“After stealing the vote, they don’t even know where to start. They are now asking, ‘Where is Tsvangirai, so that we can talk?’ Talk about what?

Zanu PF also insists there is no need for unity talks as the party won an outright two-thirds majority.

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  1. hanyanani chidoma chekwachivi

    1. Rejected by the electorate; rejected by a wife. Who would think of unity with a fool? Shame!

    2. kikiki hanya nani kusura kweavete

  2. what political route tsvangson be specific

    1. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      Morgan is Mo more Sanctions hana basa nesu Morgan

  3. Whoever hopes for tsvancry in zimbabwe’ s sane political landscape must be admitted at one of the mental institutions for a long time to come.

    1. E major problem in zimbabwe is voters roll is temperd with before;an election: so wat should be done is munhu wese wezimbabwe paari should be eligble to vote never mind kuti uripapi kana yanguva yekuvhota unongo ti chero pauri ipapo vota because as long as u have any thing that show kuti u are a zimbabwean nekuti munhu anogara kuharare akpara mhosva kuhwange anongosungwa riko kana kutopika chaiko zvisinei kuti handiko kwaunogara saka kuvhota ngakungonzarwowo

      1. what has voters roll got to do with your drubbing? If you get all the turned away voters you still would have lost and mind you, not all those who were turned away failed to vote as some went to different polling stations and voted. So what now? You are finding it difficult to stomach the fact that you were thumped.

  4. I am not sure who will take you seriously . Putting on a brave face for nothing , we know already bob wants to pulverize you politically , he said it publicly .

  5. @Reason,bcoz u wer born and bred in a mental institution,which is wher u rytfully belong,dnt expect evrybody else to join u n keep u perenial company!!

  6. so funny mr tsvangirai. only wishful minds. can you imagine the president of Zimbabwe engaging a puppet like you. go hang you have been told already. bennet resigned, khama changed his position so whats next for you mr. rest in peace you will be remembered for causing the suffering for Zimbabweans.

    1. uri johni wekuseri zveshuwa shuwa yo bras and sistas even vabereki vako are suffering iwe uchifara netumari twavapihwa kuti unyombe save vedu uri mha a mharapatsetse ndwindwindwi yemwana

  7. I knew MDC-T was made up of dreamers and stupid, but never imagined they were this stupid. Who needs them, Zanu-Pf? Take these guys to Alex, please. Iye Tamborenyoka, did he recover mentally after that accident? I doubt it.

  8. what unity hatina basa newe

  9. tsvangcry is finished politically. why on earth would zanu court a loser why. he is only putting a brave face

  10. zveMDC zvakadhakwa vakomana

    1. Don’t blame MDC. Blame NIKUV!

  11. i think Morgan is doing the right thing , most of yr comments re personal rather than being objective the july 31 elections for the general zimbos the results shocked all and wat ever happened on that day God knows it All , you can insult this man and forget tht you know not wat tommorow holds , So dont be judges of this political scenario tables can turn up side down and the very same Morgan can be the next president in as much he has been the Former PM ,,,,,,, Food for thought !!!

    1. Tsvangirayi go home and herd goats. He will not rise again in Zimbabwean politics. Kana akarambira pakuva leader weMDC zvaava kuita naiyo yanyura. Bennet haachadi nemari. Infact its the West vaudza Bennet kuti no more money to mdc saka you are history

      Go for good we will not miss you never

      VIVA PF

    2. You have your democratic right to be shocked by the result, but tell you what, i was’nt shocked at all, 1. Because i didnt vote for Tsvangirai. 2. I knew and still no of too many reasons why Zimbabweans would not vote for such a brainless person for President,,,for instance he openly opposed and wanted to reverse the land reform which benefited 376500 families…multiply that number by an average5 dependents and see how many votes Tsvangirai lost from this example only….3. Tsvangirai lost the confidence of everyone including his backers like the Guardian newspaper which declared that he was not going to win….

      Its upto you to keep dreaming that Tsvangirai will be leader, its one of your rights to dream as well but for me its NEVER!!! He is a failure, and failures have no place in ZIMBABWE!!!

      1. i think he lost, for more or less the same reasons you have articulated. But does he deserve to be insulted the way you are doing? By the way, are you a Zimbabwean with this kind of name?

    3. They will be surprised for sure if the tables turn up side down like what happened in 2008 where everyone never thought about it but i guess some guys out there will faint mark my words.People are taking this lightly when the issue is causing sleepless nights to some people out there.

    4. Habhraghadhabhura

      AKC never will he ever be a PRESIDENT for Zimbabwe.

    5. You pple comments are just personal.pple are note looking at both sides of the views.We blam ZTV for propelling propagand.

    6. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      only thoz who believed Morgan and his wominising is a quality leader and those who thot Baba Jukwa ndiye ane yese shall forever remain shocked maifunga kuti madhara nechembere vakazara kumusha vashandisa facebook, very silly of you to think urban vote can when you election Bennet is right…

    7. I agree with you , that guy and his advisory board are not fools . They know a wat to do and wat not to do .This is politics Give him a chance and exhaust all the ways he thinks will make the vote of the ppo of Zim can be defended

    8. Unorwara! Endai and be admitted mese.

  12. The viable options are getting thin, MDC might have no other option but to either slip into obscurity or use violence

    1. Look Zimbabweans are not worried about a loser like Tsvangirai as shown by most comments on this forum…Rather they are sickened by a dead reporter desperately trying to seek relevance for Tsvangirai….We are moving on. I am a farmer and its time for me to make meaningful investments on my farm knowing that the puppet who intended to take my farm and hand it back to the whites is politically dead and burried….If you are not doing anything for your life, waiting then sham on you…

  13. we can go on and pour insults on Tsvangirai but will that bring anything on our tables. we need clean water, electricity service delivery and a host of other services, if he is irrelevant as you put it, why worry about him, go ahead and plan a better life for Zimbabweans

    1. Taura hako NGP ngavanyarare nezvake if he is just useless.Why talk about him when he is irrelevant??Hamudzidze vanhu vemunyika ino makaitasei nhai veduwe-e?

      1. Totaura because he is constantly being splashed on our front pages by imperialist newspapers so we have to comment. why not? If he does not appear then we wont comment.

  14. Political Idealist

    Mr Tsvangirai, Mugabe is going to rule until he dies according to what his mother was told by a missionary before he was born. If you can seek devine solutions not dudiciary and political ones. You are fighting a spiritual battle using physical weapons unfortunately you wont win.

  15. Hahah wishful thinking Chematama. Go and have talks naNgirazi. You are a loser and we dnt talk with pupperts. Your name will be known as mutengesi who brought the suffering of Zimbabwe nekuda mari. Shame on you. They should bring charges against you for all this and for holding the country hostage after losing the election. Shame on This paper which continues to give this Buffon a platform to continue to talk shit. This paper backed up this sell out to help with their sale now he’s lost they are now doing all they can to keep him relevant in Zim politics when he’s a nobody now so as to milk the last drop of sell they can. Chematama is now history. Get that in your heads.

    1. @ZANU- was this Tsvangirayi ever this powerful? Make up your mind is he a puppet or Zimbabwe’s most powerful politician outside government? For if he can call sanctions which are observed by the west then surely he can have them lifted, yah? If he can not have them lifted as he showed during his tenure as PM what makes you think he can do so now??? You dont think this is self defeating asinine thinking on your part???

      1. In case you missed the gist of most of the comments above, Tsvangirai is now irrelevant. He is more like a used tissue saying I will not wipe your backside anymore. Zanu PF does not need him, he is the one who keeps harping on seeking relevance where it’s clear he has nothing to offer. It is probably his indirect way of begging Zanu PF to accommodate him. The west used him to justify sanctions after he fell into their trap. They wanted a pawn and Tsvangirai with his ignorance surrounded by excitable academics fell for it.

        1. @Dzvinya- You are right I could have missed some points..but sometimes dont you find it a tad confusing when you hear he called for sanctions that brought the country to its knees in one breath then he is a puppet in the same sentence?

      2. @Faclon. Ndozvakagara zvakaita muchena izvozvo. They find a way in using one of you and once kana vachiita kunge ndiweunoziya then you fell kunge u are power full like Tsvangirai but once they in that’s when you see their true colours. Once they are in that’s when you know who is more powerful. Tsvangirai could not remove the sanctions as their project of regime change had not been completed. Remember Lobengula how they came in and then once he found out wat was going on he tried to get them out what happened. Research on Lubumbashi, Amin and neo-colonialism.

        Hanzi chinonyenga chinihwarara chinozosimudza musoro chawana. The stakes here are much bigger than Tsvangirai and Mugabe if you understand wat mean.

        1. @ Faclon.Sorry it’s Patrice Lumumba

    2. The problem is that Zimbabweans are so polarised when it comes to politics like noone else. This is why our politics is riddled with hate speech and vitriol which we constantly direct at percieved opponents. This is why terms like ‘mutengesi’ are still being peddled as if we are still in the seventies. Its a shame that we as a people continuously fail to see beyond our political differences to enable us to work for the good of the country. Elections have come and gone but we are still hurling insults at one another over things that are of no importance at all. We are only good at bickering, name calling and chest beating while the so called leaders we put in office every elections go unchecked. We are a nation where we only see politicians during election time and then they desappear after that only to return to our hoods after another five years. Corruption by government official is now a cancer that has destroyed every facet of our once prosperous economy but yet we are too obsessed with hate for one another that we cannot do anything about it. Why cant we for once rally together as citizens and hold these people we put in office to account instead of spewing hate speech at every opportunity we get? I do not care who is at the helm as long as they are able to deliver. The calibre of leaders we have produced from all the political formations so far, leave quite a lot to be desired and i say this with no apologies. I for one do not blame them too much because they have a docile citizenry. Yes, it is ordinary citizens like you and me who have dropped the ball and forgot that once we elect leaders we are supposed to hold them to account and if they do not deliver then we boot them out. Times have changed and its no longer about which party i support but about individual leaders who have the right qaulities of leadership. The day we realise this, is the one on which our country shall start to move again.

  16. aya ndomadoor tea chaiwo.

    The same foolish arrogance that cost morgan votes is now tearing away the lil respectability left for the man. We all know morgan is a loser puppet and nobody wants him. Including his wife KKKKKKK.

  17. This man knows what he is doing. Remember they have been working together in GNU. Going to the courts was really a waste of time, coz it was the same as going to report to the culprit.

    1. Are you sure you haven’t lost your sense of rationality somewhere…???Just a few reminders… The GNU was the most useless animal we ever had in Zimbabwe… Point for me one achievement that was brought about by this kind of gvt, for i do not remember any…

  18. What GNU is he talking about? This Tsvangirai guy is so dull to think who ever loses an election will be accommodated in a Unity Government. Now that President Mugabe is a clear winner and by a wide margin, he has the prerogative of forming the Government that he wants. And your speculation that he might have been persuaded to withdraw in order to be accommodated in the unity Govt is silly. The President got to hear of this hilarious news when he was in Malawi. Better be quiet you MDC people, you are now a laughing stock to the nation

  19. @AKC, ”the results shocked EVERYBODY…..”. Shock is the state or feeling caused by a sudden, unexpected, and usually very unpleasant event or situation that severely upsets the mind”, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

    The above definition explains exactly what Morgan is going through, except that he is not everybody. The ”everybody” that I know is the majority 61% who voted for RG.

    Morgan is halucinating owing to the shock that AKC alluded to. He better goes for counselling early.


    1. you dont know politics you idiot mugabe na morgan vanodya vese .iwe uri kurarira koro water idiot

  21. zanpf stop form your gvt and lets see those promises fulfilled, opening of industries, pay rise for civil servants ,rebuilding of our country.. since magetsi atotanga kuenda so, toda kuona change,so dnt waste your time kutuka tsvangirai liv him alone, tongai tione

    1. Why don’t we wait and see what is to be done only 99people are commenting out of a population of 12million stop this big jofe G o d knows where we are going!

      1. Thanks mukoma jonex for the point that you raised.

  22. R.G Mugabe made it Clear, Very Clear that chinangwa chekuenda kumaELECTIONS is to do away with this GNU. Besides, Bob akawana Mandate yevanhu to Form a New Govt without an input yaTsvanCry

  23. Is it not funny how the parliment will be full of rural mps who are inactive interms of our economy n very much dependent on what happens in urban centres.do we trust such guys with our constitution.let’s wake up guys.#Zimbabwean Funny Parliament# Majority parliamentary seats from rural MPs

    1. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      @Crazy every part on your body is crazy as your name suggest why didnt u campaign for MP kana wakamutsa pindura….

    2. Habhraghadhabhura

      sure you are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. kissnote dabengwa.

    Political nonentities like dumiso and mukwazhe have a better chance of joining government than that defeated morgan. MDC tahiti is going down. If u see the finance people jumping ship at any workplace then you should know the end is nigh. Bennet has left with his ‘rich friends’. Where is the money going to come from nhai machinja. Try farming you sellouts. Get empowered pronto.

  25. machinja apererwa asikanaaa

  26. maitiro ako iyayo, Chinja. Nyika ndeyedu tese rambarai makadaro Save

  27. Evryone is empowered but incapacitated.I guess not everyone was a born farmer or businessman.14 million people are jus too much to cope with one livelihood strategy.indeginization is one excuse of a failing government.if the whole nation is indeginized it will be fair to say we don’t need a government because they will be there jus lying dormant

    1. The point is simple, we need to stand on our own feet and not rely on outsiders. Thats the simple message which you guys fail to appreciate much to the dismay of voters.We no longer want to rely on foreign firms that can squeeze us with sanctions at a moment’s notice. When firms are owned by Zimbos who have their hearts here, it becomes more difficult for them to play hanky panky games with the economy. Do you catch my drift?

  28. A piece of addvice to the outgoing PM,dont pay too much attention to some of these so called indepennt press journalists,they will take you for a ride ,look at what they did to you before the elections…..making you ride an aeroplane of mashanga !

    1. @Zim son- well you could be right on this one..but you dont think maybe, the journos were simply doing their JOB?

      1. …. of misleading and giving him wings stuck together by glue and urging him to fly too close to the sun? Yes, maybe they were doing their job which they are paid for by NED through Trevor. After all both Tsvangirai and Trevor are said to be in the pockets of NED alongside brother Khama and Mualetsi Mbeki.

        1. @Dzvinya- Icarus? I suppose the sun in this case is ZANU, right?

          1. The sun being taking the electorate for granted.

  29. Morgan is right and should stick to his guns, refuse getting into another GNU. Let the winners run the show and you remain in opposition.

    1. with two thirds majority who needs a GNU? Dream on dreamers!

      1. @Dzvinya- You are dead right, ZANU can do very well without GNU, they have two thirds majority. Lets see where we all go as a country from here. People as I have said before do not care one hoot eitherway who rules, but what that person will do for their welfare. If ZANU can live up to their promises, then why should they not be able to crow long and hard after their achievements. The election was the first step, people are waiting for the next one.

      2. Let ZPF run the show and start milking people of their hard earned cash thru Ndimbandimbas[rank marshalls,selling playgrounds as residential stands,selling any open grounds and of course continue mounting ten roadblocks from Chitungwiza and Harare.Lets hope potholes and raw sewerage will stop flowing in the streets like Hunyani river since MDC parliamentarians were disturbing you for five consecutive years the project that you failed to do in 29 straight years kikikikikikiki when there were no sanctons.This is the joke of the century

    2. what are you on? I suggest you eat before you take it. Who has 2 thirds majority in parliament and cries to be joined by a loser discarded by the electorate? I mean really!!
      Anyway who had asked this guy about joining a GNU? Kumwe kurwarawo akomana. Its like a chick who is used to being stopped by guys in the street because she is beautiful, then one day a handsome fella walks past and she goes up to him to say ” I dont love you” WTF

  30. who needs him in Zimbabwe. I can really compare him to a fool who open an aeroplane door and ordered other fools to go out so as to stop them from making noise. he has been shown the exit door and soon he will be rejected by his party. we dont care if his party remain with him or not. the bottom line is that he will remain a looooooser.

    1. Lets hope you are not the real one.

  31. These politicians are the same. I still use the same badly damaged dust road to my rural area. First, they were zanu mps, then MDC but nothing changed. Hanya nani. I now work in SA coz none of these politicians care about me. Am president of my family and I have to provide for them, with mugabe or tsvangirai at the helm.

  32. ZanuPF 6 : MDC United 1. GAME OVER

    Sarudzo 31 July 2013.

    The ex-prime minister is now suffering from PTSD which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He must move house by the 31 August 2013. There will not be any other GNU. ZanuPF tave kutonga tega. Kuzoona 2018 osvika ma Mdcs anenge aparara. Life-President varikuzogadzwa musiwe china. ZanuPF haijairike. Landslide victory.

  33. Luke, in my book, you are the best PR man this country has produced to date..let this one ride. You have said it before and remember no invitation has been extended in the public domain.If there are overtures being made by ZANU behind the scenes just leave it there for now. There is nothing to be gained by this bellicocity, everyone is counting on you to manage the process if anything is going on behind the scenes. Nothing will be gained at this stage by saying much about this invitation even it it exists. Refuse to be the sounding post for lazy newsmen who are desperate to file copy at all costs. Rise above the battlefield for now and leave this thread alone.

  34. What GNU is MDC-T talking about? I thought he lost after people voted. I am someone who voted for Mugabe due to my understanding of his principles & many people who voted. All he and followers still think is kuti varuza vachadanwa……….naani? Economy ichanaka nourongwa hwedu isu takavhota NOT namaLeaders. This party now STINKS to the born……………kungosiyana nazvoke? U are going to persue the LEGAL; POLITICAL; ECONOMIC; DEMOCRATIC;DEPLOMATIC;VIOLENT; STUPID routes……….what are those stupid routes? This guy and his advisors should stop using dictionaries whenever they want to approach the media for relevancy. I wonder if they know that the majority does NOT recognize them…..including observers. RIP guys and leave politics to others.

  35. we brought democracy through the sacrifices of cdes so that the citizens can enjoy the fantacy of day and night dreaming. wishful thinking and reality are different. Cde Gaba will never entertain unity talks after a white wash. Unity talks are only viable if there was a stalemate like 2008 when he chickened out at the 11th hour of a re-run. Tichatonga madhongi

  36. guys lets not be emotional, lets face realty, Bob needs Morgen for legitimacy, diplomacy, investor confidences, dont forgive he is eyeing the Sadc chair, what behind the talk with likes of Khamaect, Morgan for vice presency, lets bet

    1. you are dreaming, just like your boss

  37. @ Simba chirungu chinokuvhara muface wangu “who opens” and “party remains”

  38. Pamuchashaiwa masalary muchanyarara mese.kurigga makapedza hamuchisina basa sare kushaya masalaries.time will tell.You can not boast that you are oppressing a whole nation and be proud of it.remember munotambira mari from tax payers and companies are closing.Very soon you will get a rude awekenning.Find better jobs kwete rekudzvanyirira ruzhinji rwevanhu.

    1. Thanks Fatso for highlighting this point.Some people don’t even know where their salaries come from late alone they beat their chests boasting vachifunga kuti mari yavanotambira inobva kudenga.Surely guys,for investor confidence muchaona henyu kuti Tsvangson achadiwa ende acharamba ndipo pamuchaona kuti kuona zvirikure zvinodiwa muupenyu kwete kungoita zienda nazienda usingaone unokuvara.

      1. saka iwe urikuti our salaries come from Tsvangirai? Manje uchaona tichingotambira chete long after Tsvangirai has been forgotten. Mugabe does not need Tsvangirai to legitimise anything, the President was very clear that the purpose of the elections was “TO DO AWAY WITH THE GNU” izvi zvawava kutaura zvazvipi? Mugabe is a man of his words and I bet you, he is not going to invite Tsvangirai into Gvt nor offer him anything except just his freeddom. Wait and see uchaona masalary increments before year end as promised.

  39. Vamwe munongoti pamawanirawo magetsi you take the opportunity to write rubbish. Better mugare murima zvachose. Pamberi navaMugabe. Lol

  40. Tsvangirai and his MDC-T are absolutely insane – how can they ever hope to win against a ZanuPF military dictatorship? We have been warning them for the last 10 years that the civilian MDCs will never ever compete against a military dictatorship backe by the police and Jabulani Sibanda’s gang who have spent the last 4 years terrorising villagers up and down the country.

  41. haiwa iwe morgan unongoti you are not going to entertain unity talks, wambodamwa naniko iwe? where are you getting this crap? why don’t you ask the old man to take you on board pamwe lizzie angadzora mwoyo!

  42. More Defeat of Traitors-Trash come 2018. Hopes and wishes of MDC for the following 5 years:

    empty shops
    more sanctions
    strikes and civil disobedience
    no money in the banks
    black market
    death of our leaders
    no money for civil servants

    1. The problem is, whether anyone wishes for those things or not, that’s wats going to happen, mainly bcoz ZIMBOS FAILED TO VOTE WISELY. Idyai zvamakavhotera. Muchamuka next time.

      1. Not aligned to ZANU PF I suppose? And you think you are wiser?


  43. Let me quote tsvangirai. ” i wish, however, to thank the court and all its officials who have taken time to consider the petition that i had filed.” This man frm buhera wil never cease to amaze me. As usual, he wants to project an image of a gentleman and as usual he again forgets that he is dealing with fraudesters, criminals, murderers- people who have no moral fibre. But here we see tsvangirai being apologetic. He has already forgotten that it is the same court system that has landed him in this mess. They are the same officials- judges, that have destroyed him politically. What is there to thank for? Or could it be he is being sarcastic? But that is not the time for sarcasm. Tsvangirayi is a very weak leader and he lacks proper advice. I want to give credit to mugabe who is a forceful character and he does not mince his words although i dont agree with him. At this critical juncture in our history as a nation, we need leaders who are strong, leaders who call a spade a spade, leaders who are ready to take the bull by the horns, leaders who do not vacillate. Tsvangirayi does not have these qualities and he should step down

    1. I thought the opposite should step down mutakura and mind you this man called Tsvangirai is not a fool as you thought some years ago but is a strategist per excellence mirai muone kuti achanyengerera mumwe ndiani?Watch the press for details.

  44. In 2008 Tsvangirai said the same thing that he was not going to talk to ZanuPF but when Mbeki proposed the prime minister position Tsvangirai made a U-turn. It all depends on what Mugabe is offering. If Mugabe proposes the same prime minister position Tsvangirai will make another u-turn.

    1. It was understandable Chin can’t you see that?

  45. george bachinche

    Something is definitely wrong here. The reason Mugabe called the election when he did was to rid the country of a coal;ition government. ZANU PF won more than two third majority. ZANU PF is mistrustworthy of the MDC. So who is suggesting a GNU? Why indeed would ZANU PF want MDC is government.

    What is coming to Tsvangirayi is poverty..big time. Funds will dry up soon

    1. mabhunu muchapera

      @george tsvangirayi will never be poor my friend he is now very rich. it is ordinary zimboz who will be poor

  46. Hey zvakaoma its another case of so near yet so far,I think now is the time for another vibrant party to come in this mdc t project has failed but the question is who will take us to the promised land,I cant help but feel sorry because mdc t was so close to governing this country but Zanu pf has regrouped and fought like a wounded lion as promised by the president

  47. You will NEVER rule Zimbabwe – Prophet TB Joshua tells Morgan Tsvangirai

    WHILE nothing has been mentioned on the outcome of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s highly publicised visit to Nigerian televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua (Prophet TB Joshua), it has emerged that the Zimbabwe Prime Minister was told by TB Joshua that he would not rule the country, The Patriot has exclusively revealed.

    Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai went to TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and arrived in Nigeria, Lagos on 1 September 2010 amid much hype but the excitement cooled off when he came back from Nigeria. He reportedly went to Nigeria at the instigation of his ‘ex-wife’ Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, who is believed to attend TB Joshua’s church with his first daughter Vimbai. Tsvangirai claimed his visit was private at the time.

    Since the visit, PM Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party have remained tight-lipped on what transpired during his visit. Even the MDC-T website, which first published the story of Tsvangirai’s trip to TB Joshua did not provide any details of their party leader’s visit to Nigeria when he returned. However, The Patriot claims that TB Joshua told Tsvangirai that he would not rule the country.

    Stung by TB Joshua’s prophesy, the sources said, Tsvangirai went on a whirlwind countrywide tour consulting prophets and traditional healers on his chances of becoming Zimbabwe’s President, but was also told that he will never rule the country.

    “It is true that Tsvangirai was told by the man of God (TB Joshua) that he would never rule this country. You will remember that before he went to Nigeria there was much hype, but it died (sic) when he came back. Tsvangirai never anticipated hearing such disheartening news and he did not buy TB Joshua’s word so he went to maporofita nen’anga throughout the country, but they all told him that he would not rule this country,” said one of the sources.

    Tsvangirai also reportedly visited a traditional healer in Mhondoro and was told that he had no chance of ruling the country. He was reportedly told the same thing by another traditional healer who resides in Mabvuku. Apostolic Africa Church leader, Prophet Paul Mwazha snubbed him all together.

    Tsvangirai reportedly had a strained relationship with his father Dzingirai-Chibwe. It is said the old man cursed him after Morgan had taken sides with his mother when the old man took on a second wife. Dzingirai is reported to have promised Morgan nothing he wishes for will ever come true.

    Tsvangirai is believed to be suffering from spinal cancer. The indication was his emotional plea to pastors and top party cadres at his 60th birthday party at Great Zimbabwe Hotel to pray for him that he could become the country’s next president.

    “I plead with you pastors to pray for me so that I won’t die before I become the executive President of this country. This is the beginning of my end,” said Tsvangirai.

    Could Tsvangirai’s desperation for spiritual healing be confirmation of his terminal illness? Or is it because he simply realises he does not have the capacity to remove President Robert Mugabe from power through the ballot? Only time will tell. Patriot

    1. @shooowo – what a load of tosh. If Tsvangirai has been going to soothsayers or muti-men then he is a bigger fool than I thought. There’s no way on this planet his MDC or any other civilian party can defeat a ZanuPF military dictatorship now and in the future. We have been telling these MDC morons for over a decade now but they keep using the same strategy hoping the military will abandon Mugabe when the military is ZanuPF and ZanuPF is the military.

  48. MDC was obviously diluted by the GNU. Now that ZPF “won” chataakuda is that they deliver. BUT, the BIG question is, WILL THEY, when they failed in more than 3 decades? The opposition is still necessary bcoz ZPF must be kept on their toes, lest they sleep on duty again. I see a Morganless MDC romping to victory in 2018, all they need is to restrategise. HOKOYO NENHAMO during the next 5 years!!!! Anot nyoo ndiani?

  49. vanhu imi murikuti tsvangirai akadyiwa na bobo ko 2008 pa rerun mugabe akaita sworn in but zvakazongochinja wani saka mozotaura nyaya yenyu after 6 months coz tsvangirai 2 months anenge apanyanga

  50. We are not going to let Zanu Pf stole our vote, without fear time shall come and the time is now, the battle has just began!

  51. ZANU(PF) “won” the elections. Why is there so much panic and vitriol amongst the operatives? Just relax and enjoy your moment.

  52. this guy is a zanu pf poject,period!

  53. Well done Mr Tsvangirai, win or lose you have contributed to making Zimbabwe a better country. If there was no opposition in this country we would have been back in the stone age by now with Zanu Pf

  54. Aifunga kuti Tsvangson achaaita PM ndiyani 2008 wat happened ? 2013 wait and c musafunga kuti Tsvangson haana brain ,ko makamirirei akahwina ngaagadzwe tioneka.Morgan u a able 2 reach there.kwete zvevamwe avo vanongowawata vaanofunga kuti zvava sina kuenda kuhondo havasi vanhu,vanogaro udzwa kuti mabon-free .Pamberi nenyika yedu chero zvazvo iri yedu hatimbofa takanzwa kunaka kwayo kana ichitongwa saizvozviizvi,Pamberi nemaBon-free ko ndoGenaration yacho inogaroitwa brain wash,Pamberi nokusaendesa vana vedu kuAmerica ,British 2tc koz vanotipa maSanctions,PASI NEAVO VANODA KUSHORA APO NHAMO INAVO

  55. zanu and chimugabe never won an election since 2000. they new if they couldn’t engage nikuv they will be in the dust bin of history where they really fit and that is were they will be anywere. a party of dead woods rotating each other, what can they achieve. thieves will be caught.

  56. Tswangison ainda musiona, makamutarisa musiona. Chaakutoda manapukeni. Lemonhead.

  57. Leave the man in peace. We are sick and tired, Tsvangirai this, Tsvangirai that everyday. Does this bring food on your tables?

  58. At least akamboita PM, ko imi munozivikanwa neyi?

  59. I am persuaded to think that thge nation’s laughing stock are those ,say out of a popn of 100 get voted for overwhelmingly by 1000 people.Boggles the mind or is it miracle voters for those anointed to lead in perpetuity?

  60. Wheather u voted 4 MDC or ZANU .chandinodira vaMugabe ndechekuti. Nzara nenhamo zvinovinga mose ,hapana chizivano.muchamama chete stupid people

    1. tru dat

  61. kana uchiri kusupporter zanu mukore uno wakawora..hear me well..ndati wakawora

  62. the best thing that ever happened to Zim in the last decade is GNU, if u dnt see this “never” say anything about the Zim situation, I mean NEVER!!!

  63. nikuvity is next to stupidity!

  64. We all know what it is to wn a landslide. This happened in 1980. Those who witnessed the outcome of the 1980 elections will bear testimony to this. It was only the 20 % of ZAPU supporters that we not rejoicing at all. But now, 2013 we know exactly what transpired in this election. Like Tswangirai said ‘ you can rig elections but never the economy and the people’s minds”. Wither Zimbabwe under ZANU PF

  65. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those who are criticising Tsvangirayi the loudest were the ones who actually supported and voted for him. To all those who have never wavered let us be magnanimous in victory. He is not the real enemy he is merely the puppet. Let us focus our attention on his handlers ( the real enemy ) that pull the strings and what their next move is going to be.. that is the real issue. Let’s forgive Morgan for he knoweth not what he doeth..

  66. What is Tsvangirai’s view on sanctions now that the mock elections are over and done with? Does he think sanctions should be widened and tightened because ZanuPF military stole the mock elections? Why then was he going around telling other countries to lift sanctions prematurely? What is he going to use as leverage this time around?

  67. i think kuti tsvangirai was beaten clearly at the elections no way he would have won if (1) he doesn’t know as a party leader that you dont mess up with social belief of the people (he wanted homosexuality to be included in the constitution), (2)as a respectable person he is he shouldn’t have promised. civil servants what he cant offer, TO BE CONTINUED THE IS LONG. as for Mugabe I dont he will be able zimbabwe economy but I pray for as a zimbabwe citizen not his supporter

  68. Lets wait and see wat wil hapen

  69. Thieves for 33 years

    I think it does not work to have light and darkness together, wisdom and foolishness together, Biti siting with Cinotimba in cabinet or parliament. No matter how long the change will take to come, ONE DAY TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL, BABYLON WILL FALL AND PEOPLE WILL CELEBRATE THE DEATH OF NEBCHADNEZA.


    Pity that some are denigrating the former PM left, right and centre. He has nothing to lose, his kids are abroad getting quality education and you are busy excoriating the former PM forgeting that this wont bring food on your table. The man is already down but you are keeping on hitting him, why?

  71. I for one will never follow people who do not say the truth even if they are billion in number.The elections were won by SADC,AU and Mugabe and people of Zimbabwe were defeated when they demanded change.We expressed no confidence in Mugabe and he voted himself for us and SADC and AU endorsed the theft so now in turn we do not have confidence in SADC and AU.

    1. And do you have figures to back up your hallucinations? If not then zip it.Your whole village does not equate to Zimbabweans.

  72. Who wants “Unity talks…” with miserable losers?


  74. Where do tsvangirai fit in zpf party I dont think anodiwa as for Tamborinyoka learn from Shamisa and Biti maybe its because wakadyiwa na Nyanhongo dzidza. Although I am zpf these two there need a second chance in government. I just need them I hope our President will consider them

  75. Its time out for Morgan Tsvangirai and for Ncube the other half of the MDC to bid farewell to their political aspirations. At least Prof. Ncube can go back to teaching law ans as for Tsvangirai he might as well seek asylum in Saud Arabia that is where Amin was forced to go to. But Amin was Muslim and his new home being what it is he may have felt at home.Tsvangirai will not find that country attractive ie Saud Arabia hence he could be sent to Vatican City.

  76. Zimbabwe is not about Matibili and tswangirai, it’s about me and you,it’s about the present and the future. So why do people behave as if this country belongs to certain individuals. Unemployment and lack of basic services affects us all irregardless of political affiliation. Being an opposition in a democratic system does not mean one is an enemy, it pushes the ruling party to work even harder in improving people’s concerns. But alas in zim it will take a thousand years for people to be empowered and be independent. Shame on you all those who criticise to please those who kill, steal and plunder our sovereignty in the name of freedom.It could be far but the day of reckoning shall come.

  77. Judging by the comments here, it is clear that Zanupf won fairly..90% of these comments favour Zanupf. I am one of those who voted for Tsvangirai in 2008 but changed to Zanupf in 2013 after reading both manifestos. Back to kumusha Morgan. And if u think the economy will fall because of yo absence in government, wakanyeperwa. you are not God.

  78. Mfana kaSobhuku..

    This Idiot Tswangs guy sold our souls in 2008 where he had the support of the whole world and now he was a fool not to realisethe Quiet Deplomacy imposed to him by the ever brilliant Bob, i feel for all the loyal Zimboz who wanted changd in Gov, they had been left in the cold. trust me its o Late Tswangs whether you take it or Not it will only be for your own benefit not for the peopl of Zim,

    You are trull a Village boy who knows nothing

  79. we want bread on our tables.

  80. Morgan wamunotuka imi mbwa aita sei atori nane ane zvakashandira koiwe unei pano hapasi pekutukana panodiwa facts kana usina dont say anything ok

  81. I am just surprised by the level of hate that some of us have toward a fellow Zimbabwean. As a christian the bible teachs us to love our neighbours and to do unto others what we want them do unto us. I believe that no one is more Zimbabwean than the other Zimbabwean. Let us learn to love one another and above all to forgive. I believe our political leaders are not doing enough to sow the seeds of love and forgiveness in their followers. Over and above everything else there is GOD the almighty who judges people by their deeds therefore we should not be found on the wrong side on judgement day.

  82. @NGP who is worried about Tsvangirayi?? You are talking about clean water and good roads, what did Tsvangirayi do for the past 5 yrs when he was in the GNU? Why didn’t he show us his capability by providing those services, no roads were repaired, no water, no electricity generation improvements were done, nothing he delivered, nothing. Don’t say he had no money, he had a lot of money but is selfish and greedy, he paid that lady more than $300 000 as compensation for his promiscuity, wanted to buy state house for 4 million dollars, he is paying maintenance to more than 2 women of about $15 000 to each monthly, has been glob trotting, holidaying etc without doing anything to the electorate. The people have since discovered he had nothing to show and is not people oriented that’s why we decided to dumb him into the dust bin where useless things like him are dumped.

  83. Thieves for 33 years

    RUSH, I think you are out of mind to think that Tsvangirai can use his personal money to develop this country while diamond money is not known where it’s going. It makes sense to talk about the way forward, what zanu is going to do about ZUPCO, NRZ, Dairy board, CSC, ZISCO and many other closed companies or those operating below capacity

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