Tsvangirai fears crackdown

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday claimed his party had received intelligence reports of a planned massive crackdown on senior members of his party by State security agents.


In a Facebook post, Tsvangirai said the alleged crackdown involved preparation of search warrants targeting top MDC-T officials.

“First, it was our ordinary supporters targeted for intimidation after the sham 31 July elections.

Now, I hear State agents are working overtime to get search warrants targeting dozens of our top officials,” Tsvangirai said.

“I want to warn that anyone who thinks such repression will stop us from reclaiming our victory is daydreaming. The people of Zimbabwe have had enough of this brazen electoral theft and repression. Now is the time to say enough is enough.”

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, however, declined to divulge details about the alleged crackdown saying the issue was sensitive.

“We have information that they are preparing search warrants as we speak. We cannot get into the details right now, but we have insiders who are telling us that they want to swoop on the top officials surrounding the president (Tsvangirai). They are insecure in their victory, so now they want to target innocent people,” Tamborinyoka said.

However, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba dimissed the claims by the MDC-T.

“What are they afraid of? There is no search warrant, if it was there I would know,” she said.

MDC-T MP-elect for Harare West Jessie Majome said her supporters were being stalked by suspected Zanu PF supporters.

“There is a community in Goodhope that is being targeted for supporting me in Harare West. I have heard that there is a list of my supporters that has been compiled at Zanu PF headquarters. Last night some people came and took two people and now people there fear for their lives,” Majome said.

“They are being victimised for openly supporting MDC. It is really tragic that something like this can happen. They (Zanu PF) should just celebrate their victory and leave Zimbabweans in peace,” she added.

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    Mr Tsvangirai uriku rasika papi. If there is an alleged clampdown on your right-hand-man what has that got to do with us ordinary Zimbabwean. Mira panyaya yako shamwari wozwimirira wega because wakayi tanga wega.

    You lost the election and now you want to cause trouble nxaaa. They will sort you out, just try to go ahead with your siphukuphuku business

    1. Taura hako Indoda this Morgan guy always thinks his views are shared by every Zimbabwean I think he is losing it. To many Zombabwean Tsvangirai is the cause of their suffering because he works and is paid by the same western imperialists whom we fought & defeated and are desperate for a come back.

    2. Don’t be silly. We are not afraid of your tactics and empty threats. MDC-T is prepared for anything. Are you not ashamed of the electoral theft you and your ZANU PF friends initiated? Shame on you!

    3. Anyone who thinks Mugabe can win a free and fair is daft. We all know Tsvangirai has had far much more support than Mugabe since 2002 and ZanuPF has declared all out war on an innocent citizen who is merely trying to represent the people.

      Every perfect plan has a fatal flaw and ZanuPF will soon find out. Its a crying shame that resources were wasted on rigging an election which should have transformed Zimbabwe into an economic powerhouse.

      1. brain dzako mamvemve, marecha chaiwo.sorry!

        1. musungwa urimusungwa chaiye wezanu pf dambudziko renyu vanhu vezanu pf munofunga tuti vana vezimbabwe havana kudzidza ende havaoni shem on you

    4. Hehehe the soon to be former Prime Minister continues to listen to his main informant Baba Jukwa whose statements Tswangson officialised at his MDC-Tea rallies. Zanu sold you a dummy blaz and you fell for it. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

      1. zanu said they will fix the country and you fell for that. Stupid pri*c I hope there is no sadza in the shops soon like before. Didn’t you learn then you moron?

        1. Why would hope for something like that Peter. Is your surname not from a Scottish background. Might want to check what the British did to your forefathers. Has tsvangi got the money to put food in the shops.

        2. yes yes yes he did it

    5. Its fools and BIG time fools who want to sell stupid anti imperialist campaign to educated but suppresed Zimbabweans. During this time and age you are still talking about the white British and white Americans trying to come and colonize Zim. Bull shit you sensiless Zanu PF supporters. Elections were rigged. You are simply making lives difficult for our kids because they will soon go on ‘money spinning’ because chikoro chinenge chisisina basa like what happened in 2008. Your bosses do not have any ideas of making a better Zim but to exploit it to the maximum for their (those few) benefits to the suffering of the povo. Tongayi tione. Kusanyara mazidhara ane ngura mu brain. Hell is waiting for you and its soon!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

        Dzikama Shingirai. Hasha hadzina kwadzinokusvitsa. Kana waka colonizwa beyond repair and wakaruza zvinemutsindo usadambure gumbo se hwiza. Kubatikana kwako kunonzwisa tsitsi. Nyarara hako tichakutsvakira munda.

        1. iwe ndiwe waka coionizwa namugabe imi minayo minda asi murikurima sora chabuda hapana moda kupa isu kuti tati toida here rimaika nyika igute tisa teverera vatakatore minda yacho tichindo pemha chibage chavarima kuzambia

    6. Shut up you dumb neanderthal. Morgans party is made up of the ordinary Zimbabweans you talk of. People like you are not educated enough to see that mugs stole the elections and the educated majority are not happy with thieving cheats and their handful of stupid short sighted supporters stealing the vote and who will now proceed to ruin the country even more than he did during the past 33 years. So fu*k off and die and leave the sensible stuff to us educated people.

    7. Prince of lions

      Now he recieves intelligence. They took their time. That same intelligence should have told him where to print his couple of million ballot boxes so they can all be intelligent. Have Mdc members considered getting a new leader yet or is this the best you can do. Kune vanhu varikupedza university plus the old boys from varsity.

  2. Mamuona….no relevance. haana nyaya munhu uyu there he goes into political oblivion. Shame.

    1. Ndamuona haana nyaya wena ini ndamutadza i just wonder how the report they making will make sense I feel their case might be thrown out b4 it’s even heard reason being it does not qualify to be heard what is puzzling is that he is still in charge

  3. Tswangirai master of election loser

    1. Wait till there is no food in the shops “AGAIN” then maybe you will see the story. Mind you with grade one education, I doubt you will be able to work it out. Just go to the chinese with your ever present begging bowel.

  4. tsvangirai please do not talk on our behalf, speak on your own behalf. We the pple of Zimbabwe spoke on the 31st…. that was our voice.

    1. we are peace loving people. we are not going to taint our victory with retribution. we will never do anything like a crackdown to our loving brothers and sisters in MDCs. To be defeated is not a crime. you are a zimbabwean and we will not arrest or beat you sir. don’t worry sir. have a nice time with your wife. just behave like a good loser and nothing will happen to you. But if you try to subvert the will of majority (2.1 m) through unlawful acts then the full wrath of the majority will deal with you. 2 mllion (sldres, plce, warvts,mujibhas, sons and daughters of war vets, former detainees and restrictees, mbuya nehanda spirit and znpf supporters will destroy you left, right and centre. We love all Zimbabweans and we respect the million people who voted you. we only urge you not to salvage your political oblivion thru unorthodox means. don’t frame your security issues so as to invite the your Big Brothers to unleash terror to Zimbabweans.

    2. You deserve the president you voted for, you know, that’s the one that ruined the country, knocked down your houses, beat you, raped your whores, ruined the zim dollar along with the economy and made us the laughing stock of the world. Real proud to be a Zimbabwean if you have no brain to think otherwise. That was not the majority voting but the minority stealing the vote.

    3. He is speaking on behalf of the one million plus who voted for him without coercion. This is a significant portion of the so called “votes cast”. If you are not one of those who voted for him , then this does not concern you , hence shut your beak tigtht!

    4. he talk on my behalf and my family not on you we are zimbabweans

  5. we the people of Zimbabwe we were spoken for..on the 31st

    1. we only did a crackdown to you on your policies and your failures on 31 July 2013. we will never do another crackdown. do not dream about a retribution crackdown. Our leader is well known in preaching peace and reconciliation. Teereresa his speech on Heroes and defence forces day next week. Don’t fear anything Mr Morgan. Don’t rely on fake CIO. You once told the nation that you know everthing BOB was planning and you bragged that you know even the meal he ate. Now you are saying you were robbed kikikikiki

      1. Prince of lions

        What is bob eating now captain Morgan.

  6. What any normal or level headed Zimbabweans should know and accept is that the election was stolen. Its a shame eve to the beneficiaries of ZANU PF to lie that you have support when reality on the ground will tell that people have parted ways.
    Do not attack on the person of Tsvangirai he is right, just go ahead with your brilliant policies which will rebuild the country, ensure unity, end violence, create employment, produce food, end corruption and stop looting in the name of empowerment.

  7. tsvangie ziva kuti vanhu vakakuramba nenyaya yako yekurotomoka.

  8. iIs his democratic right to challenge a clearly flawed electoral process. Bones and all of u good ppl, stick to what you knw, ie beating people senseless. Leave common sense to human beings…..

  9. http://www.zimeye.org/?p=87140

    zvichaenda please visit the site i have given u.

  10. tsvangirai u are a losser we ppl of zim we no longer vote 4 u coz ,u a being used by Us,Britain and Australia go to hell u full of gayism

    1. ini usandinyepera i will vote for Tsvangirai till death sorry otis usaisa mashoko angu mumukanwa mako you said we no longer hoo wakatombomuvhotera hako

  11. You always hv intelligence information, why can’t you use it..?? Don’t play with our minds, we aren’t at a rally………….. You always claim to hv inside information, why didn’t you get it before the elections………….. DON’T LET THE MINORITY OF ZIMBABWE BEGIN TO DOUBT YOUR OWN INTELLIGENCE COZ THEY WILL REPLACE YOU VERY SOON…………..

  12. Morgan Tsvangirai won the elections, I therefore declare you my President. We will stand by you even if they do their “crackdown”.

  13. soon there will be no food in the shelves, no USA DOLLARS in you bank accounts operation mari wakaonakupi

    1. .This country is moving forward without your confused MDShit party.These morons want to use hardships to make the people vote for them manje takuzviziva hatina kupata.Ndokusaka Mdc ichidyiwa because they rely on information from people who they dont know their missions,make your own strategies.

  14. @Zvichaenda thanx u e one only persn hu undrstnd thinx unlike my felow brothers here hu a just wafling n Munhu thanx also ngati kurei papolitcs do u think Charity Charamba wl say yes we’ll search no she cant say that cz she z wrkn zanu

  15. @Zvichaenda thanx u e one only persn hu undrstnd thinx unlike my felow brothers here hu a just wafling n Munhu thanx also ngati kurei papolitcs do u think Charity Charamba wl say yes we’ll search no she cant say that cz she z wrkn for zanu

  16. Guys, they failed even to give Prof Welsh at least 10 seats since this was all pre-determined. Keep on fighting Ncube, this was your first attempt.

  17. MDC faithfuls we r in jeopardy wth Zanu pf blood thirst leopards. Shame to the shameless who thnk Mugabe the election. MDC wi no go no stop. . .
    Woe betide the unpatriotic rotten mynded Zanu pf murderers!

  18. Save u know what u r doing, deal with those evil pple, they stole ur votes using those evil Chinese and the Mudede on voters role. Pliz lead us for the fight

  19. makucommenta marara, mocking Tsvangirai ndava makagutazve…makanganwa chamakaona gorero…vharai zvimiromo izvo zvakambobaiwa nekudya maputi patea break…nonsense…

  20. Shame….kana paine search warranty rinopuwa munhu ane zvaarikupomerwa what is wrong with that? Pane zvamuri kuwanza here? Makafunga kuti Zanu PF yaparara nokupinda kwenyu muGOVT izvo vaiongorora unhu hwenyu nguva yese iyo – international fools. Zvino masimba isu takavapa kuti vaongorore maitiro enyu akashata………..zvichabuda chete.

  21. Zimbabwe, not MDC, lost in this election. All these Green Bombers and Youth Officers parroting ZBC and insulting Tsvangirayi will be quiet very soon when their wives start fornicating for sugar.

  22. Saka manga muchida kuti asafumure tsoro dzirikurongwa,chakaipa ngachitaurwe,zanu ngaichitonga nyika,we need industry working,economy boost &job creation.ndozvatamirira isu kwete kutadza kurara vanhu vachikuza munhu.nyika ngaimutswe period.

  23. muchamama.nenzara gore rino .. Ende zanu hapana chairi kuzoita except destroying the economy . You will wake up once you are in trouble

  24. Rubbish mr Tsvangisex, if you commit crime thinking that as losers people will sympathise with you puppets you are lost. Tell your supporters they will rot in jails and we will simply move on. Is it not you who foolishly declared that you have the keys to the elections. Idiot, you locked your self out and threw the keys into the ocean.

  25. Ityai Mwari chete ari kudenga. Zvimwe zvese izvi hazvina maturo. Those interested, pliz lets kip on praying for Zimbabwe.

  26. The election was stolen that has got evidences to all those who use their brains properly.Even if you beat, arrest or any other form of intimidation the facts are clear that you cant win a free and fair election, even if Zuma and company support you.

  27. I agree.,Lets pray.God is the answer.By the way he sees everything and i mean everything.He gives time to repent of all sins committed bt can easily destroy even those who think are untouchable!

  28. Chinoz for Vice President. Like for like replacement of Simon Vengesai Muzenda. He’ll make sure Zimbabwe remains a laughing stock.

  29. The guys around Tsvangirai wont go to Heaven. Surely they are enjoying evry stage of mutosis as Tsvangsex transforms to a real demagogue this country has ever witnesd. His informants may b ryt,tho, coz as a poor leader used to crying, he doesnt take action on the inteligence he get, waitng to Cry wen it matters! Anyway most int news stations are havng a field day discusng abt this former PM, kana chaikuda chokusema! Breaking news:Just listern to the tone cmng frm Washington abt the crisis they created in Egypt!

  30. its a shame that zanu pf supporters still believe in colonisation ,.jst lyk their livin’dead president


    All this coming outa that building there? Little wonder tiripatiri nhasi. Remember whiricheya yegoreriya yaisundwa naMBEKI/OLUSEGUNU yakananga ku cliffhanger? Meso piriviri chokwadi….

  32. Nothing new from zanu except killing innocent potential children of Zim mhondi idzi hazvirambi zvakadaro Mwari vachapindura chete i know

  33. mu zimbo chaiye

    the thing is that mdc you myt have lost this election thru rigging, but now you are just alarming every1 about zanu pf attacking yo supporters so as 2 cover up for your own plot of violence which was unravelled by baba jukwa…it is you who are stalking zanu, besides you want sanction kut rirambe riripo coz vana us and britain will say there is political violence saka hatibvise sanction…u are using this as another way bcoz u kno kut u lost the election free and fair saka sanction is bound 2 b removed,,,you gain support by blackmail, the only reason why i voted for mdc was for us to have the sanction removed and not that i love mdc,,,,pasina sanction no one will vote for you in zim, people love mugabe but its just that they are tired of being hungry, i don blame mugabe if he riggs the electorate coz the platform is not even, you keep on sabotagin mugabe so that people wld say he is killing the economy when we all kno that it is you mdc and yo sanction….what is wrong with indeginisation? can someone answer please

  34. Paranoia. Yes paranoia! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Tswangirai is getting paranoid. My observation is that he could be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder[PTSD]. He certainly needs professional help. Following the release of election results, he should have made an appointment with a counsellor/psychologist. If he continues like this, I can foresee him being subjected to a leaking bucket psychoanalysis test at Ingutsheni Hospital. Mr Tswangie slow down to avoid a mental breakdown or codification! As a matter of fact, you said that the recent elections were a ‘farce’, take cognisance of the salient point that your appeal is also ‘farcical’! Do you have legal advisors at all? Read the Electoral Act which you dismally failed to amend! It says that where there are averments of the so-called rigging, and for there to be a RERUN, you should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Bob personally acted in concert with the schemers! So you see, your appeal is a road nowhere my man! Kkkkk. This life, its crazy. Turn to God avoid nervous conditions!

  35. People speak in these pages of a stolen election.

    Zimbabwe has sufferred a stolen generation.

    There is little hope in todays world for a country that repeats mistakes.

    We are the laughing stock of a world that understands the gravity of 3000% inflation.

  36. Tsvangirayi carry on with whatever you are doing to claim our MDC victory, fear not, kwawabva ndokure takutosvika tinewe mudhara pasi nekudenga. Dai mwari aramba achikutungamirira usa rasa tariro yenyika yako. You are a TRUE HERO…

  37. There is something missing from zanu pf win,their celebrations are watered down,even the hierachy,their body language is not that of real joy,there is no genuine joy,why is that so,

  38. mugabe set the people free…

  39. Machimwasi ndombiyekanyi

    Those who think Tsvangirai is a loser I think you didn’t do well in grade 3. You may have successfully stolen the election but Tsvangirai already has a life. If I may ask vana Muzimbo navana Mental gymnastics and others of your kind, what do you have besides that small fone that you are using to post nonsense on this platform. Hapana chisingaperi, those evil tactics you use in the name of sovereignty & patriotism shall surely come to an end some day. its not advisable to drive after 70 years, let alone running a nation……19 years later. zvimwe zvinongodawo kufunga.

  40. how many times did mdc win the election and zanu pf refused to losen grip of power.zanu is using every dirty tactic to remain in office.now they want to crackdown on innocent people what kind of leadership is that.instead of planning better policies,they are busy planning shit.for how long will our begging bowel remain in china.?

  41. i hope the intelligence reports are not coming from baba jukwa coz he misled you and put u in a comfort zone for too long, kuvata kubva 2009 vamwe vachi campainer, remember komichi is in remand prison for fabricating stories, never learns munotsvagwa kuti munei RIP bra mogi feel sorry for the young wife bhora mu gedhi

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