Tsvangirai defuses split

OUTGOING Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday defused a potential split in his MDC-T party when he gave the greenlight to winners of last week’s elections from his party to take part in parliamentary and council business in order to “guard the party’s zones of autonomy”.


Impeccable sources last night said the MDC-T leader met with the Harare Provincial Council of his party where he emphasised the need for peace saying his party would not brook any violence, but a pursue legal means to get justice following the “stolen election”.

According to our sources, the meeting took place at the party headquarters, Harvest House, in the capital where the “participation and peace” pronouncements were made.

Tsvangirai reportedly told the winning candidates to “protect” their victory in parliamentary and council elections while the party continued to fight for the return of the “stolen victory”.

There had been fears of a split within the party’s after its National Council meeting at the weekend resolved that the MDC-T would not participate in all forms of government business.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed yesterday’s meeting, but refused to shed detail on what was discussed.

Sources, however, said the MDC-T leader said his party would not take part in government business including Cabinet.

“There is a huge difference between levels of government and levels of State,” one of the sources said. “Parliament and council are levels of State. The Prime Minister wants us to guard our zones of autonomy in Parliament and councils. We will not be part of Cabinet and parastatals, among other government institutions.”

Another source added: “We have said we are going to defend whatever we have got, that which they did not steal. That will not stop us from the battle to take what they stole from us.”

The sources said Tsvangirai told the party members that they should take part in Parliament and council business and start mobilising the people for the future.

“He set targets for us to work on and said we should go out there and work. He said that under the provincial council, the local authority would have its resources and they should use that to develop the city. He said voter registration had to start now no matter when elections would be held,” said another source.

Tsvangirai said teams would be put in place to evaluate the work of councils.

Tsvangirai last week threatened to disengage from all government institutions following what he called a stolen election.

The MDC-T won 49 out of 210 parliamentary seats. Results for council elections are yet to be announced.


  1. thtas the spirit in any race their are winners and losers on this one we say good luck to zanu pf and to prime minister l say thank you for calling for peace and resolving any disputes through our institutions. to all zimbabweans lets start rolling up our sleeves and support the incoming government to built our country viva zimbabwe.

    1. MDC support base is still strong. We will bounce back stronger in 2018. ZIM politics will only be sane after the RGM-era.

    2. Tsvangirai’s third term as the president of the MDC-T ends in 2014. According to the constitution of the MDC-T, the term of office of party president is maximun 2 five year terms. This was extended to 3 terms for the sake of Tsvangirai. Will we be having a new president for the MDC come 2014?

    3. you’re right on point

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    Does Tsvangirai have advisors?This is no longer an Inclusive government where there is proportional representation of political parties in government.Gushungo calls the pipe now saka your statement is a farce,null and void.What are levels of state and levels of government.Three arms of state include the legislature,judiciary and Executive saka you wont be participating mugovernment how.The appropriate heading is M.D.C-Tsvangirai makes a U-Turn as always.Previously he said he held the keys to Elections but later said they were rigged.Mr REVERSA JIVE

    1. Did you read the article?

      Do you understand English.

      Try reading with the aim of understanding

      1. Do u understand ingirishi? Ingirishi is your papa’s rangweji we dhondi care about any former oppressors’ languages ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YO!

    2. Ranting and revving from an unschooled village girl!!!

    3. usadakuisa nyonganiso hama,

  3. any participation in thys gvmnt means u recognise the election

    1. Which of course is better than extinction. If they do not participate, their voice will fade.

      The danger is when or if the MDC-T MPs become strong-headed and Tsvangirai fails to direct them, then we’ll have another Sikhala/Ncube split incident.

      Last time it was the Senate seat. This time, potential may happen over a contentious topic in parliament or the appointment of a strong-willed MDC-T MP into Gvt office.

      But participate in parliament, they must! For the sake of the party, its future and those Zimbabweans who voted them in and their voices were not rigged.

  4. zanu has 2/3 majority so Tshangraay your reasoning and statement in null and void go to botswana and teach Khama how to get a wife while you rest, stop misleading your supporters as if you have power in this country .you prat kak ang hogwash …bloody loser.

    1. munya dofo yu think vanhu varikuifarira zanu vanhu havana kupusa hatichada hatichada tongai zvechisimba chete makanyarara but one day cross gava rakadambura musango mazanu

      1. Iti handichada, kwete kuti hatichada. Iwe nani coz isu hatiwirirane newe

        1. Iwewe naaani Muza? a case of a black kettle calling a pot black.

        2. Muza takawanda ufunge, usaone kunyarara ukati tirimafuza.

          1. Isu takawanda kupfuura imi.

      2. tinoifarira isu Zanu yacho. Vaunoti vanhu ndevapi. Uri kuti isu veZanu hatisi vanhu here.
        Zanu ndizvo. Ivhu kuvanhu, Upfumi kuvanhu, Masimba kuvanhu, Nyika kuvanhu.

      3. Gorondoondo you are right but MUNYA is very right. Stated otherwise: Vanhu 1 million havachada ZANU PF vanoda MDC-T. However, 2 million nekuraudzira vari kuida iyo ZANU PF iyi nemutungamiri wayo, RG Mugabe. May be this will help some people like Silvanos understand.

        1. nhai mudhara gumbo you think makudo akadya mumunda mako ndo vave varidzi vemunda here?

      4. Aah get away you think if you don’t like zpf then everyone else does. Life is not like that kid good yako haisi good yangu.

      5. ini ndoifarira moto nevamwe vangu 61% vakaivhotera .

  5. Its not surprising that mdcteaboy has flip-floped, threatening to boycott and then participate. Remember Tsvangirai is nicknamed boycott because of threats to boycott anything he does agree with. In this area, he is consistent and it was expected that he would threaten to reject the election results and later accept them.

  6. The issue of making sure that each of your supporters is a registered voter is a wise idea. Start registering them now 2 avoid being sabbotaged by these ZANU maggots.

    1. Munoyeuka bako manaiwa. Ensuring registration of supporters is what ZANU PF did four years ago. You are always behind.

  7. Cabinet? Im sorry, how? Please explain. Who from the mdc is going to be in the cabinet? For what? You r going to be spectators in this gvnt. U r not going to contribute anything at all. Thats what two thirds is for. Thats what sixty one percent is for. U r not needed. We gat enough of our own. Voter regestration to start immediately. Way to go. Thats the spirit. A split. Yes. I see split and death of mdc. Tsvangirai anosveta ropa mumdc. U will never win with him. He is the greatest enemy of the mdc. Get rid of him. Thats when the split is gonna come in. And another defeat for u again in 2018. See the pattern? Plus morgan is always bluffing and speaks now what we thought of last year. He is slow and his ideas are stale.

    1. munozivei mbavha chete nekuuraya

    2. Ndakambozvireva

      Even if you register, you vote will be converted by the NUVIK delicate paper unless if the pre-determined number of voters is exceeded

  8. Kikikikikiki! But maonaka zvinoita kuti Tvangison aruze ma’erection’? He does not stand for his supposed principles. Today, “we will not participate in the election”, tommorow they do. Today ” we will not be part of the government”, tomorrow they shall be! & you want my vote? Haa kana! No way!

    1. chero iwe kumba kwako ndozvaunoita ibvapo kungwarira paduri sehuku plus ndimi vanhu vasinga vote idoit

      1. So you voted, what did you achieve?? Zero!!!
        Kana wange wapromiswa basa, too bad, vuya tikupe munda, nyope yomunhu!!!

    2. chematama chabhuruwara afteral ths guy never learns. Chamisa will get a ministry to head because he himself said he is inspired by Bob and Bob the man said he was impressed by the young man. When that done Chamisa is ours thereby widening the rift in the British sponsored organisation leading to the demise of the party. Bhora mugedhi MDC ichingotuka nekutuka vamwe chabuda wee hapana.

      1. Mushonga Kabudura.

        Iwe Sandie ndiwe munhu pasina.Ndiwe uye anonzi padare enda unovhiya mbudzi nekuti hapana mashoko aunobatsira nawo.Chamisa haasikuda Cabinet post asi to represent the majority of disenfrincised people including you.Iwo washoma wachapinda muparamende wachaita ‘noise’ inobatsira ruzhinji kwete zvako zvekuda chigaro.Ndiwe wevamwe vanovhima vaine munyu muhomwe.

        Uyo aunoti chamatama ndiye mukono unorwa kwete iwe mbwende a bootlicker yaBob.

    3. Today ZEC is proffessional tommorrow its not. Morgan ndi PIDIGU DHI. Kana akataura nhasi Bennet akati wanyepa anomuka achinja statement. Maybe thats why they call themselves machinja. Not consistent at all.

  9. Hari Yofanzirofa

    Most of you do not know politics, if Mugabe so pleases he can nominate even opposition politicians into government. Give them crucial posts such that people will judge the opposition if they oppose one of their own.

    1. Prince of lions

      Don’t they need to be voted in Hari

  10. This is where Tsvangirai is different from Mugabe. Tsvangirai is not consistent, he says one thing today and another tomorrow. Mugabe chaataura haabve ipapo. Mugabe is principled while Tsvangirai vacillates. Ko vana Magaisa vacho basa ravo nderei muchiswera kunyadzisa mukuru uyu. Kana Mugabe ataura chinhu chero kuAmerica vanozviziva kuti atotaura. That’s a leader for me. Kwete today YES mangwana NO, ah angaite mutungamiri iyeye?

    1. how many times has bob promised ‘erections?’ you seem short of info my litle brother. from his 1980 inauguration speech, what has he effected? mirai kushama miromo musina proper info vanun’una.

    2. Chikoro chiya chinotaurwa nevamwe!

    3. Inability to change your mind is a weakness, not a strength. Thats why we have never been able to move forward as nation since 1980.
      Inability to change your mind is one of the defining characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease, a common disease for geriatrics!!!

    4. saMtoko Mupanduki

      It looks fashionable these days to attack Morgan Tsvangirai and calling him all sorts of names. We know diamond money has been working. But ladies and gentlemen is Robert Mugabe a saint? Is Zanu Pf a paragon of chastity? I differ fundamentally. Their track record is there for everyone to see. No matter how much we sanitise it we know the smell of their scent.

      1. Ndakambozvireva

        Wataura apa wena kusaziva hufa. These attacks will further strengthen Tsvangirai and has come to live with them, my only man with spine who has given Robert sleepless nights [I like it] Robert’s track record is there for anyone to see including even to craft a law to protect himself alone.

      2. tell me the saint, pliiiiiz. The saint. I want the saint. Say names.

  11. Point of correction news-day, the idiot is Former prime minister, and interestingly its less than a week before he made a declaration that he will not participate in the state institutions. So pathetic, i tend to wonder who ever voted for or who ever supports this puppet is mentally stable.

    1. Thats why panzi Outgoing Pm, matofo takawanda wena

    2. Read to understand. Its clearly written Outgoing Prime Minister

  12. Let’s demonstrate our political maturity by contributing factual and reasonable comments to this paper not bias, insults and hate speech.Empty vessels makes the most noise.Why express criticism by insulting?

  13. zanu cannot do it alone anymore who do u think is worthy to be a minister in zanu .all these guys have been recycled from one ministry to another.people we just need to be propressive look for our future as a country.be at peace kwete kutuka .izvozvi all cabinet ministers are still working ana Mutambara vari kudya mari yeuprime minister izvozvi .u just need to understand kuti the executive is still doing their work as usual. Sorry zvenyu ndozvatakada kutungamirirwa nevanhu vasisina the energy to drive our country they no longer risk to do good.

  14. so wherz the slit?

  15. so wherz the split?

  16. Regai vachiparadza nyika yacho voga. Let the old man take the country to the grave. He is dying. Tombofarawo when that day comes

    1. No doubt, am waiting patiently for that day which seem to be soon rather than later.

      He has been EVIL, and every election time he sacrifices people for his god of evil with dead bodies of opposition supporters and one or two of his.

      Nikuv cannot cheat death for the old man!

  17. Elections were free and fraud

    1. saka iwe ndiwe usingafe ka

  18. The best thing Morgan can do is resign as leader of MDC since they all seem too scared to fire him. Biti or any other leader will do a better job. The party lost because Morgan was selfish. If MDC is about change then it has to start from within the party. Morgan has failed. New brooms please!!

    1. You have disorder of thought processes. New brooms are needed in Zanu PF, where theres a 90 year old broom, for starters!!!

      1. You miss the point jojo. What is it that is new that Tsvangirayi can bring that he has failed to do in 14 yrs? He is not innovative and thats all. Somebody should take over there before you start talking about where ZANU PF is getting it wrong as a political party . If you are mdc then advise your party first to practise that which you think ZANUPF is failing. That way probably youwill have better luck next time. Meanwhile ZANUPF are happy with the current set up. After all it got them more than 2/3 majority and 61%. They are wiser and know how to win.

    2. agreed Brian, but he can do better than that and procede to further resign as husband to Elizabeth Macheka. The beauty queen deserves a better half worth his salt. Not all kinds of losers!

    3. Election was not lost because MRT was selfish but zanu rigged and stole the election as simple as that.

  19. haaa sometimes save vanotimakisa last week he said the election was stolen and the mdc will not participate in any govnt institution now he is saying that they must go and work with mugabe nafd his team which means he accepts the outcome of the elections which brings to note any basis or justification of challenging their justification ………….eish sometyms chikoro chinodowa hama dzangu tsvangirai zvaramba maybe biti can takeover the reins next election iam voting simba makoni he looks like he is presidential stuff compared to save

  20. Tsvangirai is a democrat while Mugabe is a dictactor who values his own opinion.Mugabe is representing minority Zimbos,the elite in ZanuPf while Tsvangirai and his mdc are representing the majority poor Zimbabweans…33 years tine mazidofo eZanuPf aya.

    1. minority…wakasara iwe

    2. do u know what minority means? Uri mwana waMorgan chaiye. Know your history as well.

    3. where is the majority. Only 33,…% voted for him in case you were not aware.

  21. Zvakaiwana Ngwarati !!!

  22. majority takaiwona pama vote.

  23. Its tsvangirai all the way all those calling on him to resign are zany pf apparatchiks and do not know what morgan stands. Mugabe principled? My foot, is he not the same man who said he would rather negotiate with Britain than tsvangirai so what was happening the last couple of years? Is it not mugabe who called for reconciliation at independence who is hounding white out the country? Is he not the same man who said he does not mind having and bearing sanction who was having the 2 million anti sanctions petition, blair keep your england and let me keep my zimbabwe the geriatric once said but only recently he sent ministers for re engagement with europe. So tell me the hoary man does not vacillate. The only thing that mugabe has been consistent about destroying out country and taking it to his grave, mugabe has been consistent about not resigning and being murderous. New brooms are called for in the mdc what about in zany pf where the president there is 89? The whole party is a tired bunch of geriatrics

  24. Morgan is the worst thing this country has ever produced. This idiot! Did ZANU PF say they did not have enough human resource to form a cabinet? Where on earth has a government appointed elected persons to parastatals? To do what? This idiot! First he enters into a coalition with his own candidate! Second he is not sure if Morgan Komichi is the vice national chairman or vice national organising secretary. This idiot! But on second thought, he is not an idiot but is surrounded by a bunch of idiots.


    1. @Marigazvuru, warambidzwa naniko? Better uende!

    2. rebel against your wife, kids and parents kwete kuda kutifurira

  26. @Gorondondo, vanhu chiiko? The 61% or the 34%?

    1. 61% represents a small number of criminals who managed to manipulate the voter’s role. think mhani.


  28. Tsvangirayi was, as all the other Zimbabweans where cheated by a bad system. The system is such that MUGABE will need no supporters at all only a handful of opperators and a compliant judiciary.

    1. A bad system for Tsvangirai was part of! Where was he when the rigging was happenning? Want to trust such a person with leading a country? If he can be rigged by Mugabe with such purported sophistication, what happens if his really sophisticated ‘friends with money’ were to come here. Do you think we will have a country? I dont think any Zimbabwean wants to go the Maori or the Red Indian way. Try thinking again!

  29. zec vs Tsvangison

    We tried MDCs Ministers in GNU last time, alas, they simply failed to perform. Examples are abound: (1) they tried to stop the Ethanol project,
    (2) they would attack all infrastructural projects being carried out by Chinese companies,
    (3) they boycotted launching of indigenisation projects
    (4) they boycotted commissioning of road construction equipment,
    (5) they were programmed to threaten the people with suffering,
    (6) they promised civil servants a minimum of us $2000 but to no avail.
    (7) they do not like our diamonds to be sold freely on the international market, but don’t mind how platinum is exported.
    (8) At international fora they attack Zimbambwe instead of defending us,
    (9) when Tsvangirai was in Japan on an investment meeting he was singing about human rights this,human rights that…..
    In short,they never performed to expectations.
    Tsvangirai has no role to play in the new govt, whether in cabinet,e.t.c

    1. Its called Zimbabwe not ZIMBAMBWE. Go back to school and learn how to spell.

    2. Its called Zimbabwe not ZIMBAMBWE.

  30. Mr YesNo! U r now in a catch22 situation; if u paricipate then u mek life easier fo the Con Court. If u dont, then brace for a showdown with ur MPs. Either way,ur party z going to split anyway! Mr EndeDzoka, u tek ur folowas fo granted.Very soon im sure u wil be congradulating Gushungo waakuti the elections were free and fair! Farewel Mr TBwoy,now u cn flirt as u wish with as many women.

    1. saMtoko Mupanduki

      It looks fashionable these days to attack Morgan Tsvangirai and calling him all sorts of names. We know diamond money has been working. But ladies and gentlemen is Robert Mugabe a saint? Is Zanu Pf a paragon of chastity? I differ fundamentally. Their track record is there for everyone to see. No matter how much we sanitise it we know the smell of their scent.

  31. I am a Zanu PF,thru and thru, l love peace and i am for peace. What Morgan has done encourages peace, hope he will improve from that and accept defeat. Thank you Morgan. People shld just give Morgan a breathing space so as to allow him back home. We want to understand his message becoz up to now i don’t know what Morgan is for. Maybe its because he is taking much of his time talking to the outside world. Come back home Morgan, talk to ur poor fellow country men in rural and urban area and then buid ur future plans from there. People want houses, food, small projects. You won in Bulawayo, look after them. Walk in Bulawayo, talk to Bulawayo. Don’t tell us about Gukurahundi to us it doesn’t bring food on the table becoz its past. We want to see things happening in Zambezi pipeline, mining, farming projects and small businesses.

  32. saMtoko Mupanduki

    While we are being bombarded by propaganda that the AU, SADC, SADCPF, ACP, said this or that we have not been availed with the scripts in black and white. For starters why did they not publish the report by AU and SADC. What Zimbabwe is being barred from knowing is that the AU report was adverse. It never said the elections were free, fair and credible. I challenge reporters and news houses to publish the full reports. SADC never endorsed the elections as free and fair. They could not commit themselves to say the elections were fair. The question I ask my learned friends and professors is W.H.Y? If it was fair what was difficult in saying so? There is a propaganda war going on and the Zimbabwean people are not buying it. And we see this in the desperate attempt to rope in failed politicians, unacademic professors and at times outright criminals to glorify a flawed process. Its not only civil society in Zimbabwe, the region and the West that do not see these elections as free and fair so does the AU and SADC. Swallow it even if its bitter because it’s the truth.

  33. The difference:
    You can attack the person that is the MDC leader without fear of victimisation for doing so, can you attack that of the leader of ZANU PF and feel safe to walk the streets of Zimbabwe? Subtle point to remind us what the battle is about. The right to say as you wish without fear or favour. Maybe one day my brothers and sisters maybe one day.
    Time reveals the truth
    Renegade Godknows

  34. guys its not gud 2 point fingers @ each other. mugabe namorgan vanotamba vese chikweshe kustate house nekustrataheaven(home&away) gakava hari vake nyika

  35. stop calling Tsvangirayi PRIME MINISTER. zvakapera kare kare izvo.

  36. Mr. Tsvangirai, clearly stated that all the winning candidates must not celebrate because MDC-T was NOT going to participate…. The National Council went on to endorse that… Then he meets with the Harare Provincial Council and overturns the decision of the National Council a decision based on his earlier “command”…..deja vu……pro senate and anti senate……….. Puliiiiiiz whats going on at MDC-T? Is it the heart or the brain that is used think?

  37. No one will ever take serious your worm worth rubbish ex PM If u n yo power hungry thugs can not stand on your words or for the nation,u think sadc ,au will do,utter rubish tea boy

  38. @saMtoko Mupanduki. Usazvinetsa nevanhu vakaita saMbatatisi naReason. ZvimaGreen Bombers nezvimaYouth officers. Havaoni huye havazivi chinhu except mimmicking ZBC

  39. Fellow Zimbos, timeover to scold, fight verbally, waste energy and scream at each other. Its over…sanctions backfired, homosexuality…eish….vanagogo…the multiple marriages but mostly the brazen rudeness and disrespect for the liberation struggle’…endless. Lets not fight…magnanimity in victory and humility to accept defeat are the words. Inyika yedu tose.

  40. jamurosi jamukoko

    look nd consider th following points closely:
    MDC entered into GNU and later found out tht th othr part/zanupf was/is not sincere…eg..th sacking of MDC councillors nd th selective application of arrests by police,albeit T Makone as th boss of police together w K Mohadi.Theresa was less powerfull or as I c it.
    the 2 parties all campained fo a yes vote fo th constitution…but later th othr part said th yes vote was theirs….some of us felt short changed whn Tsvangirai said go fo a yes vote,I fo 1 knew tht anything tht zanupf says yes,its to their own advantage and bad to most Zimbabweans…th vry constitution has reached us to ths so called defeat of th MDC.
    My advice…plz do not participate in th GVT no matter @ wht level…let them do it alone and their fall will b imminent and one day Zimbabwe shall b free.siyai zvese SAVE…vaite ivo vakahwina tione vakazvigona…th 49 representation is nothing but a mockery to th stolen vote.

  41. he is being man n being human by accepting defeat n thinking of future. go ex pm go…develop bulawayo n hwange where yu won otherwise 2018 unokuvara fut…null;void n farce wld be turned to new victory n fair..congrats bobo wish yu many yrs to finish yo term God willing…

  42. What is need is for Tsvangirai to resign, and let the MDC have new hopefully more visionary leadership.

    1. @Punungwe, hey cde, where is Mbonisi and the Mtwakazi boys…..Welshman really let them down, nevermind no need for biitterness and acrimony …inyika yedu tose

  43. Tsvangirai will you ever mean what you say. Y talk if you hadnt really made up your mind so what do you expect us to believe. Kushinga hakusi kugona better retire coz politics dzinokukurira.

  44. Spot-on Save if we are going to have a reasonable judgement from the concourt more seats are coming our way after a rerun.

  45. kikikiki ndaseka hangu

  46. do u know what minority means? Mugabe got sixty one percent of the vote. Morgan thirty four. So who has the majority here? Pliz. Uri mwana waMorgan chaiye. Know your history as well.

  47. good decision by Mr Tsvangirai , it gives us hope, let those who won wrk more hard irregardless of the stolen vote, one day is one day..famba tiende save

  48. Go Save go. We have been dealt a heavy blow by the stolen election, but we still support the movement 100%. We still yearn for A NEW BEGINNING A NEW ZIMBABWE.

  49. Ngonye wa Makwirabana

    we want to hear MDC T agents. what are they saying. the polling stations they observed. were the elections rigged there? Tell us. from polling station to Constituency command centres MDC-T was represented. when they total up their figures, which polling stations gave diffenrent figure from those of MDC agents?
    Do not mislead your leader. those 3million people who voted, 61% voted for RGM and one million for MT. if, out of 6m, 3m people who did not vote were MDC-t, hanya nani? teach them to vote. do not continue to make noise.
    what happened in Bulawayo, where ZPF lost, Welshman Ncube akabigwa’ka neMDC-t.? wadyiwa adyiwa please. nyararayi and lets move this country forward.

  50. Machinjamamamamese

    Tsvang must go now. Ini ndotora Eliza ndonyatsomutwasanudza nevolapi ye chimurenga chaiyo.

    1. unenge waka kweshwa nhova nedhobho iwewe.

  51. u myt say wat evr u wanna say bt dip in ur hearts u knw tht zanu pf z useless nthn tht thy promise z achieved ryt nw ndirimurima nd u ar saying tsvangiray z a puppet .ts beta f he z a puppet achiwanisa vanhu mabasa rather thn relying on zanupf pipo hu thnk of thier selves only forgeting y thy ar on those posts.nw zisco steel z employing less thn 500 employees a company tht has to employ mo thn 3 000 wrkrs imi muchiti indiginisation u ar so stupid f u ar thnkn tht zanu pf wll change this country .ofcoz th resouces hv to benefit Zimbabweabs bt th situation we ar in needs hlp frm othrs we can nt do tega plus th little we hv z only benefiting those grdy zanupf baboons…remembr God z fr evry1 he z watching…

  52. tiri chingombe

    Yah zvakaoma,political polarization is gonna destroy this country,because of polarized politics Morgan fail to swallow his pride and congratulates the victor the country move forward,well it’s evident people of Zimbabwe like zanu of and its policies,if the polls where rigged let’s have the evidence the proof!its dangerous to generalize an important exercise,considering the amount of money,the reaction of the international community,investors,the discontent among the general populace,without evaluating the balance of evidence.let history prove him right,if he’s wrong he must be punished he an enemy of Zimbabweans

  53. Machinjamamamamese.

  54. tiri chingombe

    Go AU website and SADC website reports are there for everyone to see

  55. zanupf rgged elections,the mdct will rule when bob goes from the oolitical scene,mdct were outmautlrvd by zanu pf aided by the courts which disregared the new constutition ,first the constitutional court set an election date in disregard to the constutition, voters roll nt made available,.mdct must nw work to correct these mistakes,fight to hve e zanupf electoral commission (zec),.reformed that whore rita should resign ,.zanu will go together with bob cause dictactors fall with their systems or parties worse stiil zanu pf hve failed to manage change & address issues of succession,their policies ar outdated china,russia,iran,india hve embraced capitalism so asia tigers ,their mode of indigenisation s there to serve them only nt the generality of zimbabweans,mark my words

  56. Mr president tsvangirai and the mdc leadership never join mugabes gvt please i say please we were robed we are very biter about this election let them rule never mind for split you still have your followers.if you join you will become irrevent please remain and suffer with you suppoters

  57. tendai u are also nul head. Hausat wambobirwa uripmba here

  58. The fact that so many zanu idiots have commented, it shows how much what President Tsvangirai says affect them. How I wish all cadres of the progressive forces would stop responding to the trash by these yellow-bellied zanu cowards and a**lickers. Let us give them all the space to bark themselves foolish.

  59. The fact that so many zanu idiots have commented, it shows how much what President Tsvangirai says affects them. How I wish all cadres of the progressive forces would stop responding to the trash by these yellow-bellied zanu cowards and a**lickers. Let us give them all the space to bark themselves foolish.

  60. Consistency is a word that doesn’t exist in TsvangCry’s vocab,the man simple can’t stick to a decision even when it comes to woman.Now he willy-nilly reverses a National Council resolution,does this party have a constitution?

  61. FLIP FLOP FLIP FLOP FLIP FLOP chinongoshamatata open mouth shut mind

  62. TB JOSHUA akambotaura zvikanzi ..

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