Tsvangirai can go hang — Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday poured scorn on outgoing Prime Minister and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, saying he “can go hang” if he is not prepared to accept the July 31 poll verdict which saw Zanu PF win by a landslide.


Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters attending Heroes’ Day commemorations at the National Heroes’ Acre in Harare, Mugabe vowed that the MDC-T would never be allowed to rise from its crushing defeat.

The entire MDC-T leadership — including Tsvangirai and his MDC counterpart Welshman Ncube — boycotted the commemorations although Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara, who leads a breakaway faction of the MDC, did attend.

“Those who cannot accept defeat are wasting their time. They can even go and hang if they want, but even dogs will not sniff at their corpses,” Mugabe said, in apparent reference to the MDC-T.

“Never will we go back on our victory,” said the 89-year-old Zanu PF leader who was declared winner with 61% of the votes against Tsvangirai’s 33%, although the latter has dismissed the poll as flawed and launched a court challenge.

Tsvangirai, who is demanding a forensic audit of the election material and fresh polls within two months, has launched a petition with the Constitutional Court to have the poll results set aside.
The matter is set to be heard tomorrow.

Several Western countries and Botswana have also questioned the credibility of the polls.

Sadc Heads of State and Government are expected to discuss the matter at their summit in Malawi over the weekend.

However, Mugabe yesterday warned that taking him to court over poll results was a futile exercise.

“We have heard they have gone to consult a witchdoctor. Beware, they could be embarking on a futile exercise that could backfire,” Mugabe said to wild applause from his supporters who were waving party berets and national flags.

“They (MDCs) are the thieves, but they say we have stolen the election. We kept quiet when they stole the 2008 election using bogus non-governmental organisations. How can they say we are thieves when we have taken what belongs to us?

“The people have realised that they are thieves and voted them out. They are down and will never rise again. We never give the power to thieves,” he said, adding that the MDC-T were conduits of the Western powers.

“At some point, sellouts emerged from amongst us — those who allowed themselves to be used by our erstwhile colonisers to take our land from us. But we thank the people of Zimbabwe and truly we fought hard and we won.”

Mugabe also took a jibe at Western powers that have refused to accept his victory, describing them as affronts of the same democracy they purport to subscribe to.

“We voted democratically. We brought democracy. We have delivered democracy on a platter. If they do not want to take it, let it be, but the people have delivered it,” he said.

Turning to his Zanu PF government’s next five-year plan, Mugabe said they would focus on infrastructure development, improve health and education delivery systems and boost the manufacturing sector with emphasis on the party’s empowerment agenda that would see indigenous Zimbabweans control all sectors of the economy.

He pleaded for unity and also promised to fulfil the pre-election promises he made to the electorate among them, adjusting civil servants’ salaries.

“We have promised to address the issue of salaries and conditions of living. We pledge to fulfil this promise this year.”

Meanwhile, about 1 000 people gathered at the Manicaland Provincial Heroes’ Acre in Mutare to commemorate Heroes’ Day, a much smaller crowd compared to thousands of people who attended Zanu PF rallies in the run-up to the just-ended harmonised elections.

However, Zanu PF Manicaland spokesperson Charles Samuriwo defended the low turnout, saying it was not a Zanu PF event or holiday, but a State function.

“The question should be directed to the citizenry on why they do come to party events and not national events. As a party, we are happy because there are people here with Zanu PF regalia,” Samuriwo said.

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    1. you want a right to vote? which country do yu stay in? isu vamwe tirikungovota wani pose panovotwa.

      1. @chief. You should have seen how Mdede and Makarau shut out all towns from registering and how he deleted some from the voters roll.
        Ppl are very very angry. Mugabe is no longer legitimate anymore.
        Nato US rescue us.

        1. warungu tibatsireiwo isusu mabhoyi, kikikikikikikiii! Masters will rescues us from ‘Mugabi’ because masters knows we needs helps, masters loves us!

      2. The past election was so closed and restrictive to millions of opposition supporters that it resembled a ZANU PF Primary election

        1. muvengwa munondivengerei

          kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Bull shit.

    2. Nhai aMugabe why are you insulting Tsvangirai as if it is you who conducted the election. Tsvangirai is suing Zec over irregularities not you. Why are you panicking as if you had ahidden hand in the conduct of the election

      1. A deliberate and mistimed outcry meant to disturb and influence a court hearing. This is abuse of power RGM

    3. Amadunge..you are a stupid idiot as well…to vote you register..not just to attend rallies that is your right..noone will block you entering the polling station…speak a positive point

      1. @silungisani ndlovu, you are a proper psyc. So u think pple ddnt register? pple registered and voted but the election was stolen. You are a monkey for sure. Idiot. Dining with the thieves does not make theft a good thing. Nonsense.

  2. Mugabe shouts some nonsensical noise and sees the past sham election as fair because only his supporters had the privilege to vote. Millions are cryn fowl over the disenfrancisement

    1. go shout your noise as well…if you do not want Mugabe’s noise don’t go to his rallies

  3. After such a firry tone expect no fair hearing at the courts.

  4. Madman on the prawl. Where is your fury really when you have turned all promising industries to storerooms and turned all University graduates to juice card vendors. Shut up and wait for your dead day harahwa.

    1. All university graduates are juice card vendors, really? That is the problem with you lot, you are like the children of Israel who saw doom and gloom everywhere and failed to see opportunity slapping them across the face. One of your idiot representatives on eNCA stated that inflation is at 500 million percent, all hospitals in Zimbabwe are closed and urged Mr. Moreleng to take a generator to Zimbabwe because there is no electricity! Munoda kungotaura zvinhu zvenhema, you pull stats from your backsides and pretend to be intelligent. Instead of seeing giants in the land please open your eyes and see opportunities; instead of murmuring that it was better in Egypt (Rhodesia) please shut up and leave because no one is forcing you to be where you are, cheap black labour is needed in South Africa and Europe, many bums to clean there. Let Zimbabweans who wish to build our beautiful country do so in peace, all of us, black and white..

      1. PrimeMinister Macheeks

        Apa wataura hama, we are in desperate of such minds in our country. In fact we don’t need any mediation. We are masters of our own destiny.

        1. no. no I wont have that sort of insult here scot. you cannot arrogate to yourself such violent views about your fellowmen. if you want to do that why dont you come into the open ndikubinhe? hauna right yekutaura zvakadaro kunge ndiwe muridzi wenyika. wakapusa haikona.

      2. don’t we have unemployment?don’t we have power cuts?i stay in hatfield and i derive power from the generator most of the time.no water at all tochera mumugodhi.
        what opportunities can a young undergrad with no capital have?and Scot you are fools but just because how can at least speak English you think its synonymous with intelligence .you have never proffered a workable suggestion apart from slloganeering.you are such an idiot

  5. According to the idiot who wrote this pathetic piece, the words ‘Tsvangirai can go hang’ were never uttered by the President. Instead, the idiot who wrote this pathetic article put this disclaimer: “Mugabe said, in apparent reference to the MDC-T” – zvakutonyadzisa izvi!

    This just did it for me though: Several Western countries and Botswana have also questioned the credibility of the polls.

    Made my day; Botswana against Africa, siding with ‘several Western countries’ and tumachinja twese saying ehe ehe, rigging chino chino, kusanyara kunyengwa ne kirimudhonanzi here vakomamana?


    1. “Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter
      PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday said if MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai could not fathom losing the harmonised elections, he was free to go hang.”

      Scot the above qoute is from the Herald.

      1. Then Lloyd Gumbo is an idiot reporter as well..

        1. Scot no insults please. I think there is no monopoly of thinking in Zim. What we need right now is diversity of ideas that can pull this country out of the quagmire. No need to insult anyone who differs from you. There is a proverb that says ‘Great minds think alike but fools seldom differ’ The problem in this country is that of polarisation. We see things through either MDC or Zanu PF lens. The other problem is putting too much faith in politicians not in ourselves. Whether one voted for Zanu or MDC makes no difference since we all buy from the same shops and ride in the same combis.The only way Zim is going to pull through is if we all work together (may be using different formulae) but aiming at getting the same answer. Lets celebrate our diversity. I dont give a damn about which party one supports as long as we are patriotic.

          1. Let Zimbabweans who wish to build our beautiful country do so in peace, all of us, black and white..

          2. scot haudi kutuka vanhu vese instead of trading blows with just your one target yaunenge uchipindura. you are very wrong and limited in intelligence. tsvaga kosi ye anger management or I can do you the favour in the manner mentioned above.

  6. Over exploiting of peoples tolerance. Mugabe fears nothing but the barrel of the gun only. You should have seen how the regime panicked after it was discovered they had signed a pact to supply Iran with uranium. Everybody came out of retirement to diffuse the rumour.
    Hugwara hwese hunobva hwabuda

    1. He is afraid of growing very very very old since he is already very old.

  7. Yes you claim you won but read peoples mood. Including those you claim voted for you. Everyone is on a wait and see mode. If you don’t deliver we shall come hard on you dear ruler. It is power you crave for and its power we deceivingly give you

    1. You asked everyone, all 13+ million of us and we told you we are in a waiting mode? Iwewe ndiwe wakamira, isusu tirikushanda nesimba, it is business as usual in Zimbabwe and kumaruwa ibasa sebasa. Elections are over and basa rirkumhanya wena, iyezvino buda panze uone kuti unoshaya kombi here mudhorobha? Mahwindi arikudaidzira, vanhu varikuenda kumabasa, Spar irikubika mabhanzi and maGreek iwawo arikuruka mari, kana migodhi irikufaya, mapurisa aripabasa, nemanesi, vanachiremba, vaimbi, mainformal traders aripo pasiyaso, vanamai varikutengesa matomati pamisika yavo and mafata nemapastor varikuita mabasa ufunge. Only Tsvangirai is unemployed, ndiye arikuita wait and see newe iwewe. Itai basa vakomana muchengete mhuri dzenyu tivake nyika yedu iyi!

  8. Musada kuchema zvisipo esp vanhu vemu harare ini ndakamira mu line reku register kuvhota pamarket square shuwa zvaibhohwa asi as a person who wanted to exercise my constitutional right i endured it all and was registerd and i participated in the just ended polls. Vazhinji maikoshesa ur personals muchirega kuregister nhasi muri kuchemei.and point of correction kwauri munyori not all who attend the heroes day commemorations are zanupf, i was ther and i do not support zanupf myself.

    1. @ Tigeremhandu.
      You expect 2million people to flock Mkt Square and all get registered???
      You are crazy.
      Why didn’t Zec provide adequate registration Centres in the 1st place?
      Nyaya yacho haisi kupera till Zpf tells us what they expect us to do after side lining us from national elections

      1. 1980 takavhota pasine zvese izvi, takamira for hours tikavhota, imimi vechidiki you are too lazy wishing to register via facebook! next time mirai and register then momirazve to vote!

  9. panoti deliverance apa.l support the cause but my trust wl only be reinstated wth deeds nt words.dear mr president,prove us wrong show tht u won 4 a reason.

  10. As Mugabe gets older, he becomes more crazy!

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Indeed.he is a bastard.

  11. If mugabe said ndaka kunda ako musarambezve kudzokera itii handei muground chete. Tisango tuka pamatv muchiziva makada chiiko

    1. Ever watched a soccer match before? When the match is over it is over, the loser does not get to challenge the winner to a rematch, those are not the rules of football leagues. Matches are set and everyone follows a schedule of matches, not by request from a disgruntled losing team. Elections work pretty much the same way..

      1. Scot
        Unongoti isu isu isu iwewe nani?

  12. josefa chinotimba

    Go hang yourself,you bloody idiot old man.You think this country is yours?Your days are now numbered on this earth,bastard.

  13. zanu pf a greedy party. Wats wrong wth u, every1 hates u bcoz u’re think about yoself. Give others a chance & we want a good life not life of a bloody hands, we want a hand of future. We are looking a new President not an old.

  14. @ scot Zimbabwe was awarded a replay in France against Egypt after a badly handled match. Don’t pretend to know everything just celebrate your ‘win’ without confounding others with falsetos please!!

  15. Luky enuf tinongomama tese wheatha zanu or mdc,handei neindeginisatn timame!

    1. Ndozvamunongoziva zvekunyadzisira anNox mashaya nyaya here

  16. amudunge your father was a rhodesian force who dinied us the right to vote so its not amazing that you have followed your fathers steps sure rhodesians never die they come in all forms manyika im sorry you need a new president as u say its now the minority who love him he was dumbed after his sexual antics yes 2008 iye zvino akabuda mu fashion pamwe ne mdc tahiti remember its no longer as formiddable as it was afew years ago four years in gnu shamwari dzekunze dzine mari kana kumboisa kana cent civil servants kudochema no money kana makapiwa mari mukadya makairasa

  17. Uyu Anonzi Scot chikochikari chekupi zviya? Tibvirepo! All u do is criticise usina kutombonzwa kuti munhu ari kuti chii! Mugabe can go hang iye na dread Wellie waanogara naye. Do you think this is some soap opera ye kuti vanhu vachangozoseka at the en yobva yapera? Go join herald forum you imbecile….Mugabe talk o wat u are in office for… Clock is ticking, handiti wakahwina saka tonga kwete kuswero tukirira. Asi secretary wako Haana kukuudza kuti campaign dzakapfuura? Kiki! Tongai arume!

    1. Shut us scot, kikikikikikii, chikochikari, hehede, uri. Unlike you tunnel visioned MDC T lot, we the patriotic ZImbabweans participate on all fora be it opposition or the ruling party (let me say it again, the ruling party!) – you lost because you focus only on what you are fed by your philandering leader and you read only what your puppet master publications publish. We read both sides and participate on both sides, chero dai ZANU PF yakaruza we were going to thrive in ZImbabwe until tahwinha; just relax my bro and enjoy the benefits of a ZANU PF government including zero balance on utility bills. Also, please read other publications to broaden your limited scope..

      1. We we we isu isu iwe nani? answer me

  18. @Ascot uyinja!mciiim

  19. So now power is given by Mugabe and not by the people.I think on this one you agree with less people.

  20. Scot you sound quite intelligent despite being a zanu pf apologist but if a team does not play by the rules of the game the ‘win’ can be nullified despite the referee declaring them to have won. Is this so difficult to understand. World champions like Usain Bolt and many others have been disqualified for simple things like false starts.

  21. Watch out for this Zimbabwe. The concourt will fast track this case by ignoring all rules of court. They will dismiss the petition without giving reasons and mugabe will be sworn in in time to attend the sadc summit at the weekend.

  22. @Scott-wld u plz explain to me how indigenisation wl drive our economy,i hop u wl simply enlighten m on dat wthout resorting to foul language.

    1. @ Pasi, by sharing the profits of our natural resources with whichever foreign entity is interested in acquiring them, our economy can grow to great heights. Please look up ‘sovereign wealth fund’ on Wikipedia or any other reference resource, Zimbabwe will be the 2nd African country to have such a fund soon. The government of Zimbabwe will direct revenue to The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ), Agribank and The Small Enterprises Development Corporation (SEDCO) to manage the funds which will be in billions. These funds will go towards building physical and social infrastructure, funding agriculture and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the short term. China has 3 such funds and the rich Arabs are rich because of such policies. I do not answer by fowl language, there is another pathetic individual named Scott or Scot who does that for reasons best known to him/her/it.

      1. Asi ndobasa rawapiwa nhasi irori kanhi nhai scot?

      2. Scot thank you for the information, i want to know the shareholding structures would be like. are we going to value our minerals as equity in these companies or are we to invest in monetery terms to start these companies.

  23. zimbos wht on earth are we still waiting for??

  24. @scot uriduzvi hama if u dont know millions are in wait and see mode open your eyes u know nothing about politics yo leader stole an election and no economy is going to change but will be worse watch”

    1. I am sorry daddy tee, i don’t know about the millions in waiting, I simply look at facts on the ground and by the looks of things, businesses are operating across the country and people are going to work; please tell me where your millions are and while you are at it, share how you came up with that number of ‘millions’ – please don’t tell me you physically counted millions of people in waiting mode because that is ridiculous. Also, please warn your leader that simply claiming that 2 million people were denied their right to vote is not considered evidence on any court on earth (he will also insist that all those that were turned away were going to vote MDC T because the polling officers used witchcraft to determine who was to vote for who); figures imagined and manufactured are as good as fresh air in court; that is why the MDC T dossier will be tossed in the bin, not because the judges are friends of ZANU PF.

  25. Scot is a Youth Officer. Dont mind him. He cant see that the ZANU PF leadership loots national resources in the name of the people. To him the acre of land in a ranch is same as the minister’s three farms of primeland.

  26. zim has a population of 12.5million. 3million plus varikunze. RG won by 2 million out of 3.9 cast votes. paka regestor 6.5 million. ngatonge kwete kuti vana nhingi vari kukanganisa.

  27. @Scot. The holier than thou breed! A new breed of genetically modified Zimbos who – See no Evil! Hear no Evil! and Speak no Evil! Accepting criticism is a virtue. We should all learn to accept constructive criticism. The world would not have developed without people with radical minds.

  28. @Scot. The holier than thou breed! A new breed of genetically modified Zimbos who – See no Evil! Hear no Evil! and Speak no Evil! Accepting criticism is a virtue. We should all learn to accept constructive criticism. The world would not have developed without people with radical minds!!!

    1. The same applies to you, constructive criticism iri tii kwamuri, your leader is not fit to run a country and MDC T does not have all the answers, Bennett is a racist pig calling for civil disobedience and your leader has not spoken out against these calls for violence, MDC T lost support and you need to regroup; but you are refusing to see all this but rather insist that you are the answer to everything and you won this election! Please!


  30. Are sanctions going to be lifted now that the long-awaited mock elections are over? What does Tsvangirai think about sanctions on ZanuPF in the face of disputed elections? Tsvangirai and his top officials were going around the globe pleading, on behalf of ZanuPF, that sanctions must be lifted. Is that still the case?

  31. Where on earth is the new Constitution in all this? That was a waste of time and money.

  32. Sanctions were imposed on Robbery akanga anyanya maHuman rights violations. If you your memory serves you well he declared in the public 2001 that no dudicial decion would stand my way. Kwete kubraiwashwa kwamakaitwa uku ano kumbira masanctions ari ani?

  33. Has Tsvangirai moved house yet? He was saying in the event of a win he would not move into State House. Counting his chickens before they were hatched. When is he moving back to Strathaven because he is no longer PM?

    1. chin at least he has his own house which he acquired honestly what about you l think you are one of the beneficiary of rsidential stands with no services good luck lad.

      1. @Martin – you fool. I am not a politician. What I have or not have is not important – nobody knows me. Tsvangirai is a famous politician whose decisions affect the lives of millions that is why we make comments about his life. I would not comment is he was a common person.

  34. @Scott-thanx 4 ‘schooling’ me on how indigenisation wl develop our economy but honestly speaking yo explanation borders more on wishful thinking than reality,experience from d last 5 years has shown dat indigenisation has scared more than it has attracted investors.d job market is failing to absorb job seekers and if dat remains d same in d coming 2 years,there wl b need 4 policy realignement.

    1. Actually, my bro Pasi, it is quite the contrary! Please research on employee and community share trusts in Zimbabwe and you will be surprised by the staggering amount of dollars poured into communities in the past 5 years. Also, a lot of investors are interested in us and what we have, currently all the major mining companies have complied with government policy and no major mining company was scared off or shut down in the past 5 years. Be patient and do a cost benefit analysis, you will see that it is better to suffer now and enjoy later than to get a million jobs now and suffer later. The alternative policy (Juice), if I can call it a policy, seeks to empower the rich multinationals in the hope that we the people will eventually benefit from profits that trickle down. The last time I checked, Western Capitalism has not benefited any indigenous people of any country outside Europe because it is not designed to do that; even in Europe, many right now are homeless, broke, in debt and hungry because of Capitalism. Let us all put our leaders to task and hold them to what they promised us, President Mugabe and ZANU PF must deliver on the promises they made to us and if we all unite and speak with one voice then no single corrupt politician can steal the people’s wealth.

      1. By the way, my point is not to school you, you already know what is what. I am a supporter of policies that promote Afrikans and pull us out of poverty; whoever pushes pro-Afrika policies has my vote. I am also against racist and condescending white attitudes hence my absolute disgust with MDC T and its ties with rhodies. I mean, come on guys, Roy Bennett is calling for a parallel government in exile for the sole purpose of creating a hostile environment where the country is ungovernable. Why is it that your leader, Mr. Tsvangirai is not speaking against this and why are you people not telling bhunu iri kuti rinyarare? It makes no sense to me when some blacks rally behind an uncircumcised rhodie who is standing there opposing policies that empower blacks; makes no sense at all!


  36. I hear you Sir Lance it is true that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Action yacho ndoo madyirwo akaitwa mhomho saka it is easy to anticipate a long drawn out battle over that action which is sitting wide open for legal challenge. GO HANG kutukana kwavanodanana vakakavadzana kumamisha and is quite humourous in many ways.

  37. Guyz zanu imbavha uye imhondu kubva 1980 they never won fairly ndezveumbavha bedzi

  38. We have all been voting since 1980. Registering is an on going exesize. If anyone, MDC, ZANUPF or any part members chose not register from 2009 whose fault is that? If they do not register now for 2018, the same fate awaits them. They, MDCCHEATS, and as a matter of urgency must jetson Tsangirai if they need to complete the Stormy ocean journey they intend to travel.

  39. Mugabe my advice is do not interfer with the Courts. This matter is with the courts why are you doing that You are inviting sunctions by yourselve Obam is clever like you he will increase his sunctions to this country and people will surfer because of you mouth.Your have started.O-O-O MR PRESIDENT YOU ARE OFFSIDE.This time if sanctions come we will never pray for lackless leaders like you

  40. tatyiswa na scot

    Scot, we have heard all this before. We have even witnessed “intelligent” lunacy dzaana Gono where he single-handedly set a world record in poor monetary control. Yet still, he never stopped talking, promising us all pie in the sky!!

    You talk about a pro-African approach? Why don’t you just come clean mate? Papi pacho pane Afro-focus apa? Do you call self-aggrandizement on the part of you and your chefs empowerment? Really? Okok. What has been happening all these years? Ooooh! Sanctions!! Let me ask you something bhudhi. When was the last time you drank tap water in Harare? When was the last time you were in St Mary’s kuChitungwiza? From what distance can you SMELL Chitungwiza, especially St Mary’s? Do your children learn how to swim in raw human waste?

    Vana vari kudzidza pasi pemiti and yet you expect them to take over as the country’s leaders one day? Obviously not! Vana Chatunga and all the privilleged ones ndivo vanoramba vari muline rekutonga, they will continue the cycle ye looting well after their fathers have gone.

    This is the very same reason why vana left school and bore the brunt of white brutality during the second liberation struggle. Manyanya kuti shungurudza machinda. Nyika iyi haisi yenyu iyi All this waxing about empowerement heee chii chii is just a ruse and you know that we are aware of this. chii chamaita in 33 years? Mune problem yekuve deep in just talking but muri so shallow you make us all feel ashamed to be linked to you by nationality!

  41. @ tatyiswa, please consider the following:

    1. There is such a thing as economic sabotage, Al Jazeera is currently running a 3 part special series titled ‘The French African Connection’ that explores the dark and dramatic history of France’s relationships with its former African colonies paying particular focus on the French’s pursuit of neo-colonial policy; I recommend you watch it so you can see how the French government used murder and economic sabotage as tools to drive the locals to blame their governments for collapsing the economy and destroying social institutions. This is nothing new and it is sad to see how many are easily deceived and believe that it is their government that is hurting them.

    1. 2. The US Government has threatened to extend sanctions against Zimbabwe and Tsvangirai has warned us of worse hardships in the future if he is not made President. Please note, the US Government has acknowledged the widespread and devastating sanctions against Zimbabwe, yet you and many others refuse to acknowledge the devastating impact these sanctions had on our economy. You and others still choose to believe that the sanctions were targeted against a few individuals and their companies yet the US Government has acknowledged otherwise. How sad!

  42. Point 3 is just refusing to publish, maybe because ndataura nyaya yewarungu wakaita mari muno kudhara!

    1. Our high literacy rate, low infant mortality from 1980, housing, hospitals, government schools built everywhere and resettlement of 300 000 black families are results of government policy.

      But, according to your wisdom, none of the above matters because ‘Mugabi’ destroyed the economy and did nothing for 33 years! ‘Mugabi’ must go hey, he is a mampara hey, yeah hey, get him and his bloody ZANU PF thugs out of Zimbobwi, chase them out of Harowri, he is a netsa hey, he’s a tadza!

  43. Mugabe anojairira vanhu people fought for independence and have one man one vote but he does not want people to vote freely, in 2008 he forced people to vote through killing people. This time he has stolen the people’s vote saka anofunga achararama nukusingaperi here. No one is supper human mwari vachatibatsira. Tangatoti migwagwa yogiredwa, makambani ovhura vanhu vowana mabasa asi zvaramba nokuda kwaMugabe. What else can he promise us iye akauraya nyika tichiona. Vanhu vairobwa takatarisa zvanzi munotsigira MDC saka tichasununguka rini zvamonoti takasunungura nyika?

  44. @ chamatumba, this is hilarious, “in 2008 he forced people to vote through killing people” kikikikiki, so you kill people to make them vote for you? kikikikikikiki!

  45. Shamwari yepafacebook yaChatanguka

    Guys,the future is bright…Lets continue seeking the Lord. God hears and sees..Zimbabwe will be on top once again…All that which is happening, dont you think God knows..

  46. tatyiswa na scot

    scot nevamwe vakaita sewe, hapana zvekumboti sabbotage or anything apa. papiko pacho? in 1984 mugabe akabuda patv achiti “we are not on sale, even to the highest bidder” akapfeka safari suit. you wouldn’t know about it coz you sound as if you just jumped on the bandwagon not so long ago. it was about getting aid but because anofunga kuti anoziva zvese, he showed quite some bravado then. Akazoita sei? unoziva anything about ESAP? what was that about? tauraka kuti yanga iri sabotage.it was acceptance that takundikana and look where this took us. macompanies mangani akavhara because of ESAP? how many people lost their jobs then?

    you and your paymasters continue to experiment neruzhinji rwevanhu and now mave kutaura nezve empowerment hee chii chii. ko unoziva rainzi gore remasimba avanhu? zvakauya zvose izvozvo but nothing really changed. hapana depth apart from kutaurisa chete! mukuru uyu anga achingori teacher zvake seniwo. madegree e correspondence aya ane problem. this is why on his 82nd birthday, mukuru akataura kuti….we will print money if we come under pressure. apa he is supposed to have a masters degree in economics!! hamuna any sort of clue and after 33 years, you can’t quite fathom the depth of the abyss you’ve thrown our people into. munotaurisa and yet you’re basically just lining your pockets like you have been doing all along. Mugabi kuita sei. oooh ok. one has to be white in order to be critical about the performance ye government? you need salvation!

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