Tryson Chimbetu wows Glendale

DENDERA musician Tryson Chimbetu gave an enchanting performance at Kahuku joint in Glendale on Saturday night.

Entertainment Reporter

The young musician came on stage at around 10pm and started the show with his late uncle Simon’s yesteryear hits.

Songs from Tryson’s latest offering Compass are proving to be popular. The song Pahotera, that features Oliver Mtukudzi, and Mombe are the fans’ favourites.

The musician got cheers from the fans after he announced that he would be releasing a video for his new album sometime next month.

“The DVD for this album will be available on the streets next month,” he said.

Speaking to NewsDay on the sidelines of the show, Chimbetu said he was humbled by the response from his fans. ads Ads

“The response I am getting is overwhelming and I am happy that fans are enjoying the songs during our live shows,” he said.

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  1. ha ya ha ya thank u for dendera united

  2. Bhora mberi mberi munun`una.

  3. bhora mberi muzimbabwe haya haya

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