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Sulu manager speaks on band management


MOST musicians have failed to make notable investiments during the peak of the career and in Zimbabwe most musicians ended up being assisted to make ends meet.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

However, Ochestra Dendera Kings marketing manager Trevor Jakachira believes running the day-to-day business of a band needs high levels of professionalism.

In an interview Jakachira said when he was approached, he first outlined to them that they need to run away from the usual style of band management.

“Usually you are approached by a promoter then he gives you money before or after show without sometimes signing contracts which to me I think is another cause of conflicts between musicians and promoters,” he said.

Jakachira said his first plight was to have the band registered as a company before setting structures for the band.

“My first plea was to have the band registered into a company which we achieved last year and after that we set up a structure where we have our publicist, show manager and our laison person,” said Jakachira.

For him running Sulumani Chimbetu’s band as a company helps musicians to be professional and to learn to invest through music.

“The idea is to run away from the belief that music is a poor profession and for me as Sulu’s marketing manager I can say through his company he is investing,” he added.

He said since they registered their band as a company most co-operate companies started to work with them.

To date they have worked with a number of companies including Delta Beverages, Zinara, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority among others.

“Mtukudzi is a successful musician internationally and locally because he is professional and in that way we are hoping to establish a big brand by being professional,” said Jakachira.

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