Sanctions begin to bite Zimbabweans


AN international bank, HSBC Bank has allegedly ordered freezing of accounts held by Zimbabwean expatriates and nationals saying Zimbabwe was under sanctions.


Account holders with the bank, which is situated at the Channel Islands located between the South Coast of the United Kingdom and Northern France, confirmed the development, saying they could no longer effect any transactions with the bank.

Gladys Siwela, one of the account holders said she had been banking with HSBC as an advanced client since the 1990s, but was surprised this week when she deposited money into the account, but her transaction was not processed.

“I have held an HSBC account since the 1990s as I was a Zimbabwean expatriate working in Uganda and at the beginning of this year in February, they sent me a letter saying now that I was no longer an expatriate I could not continue using their product as it was meant for expatriates only,” said Siwela.

“They demanded that I provide an address outside Zimbabwe to prove I was an expatriate and I gave them a South African address and they sent me a statement saying I could now transact via the internet, but yesterday when I tried to send money into the account via internet I failed to access my account,” she said.

Siwela said she phoned the bank and was put through to their centre in India where she was told she could no longer access the account because it had been closed.

“They later told me the only truth is that HSBC has made a decision that they were putting Zimbabwe on sanctions and they were freezing any accounts held by Zimbabwean nationals. My brother’s friend in Burundi has confirmed his account has also been closed. They are closing accounts even of white Zimbabweans and I hear many white farmers have also been affected,” she said.

NewsDay contacted the bank on Friday, but failed to get a comment about the matter as the person who was said to be able to give a response was not in office.

“Give us your telephone numbers and we will get back to you as the person authorised to comment is not available at the moment,” said the lady who answered the phone.
“May I request you to put your request in writing to our Head Office at HSBC Bank plc, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5HQ,” replied Hemalatha Raju from the Internet Banking Customer Support.


  1. Mdcteaboy has in past refused to accept the presence of sanctions, claiming that only targeted sanctions exist against a handful of zpf bigwigs. Maybe the two in the story above are zpf bigwigs


      • hlanani kuhle you expose your stupidity and dullness, these sanctions were brought on request from tsvancry, trying to get into power, they are illegal and the one who put them must just remove them.
        Kumuuraya kunochinjeyi, he must reverse what he did, or else he will be remembered in history as a power-hungry puppet who made millions on Zimbabwe to suffer in his selfish effort to get into power.

  2. The ghost of tsvancry remains to haunt ordinary transacting individuals. I have also wondered if I was, unknown to myself, a zanupf bigwig after I was denied using Paypal because Zimbabwe is under sanctions, targeted sanctions they say!

  3. Until you real know who the spoiler is. You will never make it In Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe is a sovereign. State. why cry. for the out world. we have local banks 100% owned why externalise our. resources

  4. Ko muchiri kubanker nema European banks. Ini ndinovabker ne Z.B iyo yaita post profit ye $2.9million. Another suggestion use the Chinese.They are holding trillions and trillions of US$ dollars yekuti if the chinese ofload these, US inogara pasi. Look East. Again their currency YUANA is very strong.

    • @ Naome, a lot of Zimbabweans use European banks since they are posted outside of Zimbabwe, for your information, ZB Bank has been under sanctions for the longest time, you couldn’t transfer money to ZB Bank from outside Zimbabwe in most major currencies even if you wanted to. The point is, Zimbabwe and not ‘a few individuals’ has been under severe sanctions for years. All MDC T supporters and sanctions deniers, I can see your noses getting very long now, even Tsvangirai’s nose is getting longer and longer!

      • Sikoti rhodesia survived with sanctions in place. How did they do it? Hiw come yo zhanu gvmnt is unable to survive them. Truth is these people without access to their accounts might be laundering money for zhanu. Zhanu is a very funny party u dnt play fair and expect everyone else to play fair? 51% moti kuitawo here ku breeder nyope dzega dzega, problem is u dnt realise that u are coyfish in world economics and politics and that they are real sharks and piranhas in the water. Play yo role and improve yo position musade kumhanya kumedza kutsenga muchada.

        Bravado yamunouta muchituka ma americans et al haibetsere pasina real action…..guys zhanu jus declare war on americans zvipere izvi its time to walk the walk. Kutuka hakuna dhiri a war us in order u think so that we stamp authority!!!!

        • I wonder where a black man’s enduring vindication of rhodesia and the shameful veneration of its ‘efficiency’ comes from? Disturbing! In all of Israel’s failures over the years you will never hear Jews siting an example of the nazi regime in any positive light. What is wrong with us?

          • Am just pointing to a failure thats all. We are in a better position to survive the so called sanctions than rhodesia was. And yes with the way things are rhodesia woulf have been a better country to be in than what we have now. Zimbabwe under zhanu is rhodesia only led by a black face with a worse economy!

            Its funny how zhanuists run to their blackness for justifying the ruining of this country? We do not eat blackness. It doesnt mean if u are black u perfect thats down right racist and we all know where u get that misguided role as a black zimbabwean. May be the question u shud ask is y people wud prefer rhodesia than zim under zhanu!

    • Lol keep dreaming if the u.s. goes down every one else follows incl yo beloved chaina lmaooo at u dunder heads. Who is checking out for the renmimbi? No one. U just hate that yo zhanu aint even a bip in world economics. Endai mu printa zim dollar apo.

    • naome lol funga dnt let the hate cloud yo judgement. If US goes down everyone else follows it to the grave incl yo beloved chaina. Usazvifadze nenhema… u made me laugh…..shows zhanu people lack analytical skills jus like their very senile 90 yr old ruler.

    • why is it all along they were saying they are targeted sanctions?? so why are they affecting ordinary Zimbabweans. now i know that we are under sanctions. but whats the reason for the sanctions when their justification was on deterioration of human rights issues. is that still the case, if not then why are they still holding us at ransom. are they now punishing the country for endorsing Mugabe and for not starting an uprising the Libyan style…

      • Clido kana ukaraper kamwana nhasi ukasungwa unofanira kurega kuraper kuti nyaya yako ipere ukaraper zvakare mutongo usati wapera unoramba wakasungirwa play. Go sanctions go

      • But if you really a sovereign and can stand on your own, why bank with their banks? It is insecure! Taneta nekungonzwa zvemasanctions. Cuba is not crying the same way Zimbabwe is doing about sanctions. They have worked their way out and still our old senile octogenarian is barking on the wrong tree!

    • iwe rodney what you saying is pointless and useless. there is nothing wrong in what they did. the problem is with the people who froze their accounts for silly reasons

        • Because there is always a strong risk that Gono will help himself to your personal funds like he did in the past with people’s export earnings. Never been refunded. Wanted cash for fuel.

  5. Chinese banks.Do you think China exist in a world of its own.No ways, this is caused by the works of power hungry individuals.
    Unless we realize to co exist with the out side world good life in Zim remains a pipedream.

    We need both Chinese, British or Americas to increase trade and boost our economy.
    We need to share technology and developmental ideas to boost food production.

    As much as you need your neighbors so like Zimbabwe


  6. I’m in England. I bank with HSBC. I just did an online transaction 30 min ago. They fully know I’m a Zimbabwean. And I know 100s of zimboz banking with this bank. No one is affected. Banks close accounts daily for many reasons. Chief among them is fraud alert

  7. Stop stealing elections.respect the one man one vote concept and the world will respect you.what goes around comes around.

    • Are you having a laugh fatso? You want to know how stupid zimbabweans are?

      How about many spending thousands of their hard earned cash to go home and vote in a military dictatorship!

      When you have a nation of people this stupid, there is no hope.

      Most literate people in africa, I heard? Pity the fools can’t understand a word they are reading.

      33 years of black incompatance and they still blame the white people, go figure!

      • Shane you are an idiot, if you think white is supreme, not any-more in Zimbabwe, sanctions or no sanctions we will continue to live. We are not stupid to the extent of
        going for the defecating hole as you the so called clever ones are now doing. You stink, and that is why there is a recession now in Europe. you were good because of our stolen resources, but eventually with or without you Zimbabwe will thrive and you continue aiming for the defecating hole hoping to raise a family under such filthy
        and evil manners. Eventually we will see who thrives.

        • Zimbabwe has been thriving alright he he he he. Who goes to Singapore for an eye exam? Kungotariswa ziso here akomana?? reason-less no critical thinking at all unongowawata. Pity u fools.

          • “Eventually we will see who thrives”, lol

            How much time do these zanu idiots need? 33 years, 50 years, 100 years!!!

            I saw on that crazy forum how the zanu mouthpiece was asking why zimbabwe was thriving before sanctions!
            How much of an idiot does it take not to realise the white zimbabweans were helping the economy thrive, zanu stole the land and then sanctions came in.

            Then they divided the best farms amaongst the big theives with 20 farms each, stopped paying workes, left the land to grow wild and gave the povo a small bit of land.

            No genuis like a zanu genuis, that’s for sure!

          • Iwe usatinyaudza necritical thinking horseshit yako. Say your point you embicile. He critical thinking he zanu this. Critical thinking yawazodzidza zuro uno mwachewe. Kutuma Access course twenyu utwu. Relax uchiripwere…

      • @ Shane, thank you for exposing the mentality of an MDC sponsor, this has never been about democracy and good governance, it is purely an issue of capitalist interests and white superiority. It is comforting to see there is one of you out there with the balls to say it like it is. Pity most tumachinja are too ignorant to realise there is a puppet master behind their ‘movement’ – they actually believe that baas cares for us. Thanks again, Shane! I am not sure which is the sadder case, an unrepentant racist or a sellout black man?

        • At scot i think u zanus are ignorant of the fact that bob is an unrepented racist, a sellout to the chaineez, and even worse murderer of a.lot of black people because they had a different voice. No one family ever agree 100% on any raised issue. So for zhanu to think that we all agree on their regressive policies and that everyone shud support them is downright unrealistic. Lets agree to disagree.

          The same goes for zhanu supporters i just dont know what u c in that party. Everything u blame t on a white guy. Handiti u chased them away only for zambia to take them in and guess who is importing maize from zambia? And guess who is doing most of the commercial farmin in zambia? Yes they very same white farmers u chased away. T doesnt make any sense at all.

          Fact is zhanu failed zimbabwe.

  8. the real problem is we soiled our international relationships without careful consideration of the long term effects of our crude actions.

    it will not help Zim to blame Mugabe or Tsvangirai on sanctions

    the truth is , lets try to iron out our differences with these SUPER POWERS and we will live peacefully.

    • @ Shelaz, demanding your property rights restored to you and demanding a fare share of profits made on your territory somehow translates to ‘soiling international relationships’ to you? How? What makes you think that ‘super power’ status is something to be feared? When will you wake up? When will you start reading non fiction materials to broaden your mind? When will you start praying and asking the Lord to renew your mind and show you how to be transformed and not be be conformed to the world system?

      • Noone (the west incl) has ever disagreed with the notion of redistributing land to the black zimbabweans. What people ddnt agree with was the method it was done. There was no need kuuraya varungu, or beating them up and the whole process left their employees jobless. It was a process that was never really thot thru about the consequences of such.

        Zhanu shud stop blaming abelungu for everythibg that is wrong with zimbabwe after 33 years! Zhanu shud take 99% of the failure.

  9. I thought they were targetted at Mugabe and his inner circle. I hope one of the people affected is those who always hiss in defence of Tea Boy who say sanctions are targetted. Tinokuudzai muchiramba.

  10. After all thye information available to us these days we still find idiots supporting a monster who has murdered more black zimbabweans than any white person ever did.
    Who lets the chinese loot our land and abuse our people, whose wife is a billionare despite being as dumb as a bucket of mud.

    zimbabweans are so stupid they cannot even do the simple math behind this problem to get to the correct answer about the lunatic mugabe and his lunatis party.

    How stupid? As stupid as a zimbabwean.

    • @ Shane, If you are eluded by a simple undertaking as spelling correctly, don’t you think that matters of race superiority are way beyond your comprehension?

      • Haiwawo we can read and understand what he is tryin to say. And mistakes happen wen using a keyboard dummy. He raised a point and u dnt do anything except comment on something completely unrelated. bob has killed more black zimbabweans than the rhodesian army ever did. Period.

        • I wonder what drives a young black brother to steadfastly defend and take sides with a very sick racist who is posting hate and reducing us, as a collective, to some sub-human species. Again, what is more pathetic; a sick racist or a sell out black man?

          • I wonder what drives a seemingly human black person with a speck of intelligence to defend fiercely a racist and a sellout to the chaineez in the name of being black? Wasted intellect. Shame. I pity you fools.

      • Where did I use race superiority? White zimbabweans are just as much to blame (if not more) than black zimbabweans for this mess of a country of ours.

        On some things mugabe and zanu were right.

  11. pane zvirikuitika to those vane ma accounts akafreezwa. ko inga beer ari kuti many of them havana problem. vane prblem avo vanoziva zvamuri probably ndimi vanhu vanofambira zvizhinji munyika dzavamwe. hanzi ndiri expat iwe uri mu cio, siyanai nezvinhu zve varungu.

  12. Hee masankshons, hee masactions! Kudii kwacho? Inga munoti you can look east wani? Murikutsvageyiko kuEurope??? Ask especially why the big chefs bank their money overseas, send their children overseas, go to overseas hospitals? Why do they loathe everything Zimbabwean except diamonds and other precious minerals? Dai vavhara kwese tioneka zvamunoti you have all weather friends. NEXT, NO PURCHASE OF ZIMBABWEAN DIAMONDS UNTILL YOU STOP VOTE FRAUDS!

  13. Sanctions, according to their initial application were meant to inflict pain on the populace to spark a revolt.

    The sanctions imposed by the European Union and USA were in part targetted to individuals and in another economic. Those who transact alot can testify of either more stringent conditions or the withdrawal of service. The economic sanctions were there but subtle.

    But Zimbabweans, being Zimbabweans held on and did not respond in the expected way.

    Now we are going to feel the full weight of sanctions. The slight relief we have is that we have food and we are allowed to trade in USD. So hyperinflation is very unlikely though we will certainly feel the pain.

    Brace yourselves. Trying times ahead.

  14. Rubbish ,we are using these overseas international banks some of us and they never care about our zim nationality. But if you are making huge transactions which suggest money laundering any proper international bank will put a stop to you doing business with them. Majaira zvekuti u bank a monarch of USDollars at ZB and no one raise a red flag. Obert Mpofu makes those kind of deposits through a lady at ZB bank Jason Moyo Branch in Bulawayo and no one says nothing at that bank.

      • I suppose Zimbabwe’s exclusion from the lists of countries in the world in alphabetic order on all international money transfer services is because of ZANU PF money laundering, yes?

        • Becoz we have no currency of our own and our laws do not permit remiitance of money outside Zimbabwe without proforma invoices as proof that someone is paying for a services or goods.

          • Exactly, they say to hell with the west and then cry because the cannot shop at harrods, zanu people can be very strange indeed.

          • You clearly don’t understand sanctions. Please study the subject then look at your comment again, the same goes to you @ Shane.

  15. When things hot up, gono will start robbing your bank balances to finance a decaying economic system, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I want my money Mr. Zeros please!

  16. AH life can be all sorts i wanted to buy a car a SUBARU FORESTER from Yokohama now i have to use AGRIBANK can you imagine life can never be the same very soon Mr OBAMA is going to tell the 90 year old my usd is overstreched please i am giving you 6 months to stop using what Va Mugabe used to call DIRTY Money .

    I have just noticed what dirty money can do have taken a chance to drive Harare -Mutare road ma basa a dirty money you feel good drving that raod .

  17. shane, if you are Zimbabwean and stupid don’t think all of us are as stupid as you are……don’t insult us, thank you.

    • So how do you explain what has happened to our land? People sit by blaming rhodies and white zimbabweans 33 years after mugabe and zanu took control.

      What do you call that? Intelligence!!

      Should we run through the list of what zimbabweans have destroyed over the last 33 years?

      And please don’t say this is about race, I have white and black zimbabwean freinds who sit all day getting drunk and high and then blame everything on mugabe and zanu!

      When are people going to understand, the problem is US as in zimbabweans not as in the the usa.

  18. we havent got both sides of the story,my unerstanding is if the west really wants 2 impose sanctions all banks apply sanctions unless they are discretionary,barclays bank,standard chartered,absa and many european domiciled banks would be compelled 2do so,we havent heard corporates complaining,we need more info from a few individuals and newsday stop being alarmist till u have all facts.

  19. Too many lies undermine power. Regardless of who says them. Misihairambwi once spoke of these non-targeted sanctions and some liars said she is a CIO project. Sanctions are there and not totally targeted. Dambudziko is there are people who see the country as a MDC Tsvangirai or ZANU PF thing. You are far from the truth. Another lie is most journalist refer to the Tsvangirai led party as MDC, it is MDC Tsvangirai. It has his personal mark. You want Tsvangirai to eat his cake and have it. That name was decided after a court battle. Tsvangirai had led the splinter faction from the original MDC. There is no party called MDC-M or MDC-N , it is MDC. That is another way of trying to confuse people by hiding the history of the splitting. Beship mani, taneta.

  20. We told you that after u rigged the elections you cannot rig the economy. We also told you that after we sought legal ways of contesting against the stolen elections, we are now advancing on what we know best that this crisis we are in is a political one therefore we are now pursuing political strategies to get this evil regime out. Mati madini hatisati tatanga kukakata, TongaI Tione

  21. Why bank with a bank in UK when you stay in Zim, or any other country for that matter, you saying the banks in the country you are stayin are not good enough or MAYBE the laws of the country are not good enough to secure your funds?

    • Not all Zimbabweans live in Zimbabwe, my dear. Just as expats in Zimbabwe open local accounts with Zimbabwean banks, Zimbabweans living in other countries transact using local banks there.

      • Why are zimbabweans living abroad when as far as we are told by zhanu zimbabwe is a land of milk and honey and we do not need the west for anything? I dnt know y it’s so difficult for zhanu to take responsibility for the failure that is Zimbabwe.

  22. The point, here for the osama4ever or whatever you call yourself, is that MDC-T called for sanctions against ZImbabwe. Against the same people it claims to love. And for a long time, the same people who really are the quite illiterate ones, uneducated perhaps, told people that the sanctions were targeted. Now, someone who is smart, and indeed who is Zimbabwean will have taken time to read around the sanctions debate and would have realized that sanctions are never targeted. If anyone here followed Mr. Biti’s travels to the Bretton Woods spring meetings, you would have realized that even he argued for the removal of the sanctions because as Finance Minister, and being maybe smarter than the average MDC-Teer realized their negative impact on Zimbabweans. Now, some who are more attuned to reality equated the futility of his arguments before his erstwhile benefactors to trying to recall a rabid dog that you have unleashed in the first place. Shame on you guys for betraying your own countries simply because you are now in the Diaspora. And for those who are betraying it and are still in Zimbabwe, i feel sorry for you, for having failed to keep up in school and thereby compromising your ability to see the forest for the trees.

    • Daniel robert mugabe basically offed the west which means we do not need the west for anything!!?? Y cry sanctions when u dnt want to play by fair rules? Explain sanctions and how they have affected zimbabwe?

      JUs swallow your pride then ask for a sit down with the west because we need them more than they need us and thats a fact.

  23. Is stealing elections better than calling for sanctions,which of the two is more patriotic,can somebody teach me.

  24. Mainyeperwa kuti they’re targeted muchibvuma or your heatred for Mugabe and Zanu-pf was blinding you, now cry cry cry but to whom, aah Tsvangirayi yes he and his party asked for these sanctions so welcome to reality and also feel how millions in-out of Zimbabwe have been suffering because of these sanctions. It’s not only HSBC but many other western countries businesses that don’t allow Zimbabwe/s to benefit from products and services they provide, it’s time for tit for tat.

  25. ngatidzoreyi zim dollar tirase usa dollar ndere vavengi tinoda zvedu isu ndosaka vachitipa masancitions tikaitawo mari yedu tinoibank munyika yedu toona kuti vachatiratidza kubanker mumamabank avo sei

  26. Musangotaura zvisina basa mhani ko handiti zvirimunyika muno semabank tofanira kuzvishandisa tikaungana kuagribank zvinoita here kunomboshaikwa mari

  27. Zimbabwe has to be destrpoyed to ashes until Gukurahundi Mugabe comes to his senses. I support the sanctions 2000%!!!

  28. hapana nyaya apa newsday moda kusvibisa vamwe vanhu nenhema dzakadaro. munhu 1 iyeyenenyaya dzake dzefraud akuda kutimasanctions kuita sei account yake hainamari ngaanyarare. imi munodei kumawestern bank andcountries dzokai kunyika kwenyu mubanke nemabanki enyu. ngaabvunze ini cde chaivo ndimuudze zvekuita.

  29. These people (WEST) are truly evil – they will grind you down and burn your country to the ground until they get their way. Its time we also stated kudzosera – I think when we take up SADC chairmanship we should use the chance to get all our neighbors to TOUGHEN UP and tell these people to go to hell with ONE VOICE whenever they step out of line – tichimbovaisirawo ma “resource sanctions.” Hazvishandi if we just do it alone, these other SADC nations need to stop being cowards – cheering mudhara Bhobo, but ivo vachingonamata murungu once they get back to their own countries. It will only work when we speak and act as one!

    • Nonsense, leave the west alone – just concentrate on your so-called “victory”. Nobody cares for your daily diatribe against the west.

      Abelungu bazohlala bekhona, uyathanda noma kawuthandi. Uzokufa ubashiye bekhona – reality check!

    • Keep dreaming Allaz. Lol. SADC aint gonna do anything. If sadc wants to do something positive they shud start with their own i.e. robert. Usatambe ne the west, all sadc, zhanu can do is all talk no action as usual.

  30. “Gladys Siwela, one of the account holders said she had been banking with HSBC as an advanced client since the 1990s, but was surprised this week when she deposited money into the account, but her transaction was not processed.

    “I have held an HSBC account since the 1990s as I was a Zimbabwean expatriate working in Uganda and at the beginning of this year in February, they sent me a letter saying now that I was no longer an expatriate I could not continue using their product as it was meant for expatriates only,” said Siwela.

    “They demanded that I provide an address outside Zimbabwe to prove I was an expatriate and I gave them a South African address and they sent me a statement saying I could now transact via the internet, but yesterday when I tried to send money into the account via internet I failed to access my account,” she said.

    Siwela said she phoned the bank and was put through to their centre in India where she was told she could no longer access the account because it had been closed.

    this is a clear indication that she is lying bcoz at first she was allowed to bank bcoz she was an expatriate but came back to zimbabwe and then tried to lie using an adress in south africa. its her fault. she is not the spokeperson of the bank and she is not the one to say that the bank has put all Zimbabweans under sanctions but rather the bank officials are the one who should deliver that statement to the general public, not that former expatriate

  31. this gladys woman is being used by zanu to try to justify themselves, why bank with a bank in the uk, was she money laundering

  32. This could be quite “interesting”; I bank with HSBC and have a credit card with them, with a debit balance of some 9,000 GBP. Now, if they ‘freeze or close’ our accounts, does it follow that my debt is also extinguished? That would be quite a windfall for me! I will continue watching this space.

    • Do not listen to this silly woman’s story. At no time was she told her account was closed because she is under sanctions. I have worked at HSBC Canary Wharf for 16years and I can tell you the woman in question is MAD. She must find out why her account was closed…accounts are not a RIGHT…there are conditions to be met.

  33. matopedza zuwa rose talking trash nhayi. ndiyoka intrigue that the nikuvs always spread from time to time kutambisa fungwa dzenyu.

  34. Pane nyaya yakambofamba chaizvo pamazuva ekupedzisira avaGaddafi kuchinzi mari dzavo dzakange dzichinetsa kutracer nekuti vakange vaine zviuru nezviuru zvevanhu who held bank accounts kumaSwiss nekumaVirgin Islands with fat balances of varying levels dzisingatsanangurike hanzi vamwe vacho vaingonzi maexpatriates. Hanzi most of them did not even come forward to explain or claim their huge balances and were forfeited. Zvinonzi zvakare mazimari acho ndiwo akasponsor the rebel council and NATO when they ousted Gaddafi. I don’t know about our own expatriates who are or have been affected by this bank but my sixth sense smells a rat here…

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