Sadc should revise thinking on Mugabe – US group

A United States-based non-governmental organisation has called upon member states of Sadc to revise their preliminary statements and acknowledge flaws in Zimbabwe’s election process.

Pamela Mhlanga

In a press statement yesterday, Freedom House said Sadc needed to immediately halt any actions or statements that would legitimise the Zanu PF government until a genuinely independent investigation was conducted into electoral irregularities.

The organisation said it was disappointed with the statements from Sadc congratulating Zimbabwe on holding “free and peaceful” elections and called on the regional body and the international community to condemn, as deeply flawed, Zimbabwe’s July 31 elections.

“These elections were plagued with voters’ roll manipulation and widespread intimidation from the ruling Zanu PF and were, therefore, neither free nor fair,” reads the statement.

“Local NGOs noted systematic disenfranchisement during the election process, with significantly more voters being turned away in urban strongholds of the opposition MDC than in rural Zanu PF strongholds.”

Freedom House director of Africa programmes Vukasin Petrovic said that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the same number of votes this election as he did in 2008, while President Robert Mugabe received one million more than he did in 2008, raised serious suspicions.

“However, reports of vote rigging should not come as a surprise because election results were decided long before election day,” he said.

“Sadc and its members should demand truly free, fair and credible elections from their members and lack of violence cannot become the new standard for elections in the region.”

This development comes as a growing number of Sadc states are sending Mugabe congratulatory messages over his re-election last week.

Sadc and the African Union (AU) observer missions have already lauded the vote as free and credible, although they did not describe it as fair.

Ironically, in a poll last year, Freedom House projected a victory for Mugabe.


  1. Prince of lions

    Divide and rule. Brace yourselves for more sanctions

    1. At least all the SADC presidents who endorsed the elections were elected by their own people. As for this unelected army general from Botswana, well… he is entitled to his own opinion.

      1. Some presidents within SADC are not directly elected by their own people. Just a small point to your lamentations.

  2. Mandingos must not be allowed to think, they must do what the master tells them!

  3. Freedom House’ other name is CIA.the guys butchering people in Syria ,pakstan and all over the place.
    in their poll last year they saw it coming,did they attribute their finding to rigging?why did they not advice theiy poodle to close the loopholes?their are very good advicers i supporse,as in Syria.They must be ashemed.

  4. We want proper sanctions, oil embargo no fly zone and monetary sanctions.

    1. Do you even know what a no fly zone is?

      Google if ignorant please.

      Its free!

    2. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      @mukorekore you are an idiot who deserve to be hanged

      1. For real hang him they are lucky they gat 49seats if I was ZANU I was gonna make sure I rig those election for gud give them I would say 5seats

  5. The earlier these Westerns realise tht SADC Solidarity is meant to starve-off their evil machinations in the region the better. Wsnt Freedom House the 1st focast a ZANU PF victory way before the elections themselves?

  6. leave us alone. console your stupid Tswangie. he will not win. he will not rule.

  7. @miyela you a fool simple!

  8. Freedom House should change its name to Looney House! They expect SADC to allow one of their member states to become a puppet government, opening the way for the rest of them to be replaced by puppets in their own countries? They think ZUMA would allow the ally of DA to come to power on the eve of South Africa’s own elections? Only idiots expect sane people to do idiotic things!

  9. @ miyela uriduzvi

    1. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      @miyela truth hurts, hanti also tell them opposition party ichabvisa ZANU PF haisati yafomwa kkkkkk

  10. If ZanuPf is a clean,genuine political liberation movement as it claim why is it scared of US and Britain.Vakuru vakati kuvhunduka chati kwati hunge une katurikwa…Why is ZanuPf refusing democracy to prevail in Zimbabwe?.

  11. Khama was not elected bcoz it is the country’s constitution and he is not the 1st president 2 rule botswana unelected there a many who dd it and atleast he doesnt make his pipo suffer he take care of them all,even the oppositions a free here so just mind on the issue at hand here that u rigged and Tswangie was voted bi the same number that voted hm in 2008 and u u had 1million more votes so where dd the number came from and wat abwt the difference he was leading wth in 2008 elections???

    1. Freedom house is free to utter nonsense. Wishes are not Horses. Zimbabweans have voted and their vote should be respected. 2m+ voted for Cde Gabarinocheka in the run-off 2008. 1m voted for tsvangison during first round and he was leading by mere 75 000 (3%) people . this can be said to be a narrow lead. There were about 3.4mln registered voters then and now there are 6.4 mln registered voters. This freedom house was the first to predict crushing defeat of MDC. they can say that 10000 times to send their condolences to their baby who is in a state of mourning. its simple that when a party is relaxed and overconfident it will suffer the same fate just like what happened to zanupf.

      Please swallow your pride and allow the people of Zimbabwe peace, prosperity and majority rule. Those who invented democracy should be prepared to understand and accept the opportunity cost of democracy.

    2. Tibvirepo Saka haachivhara moromoka

    3. When did ur mom appled for aplot in GABS,wake up

  12. everyone is aware of the agenda of the west, the more you shout the more we respect our president. it will be wise if u dont interfere and let us solve our own problems coz the more u interfere more questions will be raised

  13. Obsevers only report what they see .they should not be told what to write by interested groups. If freedom has its own findings they should just state them rather asking someone who did not witness it to do so. The mdc should approach the courts and present hard evidence. Most of their agents if not all never raised complaints of these flaws just b4 counting. They actually accented to the counting saying everything was above board and obsevers were present.

  14. True Liberator

    You the guys that steal elections and are making the loudest noise celebrating on this platform,will be the first ones to fight your bosses when the hour of reckoning comes.Handiti muchashaya mari?Yes we give you a few months and the deed will be done.

    1. Wher will you my friend patichashaya mari

    2. Uripiko iwe Saka unondiudza kuti hauna hama munyika yedu yechipikirwa why uchida kuti vanhu vashaye mari mbwaaaaaaaa yemunhu

  15. you can cheat steal kill and destroy but you wont enjoy your success.time its near to reap what you sow .every Zimbabwe knows that Ourpresident CDe r G Mugabe is cunning and deceive people.the majority if not forced or not threatened he will not win at all.they should hurry to state house as quickly as possible why are they so quiet .let them do what they promised they should create employment.muoffice ngavapinde vaite basa quickly.

    1. shalom, please note the following threats and intimidation tactics by MT;
      1. Mati Mashaya? Muchashayisisa.
      2. South Africa should just cut off electricity supplies to Zimbabwe
      3. Mashefu eku army, I will deal with you kana taakutonga
      4. MaChief kumusha, hoo, tichadzoka kuno tokubvunzai kana tavamaPresident.
      5. Voterai vaMugabe muchafa nenzara.

      Truly speaking, who threatened and Intimidate vanhu between RGM and MT? Its clear the western world uses threats and intimidation to coheres people to unwanted regimes the world over. A case in Point ryt now is Egypt. Anyway the smoke coming from the so called Arab spring is there for the world to see. what a shame. Leave us alone please.

      1. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

        Anyone in his/her normal thinking will never vote for this baffon, if he has the guts to threaten maChief then worse can he do ordinery guy fm the street who dare oppose him nxaaa ziDictator chairo

  16. Loving Zimbabwean

    Dear loving Zimbabweans,its not that people of Zimbabwe are against Mugabe and ZANU PF.Its also not about the the West. You people whom we trust and vote for to govern us including the President, people plead with you to put in place sound and practical polices. Unemployement is very high, vana varikupedza chikoro havana mabasa, industry has collapsed, infrastructure has deterioted, food security has been comprimised, standard of living of people has gone down, we can go on. I plead with ZANU PF and the people of Zimbabwe not to keep on talking about politics without addressing the real issues. We will go on for the next 5 years tichingotaura, comrades work hard, stop being corrupt, consider the future generation, do not plunder the country resources to your personal gain. Be servants of the people. Remember you have a responsibility to your country. If all of you can collectively put your energy to the development of the country then we will be fine. Honeslty speaking our media is just good at talking about politics hakunawo dzimwe nyaya driri progressive here, educative etc. Tinonyadzisa the whole world, wake up and work kumabasa, stop kutora zvinhu zvemahara, stop blaming other people for failure. We do not mind who rules as long as vanhu vachigara zvakana. Let us get the work done, where mistakes were made correct them, do not be lazy, be practical and responsible.

  17. c.i.o. members tasked to write comments in the socia media pretending to be members of public opposing MDC-T.

    1. u craz if u think Zanu PF does not have supporters ?? that is why this fool called tsvangison was thrushed. Come out of dreamland and start to face the reality. U can’t even tell how the election were rigged. MDC was thrushed coz they thot they own Zimbabweans

      1. Nigel Riudze dinga ir sha if cant work ther is no way you can harvest my frend others are blaming zanu pf for unemployment yet u aint learned!!!!! ukuda basa ripi

  18. yah , we are not worried about it. We all know that c.i.o. members are posting more and more comments for us to believe that MDC-T is no longer wanted by the majority. They also want to rig pasocial media. manje takazvibata.

    1. tibvirei pano mazanu. munongo invader posepose. go to your paper ,herald.

      1. So this paper is not objective??? Is it owned by MDC???

  19. Tendai Chaminuka

    Who ever sponsors Fredom House should withdraw funds.These guys are economists not political analysts.Quote”Freedom House director of Africa programmes Vukasin Petrovic said that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the same number of votes this election as he did in 2008, while President Robert Mugabe received one million more than he did in 2008, raised serious suspicions.”Ceteris paribus.To them things should remain constant.In politics kuita zvido zvevanhu.

  20. The puppet masters are now coming out clearly, ZESN is one such NGO. Its obvious the zimbabwe people knew of the West’s machinations and rejected the front idiotic puppet. Libya
    is now screaming of poverty and hunger after being ‘liberated’ from the so call tyranny Quadaffi.

  21. The reall people have spoken.Magwadziwa nei? Vuyai tirime minda nyika ibudirire.

  22. Tsvangirai seems to be the President of the social Media. Any survey based entirely on the participants of the social media has its inherent limmitations which our Dr unfortunately ignored.

    i) Most of the participants are in the diaspora and do not vote
    ii)Those like us in ressetlement areas do not normally participate but do vote
    iii) Voter turn out is lower in urban areas as compared to rural areas
    iv) Some social platforms are exclusive to opposition supporters who unfortunately are aggressive against different oppinions giving a biased view of people’s political preferences

    Some of us always supported Gushungo’s policies but could not express it on the social media for fear of being attacked.

    Does Tsvangison has to threaten people with more hunger, suffering, sanctions and collapse of the economy for people to vote for him next tym???



  23. saMtoko Mupanduki

    While we are being bombarded by propaganda that the AU, SADC, SADCPF, ACP, said this or that we have not been availed with the scripts in black and white. For starters why did they not publish the report by AU and SADC. What Zimbabwe is being barred from knowing is that the AU report was adverse. It never said the elections were free, fair and credible. I challenge reporters and news houses to publish the full reports. SADC never endorsed the elections as free and fair. They could not commit themselves to say the elections were fair. The question I ask my learned friends and professors is W.H.Y? If it was fair what was difficult in saying so? There is a propaganda war going on and the Zimbabwean people are not buying it. And we see this in the desperate attempt to rope in failed politicians, unacademic professors and at times outright criminals to glorify a flawed process. Its not only civil society in Zimbabwe, the region and the West that do not see these elections as free and fair so does the AU and SADC. Swallow it even if its bitter because it’s the truth.

    1. Saka zvakataurwa neSADC neAU kumapress conference naBan Ki Moon hazvina basa, toteerera imimi saMtoko, ndizvo? Munenge muri maata imi!

      1. saMtoko Mpanduki

        Gumbo mzukuru there is no need to hail insults. Thats why i challenged to have the reports. First, go and replay all the press conferences you are mentioning or whatever, you will see one word missing,which is “fair”. They said elections were “free and credible” and have reserved comment on “fairness”. Check comments by Obasanjo and SADC. As for the final report you will see it in month’s time. Yes all heads of states are sending their congratulations messages, but still the issue of fairness is still hanging. The struggle is not yet over for us who want to see change, peace and development in this country, not a culture of impunity that characterize ZANU goons like you

  24. Hey madhodha, zvokutukana ngazvichipera, lets grow up, you win or lose, …No need for anger…the past remains in the past….lets look forward…inyika yedu tose.

  25. What’s non-governmental about Freedom house? It is a US State Department outfit disguised as NGO. Its one of the many outfits employed by the US intelligence services for covert operations in developing countries targeted for regime change. You have no business in Zimbabwe Yankees, leave us alone. Morgan Tsvangirai is your Trojan Horse and the people of Zimbabwe have rejected him because of that very reason.

  26. SADC is a group of dictators except Khama ,others want to use the new found formular of rigging used by Zimbabwe when they hold their own elections.They are resistant to the changing world.They cant say the truth to their people.But they will never succeed in cheating the people.

  27. Mugabe is a visionary. Most of us are not. So, we must follow, for we do not have the eye. The problem is arikuperekedzwa ndiye ari pamberi. Hamusvike uye hapana chakanaka chamunoona. Munenge muchingokomplena about the leadership imi murimi muripamberi. Understand Mugabe policies. get in line. Him who does not follow the leader shall find himself lost in the wilderness enduring a lot of hardships. He who follows, like he is supposed to, shall walk on a good alreadymade road. Every thing easy for him, already laid for him. Planned for him. Tese tirikuenda Canaan. Vamwe varikuteera Datan naKora. Munosvika? Hameno?

  28. We r not scared of Britain, the US and all that. They r the ones scared of us! A free, strong and independant Africa. U dont see us tying to effect regime change in america. U dont see us wanting to overthrow the queen of england. U dont see us wanting sanctions for them. No. U dont. They did that to us coz they want us weak, divided and like this, hating each other coz they scared of us strong. They know if they support Mugabe policies we will become a super power. They will not be able to dictate what they want to us. MDC was formed by the West to stop us from reclaiming our land. It is there sorely to reverse the gains of the Liberation struggle. A true Zimbabwean will protect that gain. I dont understand why u dont understand that. Read US foreign policy and you see what i mean.

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