Sadc, a club of self-serving individuals

THE just-ended 33rd Sadc summit for heads of state and government in Lilongwe, Malawi, has once again proved the regional grouping has been reduced to a club which aims to protect each other’s legacies at the expense of solving problems bedevelling the bloc.

Report by Elias Mambo in Malawi

The regional heads of states have been meeting throughout the year, producing communique after communique and coming up with so many resolutions aimed at ending crisises in the region’s troubled spots like Zimbabwe, Madagascar and the DRC — yet delivered little.

For Zimbabweans, the Angola summit in June 2012 promised so much in solving long running political crises yet a communiqué released at the end did not reflect much progress.

Instead the summit only re-affirmed its decision of the (June) extraordinary summit urging Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to expedite the implementation of reforms, but did not discuss ways of ending a dispute over the timing of fresh elections.

However, for starters, elections came and went in Zimbabwe, with Mugabe controversially winning amid outcries of election rigging and the outside hand of an Israeli security company, Nikuv, being blamed for tampering with the voters’ roll to give Mugabe an outright win of 61%.

Analysts who described the Luanda summit as a make-or-break meeting, especially for Zimbabwe after much promise from South African President Jacob Zuma’s mediation efforts, were left baffled by this weekend’s events where Sadc went on to reward Mugabe with a deputy chairperson’s position.

Lobbyists from across the Southern Africa region who were detained in Lilongwe ahead of the summit criticised the regional body saying it was not yet ready to tackle the region’s problems.

Wisdom Chimwe, a Malawian political analyst, said the just-ended Sadc summit proved the regional group has been turned into a club of African leaders.

“The summit has proved African leaders in the region have turned this grouping into a club where they seek to protect each other’s legacies at the expense of the people,” Chimwe said.

“After all the irregularities that characterised Zimbabwe’s election, this bunch of leaders goes on to reward Mugabe for stealing an election. We are headed for more disaster as whoever steals an election will be protected as long as he is a bona fide member of the club.”

The endorsement of Zimbabwe’s disputed election has also been described as an icing on the cake of chaos that awaits the regional bloc.

“We are now sure that Africa has been thrown back into those times of the late Malawian leader Kamuzu Banda who could commit gross human rights abuses with the blessings of other African leaders,” Chimwe said.

Tsvangirai dispatched his vice-president, outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, to meet with Sadc leaders and furnish them with rigging evidence and to ask Sadc not to endorse the election, and seek a rerun. In an interview with NewsDay, Khupe said she met with Malawian president and new Sadc chairperson Joyce Banda who said the matter would be dealt with.

“I presented our position to the incoming Sadc chairperson Malawian President Joyce Banda who assured me that the matter would be dealt with and a lasting solution would be found during the summit,” Khupe said.

However, not much was said on Zimbabwe since all the heads of states fell over each other to congratulate Mugabe for holding “peaceful and free elections” with Banda going further to congratulate Zanu PF for winning resoundingly.

Informed sources said the issue of Zimbabwe did not take more than 10 minutes during the closed door sessions since everyone was satisfied.

“For Zimbabwe, it was president after president showering praises on Mugabe for holding an election peacefully,” said the source.

After many years of grilling and humiliation at Sadc heads of state and government meetings for systematic human rights abuses and undemocratic practices that threatened regional stability, the summit awarded Mugabe with legitimacy despite the polls being marred by irregularities.

Zambia-based political analyst Rueben Chela said the behaviour of the Sadc region leaders had brought back the time when an African leader could afford to kill his people without anyone questioning.

“We are back to that time when a stolen election in an African state, with a few hundred dead, would hardly raise eyebrows let alone be condemned by leaders of neighbouring countries,” Chela said.

“In the days of Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko and Uganda’s Idi Amin, mass murder was more the rule than the exception; so it was in Rwanda and, more recently, in Congo and Sudan. Throughout it all, most African leaders kept carefully quiet, loathing to publicly criticise their colleagues, so is the case now with Zimbabwe,” he said.

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  1. @Reuben Chela . You should stop reporting lies about Zimbabwe. Where in Zimbabwe did you witness people being killed. We live in Zimbabwe and we are yet to witness a single killing by the gorvenment. The only killing we witnessed was of the late police inspector Chitedzi who was killed by MDC activists, and of cause the likes of you , Reuben Chela chose to remain silent about it . Shame on you ,African sell outs

    1. May God forgive and help you @ Gunman

      1. “Tsvangirai dispatched his vice-president, outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, to meet with Sadc leaders and furnish them with rigging evidence and to ask Sadc not to endorse the election, and seek a rerun. In an interview with NewsDay, Khupe said she met with Malawian president and new Sadc chairperson Joyce Banda who said the matter would be dealt with. ”

        1) Can NewsDay kindly publish the rigging evidence that Khupe furnished Sadc.
        2) Why did the MDC-T not furnish our courts with the same evidence? Question mark nga!!!

    2. Gunman, you conveniently forget gukurahundi, and the over a thousand deaths linked to electoral violence since 2000. Some names come to mind – Talent Mabika, Tichaona Chiminya, Tonderai Ndira, Gift Tandare and as recently as last year 60 yr old sekuru Cephas Magura of Mudzi.

      The 2008 thousands of cholera deaths should also be laid at the door step of government through negligence.

    3. kupi kune crisis muZimbabwe we are fine free here? may be this reporter have got his own Zim rubbish

    4. Gunman Mumunda I think you are one of those who killed in 2008 elections because you speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil in Zimbabwe.

  2. True+ sadc countries dziri kuvaka nyika dzavo necheap educated labour from zimbabwe saka vamoda tichiramba tichitizira kwavo.Check Zambia expoting maize to zim,S.a. xporting processed foods,Moza exportng magetsi even frm Congo .Ende zvakaoma.MaSadc leaders vakatya kutizwa nemaZimba zvinhu zvikanaka muno saka itsoro ivo vakatobuda BHObho.


    1. “If you agree with me you are ok, if you don’t agree with me you are a dictator. Everyone must agree with me, I hold the freaking keys to everything, for crying out loud. I am the friggin main actor, damnit! If the law goes against me then faaak the bench, faaak the judges! They don’t even wear ‘under pen’ yet they say ZANU chii chii, even If I lose the election by a wide margin I still get a call from the winner to join him in government, but I don’t want to, you know why? Because I am more and Chuck Norris got nothing on me! “

    2. That makes it SADAC! Zidofo

  4. MDC-T cannot blame Sadc – they had 4 years to put things right but they didn’t. I cannot get my head around this issue of civilian MDC parties signing agreements with ZanuPF military, treating ZanuPF as a civilian party. ZanuPF military was/is able to rig mock elections at will. We have been warning MDCs for almost a decade but they ignored all warnings. It was not up to Sadc to tell MDCs that Zimbabwe is under the grip of a ZanuPF military dictatorship. This is something MDCs should have told Sadc, UN, AU, EU and Mbeki after the violent 2008 mock election but they chose to sign agreements with the military dictatorship. The MDCs should stew in their own juice.

  5. @Gunman, ndanyara zvikuru! You conveniently forget the aftermath of 2008 elections! So it was Mdc that tortured and killed then? Why then didn’t the police arrest them?

    1. This is 2013 elections not 2008 elections. You’re stuck in time. Wake up!!

      1. dd u lose a relative slaughtered by a fellow black brother……surely u were never a victim luck you. Celebrate with sanity, someone has lost a breadwinner not killed by a whiteman but a neighbour black brother and meet them daily moving free

  6. Its thriving through chaos. SA recorded their best economic growth under the reign of Thabo ‘no crisis’ Mbeki when every foreign investment meant for Zimbabwe went to SA.
    From there it was concluded the Victoria Falls was in Zambia and nobody is prepared to depart from that.

  7. Southern

    1. Reality Check you have put it right. I will put it this way SOUTHERN AFRICAN DANGEROUS CLUB

  8. Every people deserve the leaders they have. So does SADC.

  9. Last time in Maputo it was Zanu Pf blaming Sadc after Sadc had made a decision not favourable to it. In fact MDC highly commented Sadc and defended it. This time the same Sadc has made a decision favourable to Zanu pf and its the MDC now that is attacking SADC.

  10. Darkest Days For Africa

  11. @Gunman Mumunda
    People were killed during Gukurahundis; people were killed during Murambatswina; people were abducted and killed in 2002 elections, in 2008 elections. Morgan Tswangirayi was bashed on the head – there are pictures of him in bandages.

    So kilings that mean something to you should be in millions – thousands or hundreds mean nothing!!

  12. this gunman mumunda is a born free guman

  13. Asvotwangarutse

    Guys Sinai ne this nyayas,chero mukachema kut elections were rigged wen Tsvangirai wacho can’t prove anything,or have evidence from polling agents how does it help?akavata period lets be united and have a better Zimbabwe,SADC dealt on evidence he gave them guess it wasn’t strong
    he slept on the wheel

  14. They have let every SAdC citizen down – even themselves – they just do not seem to be able to realize it. It will come back in history to haunt them and taint their legacies.

  15. “I have all this evidence, man, I have so much evidence that I am failure-PROOF, get it? I sent Thokozani out with so much evidence, so much overwhelming evidence, the same evidence I made available to the BBC correspondent, the same overwhelming evidence I teased the courts with, the same evidence that I promised to show the world, man I got so much evidence I don’t need evidence, just know that I got evidence! It’s evident I got evidence and that’s enough evidence to support my evidence. Chuck Norris got nothing on me! ” But everyone is a hater, I have so much evidence to show people i prefer to show it but they don’t want to see it, these SADC mothatruckers; but the only the people who really want to see this evidence are the people I don’t want to show this evidence, people like the general public and the courts. I really want SADC to see my evidence!”

  16. People who supported mugabe in the just ended SADC summit clearly have their own agendas:
    1. Zuma wants help to rig next year’s elections
    2. Guebuza wants help to deal with RENAMO rebels
    3. Joyce Banda and Kikwete want bob’s help to stay in power
    4. Kabila owes mugabe a lot for being supported in the DRC war against rebels.
    5. Khama…..??? why the u-turn

  17. DENIAL yakunetsa my friend, why look for 1000000 answers when one is staring you in the face, Mugabe anodiwa nevanhu!

    1. Mugabe anodiwa nevanhu vapi nhai iwe scotv. Kana iwewe nababa vako mu C10 muchida mugabe usati tese tinomuda. Nonsense yemunhu. Tsvaga zvekuita kana washaya zvekunyora. Usatigumburisa. Tipe zita rako chairo ne address yepaunogara. Dai Karakadzai we NRZ aikwanisa kutaura aikuudza kuti tinoitasei

      1. Kura! An MDC T supporter claiming to be victim of ZANU PF violence is threatening violence on a ZANU PF supporter who is practicing peace pa forum. Kwana! My address is my keyboard!

  18. You dont think maybe this has everything to do with the UNTWO which is knocking on the region’s door perhaps?

  19. Iwe Gun whatever hw many pple were murdered in 2008 nxaa

    1. This is why people call you puppets. Now you are a Malawian journalist puppet. The Malawian is talking about this 2013 election and you run with Gukurahundi and njani njani. What is it with MDC? Such ignoramuses!

  20. SADC wanted to show the world that it can do things their way…very good but then this decision might come back and bite them in the rear because collectively inclusive of South Africa they are still beholden to their western counterparts as they receive upwards of 1.5 trillion from these sources in aid and grants..They could have made their point without unnecessary rancour..Anyway Mrs Banda suggests a person who knows exactly which side of her bread is buttered. Zimbabwe need not be this divisive in the region it does not help itself and SADC as well, thus none will gain from confrontation with the West. Surely there must be some middle ground somewhere.

    1. @ Falcon, The West needs us, we need them, therefore we must be equals. None of us can survive without the other; the West is very clever in how they package greed, exploitation, bullying and unfair trade but whatever it looks like or whatever clever term they invent, it is what is is. Zimbabwe is the first to resist them, SADC is next, Afrika soon after. The balance of power is shifting so position yourself my friend..

      1. @scotv, it would seem you are not aware of the import export figures of Zimbabwe. Sometimes you need to be sober from propaganda to appreciate that without partners to invest in our country we are doomed. The reality is there are so many countries in the world that are clamouring for FDIs and some of them have such investor friendly regimes that they are rubbing their hands in glee at the self defeating attitude of Zim. All the SADC countries would want our political risk to be higher than theirs so that they are the preferred investment destination.

    2. There is no such thing as free money or grants or aid or whatever; it has never been free and it will never be free.

  21. Apologies that should read USD 1.5 billion not TRILLION.

  22. ndirikuuya ikoko kuZim muchandiona vaTsvangirai tigadzirireiwo kuratidzira kukuru parikuitwa summit yembwa dze southern Africa in Zim next year ,vachaitira kumba kwaZuma kanaBanda.Zuma hokoyo nechirema Julius Zanupf chaiyo Mugabe is better hahaha

  23. gunman hazvisati zvasvika kwenyu isu tine hama dzakava mavictims of political murders takanyarara

  24. zimbabwe has the most educated pple, so sadc is benefiting from brain drain. Our children go n work in s.a n build e economy of other pple, nowondr sadc likes the chaos

  25. @Mambo,your article is pure bovine excrement,ndove!

  26. Silly Africans Desperately Conniving otherwise known as SADC will always ever be that. They care not for democracy and justice.

  27. Prosper Chinamhora

    ”elections came and went in Zimbabwe, with Mugabe controversially winning amid outcries of election rigging and the outside hand of an Israeli security company, Nikuv, being blamed for tampering with the voters’ roll to give Mugabe an outright win of 61%.”

    Mr Elias Mambo, I don’t actually know where you journalists think you know whats better for us Zimbabweans, why you all think we are all directionless, clueless Like Tsvangirai and that you know whats best for Zim. You make it sound as if we did not want to vote for Mugabe and ZANU(PF), my dear we actually voted for him, the over 2 million of us. He deserved our votes not the corrupt MDC-T whose rags to riches story equals “”Alice in Wonderland””. The chickens came home to roost and we will now go after the corrupt Councillors who corruptly sold our orphans and the elderly’s houses to their friends in the name of outstanding debts to the Councils. Chombo instructed that the debts be written-off as from 2009 that means our orphans and the elderly no longer owe any debts upto 30 June 2013, so the houses are theirs now, we are coming for them. Thats the reason MDC-T was so against the writting-off of debts because the knew what was coming and now its time.

    SADC did nothing wrong in acknowledging our will. we voted with those that were evicted from there homes of many years in mind, the land, empowerment, community share ownership schemes, soveregnity in mind. all these the MDC-T was against.

    ZANU(PF) dissolved the DCC’s and re_mobilised its structures from the cell together with door to door recruitment s whilst MDC-T was busy fighting for Roy Bennet to be appointed Deputy minister of agriculture, wanting Tomana, Gono, Mudede to be fired, wanting to saluted by the Generals minute issues.

    ZANU(PF) delivered with their productive ministries of Agriculture, Lands, Mines, Gender and Youth empowerment, whilst MDC-T failed with Labour, Public Service, Finance etc. Elias Mambo, you realy think we are number one literate country in Africa for nothing, think again, Tayiwona wena.

  28. For the past 13 years this guy has held this nation at ransom. Well, the jig is up my friend. We will not be kept in election mode for another 5 years. We moving ahead… get it.

  29. Truth be told, Sadc were happy to see the west’s puppets well and soundly beaten. They dont need to deal with the ‘Zimbabwe crisis’ as created in mdc heads anymore. Kwanga kuri kungokunyarai chete maquislings. Toonana 2018.

  30. All of you are in a denial stage like one who have tested positive for hiv. He insist the machine was wrong. Wayforward pliz.

  31. How much does Zim stand to lose by declaring Thursday a public holiday? Welcome back to Bush economics! Monday is probably Landslide Holiday!

  32. Tell us what you are going to do with all companies that are down like CSC, ZUPCO, NRZ, ZISCO GMB, TELONE, Chisumbanje ethanol plant, Dairy board, Air Zimbabwe, Empty farms, Hospitals, Dilapidated Government buildings ………..etc. Another term of failure, stealing what is left and blame it on Blair and Bush. Shame on you, even a drought in Zimbabwe you will blame it on Blair and Bush.

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