Potraz orders mobile phone operators to switch off illegal subscribers

ZIMBABWE’S telecoms regulator has ordered mobile phone operators to immediately switch off all unregistered lines amid concerns that subscribers are engaging in criminal activities using the lines.

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In a statement released on Friday, the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) threatened mobile phone users with a fine or imprisonment for using unregistered lines.

This comes at a time when micro-blogger Baba Jukwa has been releasing unverified damning reports on Zanu PF officials as well as security chiefs, urging followers to call and confront them.

“The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), together with the Zimbabwe Republic Police, and the three mobile operators, Econet Wireless, Telecel Zimbabwe and NetOne have noted with grave concern an upsurge in the number of offensive and abusive calls and generated from unregistered sim cards across all networks made and/ or sent to citizens of Zimbabwe and members of the public,” the statement read.

“Accordingly, members of the public are warned against buying or selling activated lines as, in the event that the line is abused, it is the registered subscriber who will be held accountable and answerable for any offences committed using the line. Mobile operators have been directed to disconnect all unregistered subscribers with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile, the standoff between Zimbabwe largest mobile phone operator Econet and rival Telecel has continued as Potraz continues with investigations.

Econet last month switched off interconnectivity with Telecel, accusing the latter of operating without a licence.

This follows a complaint by Telecel to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority that its subscribers were not able to connect to Econet users.

Telecel alleges that the problem started last month after it launched a 50% tariff reduction promotion across all networks.

Early last month, representatives from Orascom, Telecel’s parent company, were in the country to negotiate renewal of the company’s operating licence.

Authorities say Telecel, a unit of Orascom, should comply with the country’s indigenisation and empowerment laws before being licenced.
Telecel Zimbabwe was announced as the winner of a tender to operate a mobile telecommunications service in 1996.

The award of the licence to Telecel Zimbabwe was declared to be invalid by a High Court judgment handed down on December 31, 1997.

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  1. I wonder what Potraz is investigating ,tell us weather Telecel is a holder of a valid licence or not.

  2. licencing is not the business of everyone so leave the matter to portraz yacho. as for you drop me a hint if interested in teaming to apply for a licence to provide laughter.

    1. it matters as a consumer i need to know who is licensed or not before purchase of the line

  3. Truth is they are after Baba Jukwa and all those anonymous callers of the Vapanduki team.

    1. taura hako @Gauro.the actual crimes are happening in broad day light in the presence of these zanu republic police not in one`s simcard.nonsense potraz.

  4. Its all about dealing with Baba Jukwa & the few vapanduki dissidents though how is an unregistered line active

    1. Which world do you live in? I can’t believe you are that naive. A lot of people used to buy sim cards from the street and from people who didn’t need them anymore. Sim cards were changing hands without any effort to tie down a line to a particular traceable user of that card.

  5. POTRAZ is a dead organisation. We need to inject new life and direction into that moribund body. Closing with stable door after the horses have bolted is NOT regulation.

  6. Zvatotanga kudhara. Tadzoka zvakare kuPOSA kwatanga tabuda. Nxa!

  7. Aaa imi ndarasika can one phone using an unregistered line??????

  8. POTRAZ is being used by zanu pf we knw that very soon tinenge takunetseka netwrk

  9. Guys lets wake up and boycott these Econet people also their charges are astronomical. It cost about 5 pence to call a mobiles and 2 pence to call landlines per minute in South Africa, Zambia and other southern Africa countries.To call Zimbabwean mobiles it will cost 27 to 30 pence per a minute and 5 to10 pence to call landlines.

    1. You go alone and support state affiliated network providers and leave those who can afford. You have ZANU mentality of forcing pple to do what they don’t want. If you cannot afford leave it. Nonsense

  10. I don’t see how Potraz could be investigating that Telecel doesn’t have a license if it’s their duty to see to it that all telecoms companies must be legal. Had it been Econet, taionerera ana Mushowe could have rushed to dismantle its base station in typical Jonho style when he saw that he had to bring down Capital Radio’s mast.
    Taken from the legal side, Econet is spot on.

  11. baba jukwa is an inside job he is zanu thro and thro. told you long back

  12. potraz, you are liars. a zanupf project for grandstanding. just because telecel boss Makamba is the true boyfriend ya Grace you now punish him for this. the reason why he is still relevant is the likes of Leo, Zhuwau and Jane Mutasa who are all zanupf, closing it will mean these will go kumusha zvakare. lol……..tichaonerera

  13. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

    Where in the world have you ever seen people using unregister lines. Security wise its important to have all lines registered for the safety of all citizens kwete zvenyu zvekungoti chese chaitwa its politics .

    1. hahahahahahaha ndazoseka manje, hanzi unregistered line, wakamboonepi line risiir registered richisevenza muZim, besides kana risiri remaCIO nehamadzavo??? pedzeranai ikoko, hezvo zvatotanga nePOSA. Next tym muchanzwa zvichinzi nemahandasets anofanirwa kuregitswa!!!!!hahahahahaha, Zimbabwe ma1

  14. Zvatouya,mweya woudzvanyiriri wabata Zanu pf nevaridzi vayo.Baba Jukwa vakabaya panyama nhete zvino shasha dzoda kuvhara mafoni evanhu.We shll still survive on Mtn(Sa)roaming.Zim is too dictatorial to be a country.It is run by a single man’s household.Nway,every dog has its own day.

  15. Even if you threaten us with discönnections,we will embrace the struggle through web sites. We will continue with the cyber struggle until Zimbabwe z free

  16. security is so important in zimbabwe to an extend of going against the majority??

  17. zim ma1

  18. i dont know

  19. Zim we are heading no where. Nhaka yevana vedu tichawanepi?

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