Pictures: Rebecca Mafikeni funeral

NewsDay gives you MDC-T activist Rebecca Mafikeni’s funeral in pictures. Mafikeni died while in custody on Monday following her arrest two years ago over the alleged murder of Police Inspector Petros Mutedza.

Mourners at Rebecca Mafikeni's funeral. All pictures: Hardlife Samuwi
Mourners at Rebecca Mafikeni’s funeral. All pictures: Hardlife Samuwi
Mourners dances at the head of Mafikeni's casket.
Mourners dances at the head of Mafikeni’s casket.
Mourners at Mafikeni's funeral.
Mourners at Mafikeni’s funeral.
Mourners at Mafikeni's funeral.
Mourners at Mafikeni’s funeral.
MDC the national chairman Lovemore Moyo arrives at Mafikeni's funeral.
MDC the national chairman Lovemore Moyo arrives at Mafikeni’s funeral.
A friend of the Mafikeni family cries giving her eulogy.
A friend of the Mafikeni family cries giving her eulogy.
Part of the mourners at Mafikeni's funeral.
Part of the mourners at Mafikeni’s funeral.
Part of the mourners at Mafikeni's funeral.
Part of the mourners at Mafikeni’s funeral.
MDC Youth leader Solomon Madzore, who spent two years in remand prison facing the same allegations as Mafukeni, warned that “our calmness should not be viewed as passivity”.
MDC Youth leader Solomon Madzore, who spent two years in remand prison facing the same allegations as Mafikeni, warned that “our calmness should not be viewed as passivity”.
Family and friends march to Warren Hills cemetary carrying Mafikeni's casket to bid her farewell.
Family and friends march to Warren Hills cemetary carrying Mafikeni’s casket to bid her farewell.
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  1. R.I.P, kunesu tasara zvichaita chete, musaputse sungano!

    1. While this family is in deep mourning for their daughter Mugabe was in Zvimba marrying off his own daughter. Vana vevamwe vaurawa nezvimbasungata zvako vako uchiroodza zvako. Tichasangana paGedhe reGehena.

      1. While the family of the murdered cop was in mourning, where was the MDC leadership? Unless, you suppose the murdered cop deserved to die and his life did not matter much. My condolences go to both families and shame on Tsvangirai for hijacking the funeral for political survival. Munhu anehunhu, chero akanzi huyai mucheme nesu nevafirwa anofanira kuita humble himself and be there as a mere invited person not to be the main actor, nepanhamo here vakomana? Kutaura kuti hee hee ndabirwa election chino chino parufu here vakomana?

  2. R.I.P crade hondo yataka tanga tose tichaipedza kusvika kumagumo it myght tac tym but jus no hatisikuzo siya pfungwa dzenyu nezvishuwo zvenyu viva chisa mbama chisa……

  3. This brought tears to my eyes, Mugabe and many ZANOIDS went to prison during war times, they were kept in sane environment, afforded time to study and many left the prison system with degrees. Today they are alive and healthy. In a war situation, the whites could have killed, poisoned or tortured them heavily. If white people could keep you that way in a war situation, why are you failing to look after your own sons and daughters in prison? They come out useless human beings who cannot add anything to society in the end they resort to stealing again. What is wrong with you ZANUPF? You are worse than the Rhodies, your record is there for all to see. Will you ever come to your senses? You must be made in hell, but when you are deposed, one prison must be kept the way it is so that your henchmen will see how it was for everyone else while they do time there. This is so heartless.

    1. idiot, washaya , that alleged cop murderer died in hospital of meningitis. If it were not for your idiotic leader calling for sanctions there would have been enough medicine at the prison. There are people who died under worse circumstances than this puppet, liberating
      you and Chematama from the jaws of colonialism and racism. Only to recruit young idiotic woman like the late to fight for a traitor’s cause.

      1. Reason get an effing life. U are on the wrong platform with your vile and blind hero worship. What are sanctions and why dd zanu givernment not do anything to avoid such catastrophic disaster? Blaming sanctions why dnt they zanuists take responsibility for being overzealous with their insults and not anticipate the consquences.

        Enda unoverenga herald pamwe unganzwa parere moyo. Rhodesia survived with real sanctions why cant zimbabwe do it? Gtfoh.

      2. usaseke vanochema, asi chema anoseka vanochema.

      3. Wataura wena Reason!

  4. Rest In Peace

  5. zvinorwadza kuti Smith didn’t kill vana Mugabe, Tekere, Nyagumbo, Nkomo, Zvobgo wen they were in jail asi ivo nhasi vanoshaisa munhu medical attention after detaining her on flimsy charges…everyone knows kuti the so-called policeman akafa was KILLED BY CIOs for exposing something fishy ….nguva yavo ichakwana….

    1. Akavharirwa achingorwara zvake moda kuti dai akarapwa zvisingarapiki?

  6. The high court remanded them in prison sine die. This is equavalent to a life imprisonment. Leopold Takawira died whilst in prison. The aveging spirits of the murdered policeman will fight until appeased.

  7. prophet jeremiah

    may her soul rest in peace

  8. Rest In Peace Rebecca

    1. Rest in fire Rabeka nokuti muporisa wamakaponda aidavo kurarama, uye more of your friends vakauraya Mutedza are coming in a hard way

  9. Rest in peace.

  10. RIP rebecca. Its shocking that someone can be in remand prison for 2 years.
    Then you say yo u have an efficient judiciary system in the country. Its a shame, the case is political and the so called learned judges’ hands are dripping with blood as we speak and God will judge them accordingly. To some of these guys the law is zpf and the reverse is also true. I will tell you now that this is not going to continue forever.

  11. Kufira mafufu segonzo! A lesson to many here who just want to fight battles they really don’t know. This will happen to anyone who thinks they can distabilize Zimbabwe. They will die like rats in a prison.

    1. Svee murume mukuru. Kusanyara. Haunyare u are not forced to be on this forum. Enda unorima munda wawakapiwa nezanu ka. Get a brain wakufana kuzvifungira kwete kuti zvataurwa nezanu ndizvozvo. Unotoziva kuti zimbabwe amagufu ka. Chimbozvibvunza kuti nei munhu arikuda a better zimbabwe iyo ichiyerera huchi nemukaka kudai?

  12. Ramai vako Robert Mann…rinofamba richizvuzvuruka..

    1. Masadza amai vako neamai vaTsvangy iwe Pombi. Chokwadi chakurwadza.

  13. Famba zvakanaka Rebecca

  14. There are many ZANU PF people who died in remand prison for various offences, there is nothing special about this cop killer Rebecca, may her soul burn in hell.



    RESPECT THE DEAD. People should learn to respect the dead irrespective of whether you liked that person or not. Zvinonzi wafa wanaka. RESPETAR LOS MUERTOS.

  17. Do not judge for GOD will judge you don’t live for ever.Who told you that she is in hell?

  18. R I P

  19. Its true culturaly we say afa anaka, but this girl was an alleged murderer. In these days of uncurable diseases, prison is not the most convient place to be for anyone. She is no martyr at all, but a pawn piece for the heartless Madzore in the dirty service of the dummy twangie.

  20. R.i.p rebecca,asi vakuru vedu tidzidzisei kunamata ,kwete zvematongerwe enyika ,ndinorwadziwa zvakanyanya ,mwana mudiki uyu ,dai zvaitwa kwamuri vakuru zvaiva nane .tidzidziseiwo kunamata ndapota ,nokuti rimwe nerimwe basa raunobata pano panyika rine magumo aro .chinamato hachina kumboshata tinoita tichidzorwa nemurairo wamwari

  21. Rest in peace Rebecca. Thank you for your bravery. May God be with her family in this difficult period.


    1. @DJ: The problem with not joining politics is that your inferiors will rule you.

  23. May her soul burn eternally in HELL, this misguided idiot of the MDC. A brainless traitor who died deservingly the way she did. And may this lunatic of a youth leader Madzore follow suit as early as possible.

  24. Moyo wangu warwadziwa chose..Ishe itaiwo nyasha nesu.I must say thanks to the MDC leardership and supporters who are still proud to support it even after the rigged elections.

  25. Haaaaaa taurai chokwadi mauraisa mwanaka .ko kana auraya achitongwa ,ko auraisa haatongwi here ,ndiani akonzeresa

  26. Some comments are just unbelievable? Didn’t know Rebecca but may her soul rest in peace. let God do the judging not me or you..

  27. It is very sad to loose someone for the right cause. For those causing these deaths be warned time will catch up with you. Lets remember that we all have the right to live, none has the right to to take life. Recently the president signed into law a new constitution, but it seems he is the first one and his party to break the rules of governance.Anywhere our God is not sleeping judgment day is beckoning. REBECCA you died for a cause that we are all itching for, RIP our hero.

  28. Chembere yekwakChivi

    Kunatsa muroyi hunde Kumupa mwana adye

  29. Revolution is inevitable tel zanu they can not stop us

  30. May your soul rest in peace Rebecca.

  31. Rebecca was placed in remand prison while investigations were going on in the murder case. She was never tried and was not guilty of the charge. So its not for us to judge or say that the murdered policeman’s soul is now resting in peace because Rebecca has died. The killing of MDC activists should stop. MDC is part and parcel of this country and it has the right to exist. Stop branding the MDC as bad. Some police officers are really cruel when dealing with MDC activists, WHY.

    1. tru dai Mwari vapindira

  32. RIP my sista.Kwabviwa ndoo kwava kure.Zororo rava pedyo.Famba zvakanaka.

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