PICTURES: Fire in Victoria Falls


The on-going 20th UNWTO conference being hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia in Victoria Falls almost took a tragic turn when a fire broke out at a road construction site in Aerodrome suburb during a bitumen burning process.


Road construction workers were burning bitumen to pave roads around the town as part of the last minute preparations for the conference when the fire ignited from the drums of the heated bitumen.


No-one was injured and no property was reported to have been damaged as the Fire department quickly responded to douse the flames.


More details to follow.


  1. This Gukurahundi habit of repairing or refurbishing roads and buildings only because of foreigners visiting should stop. Such accidents will always occur because these jobs are done in a hurry.

    Gukurahundis, learn to look after the country, build and repair roads and buildings for the sake of your own citizens and not to please or impress foreigners. Stop stealing public funds and use them wisely for the good of the country.

  2. Thus what pretenders or hypocrites do. They want to appease the West that there country is good. The roads were constructed by Ian Smith decades of years before independence. Smith was colonizing us but the country was well built. Its funny we are failing to repair what was left by Smith.

  3. Washaya nyaya. Go interview Eliza kana Ngirazi better. How can a newspaper dedicate its existence on destroying the country. With all the positive stuff going on in victoria fall this is all you can report on.Shame on you.

    • @zanu panyanga you are very foolish.why do papers,radios and tv report just a car accident?even where there are no deaths,an accident is an think news is about zanu pf only zvamajaira mu herald ne zanu tv?nonsense.bloody monkey.

      • no need for hate speech, if one is Zanu PF and the other is MDC does that make us enemies guys? I think we need to run awa from this polarisation. A fire is a fire, it can start anywhere at any given time and it does not choose who is the leader. The roads u speak of having been made by smith , just ask yourself objectively how many things have been done by the free government and what other areas have been improved. Then compare with the situation we faced after the land reform then u can realise the support we got from outside just like everyone in Africa does died down and we suffered. I wil not say who is responsible for finger pointing is retrogresive and now is the time to move forward as a nation. We have no war nor violence in our country so we must be proud of that and work torwards resucitating our economy and lift our country from the ills upon us.

  4. zanu panyanga ndimi vanhu vanoti if there is a crack on the wall , hanzi pendai ne white tivhare crack so pple dont see& wont toalk about the crack. BUT its still there and the building will crumble one day, mamistakes ngaataure ndokuti tidevelope nyika

  5. ko moto wacho wakabakira kuri kuitwa conference here, moto unogona kungobaka wodzimwa, the fire incident did not disturb the conference in any way, at times munoshaya what to report. you newsday guys you angered me when you lied kuti fuel yakwira and on that day commuters had to pay $1.50 coz of your lies

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