No Egypt without a Canaan

THE MDC is aware that the just ended elections were neither fair nor free in the strictest definition of the terms and as such the outcome is not a legitimate one.

Report by Welshman Ncube

That the elections were rigged is not debatable, it is a fact.

The glaring inconsistencies in the process leading up to and during the election make it impossible to absolve the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) or to refrain from calling the credibility of the election outcome to question.

These inconsistencies include the failure to provide the voters’ role until voting had commenced the printing of duplicate ballot papers, disqualification of our rural council candidates among many other breaches which culminated in incidences of multiple double voting and bussing of voters.

While all this glaring failure of the electoral process is real, the party having considered all available options has opted to refrain from taking the disputes to court.

The futility of going to the courts must be read with the Jealousy Mbizvo Mawarire Constitutional Court ruling, which led to the frog marching of Zimbabweans into an election for which Zec were ill prepared to run.

It is therefore our well considered view that taking this matter to court will be akin to going to President Robert Mugabe and asking him to reverse his “victory”.

The party has further discounted the option of taking the dispute to the regional and continental organs principally Sadc and AU.

These institutions have already made known their views about the process and outcome of the election.

That they have already pronounced satisfaction with both the process and outcome of the elections signifies the futility of taking that course of action with any hope of a positive intervention.

In 2008, our party went into a negotiated process and in doing that our sole and primal interests were to save Zimbabwe from burning at the hands of Zanu PF.

Sadly we ended up saving Zanu PF who have turned around and sunk their teeth into the hand that pulled both them and Zimbabwe from the precipice. We do not regret saving our burning country then.

We, however, will not be helping Zanu PF again in government or indeed any way shape or form this time around.

It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to accept that the solution to our national political problems will be delivered by us as Zimbabweans facing Mugabe and his party head on and defeating them.

We have come through the fire, learnt lessons through our experiences and we are ready to prove that we are visionaries, builders and the party of the future.

We have taken stock of all that happened and while there are no easy answers, we have resolved to continue the fight for a fully devolved Zimbabwe because we believe that the problems, which we find ourselves in as a country, can only be solved through making a paradigm shift diametrically different to the centralized system of government which landed us where we are today.

We remain absolutely committed to the devolution agenda because for us it is not an election gimmick or slogan but a matter of ideological conviction.

We accept our situation and embrace it as our rite of passage. There can be no Egypt without a Canaan. It is for us a test of faith in the system we believe in and know that it will be achieved.

As your president I say,” Fear not, I will be with you all the way, I will neither retreat nor surrender. Let none of us give up, we will walk hand in hand to the bitter end if need be for our cause is necessary and just. What we stand for is absolutely important.”

Therefore from this day forth we commence re-building on all fronts for the 2018 elections. We have no privilege of taking a rest. Let’s keep the faith, together we will win.

Professor Welshman Ncube is the President of the MDC

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  1. and now he speaks, why the silence prof

    1. Would it have made any difference even if he breaths out you would say he should of breathed in. As you are being consumed by your anger and hate you are missing the bigger picture misdirected energy is a waisted resource. Take a deep breath and think of your country and fellow men and women insults are counter productive.

    2. Where is Baba Jukwa? I want Baba Jukwa to continue with his prophecies! Where is he?

      1. His mission is accomplished!!

  2. oh really, really nw prof? We r nt interested, just knw that

    1. Always better to think well and hard before speaking. This is where Tsvangirai is weakest. Even if his cause is true, Tsvangirai goes on a bridge-burning campaign. Better to keep quiet. He had already insulted SADC and AU prior to elections. We know they’re always in Bobs corner but there’s no reason for him to push them towards Bobs side.

      In his election petition withdrawal statement, he fell short of sayibg Chidyausiku’s presence at the Heroes celebration makes his objectivity in court questionable. Really? Heroes isn’t a ZANUPF affair. Any and every Zimbabwean. Why hand it over to ZANU. I don’t think those were his words though.Those were specifically from the lawyers who blundered.


  3. kikikikiki Professor,Professor,Professor! aah.

  4. Hlongwane Spinach

    ”We, however, will not be helping Zanu PF again in government or indeed any way shape or form this time around”
    Nonsense, this is what you are to say today. You sold out to ZANU PF. We don’t need your Devolution but you need to evolve from you masters ZANU PF. sCOFFFFF.

  5. Hlongwane Spinach

    Kana huProffessor ihoho chikunesa ipa Joseph Chinotimba. Crappppppppp………

  6. WHat !! WAIT FO 2018 ELECTION U ARE SICK NCUBE ,now its easier to tell which side u a , what a sellout u a ,what a stupid proffesor u are .cant yu see it that people are angry they are ready to explode and what do u do ,calm them . go to hell ncube u hve already caused enough damange fo 2008 …. go and enjoy the money yu and nikuv got from zanu.

  7. a puppert of zanu why talkin now? people let’s pray and wait fo the invincible hand of god to play its part.

  8. The Prof spoke long time and newsday just published this today..i wonder why..we know newsdays always published pro mdct news…Prof said goin to court is waste of time and you called him names..look what mdct has done now

  9. Going to court is not wasting time, Professor, even though the outcome is pre-determined. It gives the opportunity to expose the legal system for what it is.

  10. Ncube is too Narcissistic and delusional too be a serious politician.

  11. “Kingmaker” Ncube NEXT TIME don’t rely on twitter and facebook supporters living in South Africa for VOTES.

    1. Where are your votes? What result have they trilled?

  12. ‘Its a waste of tym 2 listen 2 u professor’ coz tave kukuzivai zvamakananga

  13. This article was published a week ago. Those who still commands a reasonable level of their memories can still remember what Ncube said even before the elections. Facts are stubborn.

  14. Mahlaba Luthophele

    those who feel that the Proff is wasting their time or if yu think is saying wat yu dont like why bother waste your time reading it and putting non constructive and insulting comments, where does it take yu then will it make Tswangirai president, rather you should get a life you cowards who couldnt even stand up on your own

    1. tatambura nehanda

      Who is speaking tsvangirai here, you fool.? The subject is ncube. a uppet of zanu pf.
      A betrayer of the electorate.
      A naive tribal bandit who is not there for democracy but selfish gains.
      He deserve the insults.

  15. its very interesting that the bulk of people who are lashing out at Ncube’s statement sound MDC-T. instead of advising their flip-flopping leader they are ready to attack a voice full of reasoning. what was Tsvangirai looking for at mugabe’s courts? now he has turned again and is withdrawing the challenge. didnt he foresee that zanu jongwe will use its mechanism to frustrate that court action?

    lack of foresight is what killed MDC-T and strange enough their supporters seem to have not leant anything at all. ok fine, keep hurling those insults but it will never help your party in any way.

    in any case, what is the difference between MDC-T and zanu jongwe. they both do not tolerate differing voices. zanu jongwe kills those who oppose it while MDC-T hurls insults and in most instances those insults are tribal.

    its clear MDC-T people are products of zanu jongwe!!!!!!!

  16. Daily News is pro MDC -T newsday published this piece 2 weeks ago. Tsvangirai and his supporters should just shut up and strategise 4 e next elections. Did tsangson really think he was going to have a fair hearing at Mugabes court. Ma Welsh is the future and all haters can go hang.

  17. Annahstacia Ndlovu

    MDC-T is at the deep end

  18. mdc t supporters u amaze me ncube seid t two weeks ago tht mugabe courts ar compromised ….u insulted him ur man is now sayn the same thng …stil u u insult ncube …kkkkk.u amaze me ….he seiz sadc is useless …juss wait for mondae u will hear wat they will sei ..the sadc gys..u thnc ncube was sent by mugabe ..but the real zanu man was ur own mutambara hez goin tu be given a job by mugabe ….tsvangson has ….no vision …u still cant c tht tht all is lost …in such cases in africa the onli wei u can get power is through demostrations ..being beaten and being imprisoned.. manje tsvangson is nt the type tu have his hands dirty …with his young wife ..they still want tu spend their millions …like t or nt tsvangso has supporters…like t or not mugabe is a t or not welsman is very intelligent

  19. ferere ferere 1

    Going thru the comments above,i have seen why supporting President Tswangirai is for us open minded pple.
    Why Mdc T went to Zanu Pf courts-pple must understand kuti matare anofanira kupiwa mukana apawo nemiwo muchiratidza kuti you know the right channel.
    The record wil leave matare eZanu ave exposed sezvaitika apa.
    For those with eyes to see can see kuti becoz the courts were approached,zvaita kuti hunhu hwavo hubude pachena,kwete zvanaProff zvekufungira.
    Mdc T is visiting all avenues bit by bit,thats how you go safely up the ladder.
    KuvaProff hazvirevi kuvaStrategic.
    Most of our Zim political Proffessors are stupid to say the least. Their line of thinking is not ‘voteacable’ saNcube naMoyo marwadzo chaiwo.
    Unfortunately vanobva Matebeleland zvoita kuti titazvitaura zvave zverudzi but kwete,naMadhuku wavo ma1.
    Tswangison siyanai naye ,is very clever ,vanomutevera tinomuziva,twumistake twake twushoma shoma.
    Handei Save neTeam yenyu.

  20. kalanga lasePlumtree

    It is an open secret that MDC has visionary leaders. The issue of courts is a done deal, we saw it well then that going to courts controlled by Zanu will not help so we sat down and looked. We were insulted kwathiwa we are not supportive the T-Party has all the evidence they are confident of winning the case. Thina sathi Good Luck. Manje they are withdrawing becoz of technicalities and being denied evidence. Can a thief who is in charge of everything facilitate his own demise? Ncube said its like asking Mugabe to reverse his win. No that can not be. That was the mistake by MT. Biti and his other followers here say the result was predetermined but they wanted to put it on record. Now it is on record that some party filed a petition and it was never read. Who is a fool? How are courts exposed there? Forgive our minds please. As for the two MDCs, as a visionary sapota od opposition parties I advise, although I do not command any authority, let’s have inter-party talks nw that we have time and we are not in gvt. Let’s meet as reps of our parties. MDCT must advise their tribalistic followers that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans regardless of tribe. Let’s then maybe have a joint resolution that will lead to one united MDC again. Or any such united party. Let’s have a visionary and a Zimbabwean leader. Be advised that MT does not make the grade. Zanu is already strategising for 2018, like it or not. Remain blind followers and thieves and liars will lead u. Don’t join them by lying abt Ncube. That is futile once again. We need progress and not slogans and abbreviations and acronyms. Let’s solve this come 2018. We know where we went wrong and who made it so, like it or not. Ma lingafuni on the other hand we will go it alone 2018. The Green team needs a dedicated party. Ndoboka zwangu. Ndatenda zwangu. Ke a leboga. Ngiyabonga. Thank you dankie.

  21. True prof. 2018 is not far. lets soldier on. mugabe stole the peoples vote and its crystal clear. even kuneta kwavakaita is clear testimony of their chikenary.

  22. where is Baba Jukwa?

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