‘Mugabe must review salaries now’

CIVIL servants’ unions yesterday called on President Robert Mugabe to immediately implement the salary review that he pledged on Heroes’ Day, saying they could not endure another four months on their present paltry salaries.


Public Service Association executive secretary Emmanuel Tichareva said civil servants had been patient with government for too long and could wait any longer.

“We want it (as early as) yesterday because we have not had a salary rise for quite some time and four months is a long time to wait,” said Tichareva in an interview with NewsDay.

“Normally we do not work on statements made at rallies. We do not doubt that Mugabe meant what he said, but this is going to be followed up and we will be making appointments with government soon to ensure it happens.”

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said the issue of civil servants’ salaries should not be delayed.

“We will not accept adjustments by the end of the year because we cannot endure another six months. We want that process expedited,” Majongwe said.

“We are clear that we want a sober Minister of Public Service who is genuinely pro-poor to address these issues.

“The real battle has started and we want Mugabe to address these issues.

“We are not going to accept salaries announced at rallies or the politburo, but we want to begin salary negotiations with government immediately.”

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu said Mugabe’s pledge showed he was prepared to address the matter.

“We do not doubt him, but if this does not happen we will have to hold government to account for this because it came voluntarily from their own mouths.

“We do not see how Mugabe can mislead the country on Heroes’ Day saying he will satisfy the ideals of the people who died for this country,” Ndlovu said.

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  1. Murikumhanyei , siyai akavimbisa akupei .

  2. hapana chekumirira. yakwana nguva yekuti ma politicians vazive kuti vanhu havachadi zvekunyeperwa. imi muri kuti tiri kumhanya, let me ask kuti if not now, when should we start following up on the matter? simbi inorohwa ichapisa, vasati vakanganwa

  3. and this time all promises made must be followed up. hatina kuvhotera vanhu kuti vazotipe ma excuses ekuti hee kune masanctions hee what what.

    1. this time ma111111. kamudhara kachafa nestress because kakanyanyo nyeba. after kakavhoterwa nenikuv. civil servant kakata, civil servant donza

  4. Majongwe tibvire kumhepo. Ndiwe waiti ZANU yahwina zviri free & fair. Chienda kuOffice yaMgabe ukumbire kt maTeacher awedzegwe mari tione kana akawedzegwa. Wakandibhowa stereki.

  5. Its very funny how u mdc losers don’t appreciate,we worked for 3 years without pay raise under biti,and u say u can’t wait for 2 months, ZANU PF is now in power give it at chance, they wiped off all your bills as they promised, u know the parliament hasnt set yet, shame on you losers,

    1. ko nhai zanu pf. who worked for 3 years without pay rise. you or civil servants. we tolerated gnu becoz it rescued us from poverty which ravaged us the previous years. we all know zanu pf hav got nothing to offer. so its herere herere for the next five years

    2. Wiped off bills: Kuita zvikwereti zvekupisika Zimbabwe yakanaka.

  6. Majongwe & his partners always wanted a ZANU PF win bcoz they knew that a win 4 MDC-T will render them jobless & irelevent just like Madhuku, since MDC-T had shown that it is able during the lnclussive gvt.

  7. Makakonewa kare. Siyai vaMugabe vatipe mari

    1. VaMugabe vakatadza kukupa mari for the past 33 years and you expect to get the money now. You are a fool.

    2. Idyayi mari. Three years vamwe vachidya imi muchizorwa muto pamuromo. Veduweee Zimbabwe yakanaka.

  8. What about NRZ employees who have not received arrears from 2009 and are 9 months behind with their salaries ? What is zanu going to do about that ?

    1. Ava heyi vanotinetsei.

  9. Kkkk.panoti mari apo…

  10. Maendero avakita magetsi anyanya zanu iyi......

    Let mi ask yu ppl who are pressing mugabe 2 increase salaries QUE-“what will yu do if mugabe wake up one day and say no salaries increase for ths year,we dont have money” my Ans-absoulutely nothing to say the truth mugabe dosen’t care for anybidy except for the few who are holding his party in power .that man mugabe is a cunning and ruthless dictator he can do watever he want and nobody dares to ask him,zimbabwe is like mugabe ‘s farm under the new idenity of ZANU PF which stand for zimbabweans are now under poverty forever.tariraiwo maendero ava kuita magetsi nemvura nezanu vanhu vachatambura zvisingatsananguriki mwaru tisunungureiwo tiri pakutambudzika kukuru

    1. answer. if mugabe says no salary increase, it does not bother us because we know mugabe is a liar, thief, murderer, dictator and his mafia ( the likes of munangagwa and so on). But oner thing interesting. though mugabe and nikuv managed to rig elections he can not rig his age. very soon his age is going to say no

    2. Icho! Cherai matsime macomrade. Magetsi unoadiiko mwanavevhu?

  11. NRZ employees can go hang,they r the least efficient workers in Zimbabwe and the war vets working there r all hypocrites,so no pay rise for u

  12. Zanu nzwirai ruzhinji tsitsi murikushungurudza vabhu imi

    A new identity for the old and failing party zimbabweans are now under poverty forever .ZANU PF,what kind of miracles are we expecting from mugabe? This man have failed us for the past 33 years,ngaatiwedzere nari asi tinozviziva juti zanu pf namugabe ndivo vatambudzi veruzhinji asi zvichapera iwe mugabe tarira kwakaenda vamwe@vako vana gaddafi nana idi amin

  13. @Zanu pf. Which bills were cancelled? You think we are all like you who doesnt pay his bills. We are always up to date with our bills so stop talking nonsense. Its people like you who don’t pay their bills who kill this country.

  14. @Zanu pf. Which bills were cancelled? You think we are all like you who doesnt pay his bills. We are always up to date with our bills so stop talking nonsense. Its people like you who don’t pay their bills who kill this country. Nxa!

  15. YES, the promise will be fulfilled BUT the BIG question is how much will the increase be? $27.36 or 50 %? Unfortunately, past experience (even b4 GPA) favours the former. MaZimbo hamudzidzi makaita sei? SHAME.

  16. Unongoregedzawo kubhadhara mabills acho and wait for another scrapping in 2018

  17. ..keep dreaming

  18. Salaries are budgetted for then paid..that is the process. If the leadership of critical economic players like teachers do not know this, then small wonder teachers will continue to be short changed..Might it not be a good idea to get fresh horses to lead the new charge in the leadership of the public service employees..their leadership has FAILED. Everyone knows this, the question becomes for how LONG will they be allowed to continue to fail, while straddling over the workers dreams????

  19. Sezvatinoziva tose. maticha akawedzerwa chingwa chokwira. heheeeeede. seka nhamo kunge rugare. nhasi zvangu. takudzokera 2008 paya-aa. ko zanu-dhora rouya riinhiko? ma Q ema US munoakwanisa here since we cant print US notes? ummmmmm. ko ma Imperialist achabvuma kutipa hard cash here? based on what trade? inflation inenge yaakunzi chiiko? haaaa, ma1. tozvisiira minisita ve fayinenzi vatsva ava.

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