Mugabe, Mujuru in discord over West


DISCORDANT foreign policy pronunciations have rocked Zanu PF over the past few days with Vice-President Joice Mujuru saying Zimbabwe was keen to re-engage the international community including the West, barely two days after President Robert Mugabe threatened a clampdown on Western companies operating in the country.

Report by Staff Reporters

Speaking at the burial of national hero Retired Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai on Sunday, Mugabe attacked the West for maintaining sanctions against Zimbabwe and for casting aspersions over his recent re-election.

“They (Western powers) have companies here and we have not imposed controls or sanctions against them, but time will come when we will say tit-for-tat. You hit me, I hit you. You impose this on me, I impose this on you,” Mugabe said.

“Our attitude is not going to continue as it was in the past — passive. We have had enough and enough is enough.”

A day later, Mujuru was singing a different tune saying: “As a nation we are now focusing on investing in our economy to generate business, employment and raise the social welfare of our people. Further, Zimbabwe will continue engaging the international community for political, economic and social co-operation.

“We constitute the international community and it is our wish to remain a member of this family,” said Mujuru, in a speech read on her behalf by outgoing Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Engineer Walter Mzembi at the just-ended United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in Victoria Falls.

“True, we once had our problems, which, with the assistance of the African Union and the Southern African Development Community, I am glad to say we have managed to resolve successfully.“

The United States and European Union imposed targeted sanctions including travel bans and asset freezes on Mugabe, members of his inner circle and several companies following the 2002 disputed elections and alleged human rights abuses.

Analysts said Zimbabwe needs to adopt a policy of engagement with various international players including the West to encourage foreign direct investment necessary for the revival of industry and the creation of jobs.

Political analyst Ernest Mudzengi, however, said there was no need to read much into Mugabe’s angry reaction as the common position in Zanu PF was to re-engage the West.

“The statements came from two different contexts. If you follow closely what he (Mugabe) has been saying, he wants re-engagement, but sometimes he has to grandstand. What Mujuru said accurately represents the Zanu PF position and the President’s statement was just an angry reaction. He has indicated the need to re-engage even in his inauguration speech,” said Mudzengi.

Another analyst Prosper Manjoro said that Zanu PF was desperate to re-engage the West and Mugabe’s statements were just politicking.

“The only truth is that re-engagement is inevitable, the biggest challenge is what the conditions are. The spirit of moving forward is a given. Mugabe was speaking at a political party-like function and Mujuru at a government function and usually it is the party position that prevails,” said Manjoro.


  1. I dnt think they disagreed……Mugabe wants the end of sanctions. & Mujuru wants same. ‘Reengaging’ is just a word that could easily include removal of sanctions. No story here

  2. It should be illegal for HEADLINES to be this misleading and patently mischievous. I agree with NewsDay for accelerating catalytic action towards that day in Zimbabwe.

  3. I see no discord here. This headline is misleading. Why? This is not reporting, staff reporters. Only a fool can fall for this.

  4. There is a discord, one goes for tit for tat another goes for reconsciliation. Anyway totenda dzanwa dzafudzwa ne benzi.

  5. i belive us( pvt media pple) play pivotal role in shaping zimbabwe, bt if we busy portrailing a bad image of our nation we racking in sales at the expense of our fellow brothers. it is a time when media houses be busy building a positive image than to continue making news headlines that do no good to our economy and the general populace. when mai mujuru talk of engaging the international community, i dont thnk she is saying zimbabwe is open to any form of abuse and impositions. she is not saying we are ready for the west at any cost. the same is president mugabe, i thnk he is saying we should seek common ground, fair treatment with the international community not a situation where we take every western conditions. i think what the president mean is if the west seek an understanding and proper reasoning zim is ready to engage but if they seek to continue bullyin us , zim will retaliate. i dont see mai mujuru and president bein different here. correct me if i am wrong.

    • You are wrong manu to want to blame the media for reporting what Mugabe said verbatim. Besides, even if the media were to try to put a spin to it, it would end up being as ridiculous as the herald because in the age where even the ordinary person can record a video from a mobile phone, other media houses would still report the exact rantings and ravings of our old man.

      You are also wrong to insinuate there is no difference between what Mujuru and Mugabe want in this regard. Mugabe wants retaliation while Mujuru is empasising building bridges. Mugabe explicitly said what he is going to do, so you dont have to “think” about what he meant because you only need to either read rabout or listen to his exact words. I dont see where the confusion is.

  6. @rudadiso am not suggestion papers must not report on any matter, wat i min is we should choose the headline wisely not just to sell a story. mugabe is the man who said he will engage the the west, he is the same many who said he will retaliate but thats if and when negotiations fail.

  7. @ Rudadiso. That old black mamba long started the “tit-for-tat” type of reaction. Farm invasions and now indigenization.

  8. Dont be ridiculous you ZPF apologists.The newspaper is reporting what was said.Ndizvo zvakataurwana Mugabe na Mujuru whethether you like it or not its not the reporter’s problem, its ‘ Finish!

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