Zimbabweans speak on Mugabe inauguration

ZIMBABWEANS across the political divide have expressed mixed feelings over the inauguration (for the eighth time) of President Robert Mugabe.


While some are jubilant about Mugabe’s swearing in, there are others who said they will “watch the event in tears”.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the inauguration was a non-event due to the manner the elections had been handled.

“Certainly we do not respect the election process in which Mugabe is going to be sworn in as President,” said Mwonzora.

“We still maintain that the election was stolen from us and, therefore, to us it is a non-event,” he said.

Mwonzora’s views were echoed by the director of Kwekwe-based Zimbabwe Organisation for Youth in Politics, Emmanuel Nkosilathi Moyo, who said Mugabe’s inauguration will be watched in tears by many Zimbabweans. Another five years of Mugabe rule, he said, would herald another five years of economic nightmare and suffering for the people of Zimbabwe.

“Considering the disputed elections, Mugabe’s inauguration will be watched in tears by most Zimbabweans who cannot bear to face another five years under the rule of the octogenarian leader. The way Tsvangirai’s petition was handled by the courts clearly showed Zimbabwe that Mugabe is in control of everything in this country. The people’s greatest fears are that a government which is 100% Zanu PF is likely to destroy the economy and take it back to national misery of 2008 where people went hungry, without medicines, without education and without hope,” said Moyo.

He said he could see Zimbabwe falling back into a dark future with Mugabe as President.

However, other political activists like Free Zimbabwe Congress Party member James Katso said those who were unable to accept that Mugabe will be President for another five years were jealousy people whose dislike of Mugabe and Zanu PF were nothing, but a case of sour grapes.

He, however, said the inauguration ceremony was not going to be as exciting as it was in 1980 since it was no longer a new phenomenon with Mugabe.

“As a matter of fact Mugabe’s inauguration is an event which has been happening since 1980 and now the process is just replicating itself as this is not the first time he has been inaugurated. I, however, would like to differ with some people and say that his election into power was legitimate because the Sadc and African Union have already endorsed it. Even the European Union said they were going to stand by the Sadc and African Union position and to say it was not credible is double standards. Of course there were imbalances here and there, but at the end of the day we should stand by what people have said during the elections,” Katso said.

He said the political parties that were unhappy about the inauguration failed to amass support while Zanu PF was experienced in political affairs and had managed to attract support.

Former Magwegwe legislator Felix Magalela Sibanda said he was seeing disappointed faces everywhere, yet the country was supposed to be in jubilation.

“I am rather surprised that the people of Zimbabwe are behaving like in 1980 after elections where there were two sections of society — one which was happy and the other very unhappy about the outcome. There are people who are mourning because there is a lot of uncertainty in the manner the country will be run. It is unfortunate that people had high expectations about the elections, but it was disputed,” Magalela Sibanda said.

Leader of pressure group March 11 Movement, Gilbert Kagodora said Mugabe’s inauguration was no cause to celebrate.

“The election issue remains a farce. Even though MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai filed a notice for withdrawal of his petition the courts rejected that. Trying to sanitise this event is like putting lipstick on a frog,” Kagodora said.

Silver Bhebe, a political analyst said Zimbabweans should not allow themselves to be prisoners of the past.

“The election period is now over, and we need to move on as a nation and no one should hold this country at ransom. Honestly I think the future for Zimbabwe is very uncertain. The future of Zimbabwe will depend on whether the Zanu-PF government reform agenda comes up with a policy shift especially with regards to indigenisation, because it is scaring off the much needed investors,” said Bhebe.

He suggested Zanu PF should drop indigenisation, eradicate corruption, engage the international community, restructure the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as well as reallocate underutilised land to competent farmers regardless of race.

“Zanu PF should retain the multi-currency regime for at least two years, strengthen fiscal discipline by downsizing cabinet and exercise proper accountability especially in diamond mining. They should also refrain from looking West or East, but should look forward and harness all opportunities available,” he said.

MDC-99 leader Job Sikhala said the inauguration should take place to allow the country to move on.

“We have got major events such as the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) General Assembly which is a few days away and it cannot take place without a government in place. However, Zanu PF has been there for the past 33 years and their record has not been impressive. They campaigned on the platform of economic empowerment and we will closely audit them on that front to see if the policy is not going to be another land reform grab which only benefited Zanu PF activists,” Sikhala said. “The national economy does belong to all Zimbabweans and we eagerly wait to see how those opposed to Zanu PF will be treated in the programme. Mugabe might want to leave a last impression and a legacy by trying hard to make the economy move. However, the greedy vultures in his party will always be there to scuttle his efforts. Success will depend on how he will deal with the corruption.”


  1. Gadzwai gushungo kuti tinyatso mama ndapota todawo chinotimba pafinance pliz zvimwe mari yengoda tingaiwanewo

    1. This is too mch guyz, sekuru “5 years” kumberi uku nhy!!!!!!!!

  2. Who is celebrating mahumbwe akadai? Sadza remavhu neweti, nemota dzemawaya..Its a non-event! There is no way people in a stadium are asked to celebrate when Dynamos scores, it must be a reflex action. But this ceremony, to be attended by 40 dull heads of failed african states is child-play. People in Vungu, Chendambuya etc are the ones who should say the election was free and fair, not some other people from underworld.

    1. Cde Muzvinavhu(Prof)

      @ Kungeke????? Why not keep your sour grapes lamentations to your self? Are you not also celebrating Morgan`s political demise , after your Bennet ran away with the sinews of neo colonial project? Please accept my sincere political condolences to MDCT!

      1. now we can clearly see a bright future for zimbabwe viva gushungo

      2. And you keep yours to yourself . do you know what Cde stands for…/

    2. Musagwadziwa…..ini nevamwe ve mu Africa neveku Zimbabwe tiri kupemberera kugadzwa kwa President wedu

  3. Cant even hide it but Im one person who will be in tears today.
    And i know my God shall hear me.
    Our levels of tolerance are just being stretched to the extreme by this ruthless dictator and an elite few.
    But i know as long as God is just, this Mugabe thing is going to crumble as it rose,

    1. Did God tell you that?

    2. Hey you stop Blaspheming…..

    3. Hapana tolerance apa, you just do not have any choice! You abuse the name of God and behave as if Mwari havazive zvavanoita! Wava nemakore mangani uchinamata? Sei usingagamuchire minduro yaurikupihwa naMwari.

    4. I also prayed to God for people who called for sanctions which in turm ruined my live for them never ever to rule Zimbabwe and God heard my prayers now going to ask him to root out corruption in gvt,business,,mp’s and from all parties and l know he will hear me.

    5. Zimbabwe Patriot

      If you are a True Christian as you claim to be you know its not Christ-like to wish someone dead, but rather to pray for them because the battle is never yours it is God’s. A man or woman of God intercedes in a time like this if they are directly affected by all this. I would encourage you to fast and pray so that God leads you in the right path. Why was Baba Guti and AFM and the other Churches present there. Dont be lost Spiritually.


  5. Today is a day i cant take in my entire life. Its a national funeral and grand theft being celebrated by the cursed, deceived and the oppressed.

  6. @tukaz
    unenge unopenga iwe.
    What proof were you expecting when the puppet judges ruled never to release the poll evidence?

  7. hezvoka ndiwe unopenga coz wat wz posted outsyd polling stations z wat u wer gona find in ballot boxes. All tht u wntd 2 do z delay tha process by @ least 3mnths. Kana masvotwa rutsai. Long live Gushungo though wl b @ hme celebrating tha best dy of my lyf

    1. You mea POLLIO STATIONS wakamboona zvakaita polling station here ?
      How can millions vote in hours when hundreds of Policemen and soldiers failed to vote.
      What else do you need to see a Rigger

  8. So iwe dube you are part of the judicial humbwes? those concourt rulings are judicial humbwes.its pure child play. the learned judge ended up attacking the person of the applicant, whats wrong in granting them access to material used in the election to challenge inconsistencies? Endai kuCHILD PLAY yenyu mega, but know that the Majority Zimbabweans are not happy, its a fact!

  9. Haiwa! Nyararayi tinewayenzi mumusha so let us all congratulate and honour thunderouslyour head of family. I for one am humbled indeed by the strong presence of the Tanzanian delegation (nakupenda na moyo wote) and as always needed in great friendships, theirs is BIG NOISE quietly. BIG. Viva Tanzania viva! Pamberi ne unity yeZimbabwe’s peoples and the UNITED REPUBLIC! Pamberi na RG Mugabe! unity unity unity united!

  10. Saka mazimba hatina brain, toendesa sekuru kujana isu takarara zvedu. Hationewo here kuti sekuru vanofanotisiira tovashandira vakagara zvavo!!! Shame on us?? Hatina pfungwa dziri sharp

  11. What does Tanzania have to show for their many years of independence? CHii chinoshamisirawo kuTanganyika paungatorwa mufananidzo? those are failed states, thats why rational people go to Canada, USA,UK, German and work, look after their families and prosper without joining the ruling elite!

    1. pasi navo toti pmberi navo ivo vasinadi kupa vamwe chitanda parelay sei

  12. @Kungeke
    you are wrong to say the majority Zimbabweans are not happy, it’s NOT a fact. The majority voted for Mugabe and ZANU PF, polling station statistics endorsed by polling agents clearly indicate so. What you may mean is MANY are not happy because 1 million people are indeed many. The MDC’s petition was meant only to try and delay State processes and hold the nation at ransom yet they knew the truth. Do not complain about the person of the applicant being attacked by the good Judge because the applicant himself has on countless occasions attacked the person of those in the Judiciary. In spite of your bitterness I sure hope you will not deliberately try to derail national progress and development in the hope of smearing the new government.

  13. 90yrs here wakomana zvoonyadzisa pasirese, + apa mari hatina. Isu allover the world tabreaker record yekushandisa harahwa kkkkkkkk shame stereki

    1. Takeiteasy Marcaves

      Gonzalo uri chimbwa mupengo chaicho. Infact you musnt be allowed to write on this forum. You a disgrace to your own parents and the nation at large. Unorwadziva nekudiwa kwemunhu nekugona kwake haunyari? Manje whether the sun turns green or yellow isu tirikufara not just kungo fara asi kufarisisa because we defeated the enemy including you our enemy. Uri dhongi chairo rinomira pakati peroad kana kutorara njere zero zero zero!!!

  14. Muwonzora is alleging that the election were stolen frm Mdc-t. Am surprised by such day dreaming by a learned man like him. The elections pitted four political parties bt out of 4 mdc-t is making a lot of noise. Why? Is it coz th other parties are a nullity? We hope th party stops making noise hence forth.

    1. The other three are Zanu pf parties . Its You who is not learned who does not know that
      Zanu mushrooms like Ncube to split votes.

  15. Mdc wateva(T,N,M,99)hazvirevi kuti zimbabwe.We knw a million or so will be in tears coz makabheja bhiza rine nhumbu kuwinna race and around 2 million r jubillant.So kune avo varikuti ndiani arikufara,pliz musatibhohwe,chingotii murikuchema.Dont think coz u hve a funeral kwenyu,vane michato havafari

  16. Today is the day the lord has made. I will be there in flesh to witness first hand this day which is as important as 18 April. I will actually lobby that we have 2 independent day 18 April and 22 August because on these 2 days we managed to beat the Brishit hands down. It should be easy to get a million signatures for this petition and probably get a few diamonds for myself in the process.

    I say that because ZPF has all the solutions to our problems. Sanctions, we will deal with them by looking east and the west can keep their sanctions and we can keep our Chinese. Drought, I can confirm we have had a meeting with God so that we shall have bountiful rains since we have beaten the evil west hands down. Indegenisation, by transferring shares 1 million jobs shall be created. We will create 1 million more jobs by opening all those companies that were closed down, Zisco, Zim Alloys, Bata, NRZ, Dunlop, David Whitehead, Cone Textiles, Blue Ribbon, Lobels, Olivine, Zimcast, all the indeginous banks, the list is endless (so are thenumber of jobs that will be created). On electricity we shall use Rotina Mavhunga to create electricity from lightning. Agricultural finance, another Rotina solution, we shall use a snake that makes US dollars and use it to finance the industry so that we do not have to import food from Zambia (gosh of all places). And finally we shall smoke our lungs with our ever increasing production in tobacco to give us the wisdom to improve our people’s lives.

    1. Iwe ndiwe wakanyatso zvipengera.

  17. Chembere yekwaChivi

    Tell Zimbabweans not to worry about foreigners flooding their country to witness the demise of an old president in an ”inaugural funeral” penciled for the giant national sports stadium which overlooks the national heroes acre.

  18. oh lord what have we done to you to deserve such a curse,we are now a laughing stoke in whole world,billions of inflation,an ageing stinking for ever puffing old useless idiot as our leader,he can,t spend two minutes without dozing,lord can,t you have mercy on us please.

  19. oh lord what have we done to you to deserve such a curse,we are now a laughing stoke in whole world,billions of inflation,an ageing stinking for ever puffing old useless idiot as our leader,he can,t spend two minutes without dozing,lord can,t you have mercy on us please.

  20. Iwe NyikaNdeyedu, ibvaaaaaa! Those are partisan judges playing judicial mahumbwes! Majority of Zimbabweans dont support that zanny party, they fear it, maybe you are one of them who fear zanny. The petition was a genuine attempt to allow courts to grant them access to material to use as evidence that the election was a sham. Even sister Rita knows it that she was not in control. We no longer have confidence in those zanny judges, masquerading as learned interpreters of the law. You have already started blaming mdc for national processes! iweeee! musoro sedamba! Your judges cant rescue BYO industries, your victory will no finish Tokwe Mukosi dam, neither will it make Mbire an economic hub. Plus you zanny people you hate CAPITAL. Capital cannot be indigenized unfortunately.

    1. I thought you had something constructive to say and not call me names, it shows you just emotional and shallow.

    2. Takeiteasy Marcaves

      lke your name uri Kungeke chaiye. Asi uri mwana weone of the bogus lawyers representing your fututu chematama? Siyana nemajudges iwe hauna kana chimwe chaunoziva nelaw. But muriright mamdct because each and every day munopa masupporters kuZANUPF yedu. Rambayi makadaro 2018 totora twese netwo mange masara natwo tumaseats. Uchaona kuti panosvika gore kupera unenge vave wega.

  21. Chembere yekwaChivi

    Tell Zimbabweans not to worry about foreigners flooding their country to witness the demise of an old president in an ”inaugural funeral” penciled for the giant national sports stadium overlooking the national heroes acre.

  22. A Zanu PF chief injustice inaugurating a Zanu PF cadre ! The circus is surely in town . kkkkkkkkk

  23. Kune vanoti he tichamama,he,muchamama mega nekuti majaira kuitira zvinhu “neshamwari dzinemari”.those who believe in themselves and r innovative will c vast opportunities.Hamutadzi kumama imi muchida kumirira 5 yrs kuti muzokumbirazve rubatsiro kumashamwari enyu,ndokunge vachine basa nemi.Ko avo vanongoti non-event vanoziva zvavari kutaura here.That non-even will render them ex-MPs,Ministers apa ichigadza mutungamiriri vavo.Ndaiti ndichemaz chete anongovavata,izvo isyndrome yemuparty

    1. charles charingeno

      @Carter. I for one I am not personally worried on who is ruling. I do not blood care!!!! I am interested in:
      (1) Having electricity all the time.
      (2) Employment of all our unemployed(90% of the population).
      (3) Good Health Care and Education.
      (4) Equality at law and removal of the culture that if you are of one political party you can commit any crime with impunity.
      (5) The ZRP nuisance on the road depriving us of our freedom.
      (6) Rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge road that is raking in $36000 usd per day.
      (7) Improved civil servants salaries.
      (8) Diamonds benefiting everyone.

      I can bet you with my last dollar that your ZPF does not understand all these basic humanitarian requirements. The human part of ZPF was long removed. Please mark my words! After 5 years more looting of diamonds would have taken place, vamwe vachibira final chaiyo!

    2. Takeiteasy Marcaves

      Taura zvako Carter iyi inonzi party yevarwere wepfungwa.

  24. A Zanu chief justice inagurating a Zanu cadre 2 be president of Zimbabwe.Where’s the circus gonna be at tizouyawo tabva kuinaguration yemutungamiriri weZimbabwe

  25. Its a non-event Jimmy Carter. Even your name is not local futi, double standards. Your president ceased t be a legitimate president in 1996. Thereafter, he has never won an election. Anyway, go ahead with your mahumbwes, CHILD-PLAY, nesadza renyu rezvimagaba. Mari dzamaitora mumaRoad blocks, toll gates muchinyima Biti, dzaakudiwa naMinister wenyu weFinance. Coltart, Biti, Madzorera had worked hard to buy books, medicines imwi muchiviga mari. its now OVER.. i will not sanitise that egwugwu ceremony..Vast opportunities dziriko even in DRC, but its how you treat INVESTMENT that matters. heheeee rakazvirova rikazhamba!!

    1. Takeiteasy Marcaves

      Iwe hapana anombokuda pa this event and no one will ever notice your absence uri chiyiwo zvako iwe timburwa panyama yehuku? Swera uchidziidzira kachirungu kakataurwa nababa vako the ever loosing one “CHILD-PLAY” but wombochinjawo kuti musabve manyanya kutaridzawo udofo hwenyu kupasi rose.

  26. zvakatooma hazvo….

  27. Its a Funeral for Zimbabwe, next five years nechi government chisina musoro.

  28. Those who Support Tsvangirai muchafa neBP becoz nothing will Change. We always tel you kuti Tsvangirai wl never Rule this beloved Zimbabwe. Mwonzora & his fellows wl soon Legitimise RG MUGABE, just give them a few days. Reality wl Soon strike them.

  29. YAH I SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vakomana at a tym like this it called CATCHING THE ENEMY AT HIS WEAKEST POINT vachifara kudaro isu tonozara ipapo EGYPTIAN STYLE then the so called heads of state can see that the majority of zimbabweans are not happy with th election and this day signifies the death of our hopes of a future on our land………cry my beloved Zimbabwe RISE UP…………..NDINI NDADARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Tanzania is a great friend of Zimbabwe vakomana. Listen, there, can you hear her speaking? BIG NOISE! BIG, quietly!!

  31. Zimbabweans must come together and celebrate to departure of Cde RG Mugabe from office. MDC-Tea and Tsvagirai must forget about leading this country. A new political party will be formed in Zimbabwe.

    The political party will be non-regional, non-tribal and will be cross-sectional. It will never have a face of an individual as its symbol. We will go back to the Sotsha Eliphethe umntwana errar of the 1980s.

    The new political party will be for all Zimbabweans who live in it, not the Zanu PF/MDC Tea?Mavambo business parties belonging to a few individuals.

    Now my fellow countryman listen and listen to me for l have a vision from those who departed for the liberation of the country.

    I NANSI LENDODA ask you to mark my words…. I told Tsvangirai and he never believed me, Welshman wanted to steal my idea and Dabengwa listened but thought l was refering to his Mavambo/Kusile or Zapu.

    1. another five years missery, abject poverty ,autocracy,shortage of basic services electricity, water deteriorating roads closure of businesses increase of corruption.What have we done to deserve this ?

  32. I once said if people on this forum were put in one room surely a fist fight would break out! Thus how uncle B has unified the nation indeed! Another day in paradise!

  33. ini handiendeko kunoona kasekuru kasina mukanwa kanotuka vasinapfungwa vachiuchira, hapana munhu asina kukosha pamberi paMwari:ndakazvarwa achitonga,mwana wangu akazvarwa achitonga,handione chinonzi election muno,mudhara uyu hameno kuti munhu kana kuti bhora rikapasiranwa wani,cup dzemitambo dzikachinjanwa wani,nhasi Brazil mangwana Italy Spain ikaita one kurigga.

  34. There is nothing to celebrate this broad daylight robbery. Mugabe never won this election. Many questions have not been answered. Why are they refusing to give parties access to voting material if things are transparent. Why was the supreme court refusing testimonies and cross examination. Is that a fair trial. They are covering the rigging which was done. We won’t celebrate a robber ‘s looting. The game just started, we will not fold ourhands until we liberate ourself

  35. @ Lovemore ! Don’t be clouded in your drunkenness, dira mhamba yako mvura. Lobels and Bata are functional. Infact Lobels has acquired state of the art equipment and has bettered bread quality. Iwe ne indigenisation tangawo rako bakery to counter that. Bata is on on a month long maintenance shut down. Hw does Bata function when you and your friends allow the chinese to bring in shoes dze dollar for 2 ? Iwe and yo cronnies ndimi muchanyatso vharisa mamwe macompany nenyaya ye zwd. By the way wht makes you think that you can run a bank where you own 51pc when you failed to run banks were you owned 100pc? Who owned all those banks that closed ? What has changed on the ground ?

  36. ko maregerei kugadzana usiku,mbavha dzinoda kuonererwa masikati,apa matiwanzira,anyway its the Last of gushungo,mwari vakumirirai,fambai nemutsa

  37. the truth of the matter is that mugabe’s term starts today. whether he takes us to paradise or to hell again only time will tell.

  38. Happy to b in Zim, esp today!

  39. Well I suppose lets wait to see what happens when the pipe band stops playing…Lets pray and hope this marks the beginning of a new page…Funny though it is quite difficult for me to hold my breath..but then nothing surprises me anymore. We could be headed for paradise, wouldnt that be nice???

  40. Fake Inauguration

    Big election thief being installed into fake presidency…. It breaks my heart.

  41. nyika yafa kutanga nhasi until 2018

  42. uuuuu what a shame gvt…. God is watching

  43. I must say that from the beginning Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma never stood for Zimbabwe. They stood for themselves because it was their reputations at stake. I can’t possibly imagine that Obasango after all the tricks and games he played in Nigeria came to oversee an election that involved a trickster just like him. In 2003 Obasanjo won a heavily disputed election just like Mugabe did in 2008 and now in 2013. In 2007 Obasanjo tried to change his country’s constitution so he could run for another term. Fortunately he failed because the Nigerian system does not allow him to change the constitution. Thabo Mbeki tried to do something similar in South Africa. When he realised that Zuma was his biggest enemy he attempted to persecute Zuma using the courts. For years Thabo Mbeki sided and supported Mugabe while Zimbabwe suffered. Zimbabweans went through every hardship because he was more interested in his financial interests in Zimbabwe than in telling off Mugabe for fear of losing out on his investments. The next thing we know is Zuma has been elected as South African mediator. Zuma inherits a bad deal and soon realises he has to put some effort because the pressure is mounting on Zimbabwe. The man who had a shower after engaging in casual sex is now tasked with the very serious task of creating a roadmap to the holding of Zimbabwe’s elections. Everything Zuma did was all for show because nothing ever actually changed. Lets not forget how much Zimbabweans spend in South Africa. Almost all the basics on shelves in Zimbabwe originate mainly from South Africa. If Zimbabwe changes how would Zuma explain the change in GDP to his fellow countrymen. South Africa is not for Zimbabwe they are for their own interests. The media in Zimbabwe was never reformed, the election body (ZEC) never changed and the courts remained filled with Mugabe’s judges. The MDC T was fighting a losing battle from the day they decided to join this shaky coalition. In all this time they were trying to fight but it was a waste of time. Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma goes to the extent of saying “I had meetings with all the leaders and from what they have told us, they are willing to accept the result even if they have not won and the process was fine. No one said to us that we are not going to accept the result,” . After the election she goes to the extent of saying we knew Mugabe was going to win. The MDC T had a bad team pretending to be for them when all along they were fighting for the other team. This is the folly of African politics. They are all gathered in Zimbabwe to show support for their comrade. They are comrades indeed, they fight one war to oppress and plunder the poor and weak in Africa. In Africa you can not just go to see the president you pay to see him. African presidents are like kings, in the West presidents are civil servants, they work for the people.ZANU PF did a good job but we are not convinced.

  44. gwenyambira dhewa

    lets celebrate this special day pliz! Remember we have introduced indegenisation & its now in fullswing. We have chased away uncooperative whites and indegenised their companies, the likes of shabanie mine, blue ridge spar. Their owners, the likes of mutumwa mawere, james makamba we chased them away coz they are white men. We have embraced our indegenous chinese to run our industry & are now enjoying the benefits of $1.00 for hobho. Viva president wedu & zpf!! Pambili neindegenisation!!!




    WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Takeiteasy Marcaves

    Nhasi mamdct muchawawata kusvikira maita nyongo. Asi one thing that is for sure and irreversable tatopinda isu varume. Kunyambo tuka zvinengeyi hazvichinji. Chimbofungayi kwamakabvira muchingotuka muchingoshoropodza zvakakubatsirayi chii? Pamunenge muribusy kutuka isu tinenge tichirovera bhora mberi. VaMugabe vatowepo panyanga izvozvi. Mbare Chimurenga yakakuimbirayi wani kuti muna Bob muOffice and hazvichinji. Tsvangson achatononga chete sadza mumabin because aripanguva yakapenga. Comrade Honourable Chinos ndiwo MP wekumusha kwake and ini ndirimo muarea in support of our Honourable Cde Joseph Chinotimba. Iye haana kana constituency yaanomirira. Haaa!! Maone chaiwo. Makorokoto Gushungo makorokoto Zimbabwe makorokoto vana weZANUPF!!! Ndotiwo makorokoto kumamdct ose ngekuti mune nyambo dzinodamburisa mbabvu nekuseka. NDATENDA BYEEEEE!!! GNU 4 years wasted.

  47. pamberi namugabe vanhuwe hanzi mari yema diamonds tichadya tose,ma civil servants mari tii,magetsi nemvura mahara imi makuwerere……kikikikiki hanzi zanu yachinjawo its the new mdc

  48. Who cares about the stupid INAGURATION. He was voted into the office by the very same people who are now complaing.

  49. zvakaoma weduweee 61% akaitora kpi bob??????? A sad day in zim politics,anothr 5yrs being used by ths octo will be very painful i cry for our economy our health,education is going to the dust bins. Hanzi zim ine best education 98% wanogona kunyora y maticha aiti hatigone kunyora nxaaaaaaaa zanu pf is very silly

  50. zvakaoma weduweee 61% akaitora kpi bob??????? A sad day in zim politics,anothr 5yrs being used by ths octo will be very painful i cry for our economy our health,education is going to the dust bins. Hanzi zim ine best education 98% wanogona kunyora y maticha aiti hatigone kunyora during voting day nxaaaaaaaa zanu pf is very silly

    1. It seems it is the same speech he gave in 1980 but just that instead of Britain alone he is mad at MDC also. same promises, same hope + indeginization. Hope zanu delivers this time

  51. ve Tanzania vauya vakawanda just to show you how they conducted thier ever impressive succession .Svodaiwo

  52. Tanzania is a failed state, with poverty ruling most districts. Mwinyi, Mkapa and Kikwete show that you can rule a country for your term and step aside? At least Zimbabwe has two former prime ministers, Tsvangirai and Mugabe..

  53. Tichati baba, asi tikasatsvaga dzedu pfuti tichagaro chema,tarisai paMoskeni RENAMO haidheererwe..Kana yada kujamuka inojamukira futi apa gvmt inotovanyengerera unonzwa hainonoke kuti huyai titauririrane…uku kwatiri kuitwa ndiko kudheererwa kwekupedzeseresa..ngatitsvagei dzegu AK47

  54. down with unpleasing and unfocused manifesto of tsvancry and his boys.

  55. All in God’s time, thats all il say

  56. i hate mugabe to death

    ‘zimbabwe will neva be a colony again ‘ it olready is Mugabe has colonised our minds wth his colonial era speehes …i peasonally am tired of him his party has fail fr the last 5 termz in office …..i jus wnt wek up go to wek nd knw tht my chldren ‘s future is secure ooooh God hev mercy

  57. if u fil dat u ar suppressed, shops ar ful of ropes go hang an leave us in harmony

  58. zim nids progress hey not waste our effort ;time ;money discussing unachievable things here. for mdc its not over remember zanu formed 1963 get into power in 1980 mathematically is 17 years.mdc 1999 today 2013 you has three more years to come.even mr mugabe is watching this trends more carefuly. mdc the way you do shows civilisation through understanding modern politics. you have to fight wat we call cold war but bear in mind the people who are suppose to vote for you. for zanu is your time and space to redress their errors.mininstry of finance for mnagangwa ;foreign affairs sekeramayi.defence mohadi.state security -chiwenga.mines muzembi.

  59. Kana sekuru kana mbuya vasingadi kuti vazukuru wawashandire kubika kuhuni kundochera mvura chero kumagirosa vazukuru vose vanosiya chembere ichizviitira. Chero kunyura mumvura siyai zvakadaro. Hamuoni here kuti ivo vamunoti mahead of states acho auya kuzoona kusakwana kweharawa inorambira papoto nokukara Muto vazukuru vachipfachukira pachiwanze. Uku ndiko kupera kwazvo very soon we will jump with joy zvapfuura.

  60. Eh manhu vataura takunzwai, vanoti viva Gushungo nevanoti handizvo. Mose you are right in your own ways, but what is right in your own ways is not necessarily right in God’s eyes. Remember in everything there are two records, man’s record and God’s record. Man’s record is usually rekuzvifadza handitika? Eh, unokwanisa kubira vanhu and use people vaya vasingaone kuti vatsagire record rako rawazvigadzirira iwewe handiti? Tinavo vanhu vakadoro mayes man vonongotsigira zvavasingazive, vamwe nekuti vanopihwa hwahwa nezvimwewo zvakadaro. Hausi mumwe wavo here?

    Asi now, God’s record is perfect and will stand and NO MAN can alter it. When the time comes God takes his perfect record and it is only that record that He uses.
    Uyezve, nyaka nevanhu vose havasi vemunhu, Nyika ndeyaMwari. Zvino Mwari vakanyarara zvavo nekuti whatever is happening. Mwari does not always act according to man’s time and pace, ndosaka even mbavha can go on stealing and killing people for long and then from nowhere in His own perfect time, He will bring everything to an end.

    Saka ndirikuti manokwanisa kufara pachokwadi (kana makawina nemaererano anofarirwa naMwari muridzi wenyinka nevanhu vose) uyezve munokwanisa kufara nhema (kana makawina nemutowo usingadiwe naMwari. Though shall not cheat! Though should not persecute God’s people)
    And munokwanisa kuchema chokwadi (kana makabirwa according to God’s perfect record) uyezve munokwanisa kuchemera mahara (According to Gods perfect record). Handiti?

    Chanetsa ndechekuti kwaita vatengesi mumusangano, nevaye vanamafikezolo vasingazive kuti chinangwa chemusangana chaiva chekubvisa kutungamiriri hwechidzvinyiriri. Vamwe havazive kuti chizvinyiriri chaimborevei? Tairambidzwa even kutaurira murungu chokwadi taibva tasunga. Zvino tadzokera paye pekuti munhu akatura pfungwa dzakasiyana nedzedu, ah aipa, amudzvinyiriri, hoyo takumutuka nekumushoropodza. Ndirikutiiko? Vaye varikuchema respect them. They must not be forced to celebrate. Havasi vatengesi. Kuhondo even there was Zapu

  61. And Zapu is the one which was fighting for land equalities plus general imbalancies against apartheid yet someone’s zanu was a darling of queen Eliza.My parents were slaughtered by zanu fifth brigade in 1983 hence I will never ever forgive zanu pf until gukurahundi is addressed.

  62. I am happy, and i shall cry, weep, wail, mourn whatever you call it the day the western puppets & stooges will win (if they ever will) and one of their own gets sworn in as Zimbabwean president. Today i am actually celebrating. This is patriotism, Africanism victory over neo-colonialism and neo-imperialists and their sworn stooges the MDC-Tsvangirai. Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans, aluta continua..the struggle goes on unabated.

  63. Gukurahundi tendencies

    The fact remains that there is no way you can resist electoral and democratic reforms if your intention is to win fairly – you resist only because you intend cheating – PERIOD!!

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