Mugabe calls for forced HIV, Aids testing

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has suggested Sadc should adopt forced HIV and Aids testing to curb the endemic because those who are volunteering to be tested are not necessarily the infected people.

Elias Mambo in Lilongwe, Malawi

Addressing heads of states and government at the 33rd Sadc summit in Lilongwe during the Aids Watch Africa meeting yesterday, Mugabe said Sadc should come up with methods to compulsorily test everyone in the battle to stop the spread of the disease.

“While there is need to respect rights of individuals, there is need to subject everyone to examinations because those who volunteer are not the ones who have been infected,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe also urged Sadc member states to adopt an Aids levy which goes a long way in purchasing of anti-retroviral drugs and support for the orphans.

“In my country we are paying a levy, a small percentage, but it goes a long way in making sure that the drugs are found as demand increases,” he said.

However, the new Sadc chairperson, Malawian President Joyce Banda, said if the regional bloc adopted the Zimbabwean approach, then some would not be elected come election time in their countries for introducing high taxes.

There was drama as Mugabe almost missed the meeting and appeared half an hour later while the proceedings were underway.

Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, Foreign Affairs minister Simbararshe Mumbengegwi and Central Intelligence Organisation boss Happyton Bonyongwe held an impromptu meeting and decided Mumbengegwi should stand in for Mugabe who did not show up on time.

Confusion reigned supreme as no communication was sent to the delegation by presidential spokesperson George Charamba. However, when he finally arrived, a visibly tired Mugabe stole the media limelight as attention was directed at him as he struggled to walk.

Heads of states and governments were treated to a banquet at State House on Saturday night.

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  1. wadaro washata Mugabe wenyu uya tomanikidzirweizve

  2. This shows that the guy was only voted into power by Nikuv. Zimbabweans never said they wanted compulsory HIV testing!

    1. He was just waffling

      At which point did he say Zimbabweans said they did? It is HIS suggestion.

      It has been discussed lots of times before in Zimbabwe in all sectors of society. And has been a debate issue for decades. It has been the consensus that forced testing would violate people’s privacy and will increase stigma.

      But AIDS Levy has been a great achievement in terms of provision of treatment and drugs. We just need more accountability on its usage

    2. Those that voted for him did

  3. I kinda doubt this report is true

  4. Papa Wembachatung

    Mugabe is one of the direct agents of aids thru his policies of impoverishment,rape during election time etc.Forcing pple does not guarantee prevention.Listen to the Word o God that focuses on the cause of mankinds problems-sin.Destroy sin and aids also goes away

    1. Silly

      1. Thats the reason u are problably infected…reason sounds silly to u.simpleton

  5. Soon in Zimbo yu will be arrested for not carrying a certificate showing your status. Zimbolicious, Zanulicious.

  6. Semhalo warasika papi; this is zim style these certificates will be rigged also to show zanu pf mps 0% infection and and other s 99% infection.

    After that with 100USd you will be able to get a new certificate saying you have never been infected.

    P.S. you will need a fully paid up party card to get that cerificate though.

  7. Let sleeping dogs lie

  8. Forced testing!!! Those that voluntarily go, are they all getting the drugs even with the aids levy? This forcing people to do things is going out of hand. SADC be ware! All your rights will be taken away. Starting with the forced HIV testing.

  9. Why are you afraid of being tested? If mapositori now agree to have their children vaccinated, why not being tested as this strategy is for planning purposes and our rights are enhanced as those are positive can demand treatment as part of their rights

    1. Uri Gandanga chairo iwe Gandanga.
      What will be the validity of the test? It is known that soon after tesing some people can still indulge in unprotected sex. So it is a worst of resources to have a forced HIV test.
      I have not heard about SADC discussing really issues that affect citizens, such as jobs, integration and how to attract foreign investment in the region as a collective. Instead they are busy talking about trivial issues. Hamunyari madhara eSADC.

  10. I am positive but i agree to this.think about future generations,tanzwa nekuzadza vana vevanhu.forced testing the way to go otherwise wil continue spreading

    1. You have a point but also putting across your selfishness and to an extent cruelty. If you are positive dont go around infecting people, just condomise when having sex. Compulsory testing is practised even in the UK. If you are from a high risk population (Black African or Gay), they test you if you are admittde to hospital. Your rights only come in on whether you want to know the results or not. If you don’t want they dont give you. That way, they know how to treat you approapriately and how the nurses should protect themselves as well. This is how most of us in the UK end up being paraded by ZIm nursese here.

  11. Yes ngazvitange nekunaana Girinya vairigga maelection,zoenda nekuma- bricks zvoenda ku….. zvoenda kuZEC tigoona kuti munozorigga maelection zvakare here?

  12. I think it is a good idea if the issue of HIV testing is handled properly. This will help the government in planning and mobilizing the required resources for treatment and prevention. What we need is for the responsible authorities to keep information of the results as confidentially as possible so as to avoid the information falling into unauthorized hands. I just wonder why people are afraid to get tested, it is for your own good. If you are negative you then strive to maintain that status and if you are positive you then go on treatment which is now available.

  13. Absurd, illogical indeed! Forced testing won’t make people responsible and won’t end the spread of the virus.

  14. Well said President. When patients suffering from TB and small pox are quarantined its called protection of the other patients. Why should patients leaving with HIV be allowed to ruthlessly spread the pandemic. After testing they should be tagged. Given the numbers and proportions, Takawandisa. That will totally eliminate the stigma. Ceteris paribus. Corruption.

  15. isu tirikuda kuudzwa nezveEconomy not izvi….

  16. Its a good idea. We support it 100% but it must start with the Presidium, followed by Politburo members, then central committee members, then all Zanu card carrying members before it is rolled to everyone. If it is implemented like the national youth service leaving the who is who, its a national curse again for the country. If the Politburo doesn’t show up for the testing, it must be dropped.

    I remember Bob is on record saying his close allies are the ones on ART and spreading it to the young ones like veld fire.

  17. Good suggestion in the same vein SADC stop anyone above 90yrs to rule. This will really help the old to rest

  18. Its already happening and has been happening for over a decade to pregnant women who seek healthcare if I remember correctly. They are not told they will be screened for HIV but their blood is tested. I think its a great idea as long as the counselling is available before and after as well as access to the ARVs.


    Forced testing should be carried out in Churches where polygamy is practised.


    Compulsory testing should be carried out in churches, exempli gratia, Johane marange where polygamy is practiced.

  21. Forced testing is not a bad idea.Women have long been doing that the world over.It will help in the long run but Zanu must go .Forced testing must start with Chinamasa, Munangagwa,Mudede,Tomana then we will all know is for everyone and the result should be made public.I for one as a male Zimbabwean will be glad to be public tested and will encourage my folks to do the same but it must start from our forced ladership.They forced them selves on us.

    1. Goes to show how some people are obsessed with forcing matters.Wonder what they will force next?100% victory in every elections till donkeys grow horns.

  22. what we need is God and change in character of people .forcing us to be tested is not a solution

  23. the proposal is brilliant though its already being implemented nikuvukally in all health institutions. isnt it?

  24. he who goes for voluntary testing should then compel his partner or future partner to do the same so that he protects his status…we are not buying this idea of forced testing.

  25. @ number 1, its LIVING not LEAVING. Am now at number 1 and you go to number 2 since you have misspelled.

  26. AAhhaahhhh Ko ndezve kuginya bvurana futi… kkkkkkkk (FORCED TESTING) kkkkkk

    Kana usina certificate wanyura… kkkk Isu tinongo no rigger ma certificates… kana zvanetsa unopa officer ka 10.

  27. Eriza Tsvangson Macheka to be tested first

  28. Force, that’s what they know best. Forced to attend zanu pf rallies. Forced to vote for zanu pf. Forced to accept zanu pf win even when they clearly rigged elections. Forced to be tested for HIV in which none other citizens in other countries are forced to do. Nonsense.


    @ Gogodera, so you would RIG the HIV certificate if you test +ve? Kikiki…wandisetsa.

  30. To add to that we should implement compulsory male infant circumcision to save the next generation.


  32. Increasing the incidents where HIV testing is done would be good so that more people know their status and manage it. I would not agree with forced testing though.

  33. Compulsory testing has its own downfalls among them bribes to have the document if it means life and death. With sound health and social programs this Hiv should be declining. It has become a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension. Pple are living their full potential on medication. Now our situation does not allow that due to corruption. I hear some hiv drugs are being given to chicken when pple are dying. Hiv is no longer a deadly disease. In UK they have recently allowed hiv positive medics to carry out tasks they were barred. Eg operations. I feel Zimbabwe needs heath and social care programs that eliminate stigma rather than promote it. What happened to health for all by 2000?

  34. I forgot sometime ago MPs were asked to be tested and publish their results. That died a natural death. Now they want to impose it on people. I thought leaders lead by example?. Without the afore said programs in truely surppoting those infected nothing will help. It will give pple courage to meet their mp at an ARV clinic.
    Also testing pple against their will is a human rights issues unless it is in the public interest.

  35. too much this!!!! too much. get your wives to sit on it !!!

  36. surely is it not infringing on people ‘s human rights .

    1. Why not make cancer testing compulsory, if Mugabe is serious

  37. we support that 100%everyone should go and get tested .kana ari murume anofanira kupinda musmart by force

  38. That’s sound progressive grandpa, but lets start from the top coming down. And we don’t want to nikuv any where near our testing centres.

  39. Is this Mugabe going to provide medications for those tested positive??

  40. Start with all that rigged the election. If anyone test positive (males), cut thy organ. Otherwise I dont see the point.

  41. mose murikuramba HIV test ndimi munayo, hamusvodi kuda kuramba muchizodza vana vevanhu! ndivo vakakupai? kamani be tested and your results should be splashed for everyone to see mukaure!

  42. i see an HIV free generation but really for us to win the fight, it starts with knowing our status!!! mdara muriraiti

  43. Interesting Mr President. Todao kuziva vari pama ARV. Vana vedu vapera veduwe. Heee, “number yevana vangu haina mhoswa, vanoonekwa musi wandichafa”… a dangerous man ideed! Manje vangani vakadaro munyika medu. Hey you men respect yourselves and HIV will be under control. Test alone pasina behaviour change haibatsiri baba. Vakuru lets live by example.

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