Mudede evades voters’ roll questions

THE Registrar of Voters, Tobaiwa Mudede, yesterday refused to explain his failure to release the electronic copy of the voters’ roll, an issue now at the centre of the July 31 harmonised elections dispute.


The MDC–T alleges that the roll was doctored to suit Zanu PF’s interests.

According to provisions of the Electoral Act (Section 21), Mudede was obliged to furnish candidates with the hard and electronic copies of the roll “within a reasonable period of time”, but only the hard copy was made available just a day before the polls.

At a Press conference held in Harare, Mudede said the electronic version of the roll had become a “contentious” issue, before referring the question to one of his officers.

“The time we had was short. What we had to prioritise was the hard copy so that we could send them to the polling stations,” the officer, only identified as Muchira, said.

Pressed further on which — between the hard copy and electronic copy — would have been easier and faster to dispatch, the evasive Mudede said he had a right not to answer the question.

“I am entitled not to answer certain questions,” he said. “You can’t have a perfect system. There is always a 10% margin of error. This is
an international system.”

He accused the MDC–T of coming to collect the voters’ roll late in the day on July 30 following a court ruling to that effect, saying it was a deliberate bid to frustrate him.

“They sent their people at 4pm, but we had been expecting them in the morning. The idea of their coming at 4 o’clock was to disable me,” he
said. “I had to stop my staff from knocking off and we had to print the 1 958 copies they wanted.”

Mudede accused the MDC–T of double standards and came short of calling them bad losers, arguing that in 2008 they did not accuse him of manipulating the roll because they had bagged a significant number of seats.

“All over the world, when people lose, they point fingers. This is a different industry where a lot has to be said. If people win, they don’t talk and if they lose, they talk. It’s part of the game,” he said.

Turning to the Diaspora vote, Mudede said although his office had been registering Zimbabweans living abroad and he had personally gone to Kenya and South Africa to oversee the process, he was not authorised to speak on the matter.

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    1. Mitt Romney. I can’t imagine what he felt like when he lost to Barack Obama. The republicans paid the ultimate price for using flowed intelligence. So flowed, they coincided late thinking things could somehow turn around in their favour. Of course there is no comparison between Zimbabwe and a progressive democracy such as the United States but I am equally speechless. Disappointed. Hurting. How could the MDC loose by such a ridiculous margin?

      A rigging of such grand scale, we should have had the intelligence about it surely, I mean, we were part of government for five long years, WHY DID WE NOT SEE IT COMING?

      Why did we not at least use 2008 voters roll to figure out how ZANU PF cheated then?

      My best guess is in 2008, ZANU PF, quietly re-grouped and carefully re-strategised. The Resettled farmers produced a staggering USD600 million worth of tobacco this past season providing employment in the process and stacked the rural vote in their favour. In urban areas they simply messed up the voters roll and pampered the MDC leadership.

      And they came back in a big way, Rigged or not. Ready or Not. Here they are with a staggering 137 seats in parliament and still counting. In broad day light!

      And all we can say is its a farce? We need facts and figures.

      DEMOCRACY – they say, its the will of the people. In Zimbabwe, its the will of a 90 year old. Afamba. Atorwa nenguva. Then what?

      1. You can not compare the Obama victory with this sham. Nyarao kanhi. An “election” with no accessible credible voters roll, lopsided campaign access, up to the last minute poll location announcements, election machinery figures – registrar general and zec personalities are partisan. Feel free to celebrate your “landslide victory” It feels good to play with one self too, but that’s just about how far it goes

        1. your reasoning is preposterous,when elections are done every party is represented,same as when counting is done,saka zvako zvekuti partisian hazvishandi,wakaruza kwete kungorotomoka.

        2. Why is it that thousands of names were not found on the hard copy of the voters roll on the voting day but were only to be found on the electronic copy at command centres

      2. Besides disenfranchising all mdc areas during registration, Mudede proceeded to remove some names on the roll whilst also illegally distributing millions of registration slips to all who attended Zpf meetings.
        Mdc should hold their ground and refuse such an election result.

        1. Can you provide undisputed evidence that the so-called disenfranchised voters were MDC-T supporters and those who were registered were Zanu (PF) supporters. From personal experience when one goes to register as a voter what you require is your National ID and proof of residence and not Party Membership cards.

  2. MDC T should accept defeat and stop pointing fingers Zimbabweans have spoken he shld take it and go expand his party somewhereelse.Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans

    1. And who the F*ck are You!!!!

  3. Am happy wth decisions pple of Zim have made MDCT got no directions there is no rigging fokol lt was fair.hoping our decisions still will be a dream come true for us as youth taneta kushandira dzimwe nyika.Gushungu ndozvo bhora mugedhi

    1. As Youth right now you are not employed and your Vote was bought for a Scud!!!!!!

    2. U a lost broda/sister wake up nd join e struggle except if U related to zpf big fish like obert mpofu

  4. Izinja lezi zarigger we will never forgive them for this, nxaaa.
    There is only one way zimbabweans are left with to reclaim our independence from these pigs and we all know it!


    Zvakaoma. To prevent BPs and stress why not allow one part to rule if it means for eternity,let it be. I dont see any use of forming opposition parties, this will save a lot of resources.

  6. Nhai mukoma @ michaeledie are Mdc supporters not Zimbabweans?if people decide to have change because of hunger,unemployment,not able to pay school fees etc become foreigners? in 2008 your party was taken to the cleaners but they refused to leave office,

  7. the electronic version can be analyzed quickly thats why they did not give mdc and other candidates that copy

    1. Rodrick Chinamasa

      Everything wrong/suspect or duplicated can be picked up immediately…and mudhara uyu together with the judges have been told. Some kind of electronic roll shall be released, but not before Mugabe is sworn in (if he lives that long). Remember how he said achaita heart-attack kana atadza kuhwinha Harare…well, akatadza. Tamirira.

  8. Guided democracy will never get us anywhere. Why intimidate people to vote for you. People were threatened in Masvingo, Mash Central and Midlands rural. Newly ressetled farmers also voted for Zanu PF fearing the party will chase them away from the farms if they vote otherways.

  9. The man does not know that electronic is faster and easier rather than printing all those hard copies. We need people who know where the world is in these offices, kwete vanhu vakadzidza before the computer was manufactured ava.

  10. Whoever said MDC supporters are not Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans whether MDC or Zanu. Why personalise Zim?

  11. Whether this Election was Rigged or Not—– its Too Late
    But for both ZEC and the Registra General to say they had challenges with availing the electronic voters’ roll which is the source of the hard copy is senseless unless the hard copies were hand written. How do u print the hard copies if the electronic cant be availed.

    In my view the election day went on so well if there is anything that all the parties should have prevented especially the MDCs and ZAPU is agreeing to people using registration slips… goodness that was not wise.
    If I was the one in control of the RG’s office I would win this one too.
    I would make sure I target a number of people I want to bag, connive with the RG’s office and get some books and give lots to my cadres countrywide and do a targeted registration approach which I would continue up to the 6.45 pm on election day. The target number would be a product of modelling the 2008 results across the country and ensure whatever victory margin I needed

    Neutralise some constituencies by bussing people from areas with excess victories since all that was needed was a registration slip and legally so. Besides no ZEC official could differentiate a genuine from a fake since these are from the RG’s office not from their own.

    Instruct ZEC to print excess ballots in case my cadres overdo the targeted registration exercise.
    I mean without an electronic roll and allowing people to use slips ONLY with no proof of residence I tell you it dd not need ZANU PF to win this I could win it too with a landslide.
    Only that was needed was a control of the RG’s office and a pliable ZEC and believe you me that smart way of rigging wants you don’t notice it or prove it and allow an election to proceed you are done.
    You can never bring evidence post election….Not even a single day…Thats it ladies and gentlemen. Those parties who had no control over the RG’s office should have simple boycotted this one otherwise what is left is to be never caught napping in 2018.
    In 2018, there is a huge task of convincing people like me to VOTE…..If vigilance is not demostrated by parties to ensure professionalism and transparency in the conduct of elections.


  12. Perhaps this is asking a lot from journalists covering the poll but is this not ground for a rich scoop if you can avail the public with raw hard cold evidence that has eluded everyone if you can? This is what people really would like to see. Who else to do this BETTER than the journalist?

    1. I agree with you 100%. Why don’t we have statistics published about how this rigging could have been done. Is there a record of the number of people per polling station that voted by way of registration slips? It would be interesting to see those statistics per polling station. Also since ZEC published a full list of polling stations, it would be very interesting if they can publish the results per each such polling station rather than just give us the totals per/constituency. If there were extra polling stations established on polling day, which are those and how do their results affect the outcome of the election?

      1. Yes results per polling station are there and they were displayed for all to see after the counting and verification was done. MDC had nothing to offer period. It did not create a single job so how did they think they were going to fool us into creating a million jobs. Tsvangirai did not do nothing since he got into gov. His handlers did not give him money’s they had promised , remember he came back from Europe and the states with not a penny. ZANU worked hard to win voters while these guy did nothing think they are god given to winning the election. No you are not and you lost fare and square. You took the same attitude ZANU pf had in 2008 and remember wat happened to them. Never take the voters for granted. Go back to the drawing board and restrategize.

        1. what employment did Zanu brought,besides they are responsible for crippling the economy to its knees. We were very happy wen we discovered that we have diamond in Chiyadzwa but alas,they are proving to be a curse to this nation. Zanu work hard to steal this election thru dishing out voter registration slips to its supporters on the eve of the election day. Accept it or not but we shall meet in the course of the Mugabe term of office.

  13. Some of the notable quotes from the MorganTsvangirai (MT) and his Team
    … Murikuti murikushaya, manje muchashaisisa – MT
    … kwete kungo tubukatubuka pese pese sehowa – MT
    … main actor haafi – MT ( in reference to how he survived the accident that claimed his wife)
    … muchiri kugara mutumba twana Mbuya Nehanda nanhasi – MT addressing rural people
    … ndine shamwari dzangu dzine mari kana ndahwina dzichadira mari muno – MT
    … I was a bachelor saka ndaitsavaga anoita kuzoroora (defending his promiscuity) – MT
    … kwedu kune mabhuru saka vakadzi ndokwanomhanyira (Theresa Makone again trying to defend MT)
    … don’t ask me stupid questions unofunga ndingabe kamari and ukaita zvemangamanga ndinokusuwai to the mh***ta (Biti live on ZiFM)
    … kana underwear chaiyo hauna asi unongoti ndofira muZanu – MT

    Shuwa shuwa kana mazodyiwa moti tabiririrwa imwi maituka vanhu zvakadai let this be a lesson to all aspiring leaders don’t take people for granted unonyadziswa big tym

    1. and the other one about Stone Age scavengers…..

    2. True true true ko paye paakati ndichati kumachief makamira papi tinosangana pakuyambuka ambuya navatezvara .mukapinda mumapurazi umu varikurima mowa kikikiki

  14. where eagles dare

    MORGAN TSVANGIRAYI is the last man standing who, against ALL ODDS, challenged and defeated Robert Mugabe. Wamwe mose makapweta in your zany political part so sit down!

  15. Stupid people are those that succumb to intimidation,you will be alone in the booth so unotyei munhu kuisa x wako paunoda?
    Muchamama nenzara kumamisha ikoko,

  16. What blatant rubbish. Mudede has shown that he indeed acted albeit to help Zanu rig the contentious elections. How can he chose not to answer the important question of priority between electronic and hard copy voters roll. Any level-headed person will tell you that the electronic copy is easiest to distribute.

    Also his failure to provide adequate information on the failure to produce the voters roll in adequate time proves something is fishy here. These people are crooks and should never be trusted to lead the people of Zimbabwe. Their time is up as evidenced by this rampant rigging.

    1. iwe whats the fuss abt the voter’s role,it wasant going to change anything,who told you that all those who failed to vote are mdc supporters

      1. Taura zvako iwe

  17. Bhora mugedhi gushungo whow can one expects to win without delivering service to the people only supplying caps and t shirt service first winning later if one supplies service win automatically makorokoto gushungo

  18. Pafa mwana hapa shaiwe muroyi………ko paka DUCHE!

  19. @mdc for life. Where are you? Wanyata!!!! Dununu tapedza naro. Iwe wachiti kwido kuhwanda. Mugabe is still standing and in the Statehouse. Kamhunha Mwanzwora kaka itwa brought to size. Manyata.

  20. Bosso Ngenkani

    copy and paste that link


  22. which zimbabweans are u talking about? Thieves who stteal elections in broad daylight masquarding as the ppl.This is immoral and sickening.Alilanhloni zinja zothuvi nxaaa

  23. if l wz tsvangirai l wld retire 4rm politics as my zec personnel l seconded, polling agents ova 3000 of thm hv sold hm out

  24. mazeru mandirahwe

    so thats why ZeC pleaded with fake registration holders to go and vote after hours? l thot with vana Mai zvevotungamira pamberi….?

  25. Is there a record of the number of people per polling station that voted by way of registration slips? It would be interesting to see those statistics per polling station. Also since ZEC published a full list of polling stations, it would be very interesting if they can publish the results per each such polling station rather than just give us the totals per/constituency. If there were extra polling stations established on polling day, which are those and how do their results affect the outcome of the election?

    1. i like your thinking because its believed there are lots of “unofficial” polling stations where holders of “registration slips” cast their ballot. polling agents were made to sign “confidentiality forms” which would make it an offense to communicate the goings-on at the polling station. polling agents should be prepared to testify. its very unfortunate that a few are prepared to take chances with the dictators security. this election was rigged for sure. regai vati tonge though this time we wanted vatungamiriri.

    2. And we so fresh from the census..why dont you compare the voters register, total votes and census figures per constituency? I am not saying any rigging took place but in the spirit of putting these rigging issues to rest why not try this?? And why are our reporters not getting interviews with Dabengwa and Ncube??? Our journalists should not reduce the profession to name calling they should investigate issues in the public interest and report accordingly.

  26. (1) akakuudzai kuti vanhu vakadzoserwa kumba vasina kuvhota ndeve (mdc-t ) ndiani , ndeva makoni ,mugabe,tsvangirai,ncube,dabengwa ,kwete kuti ndeve mdc-t chete.(2) mangamusina ma agent enyu here ? Saka zvinoreva here kuti vakabhadharwa ne zanu pf . Zvimwe musatipedzere nguva bvumai chete kuti 2013 hausiwo mukana wenyu .kwete kungoomesa musoro apa .munotishurudzireiko mwari havasati vatendera

  27. Right now if you are still worried about which political party collected the majority seats or the newly elected head of state then you are either not Zimbabwean and you have other agendas or you lack understanding of how important nation building is. Friends, let us focus on building our nation; Lets help “these” guys- they need us. Vakura and nharo dzatiwandei but fighting them will just make things worse. If you love our Zimbabwe like i do, now is the time to unite and correct one another for the betterment of our nation. I know kuti vamwe muchati hehehe zanu haiite asi chokwadi ndeichi, ndivo varipanyanga and if we don’t back them up muchaiwona inopfura ya2008.

  28. I don’t belive it’s about the country. It’s just a game to these guys. I am sorry Mr Mugabe but you are mean and cruel. wonder how your kids must feel knowing their father is cheat.

  29. Well done Tswangirai uyindoda ebanzi labo abatshontsha libalele ngeke bawubona umbuso wezulu . Kambe bakazulu liyawabona amapholisa lama tank abo sebesiyalinda efreedom square thina sifuna ukuyabuthana laphaya eish….

  30. ZEC Commissioner Resignes, Mirai muone

  31. I pity the people of this great nation. When, i say, when shall they see freedom? Mwari pindirai

  32. Pa danger zone naFreeman

    Now ma zimba brace for special zim dllar that disapear in your pocket. check special ballot paper wt water mark that changes your vote.kkkk.cunning.
    Well,ZEC commssnr resigns on election day. wht a RAT.
    ndati pa DANGER ZONE na freeman hangu.

    Tohopela toho ona kuchawila tswimbo ne dovi.

  33. Taps. u forget. Biti saying day and night that there z a pararell gvt. we all know that there was a pararel govt in dont blame these guys.they operated under some of the precarious conditions. We should take the blame back at the door of SDC and AU.Didnt u see it coming. That ZULU, that ZULU woman saw it ,she waz silenced. ZUMA knows all what happened.period.NW these African bros are running scared of Rg and take the pple of Zim for granted.see they already want to reintroduce visas.they want us to kill each other. no ma change.
    Lets go and play the ball in there turf. we will go in our doves to there countries coz RG is going to make sure he remains wth loyals only.
    thax sdc .thax AU. for here mazimba come.vissa or not.

  34. wat i will tell u is tht the pple of zimbabwe are tolerating these murderers and thieves of zanu bcoz they are waiting for a chance.if these zanu guys dont pay for turning us refugees in our own country some1 close to them will do so.mugabe`s children will nt enjoy life after hez gone

  35. Politics ,politics ….. Ok tel me then when ESAP was introduced where was Tsvangirai ie in 1992 /3 that’s when iye Mdara wenyu iyeye akamamira Tsvangirai arikutoedzawo kuda kubvisa vakweguru ava ,haana strategy wo zvake iri powerful cz stano bob vakauraya vanhu vakawanda kusanganisira Tongogara saka pliz b4 u say Tsvangirai this n that todaku explainerwa kuti sei ESAP vakaibvuma of which nyika ndo payakaita mavhevhe ……….. Mugabe nganoita sabhuku kwaZvimba

  36. These SADC and AU guys are a bunch of whores, they can be bought for a few dollars

  37. u pple of M D C seiko muchingoti mabirirwa

  38. makanganwa chazuro nehope.soon mashops/achazara matissue.those zanu pf guyz destryd asbestos mine mines so what makes u think thy wl change.if u a young and support zanu u a90 in mind which means u think like a baby

  39. I have hated Zanu all my life, I have even emigrated from my country Zimbabwe. I have given MDC all my love, at the risk of life & limbs. But there must come a time for introspection and hard truths. The MDC is losing support and needs leadership regeneration. How could they not use a parliamentary majority to negotiate a better deal for Zimbabweans? How could they fail to deliver the required reforms with Zanu Pf on the wall. They lost focus and thought the constitution is everything. Now they see its nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s going to be changed, back to square one.

    But that doesn’t hurt at all. What hurts is being a loser, time and time again. Born loser. I’m hurting. I’m feeling low. How could we fail the people so much? How could we fail ourselves so much? It hurts to my bones. How can we fail to outfox Zanu, how could we fail to unite, Tsvangirai & Ncube? Where are your egos now? How could we fail to read the signs, or to reform government, with half the Cabinet posts? It hurts, it hurts. Crying out loud only makes us look like fools. We might get sympathy from the West, but deep inside us, it hurts,,,,,, it sucks

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