More Sadc states endorse Mugabe

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s bid to lobby regional leaders to join him in condemning President Robert Mugabe’s victory in last week’s elections continues to suffer setbacks as more Sadc leaders this week showered the Zanu PF leader with congratulatory messages.


Tsvangirai has described the poll outcome as a “huge farce”,  saying the whole electoral process was fraught with irregularities.

By yesterday, six countries in the 15-member Sadc grouping — among them South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia,  Mauritius, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo —  had endorsed Mugabe’s victory and pledged to support his administration.

Mozambican leader Armando Guebuza yesterday became the latest leader to congradulate Mugabe. “While wishing you good health and success in the discharge of your noble duties, Mozambique and Sadc will remain Zimbabwe’s partner in facing the new, many and complex challenges ahead,” he said.

South African President Jacob Zuma, who is also the Sadc-appointed facilitator in Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement, led the way on Sunday when he extended his congratulations to the veteran leader.

“President Jacob Zuma extends his profound congratulations to President Robert Mugabe on his re-election as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe following the successful harmonised elections held on July 31,” Zuma said in a statement.

He was followed by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete who in his congratulatory message said: “Under your able leadership, Zimbabwe has recorded tremendous socio-economic developments, despite some challenges.

Thus, we look forward for greater progress and prosperity for the people of Zimbabwe as well as your continued invaluable contribution to our region and the continent through the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU).”

Kikwete is the Sadc chairperson on Defence, Politics and Security.
Zambian President Michael Sata praised the way the polls were conducted describing the environment as free and peaceful.

Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba said: “The people of Zimbabwe have once again demonstrated their trust and confidence in the Zanu PF and your personal leadership.

We commend the people and political leadership of the Republic of Zimbabwe for having delivered free and peaceful elections as reflected in the reports of the Sadc Election Observer Mission and the African Union Election Observer Mission to Zimbabwe.”

But Botswana leader Ian Khama described the elections as unfair and called for an audit of the electoral process.

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  1. What a load of rubbish..and this is how the cookie crumbles in Africa.
    Well they can go on and congratulate their old buddie but as for the many people of Zimbabwe who were robbed through the ballot- yet again- keep your congratulations. Isu tinochiziva chokwadi.

    1. Kirimu Dhonanzi

      Well said Tsoro. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

    2. Unoziva chokwadi chipiko iwe tsoro chisiri chekuti VaMugabe vakahwina uyu Tsvangirai akaruza? Typical behaviour of African opposition parties – don’t accept defeat at all costs. We told you a long time ago that the Kenyan situation was going to play again in Zimbabwe with the horse of the whites loosing by a wide margin. Icho!

    3. You guys believe what you want to but the writting has and is on the wall zanu PF is the peoples party . Hopefully you vote just like me and sorry , it appears you lost .Why do you compete if you cant accept defeat .Its either you win or you loose and of cause you lost. Keep burrying your heads in the sand and see if Zimbabwe is going to wait for you .let those who want to congratulate do so and those being congratulated let them be congratulated. they deserve it for they sold their political ideology well . Isu chokwadi chatoziva ndechekuti Machinja anongo chinja chinja . When you were casting your votes you declared them free and fare. Soon after voting your polling station agents together with your respective potential MPs signed the forms acknowledging that they were free and fare. Counting started and when you realised that you were THOROUGHLY bitten you changed the song .Ahhh pathetic you guys . how can you have been rigged during counting ? shame !

      1. Gunman achafa nenzara, kuita Gtel muhomwe its an insult, guys think twice.

    4. You C.I.Os, do eat cogatulations?

    5. A bunch of foolish old men. They still think the so-called fight against colonialism is still appealing more than 30yrs after independence. One should ask, if Bob and his stooges including them bootlickers were to use their brains for a moment, wouldn’t it become obvious to them that times have changed and history is only relevant if it adds value to our future. Mapenzi evanhu!

    6. Dream on toro. You think we will agree to a second poll just to satisfy your ego?

  2. You say 6 countries but you list 7?

  3. Zimbabweans will flock to those counties looking for food and jobs.ndoo pavachaona kuti havana kungwara.

    1. Good jobs where? go and clean the old dirty british women,for only 30 pounds and as long as we have the us$ around munorira chete, Musika mutema hapachina tsvakai minda.

      1. We already have great jobs in neighbouring countries. Tonganayi ikoko. Tichauya musivatichahwinavo hehehehede.

  4. SADC is joke. But i have a feeling kuti vatikusekerera benzi riite manyemwe because zim’s demise is their gain. Smh

    1. Ko ukazvitsenga rurimi mangwana uchada kutaura imhosva yani? Ane benzi ndeane rake kudzana kwaro iwe ingopururudza. Zimbabwe ibenzi guru muSADC. Chero ridzane risina nguvo SADC inopururudza chete. Hehehede.

  5. Haa you will be improving their economy by consuming and working Tsvangison sorry

  6. When Mugabe, the defender of the marginalised black race, is dead and gone , we will print his name in gold in the future true African History .

    1. Some of us will go back home when that person is GONE.

  7. Tsvangirai knows better than all of you akadyiwa fair fair na mdra haana kubirwa .We voted for the real man son of the soil kwete puppet of the soil

    1. nhema dzako ,IWE Mu C.I.O. IF people voted zanu pf why are they not celebrating in large numbers zvinemutsindo? instead we see many people complaining zvinemutsindo kuti vakabirwa zvinemutsindo.

  8. We actually have 8 countriies that have congratulated Gushungo in the SADC region. Your list has 7 but you have left out Swaziland. The countries are:

    1. Mozambique (SADC Chair)
    2. Tanzania (Troika Chair)
    3. Namibia (Troika incoming chair)
    4. South Africa (Troika outgoing member and Facilitator)
    5. DRC
    6. Zambia
    7. Mauritius
    8. Swaziland

    Rectify this Editor or it was deliberate.

    1. They also did the same in 2008.

  9. Riseup Zimbabwe

    We all know exactly what took place before, during and after the 2013 harmonized election. Morgan Tsvangirai was never meant to lead Zimbabwe because of his westernized policies. The majority of Zimbabweans do not really care about sweet deals that do not last. Resettled farmers can honestly tell you that they willingly voted for Robert Mugabe because they know land will last forever with or without sanctions they will pull through. US, EU and British handlers should stop interfering in Zimbabwe politics and humbly accept the poll result. Representing millions of youth who voted for Zanu PF its indeed deceptive to say elections were rigged when in fact we voted for the party of our choice representing genuine democracy. let us concentrate on uniting the populace.

  10. Cant blame SADC for saying this..they sent their observers and these are the people saying so far so good. Interestingly Botswana has stood firm in its condemnation, why is this? I thought SADC and AU said they had issued a preliminary report have they quietly finalised? If this were the case, then fine and dandy. My mind wants to ask, if things are not as clean as the MDC and Botswana are making out, why are these SADC countries doing this? Could it be, they will want something in return down the road??

    1. VIVA Zimbabwe VIVA….elections are gone but we are still with you ….may the dear Lord help us to make you glorious …..thank you for giving us peace ,a resemblance of your son Jesus Christ….now give us unity n prosperity …..thank you Lord for answering our fervent prayers about ZIMBABWE

    2. Sadc is simply washing its hands after zimbabwe failed to implement the gpa fully before elections. They dont want to be seen to be formenting unrest in zimbabwe.

      1. You hit the nail on the head Magame. SADC countries know that any unrest in Zimbabwe will heavily affect them especially South Africa , hence Zuma led the pack. On the other hand , SADC knows that Mugabe won’t live long from now hence Zimbabwe is likely to get a chance for a free and fair election not in the so distant a future.

        1. Muripi we munhu. You wish Mugabe dead. Who are you. You will probably die yourself before him because of your evil wishes.

    3. The AU has not issued a final report, apart from the preliminary where they did not make any pronouncements on the fairness, credibility or freeness of the elections. On the record is a litany of irregularities. Whatever Oga and Madam may have said before or after the elections is not recorded as AU Observer Mission Report. This is the report that was used by USA, EU, Germany, Australia, UK, Canada etc to pronounce the elections a “farce”. The fun thing is that most of the countries within SADC who have send in congratulatory messages, except South Africa, are heavily funded by EU, USA and Australia. Some for programmes in health, are funded more than the financial resources allocated to the entire Ministry of Health. Our systems are hellish-we just do not get it. In Zimbabwe for example, access to health is not a right because the right is subject to a limitation strangely coined “subject to availability of resources…” Instead resources should be allocated in response to addressing a right. SADC itself is a big recepient of EU dough.

      Hapana chakaipa nekukorokotedza vakahwina. Ngavaenderere mberi nekutonga nyika. Hehehehede

      1. Maiweeeeeeee TM I feel sorry for you. In your heart you actually know that nothing will change. Kuvaraidza zuva kuteya noun neriva

  11. Whatever congratulatory messages Zimbabweans never voted for a limping donkey,if we flock to their countries looking for food and jobs they must blame themselves for endorsing a shame and farce election.All old guards in Africa are the same that’s why they support rubbish.That is why Africa does not develop and remain spiraling and crying foul for the WEST,what future does an old person like Mugabe can plan for a nation,nonsense….SADC,AU useless organisations.

    1. Wena marigazvuru ungabosibhedela lapha, kungani ungahloniphi abadala. UMugabe uncono ngoba waphila isikhathi eside wena awusoze wenelise ngoba ingculaza (AIDS) izadlula lawe. Ungaze uthethe uthini iqiniso elikhona yikuthi iZANU(PF) iwinile. Wena lomngane wakho uTshwankilayi loyo hambani liyegezisa izalukazi zamakhiwa njengobana lithanda amakhiwa kangaka. Kanje kini amaxhegu lezalukazi liyabulala. Umoya omubi ngowani nxa ubona umuntu ugcinwe nguNkulunkulu wakhe okwesikhathi eside? If you have nothing to say don’t say it.

  12. Botswana, remember when they declared Uhuru Kenyatta persona non grata when he won the election recently? Botswana sees things very differently from everyone in Africa but shares its sentiments with USA et al.

    1. Botswana “sees things” the way they are. Having haboured makwerekwere for such a longtime they know what stealing means. Huyayi tidye upfumi hwevanotongana zvakanaka takamirira maelections ekupera kwenguva pano pasi-aya kana mbavha huru dzinobuda musitaira. Hehehehede tonga zvenyu imi.

  13. VIVA Zimbabwe ….

    1. Viva vatongi

  14. we voted for R.G Mugabe so please stop talking on our behalf in your comments. The result of the july is the people’s voice. Thats our voice.

    1. Mukagochemiyi imi muine Voice reVanhu? Tauraika.

      1. Arikuchema ndimi not isu. Ok isu tingachemei tave kunotonga Tega.

  15. SEE:



  16. Its a pity that these leaders are congradulating an 89 year old man, l think they just want to be taught how to rig. All those countries have changed their leaders unlike Zimbabwe that is stil being served by mugabe. I remember in the year 2000 he seized the farms which used to supply the country and gave them to the so called war vets, the economy nose dived, now he wants to seize the mines, expect the worst.

  17. Regai regai zvedi. Mugabe takavhotera ende ticharamba tichivhotera. hapeno madofo e mdc anoita basa rekudzingirira zvisina basa. rimwe busy ku criticiser chirungu chevamwe, uri murungu here iwe. imbwa dzana blair munonetsa

  18. Wait for the Inauguration Day………Khama Khama Ian Khama, I feel pitty for this foolish boy with parents of different races. I usually respect vazukuru, but this one has failed me. He is also DULL like Teaboy coz mai vake namai vaTsvangirai vaiita zvemabasa omumba kuvarungu – similarities. U also expected Tsvangison to attack maGays iye achindotandara kumba kwa Khama, usually? Anywhere, Khama tatomumaka, haauyi kuno sepaGNU paakakokwa naTsvangison. About endorsements, those who sent messages were the non-so-clear sympathisers/leaders – vasara ndevedu. Gushungo ndevedu avo……….Tsvangison mutete paPolitics dzeZimbabwe uyo.

    1. urimbudzi mukoma…tsvangison mutete pahumbavha whe ZNPF chete, makamboda oposition kubva riini, go back to Ndabaningi, Muzorehwa, Nkomo,Tekere vese ava vakashata, saka Tsvangison haangambonake kwamuri… makorokoto matenderwa makorokoto, baba Mugabe makorokoto matenderwa kutonga kusvika mafa matenderwa “”””singing”””

    2. Iwe vakabuda mutest tube kani unotuka vanamai vevamwe?

  19. Jeremy Whitehall

    Morgan you’s been had bro. You’s been played and manipulated like a fiddle.

  20. @Reason. Dofo. Vanhu ndevapi kuZANU PF? MuZANU PF dictionary iwe hausi munhu usatombozvifadza. Imwi maipimirwa zvindima mupurazi, minister vachitora purazi rakazara nokuti munhu.

  21. haaa nxaaaa

  22. They have endorsed kuti zvivabve.

    1. Nhamu yemumwe hairegererwe sadza. Kana uchizviurayira nyika yako nekuda simba vanongo kuendozaka. Hehehede.

    2. Dream on. Hakuna kwamuchaenda. Appeal to each other as loosers

  23. they are birds of the same feathers, they want 2 b taught the tactic of how 2 steal their elections as well

  24. varikudawo ngoda, these guys they want minerals they have been looting together with their buddie,platinum south Africa, our soldiers DRC etc that’s wat they want from us, but definitely they can no feel the pain we are feeling as Zimbabweans..

  25. tiri chingombe

    Tenure is not a measure of democracy.yes 33yrs in power he’s like wine gets better with age.for many years the Zanu of was against the interests of Zimbabweans together with their European masters servicing the later’s interests,now they realized they mistakes now they stand with people against their former masters

  26. @jeremy whitehall, thats what happens when God is trying to teach you something bro

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