MDC-T to boycott Parly opening


THE MDC-T yesterday said its MPs-elect will boycott the official opening of Parliament by President Robert Mugabe to register their displeasure at the way the July 31 polls were conducted.


The officials would, however, attend the swearing-in ceremony slated for next Tuesday.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told NewsDay that the party was also not going to field any candidates for the positions of Speaker of the House of Assembly, President of the Senate or their deputies.

“MDC-T MPs are going to attend thae swearing-in ceremony so that they take oath, but they do not have to attend Mugabe’s official opening of Parliament session,” said Mwonzora. Mugabe is yet to set the date for the official opening.

The MDC-T has rejected the outcome of the July 31 elections claiming massive rigging.

“Attending the official opening ceremony and listening to the speech is tantamount to legitimising the manner Mugabe was elected, yet we know the election was stolen,” Mwonzora said. “Everybody knows that our failure to get justice in the courts by denial of records does not bring legitimacy as the elections were a monumental fraud.

“I do not think the MDC-T will be able to provide a candidate for the Speaker position as technically we do not have the numbers to win against Zanu PF. We will also not support any Zanu PF candidate for the position and what it simply means is that we are not going to vote.”

He, however, said the party was going to retain Innocent Gonese as MDC-T chief whip.

Zanu PF has already rallied its MPs-elect to choose former Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission chairperson Jacob Mudenda as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

The party’s politburo also whipped its Senators-elect to retain Edna Madzongwe as Senate President while former chief whips Joram Gumbo and Tambudzani Mohadi will also retain their posts in the House of Assembly and Senate respectively.

Meanwhile, Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma told journalists last Saturday that all was set for the swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday, adding elections for the presiding officers of the Eighth Parliament would be by secret ballot.


  1. In 1979 just before the historic Lancaster House Conference then Agreement, there was a time Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith and his puppet Abel Muzorewa tried to scuttle the talks by threatening to boycott them. This was coming from a strong feeling then that ZANU and ZAPU should be treated as terrorist organisations and that giving them a diplomatic platform as the British government was doing was wrong.

    Responding to this mood in the Rhodesian regime and the puppet ranks, President Mugabe said ” We attach no significance to their non-attendance as our position has always been that we negotiate with Britain and no one else.” Fearing a possible scenario whereby the liberation movements would negotiate with the British and then have decisions parachuted on the recalcitrant internal destructive engagement camp, they later realised that they had no choice but to attend.

    What am I saying? ZANU PF is used to boycotts. When Ian Smith and Muzorewa tried it Mwonzora was not yet born. So the tactics he is employing are old and there is sufficient experience in ZANU PF to deal with them. The message to the MDC from ZANU PF is probably the same: “We attach no significance to the MDC’s non attendance as ZANU PF’s wish is to carryout the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe and not to babysit the MDC.” Period.

    • Uyishaye ngaphakathi Jambanja. These guys do not understand the Politics of Today. They believe in too much theories of the West. This is Africa. What relevence does the boycott have to a villager in Mpande of Beit Bridge District.

      • U are right in a way nansi buy also y are zimbabweans in mpande settling for less when they can be way better off? They should demand a well equiped school with up to standard facilities, they should demand excellent hospitals fully functional, they should demand surfaced roads, surely these are the most basic of needs which the zhanu have not provided.

        OUr duty as zimbabweans should ve ti enlighten our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers in the rural areas for them to demand more from their government! And teach them on voting secrecy etc.

    • Boycotting as a tactic is not going to serve the MDC-T much.They should stop brooding and move on as a party.The many who voted for them expect them to be active oppostion parliamentarians otherwise they are resigning Zimbabwe to one party rule.Even during the almost one party rule of the 1980’s Zanu-pf had vibrant internal democrats like Sydney Malunga,Byron Hove and Lazarus Nzarayebani who opposed from within.Later on the fiery independent parliamentarian Margaret Dongo stood her ground single handedly against a parliament packed to the brim with Zanu-pf bullies and yes-men.The Biti’s of this world can still contribute to transparent governance by being vibrant members of parliamentary portfolio committees the way the likes of the much respected late Edward Chininga did.Yes,they may be overwhelmed by numbers but if they come up with shrewed and workable policy position papers a lot of sensible and economically adept Zanu-pf insiders will even lend them due support.Boycott then become irrelevant or participate and help Zimbabwe move forward.

    • My friend ignorance is not defence so they say.Why is he disowning the people of Bulawayo and Harare when he has the guts to go it alone?The situation you are reffering to is just but useless because its a different issue altogether.Why did he jump into the GNU when it was used to the Smith or Rhodesian style which you say gave them the much wanted experience??Istead of scolding people i thought maybe he would address issues that bring food on the table [bread and butter issues] but to make matters worse he is misdirecting his energy doing the opposite by teaching his favourite subject,History,chronicling how the US and British have done to Zimbabwe and the sanction isssue which now has become his scapegoat[rhetoric].People want jobs,decent accomodation,corruption free society,good health facilities,good salaries commensurate to their standard of education but what we hear now is the opposite of what we wanted to hear from a head of state.There are two terms that would use there to describe him and these are a ruler and a head of state.I PERSONALLY think he is a ruler and not a Head of state why because of his economic policies and his revolutionary ideologies which will never meet anyway.If you think that zanu pf will be able to go it alone well that will be fine but let me hasten to warn you that within a few months we will sld back to the 2007/2008 era mark my words.

    • It is being misguided for MDC T to boycott…MDC T should be advised that eventhough they do not have the numbers..They can still demonstrate that there a party of the future by coming up with constructive debates. Carry Zimbabwe n your shoulders and represent those that voted you. I am cock sure that people did not vote you to boycott.. Stop brooding and focus on the future. You can still make an impact and people will begin seeing you as a better alternative.

    • If the MDC T is going to boycot the opening of parliament then they must also boycot the swearing in of their MPs. How can they on one had say the elections were rigged, and on the other hand they want heir MPs to be sworn in. One would ask under what ground and which election results are they now accepting? These guys are confused. The MDC T is not Zimbabwe and not larger than us the voters and if noone will lose sleep simply because the MDC T did not witness the opening of parliament.

  2. Back to the boycott days. The Mdc is now irrelevant, desperate and into political oblivion. Even a fool knows this puppet project is now water under the bridge.

    • I thought that he would use that platform to tell civil servants that as a government we have finally awarded you what we promised you a few months ago…..salary hike only to be told that trash.I also want to tell you guys that Zimbabwe will never be a British colony again but a Chineese colony but the good thing about being a British colony is they invest in the country and employ many people and they also pay their workers handsomely and in time where as the Chineese always provide firearms for you to fight amongst yourselves while they will be busy looting minerals to their home country and worse still they beat workers and they don’t pay handsomely.Kuzoti museyamwa ooooooh he/she does not pay electricity bills,workers,water bills and everything kujaira zvemahara kunge honye kana shiri so ladies and gentlemen hokoyoi nenhamo iyo.

    • Mmmm barking at the wrong tree. I see. So let me get this straight. U saying mdc is doo doo? So what do u call a party that is responsible for shrinking the economy by 45%, creating the highest ever recorded inflation in the free world, creating an 80% unemployment rate, sabotaging its own farming capacity, collapsing the entire health system and its leader has no choice but to fly thousands of km for an eye exam in another continent, killing opposition supporters and made the country’s currency disappear???

      • uyahlanya ndoda. Mwonzora is a loser and can not decide on his own grounds neither is it on Tsvangcry’s. remember the people who voted for you gave you a mandate to represent them in August House. Boycotting is tandermount to progressive politics.

      • You are missing the point my brother, try to stick to the argument here which is about the MDC T boycott of parliament. The point is, people voted for representatives to stand for them and for the development of their communities. In a way, the MPs work for the people. The people are the bosses of them, not Mwonzora or Tsvangirai. The people need representation. Unless they ask their MPs to stand down, the MPs must do they job as MPs first then as MDC T leadership second. In my opinion, this exposes the MDC’s priorities: power and politics come before the needs of the people. It is not about ZANU PF.

        • scot only if zhanu elects realised that people of zimbabwe actually employ them. Funny how u take t out on a few mdc reps yet there is dozens of zhanu reps who have not served this country well.

          U saying the right things but to the wrong people, mdc has never run this country zhanu has for the past 33 years they had the real power, real money, real control.

          What have zhanu done for u that u fiercely defend everyday yet all the failures are right there in yo face, its glaring. What kinda blinkers u have on as a young black man? Smh. Ignorance runs amok in yo blood.

          • Is it a boycot anywhere. I understand the sitting space in parliament is limmited and may not accommodate all MPs. Their purpported boycot may be an attempt to rectify the situation. VaZvoma ngavabve vangogadzira sitting yema Boycots outside parliament.

        • scotv, opening of parliament is a non event because all it is is about Mugabe delivering his usual drivel. MDC-T didnt say they will boycott parliament, but just the opening. No debatess happen on the day so iit adds no value for them to attend.

      • Wakamboona Mugabe akabata mupinyu kurova munhu, kana kuti ndimi madofo anorovana pachawo ivo Mugabe naTsvangirai vachinwa tea vese.

  3. Even its masters (MDCT) knows the truth and that they do not have any option bt swallow all forms of pride and move with life.

  4. Let mdcteaboy bocyott the swearing-in ceremony and their seats become vacant. Biti is set to become the leader of opposition in parliament, a position which strenghtens his bid for the party’s presidential position

    • Urikutofarira nhamo nhaiwe Gandanga chokwadi.Sei uchikanganwa chanezuro nekukotsira nhaiwe??Mira uone kuti kudzipakatira handi kudziridza.

    • You might love this Biti fellow, but one dollar buys you a million that Biti guy can forget that he will ever lead the MDCT..he has grown to the lofty heights because of Tsvangirayi without whom he is another Gwisai or Sakhala, ie a poltical spent force searching for a home. He has spectacularly failed both as the MDCT party manager and Finance manager..he would do well as party spokesman and this is being generous. Its like young Chamisa who failed to organise the party going into elections with the biggest gaffe of all, so called confirmations which was an own goal. The faster the MDC shed these two critical afflicitons from its body the cleaner and more poised it will become.

      • @gandanga- I apologise from the sole of me feet..I totally misunderstood your post, I thought you were suggesting that Biti take over from Tvangirayi as has been suggested in some quarters..I see you were talking about leader of the opposition in parliament..Apologies once again. That said I would really like to see Mudzuri and Khupe take a more forward position in changing the fortunes of the MDC..Moyo, Biti and Chamisa failed..why not give others a chance at managing the party. Do not get me wrong Tsvangirayi could have done more but he needed the guts of the party to be working to deliver the sale.

    • gandanga, there is nothing wrong in making tea. what is wrong is a 90 year old who arse licks the chinese.

    • He is the only learned lawmaker in the country and even Paul Mangwana and Chinamasa can even concur with me.His contribution in parliament were very excellent.

      • Learned in what sense? Education is meant to transform someone’s thinking in a positive way. If it leads you to think negatively , then you are just as good as a preschool kid.

  5. MDCHEATS makadyiwa kani ! AnaMwadzwora basa rekuviyiswa katiyo na looser tswangison. Katiyo hakana dehwe mufana. Bvurai katiyo kenyu mudye and move on.

  6. Boycott the swrearing in if u wanna protest u scared little shit. U attend, u legitimise the election the last one to do so futi u slow brains. Not provide candidates, a laugh, a see u coming a mile away. U afraid to lose, again. I know, losing hurts. Well losing is your party anthem from here on so get used to it. U r irrelevent in Parly anyway. Spectators. U r not going to vote? Dont. Where r the brains in the mdc. Please. Boycott, boycott, what, it means u aint gat no tact. Mapererwa. Join us coz its evident u cant beat us!

    • isn’t he the same prsident whois going to sign the bills you will be debating into law, why then debating if you don’t recognise the person whois suppose to put the final signature to make your proposed laws into real laws

  7. Boycotts impact upon legitimacy but they do not affect the FINAL result. Therefore in this case, a boycott is a temporary statement, which is surely nothing to write home about! This is kiddies play. If you are really serious, why not boycott the entire term and wait for 2018 elections! Obviously, you can’t do that not because of your love of the people, but because you cannot forego the perks that come with your roles as MPs, period!

    • man you are a daydreamer. muchasvotwa dakara mati baba nekukaburi. apa Zanu PF ichingotonga chete.

    • Kungeke wakatovanawo word rekungonyora everyday. What does charade mean if u a using it properly. Stolen, stolen did you had some in your pocket? After all urichinyiwo timburwa panyama yehuku? Tell your MPs to boycott so that the winners can do their people’s mandate without disturbances. Handiti unozviziva kuti 4 years dzakapera vachingoita noise muparliament. So it makes the business of the parly to sail smoothly without noise. And by the way where will be my homeboy tsvangcry, boycott misquoted? Uhhh!! Maone chaiwo.

  8. Monzora or is short-cut of Muzorewa, guys soon you will be irrelevant. If you dont want to legitimize Mugabe just pull-out of Parliament. We are waiting for our chance as well.

    You are wasting our time with your nonsense. If you want to serve Zim and its people you have to accept Ministorial Appointments offered by Zanu and prove your axcellence.

  9. if you boycott then what?

    if they rigged , they rigged possibly because our MDC Presidium is too ignorant or too dull

    no change will be brought about through boycotting.

    better embrace what you have , use those positions to gain ground and prove to the people that you are really concerned about their welfare

    kana mukapinda Parliament motanga kuba , you will be shooting yourself in the foot and i tell you that will be end of your political careers and the MDC forever.

      • Taking the oath and signing the contract releases the salary and the perks. A real boycott is in complete disengagement, refusal to take an oath and pissing on the contract. That’s boycott! We are getting tired of the pathetic excuses and silly rationalisations that impress grade 7 pupils; it’s all about the money and power! Let’s be real and call it what it is.

  10. Zhanu supporters mad as hell, really its non of zhanu’s business whether mdc boycotts or not. Jus carry on with the usual business ka vanhu vezhanu i.e. carry on with the business og shrinking the economy and.looting and sell out to the chaineez then turn around and blame the white man! Or the west or mdc or sanctions or on everything else except yourselves.

  11. @Kungeke then boycott the swerring,
    by being sworn in u r more than legitimising it, u r taking an oath on the mandate based on 31 July elections

    kikikikikiki hazvigone handiti!? kikikiki

    self conflicting fools, didn’t knw dullness is contegeous!

  12. so the elections were fair where the mdc-t won hence the decision to attend the swearing in . Doesn’t that make the elections legitimate? Wat happened to going to the pple? I fail to understand the mdc.

  13. @Kungeke then boycott the swerring,
    by being sworn in u r more than legitimising it, u r taking an oath on the mandate based on 31 July elections

    kikikikikiki hazvigone handiti!? kikikiki

    self conflicting fools, didn’t knw dullness is contegeous! !

  14. MDC-T National Council is the greatest betrayal of the movement.It is out of touch with reality.Its high time Tsvangirai starts to rebuild the party with true cadres.5 years is not long.Let those who want to go it alone do so Mr President.You have time to rebuild the party and see to it that it unseats ZANU(PF) in the next elections.

  15. MDC is a puppet of the west, In other words its a party made up of failures, uneducated people. What do they benefit from boycotting. In other words they are letting down those who voted them into parliament, net time no one will vote for them if they behave childishly, mind you this is Zimbabwe tinokoshesa hunhu and respect. Why can not you respect our Head of state President Cde Robert G Mugabe. Its high time MDC start behaving like mature politicians.

  16. Since the day zanu ”won” all we have heared is Tswangirai this and that, MDC this and that. Ko murikuchemeiko imbwa dzezanu? Tongai kani makawhinha.!!!! Please leave Morgen the ”loser” and his pipo. Tongai mhani pfutseki

  17. just lyk journalists who sit in parly takin notes, so are the days of Mdc Mps, if they abscord, surely how can the house be affected be almost irrelavant seat warmers? Kikiki its ova for the MDC…!

  18. That will be excellent if they boycott because the clerk of parliament even stated there is little space in the parliament, so if the puppet mps boycott it gives enough space to the revolutionaries. I pray they should not be part of this historic opening of parliament under the new constitution. separate boys from men.

  19. This is not a good idea, you were voted by the people you didn’t vote yourselves in. Attend parly and if you have a problem say it in Parliament next time people wont waste their energy to vote you again coz you don’t want to be in parly

  20. “We are boycotting the opening of the session but we are attending the swearing in”

    What MDC T is doing is taking marriage vows, signing the marriage register then snubbing the reception for reasons of not wanting to legitimise the wedding! Later on they will demand sex from the spouse on the strength of the marriage certificate then refuse to acknowledge the spouse in public siting their absence at the wedding ceremony as a reason they are not married. The law must apply when it suits them, pathetic!

    They want the perks of being an MP but they refuse the responsibility. bed-wetters!

  21. You right, where the Gukurahundi is officiating please never attened – he is the mastermind of all the dishonesty, cheating and Gukurahundism in the country!

  22. When 2018 comes, the MDC T MPs who would have let their people down by choosing politics over constituency representation will be voted out and replaced by ZANU PF MPs; at that time the MDC T will refuse to accept the poll results and they will allege more rigging.

  23. In my view, MDC-T should NOT boycott Parliament or institution of government, albeit that Mugabe stole the election big time, because when you look at the parliament’s programme in its early sittings, they will be electing people to various important committees. It would be a big mistake for MDC-T to let people like Joseph Chinotimba being “elected” to some of the most sensitive posts just to oversee Zanu-pf legislation sailing through parliament. While, MDC-T is in the minority in the rigged parliament, it can still make symbolic protests from within than from without parliament. Remember, once officers of parliament have been elected, the country will be stack with them for the next five years, so it’s better for some MDC-T MPs to have some of those posts at least.

  24. Dougie is perpetuating divisive polarised politics when we want a united nation…its not fair to us the electorate to determine when our elected representatives can or will not participate in national affairs. Kana iye akarambwa nevanhu ndezvake…Zim will move on. The only problem is that they told by handlers to act in such ways…HAPANA CHITSVA APA.

  25. Never attend Gukurahundi functions – we want to see how they will force you to attend!!

  26. Tazvijaira kana Tsvacry aito boycotter kurara naEliza ndosakaakafunga kukwirisa.Mungaite vatungamirivokuramwa.Mwonzora udza vafanha vako varamwe kugadzwa naVaMugabe sezvo vasinakuhwina kubvuma kugadzwa kubvuma kuti vaMugabe vakahwina feya feya pasina kana makabirirwa boycot kugadzwa kwacho.madofo nyika tichangoitonga zvakadaro.Tirikukwira manera varikudongorera makoronyera.

  27. no 1 wl force thm 2 attend bt tha law wl force thm out of parly n new elections declared. @ Cliff tha mdcT were chairing tha last portfolio on hme affairs responsible 4 tha voters roll bt stl claim thts wher it wz riggd meaning they r useless. A full minister also on tht ministry. Bhora rikapinda

  28. i Amen ndakayiona richipinda keeper papasina angaachitsvaga zvimoko pamwe nekunombo bikira mudhara Bob tea kuState house dai akaramwa ipapo.

  29. That’s the language of losers. MDC-T part never ceases to amaze. They were just too overzealous they are the typical village party.

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