MDC-T meets to chart post-poll roadmap


THE MDC-T national executive met yesterday for a two-day post-election strategic planning meeting to review the implications of its electoral defeat and to map the way forward.

Dumisani Sibanda

Party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told NewsDay that the high-profile meeting, being held in Harare, was in response to recent political developments, including the subtle endorsement of the election outcome by Sadc leaders.

“We are discussing the way forward following our failure to access justice after being denied access to election materials held by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec),” Mwonzora said.

“We are also looking at the positions adopted by the Sadc and the African Union with respect to Zimbabwe’s recent elections. Sadc, for instance, seems to be saying as long as elections are peaceful, everything else does not matter. Everything else is not important.”

MDC-T unsuccessfully filed a court application seeking information and voting material from Zec which it wanted to use in its main presidential poll petition at the Constitutional Court.

“In view of these positions, we want to draw a programme of political action to take and this will also take into account the latest developments where (President Robert) Mugabe has ceded Bulawayo and Harare to us (MDC-T). We are also discussing preparations for the party’s 13th anniversary (next month).”

Mugabe on Sunday literally disowned residents of the cities of Harare and Bulawayo, threatening unspecified action against them for voting overwhelmingly for the MDC-T.


  1. Rotomoka Mwonzora, Zanu pf has kick started its campaign for 2018, mozochema futi muchiti tabiridzirwa! Party of lunatics.

    • Taris what has compaign got to do with taking the country forward? Unofunga kuti vote ndiyo inoita kuti nyika ibudirire? Shame shame. We are not talking of partisanship here! But the country should progress

  2. Zpf and Nikuv in the recent election made sure all rural schools that posted an Mdc win and all ward either get half of their active voters removed from the voters roll or at most made sure they dont get a mobile registration team.

  3. Douglas, your party is for cry babies. Chemai henyu kusvika maziso azara ropa. Nothing will change, Mugabe will rule till he dies. That you just have to know.

  4. Haiwawo MDC-T hapana zviripo. Munogoita chart post-poll roadmap ipi yacho? What was the point of entering a coalition with Zanupf when you came off worst? You unwittingly gave legitimacy to Zanupf. You enterd into agreements with Zanupf which both sides interpreted differently. Mai mhanyamhanya nezve New Constitution isina anoitedzera. Mugabe achirikungoita zvaanoda. Tsvangirai aimhanyamhanya pasirose achizviita kunge ndiye President-in-waiting ma elections asati aitwa. Maigoenda sei kuma elections musina Voters Roll? Kuti tambisira nguva vana Tsvangirai. Kana muna 2018 munokundwa ne Zanupf nekuti hamuna kuchenjera.

  5. As the MDC Green team we have our own understanding of the current developments. As much as we do not always see eye to eye with Tswangirayi and his MDC-T, we are always objective.

    All evidence points to the fact that the Gukurahundis find themselves in a quandry despite their claimed “victory” in the recent elections.

    It is clear that Tswangirayi’s claim that they approached him for a new unity government is true, given their current reaction. They wanted the MDC-T as a junior partner in their Gukurahundi government so they could help get rid of the sanctions. Now they were turned down, hence the regular outbursts of anger and insults.

    They carried a coffin in the streets and claimed they buried the MDC-T, now how do you continue to insult a grave, if its true you buried them?

    • Gukurahundi tendencies….you are a champion…your points are very valid and worth reading.I repeat your question in case they did not hear or read it…..WHY SHOULD THEY CONTINUE TO INSULT A GRAVE IF ITS TRUE THEY BURIED IT???

  6. @Musona i agree with you kuti MDC yakapusa. Why not also pay Nikuv for what was to happen i think they were going to be told kuti if you dont have the voters roll hapana chinobuda. ZPF does not look at the elections in a simple way like what the MDC does they do whatever it takes to win sooo MDC must stop thinking winning elections you juss need support from people when you are fighting a formidable creature

  7. Nyaya yandisina kumbogara ndanzwisisa ndeyekuti vana Elton Mangoma nana Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga kumhanyamhanya vachienda kwana Brussels ne ku London kuno taura ne EU kuti tapota bvisai ma sanctions amakaisa ku Zanupf?
    Ukaona bere rakabatwa nemuteyo (trap) unorisunungura here kuti bere iri riende zvaro rozodya huku dzako ne mbudzi dzako? Ndo zvaiitwa nana Mangoma nana Priscilla Mushonga. Zvino bere ramatirisunungurwe ravekudya huku dzenyu – kupusa kwakadiyi ikoko?

  8. MaZimbo munoshamisa! Who was the loser here? The ordinary voter who wanted change is the one who lost and not MDC-T.MDC-T and Tsvangirayi did their best.I salute them.Who does not know Zanu pf?Zanu pf inongovawo mweya yetsvina inongotenderera muZimbabwe asi zvichapera.Everyone I talk to is for change, so who voted Zanu pf? SAVE you did your part kuti tisvunure asi zvakaramba tomirira muprofita wekuKENYA.

  9. I support the idea of a postmortem meeting.At this meeting National Executive should just unanimously embrace that although Nikuv was instrumental in our loss of the poll,it was Harvest House that triggered our defeat.You do not just take decisions to do with a people’s project while you do not consult them.Listen and listen again to the people.No to candidature imposing ,period.

    • BUT Nathaniel to tell you the truth ndiwe neni tichama** miraka uone.Uchachembera uru mukomana nenhamo mira uone zvako wati wadii hako and mind you this is just the beggining of it all mark my words ndipo pauchaona kuti SAVEEEEEEEEEE vahombe nomatter what.

  10. My advice to mdc is for u start mapping the groundwork for 2018 in the light of the irregularities noted in the recent elections, nthing will come out of crying over spilt milk. Bt u deserved to loose coz u were too complacent u thot u had evrything under control. Be more serious if u intertain any hopes of getting into power

      • and you are fit to steal rate payers money,kurima huswa mumapurazi,kubira vemakombi mari,kudya hacha nekutenga chibage from the former whites kuZambia handizvo here????NONSENSE.

  11. At last, the party of (s)excellence is accepting that it lost. We know that if one is on the receiving end in a fight and ppe intervene he will be heard shouting ndibateyi nokuti ndi nomukwadza. He does not want to be seen a walkover but those would have intervened will have noticed that the man was more than happy when they intervened. Mdcteaboy must ensure that all who qualify to vote must register asap and not wait for 2018

    • Not under Zanu pf and NIKUV as they will always manipulate the votes through bussing people from UMP and Guruve.One day zvichapera chete.

  12. Mdc needs to start working the rural areas with voter education and tell them no one will know whom they voted for and emphasize that they should not discuss politics with anyone just keep it as a secret, mhondi dzezanu dzikasvika kungoburitsa ma t shirts e zhanu nema cards asu pakunivhota they shud vote mdc.

    Rural areas need their mindset changed kuti they deserve better service in the form of well equiped schools, fully functional clinics and agric support then donate tractors nembeu.

    In the meantime as zimbabweans we need to carry the message to our families in the rural areas.

    Finally am doing my part kubvisa fear in zimbos by donating kuna baba jukwa becasue revolution isina an armed wing hainyanyibudirira fast, i think its time to step it up a bit and protect ourselves than to wait and be killed. No more gukurahundi or 2008 murders. Taneta.

  13. The last part of the story is idiotic fantasy at its best. those who understand the semantics of Mugabe’s language are not even worried about your fantasy. Dumisani sibanda you might as well leave journalism and join the puppet party.

  14. In as much as we should not blame mdc-t for being robbed by zanu pf ,we should also look with scrutinising eyes to the events that led to this election disaster , failure to do so will result in another disaster in 2018. Firstly I think the whole gpa arrangement favoured Zanu pf and they have been doing as they wish since day one of its inception without any remorse, all the important arms of decision making were under Zanu pf mdc t never had any power to change things with junior ministers treating tsvangirai with ridicule . Whilst mdc t was being more sincere zanu pf never had any intentions of sharing sweet power with any one , hence the jingles ‘Nyatsoteerera unzwe kutonga’.Whilst Mdc t strategists were preoccupied with genuine government business , Zanu pf strategists were busy planning behind the scenes on how to eliminate mdc t once and for all for the past four years . Which explains their repeated calls for elections since 2009,to discerning mind Zanu pf had something up its sleeve as we all found out on July 31

  15. Well-done President Tsvangirai.Go ahead man of the pple.Look at all that needs scrutiny.However,the challenge that we are facing as a political party is the dangerous relationship between Zanu pf,Sadc and Au.There will never be free and fair elections in Zim becoz of Zanu Pf.In a free and fair election,Zanu pf is a loser.Sadc and Au have advised Zanu pf to find other methods of rigging elections other than violence which attracts international attention.These methods include the manipulation of thebvoters’ roll,Nikuv,Chinese ballot paper and even the composition of Zec itself.If rigging is done this way,then Au and Sadc will always endorse elections.Therefore, the major task is to disband these loopholes-but HOW?This becomes the million dollar question.

  16. The heading is hilarious – MDC-T meets to chart post-poll roadmap. The MDC-T is like a motorist who has just poured petrol into a car which takes diesel, has flushed the engine, and goes to the petrol service station to buy more petrol to put into the same car which only takes diesel! Using the same formula over and over again hoping for a different outcome – a sign of insanity. This is what the MDC-T are doing. They have been using the same formula since its formation. There’s no way a civilian party like MDC-T is going to win against a ZanuPF military dictatorship. The MDCs were given 4 years to put things right but they made the situation worse. By charting the way forward they mean using the same formula but with different faces. Re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Wasting political space these MDCs. The other MDC, MDC-N is a one-policy party – “devolution”. They don’t speak about anything else but “devolution”.

  17. That’s hell Mr Douglas we can not wait fr that we insist the way foward is to go out in our numbers and perfom stronger than before in the streets tosvika rini tichiita zve kutya ths time arikutya must pull out hm self fr Mdc t let’s. Unite and speak with one voice

  18. How can our own spokesman speak like that There is nothing to baffling there. Let’s stick with plan B or plan C
    Plan B .let’s take Roy bennert ‘s advice
    Plan C .let’s take S. Madzore ,s advice
    Es we move foward let’s take action not in offices but in streets

  19. Wogona, ZPF people keep harping on that Bob will be President for life. What then. He will face a completely just judgment with no corrupt judiciary. I shudder for you all. I weep for you all. Read Psalm 73 and take note: “And then I went into the sanctuary of the Lord and I saw their end and I questioned no more!!!”

    A lie is a lie is a lie and God will judge! Wake up Please!

  20. How can you guys be a national executive if you think Mugabe ceded Harare and Bulawayo to the MDC. You really should leave the political field. Y
    ou are too childish to understand or to interpret what is being said into the political space.

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