‘Mayoral fights a sign of greed by bigwigs’

A WAR has erupted within the MDC-T over reports that senior party officials are jostling to take up mayor’s posts countrywide, a move some said is inspired by greed.


Councillors last week said MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai should stamp his authority and block all the party bigwigs who were positioning themselves for mayoral positions throughout the country.

Several senior MDC-T officials, among them spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora, outgoing Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone, outgoing Energy minister Elton Mangoma and party provincial spokesperson for Harare Obert Gutu, were eyeing the Harare mayoral post.

Outgoing Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda is also interested in the post.

Former Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo has been linked with the mayoral post in Bulawayo while in Mutare outgoing Housing and Social Amenities minister Giles Mutsekwa has also expressed interest. In Chitungwiza former Housing minister Fidelis Mhashu is believed to be eyeing the post.

Councillors told NewsDay that it was not proper for those that had lost elections to find solace by being mayors.

“That’s greed and immoral. We have been fighting and we have faced tough times head-on and now they come and try to bulldoze their way.

If they go on and do that, it will mark the end of the party,” said a councillor on condition he is not named.

Warship Dumba, a former councillor who is interested in the Harare mayoral post, said the jostling for Town House was now tantamount to “power struggles”.

“I hear everyone now wants to be mayor of Harare. It seems power struggles have intensified,” said Dumba.

On statements by secretary for Local Government Killian Mpingo that the mayor would be chosen from among the councillors, Dumba said: “That’s not what the law says; maybe he is giving us a Zanu PF position which is not what the law says.”

Losing MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Chegutu West Chalton Hwende said the mayoral position had drawn so much interest in the advent of the new Constitution.

“With the new Constitution, this position is now equivalent to a Governor for Harare and Chitungwiza. With devolution it’s an opportunity for us to show how we manage differently from Zanu PF, so I think we need our best man there. If I had a way ,I would go with (MDC-T secretary-general Tendai) Biti after he proved himself at the Finance Ministry,” Hwende said.

The party’s secretary for local government Blessing Chebundo said the mayor’s position for Harare and Bulawayo would be more involved, so the person to take that should be of integrity.

“The party leadership will decide on that in view of the fact that he will not be an ordinary mayor, but chairperson of the provincial council,” said Chebundo.

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  1. Useless,power hungry morons,too bad the mdc brand appeals to the less educated.however the less educated are a minority in zim,thats why they lost.their rigging claims are echoed and backed by the less educated mdc fools,rwiranai hu mayor hwacho,maybe thats where a concentration of less educated guys is high so its a lucrative market!

    1. Every opposition party must have a chance to attract any calibre of people in society including proffessionals. I quite asubscribe to the notion that the MDC in undersuscribed when it comes to the real brains. The reason was becoz of the thiggish nature of Zanupf. Because of the way they treat opposition officials proffessional are now unwilling to actively participate in opposition activities lest they spend days in prison, have their businesses destroyed and all sorts of dirty tricks.Very few will take that risk as we know what Zanupf are capable of . Look at Mashamhanda and his Mbare project do you think he will continue his political involvement outside Zpf ?The culture of tolerance has log been wiped out and replaced by thuggish and intimidatory tactics meant to cohese everyone into being a Zpf member by hook or crook. The result is the absence of competent politicians who offer productive debate and alternatives henc the absence of checks and balances in our national processes.

      Goodas it may therefore that Zanupf is winning i am sure we will feel the effects soon


  2. Times are changing. The party of (s)excellency is fighting for the gravvy train. The Harare mayoral position should be reserved for Tsvangirai if he is to remain relevant as Biti will become the official leader of the opposition in parliament. This will strengthen Biti’s bid of the party’s presidential post

  3. There is need for a tried and tested individual for that pos. Personally I would go for Ëlias Mudzuri

    1. I CONCUR!

  4. times change . Vaya vanhu vavakuda kuita ma mayor. Is it a sign of participation in da new government which in is a sign of accepting defeat? Or is it pure greedy for power? Which ever way it is, this is disappointing to say the least.

  5. so at the end o f it all its about individualism and not the people. politics in africa is about getting a job and the perks that come with power! no principled convictions. what a shame.

  6. the love of money is…..bennet summed it up ‘the little trappings’

  7. Shame, all this guys will be out of jobs now and are scrambling for the few posts available. Rat race

  8. All we can say to this is…what a CRYING shame. You contest posts as MPs and you fail then you go down the ladder to push your junior colleagues out..if this is not BULLYING and greed personified, then what is it? It smells so ugly the MDC could be making another howler after the confirmations…why are they doing this???

  9. there is no debate here,MDC-T please give us positive results in urbans your strongholds

  10. you foolish,greed mdc t party yu have already killed local authorities, why dont yu pull out rather than to fight fo your greedness munoshamisa machinja, chitungwiza, harare, mutare a few to mention mauraya matowns edu because of power hungry nxa ndakusvipai ini munosemesa

  11. Don’t forget that the ‘Zanu-PF position’ matters because Zanu-PF can change the constitution in a few sittings to say that mayors should be councilors first if they want. They have the numbers to do that in parliament.

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