Man uses Mugabe poster as toilet paper

MASVINGO — A 26-year-old Masvingo man recently landed himself in trouble after he allegedly used President Robert Mugabe’s campaign poster as toilet paper.

Tatenda Chitagu

Takura Mufumisi appeared at the Masvingo Magistrates’ Courts last week charged with violating the Electoral Act or, alternatively, destruction of political material.

Public prosecutor Mukai Mutumbe told the court that on July 24 this year, Mufumusi entered Landmark Bar in the city with the intention to relieve himself in the bar toilets.

While inside, he was spotted by the informant, Osman Musengi, tearing up Mugabe’s poster which he found inside and allegedly using it as toilet paper.

Musengi immediately effected a citizen’s arrest on Mufumusi and took him to Masvingo Central Police Station.

Court papers, however, do not state if Mufumusi was arrested after he had already relieved himself.

Magistrate Tinashe Ndokera adjourned the matter indefinitely as the State could not identify the witness.

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  1. newsday dont you have good stories to write.maposters haasisina basa ,they served their purpose the election is over.

    1. OSMAN, you are a hero my friend. You will be awarded a Doctorate for your sterling effort. With people like you, the Zimbabwean economy will be the first economy of the world. Well done! The very Excellency will consider you for the Minister of surveillance.

      BUT: Your boss has delivered 33yrs of nothing except pain and suffering from Gukurahundi to Murambatsvina to Cholera to underdevelopment. He himself lives in a Chinese Pagoda. You are posted to survey how people defacate in a bar! Well done. Remain there and please arrest more for failing to defacate properly. Whose job is it to see that there are tissues in a bar toilet?

      The failure to deliver a thriving economy lead to the causer’s face being exposed to a pungent orifice. The president only needed to cover his face.

  2. As I read this, thousands of those posters have since been used to wipe people’s unmentionables. What’s the fuss about it? I have also seen many times newspapers with his pictures being used as toilet paper! What’s so special about his image anyway?

  3. Themba Mlangeni

    @john & observer This happened on July 24 – a week before elections. Not that I support the prosecution case.

  4. Mupfana weBikini

    Munhu opisika nemaoko iro bepa riripo here? Ko iye munhu anotarisa mumwe muchimbuzi achimama akakwana here? Kushaya zvokuita uku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If he had takemm a mdcteaboy poster noone would have complained coz Tsvangirai is a nobody

    1. Gandanga, why are you so obsessed with Tsvangirai? Where does he come into this story?

  6. Ah zhanu people are petty. gandaga ko y u on hon. Tsvangi’s nuts go and celebrate victory and hang on bob’ s nuts. I think gandaga is g-g-ay with the way he is on save’s dk! Mannje bib zvaasingafarire ma geyi munowiriranan here.

  7. You know what is really weird, it is the fact that Osman Msengi was there when Takura Mufumisi was using a poster as toilet paper. Such complete absence of privacy.

    There were no toilet papers i suppose so Mufumisi was suppose to use his hands!

  8. This a small issue

  9. ZANU PF should use metal posters in toilets! Kikikikikiki!


    The tissues are now cheap and some people are tight fisted to the extend that they dont want to buy tissues. Even at his home i believe he does not use tissues but can afford to buy beer.


    Tissues are now cheap and some shameless people as well as some organisations are so tight fisted to the extend that they dont want to buy tissues.

  12. so if he used it what is the problem? there is nothing special about the said’s image it is as good as a tissue paper

    1. Before and after would have looked the same

  13. Ayatolla Mugabe has eyes everywhere – no freedom of toilet ‘speech’

  14. Rather arrest the “thief from Malawi”
    What a very creative idea. Is his face all over the poster? I want some.

  15. Pp: did u use the said toilets?
    Accused: yes.
    pp: did you see His Excellence the President and Commander in Chief of the armed Forces and First Secretary of Zpf in the House?
    Acd: no i observed no protocol the call of nature had summoned urgently.
    Pp: did you see any portrait, pictures or effigy of the President of the Republic in the House?
    Acd: no when I hang the shit i close my eyes for maximum benefit i saw nothing then.
    Pp. How did you wipe the exuding orifice of the stubborn lot?
    Acd: in principle wiping is a ritual which i don’t observe.
    Pp: did you not interfere with the portraits or posters in the House? Acd: no after buckling left the lavatory.
    Pp: how is that after you left the posters where found torn and defaced with feaces that carry your DNA?
    Court: court adjourn….

  16. My initial reaction is to agree with harsh punishment for such an act but then I rember how much pain and suffering mugabe has brought upon our nation and then I understand.

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