Losing MPs grapple for mayoral post

THE bulk of losing MDC-T House of Assembly aspirants in last month’s elections in Manicaland are eyeing the Mutare mayoral post.


MDC-T Manicaland vice-chairman Shuah Mudiwa, who lost to Zanu PF candidate Christopher Mushohwe in Mutare West constituency, admitted that he was aiming for the post.

“Yes, it is my interest to see Mutare transform. I have lived in this city since birth and I have seen the good and bad standards of Mutare. It’s now time that qualified and competent people be put in administration,” said Mudiwa.

Housing and Social Amenities minister Giles Mutsekwa, who lost to his party’s Arnold Tsunga in Chikanga-Dangamvura, said if the people of Mutare invited him to take up the post he would accept the position.

“It’s the people who make that decision,” he said.

“Politicians are servants of the people and, therefore, we listen to the people. Once the people decide, they will let me know,” said Mutsekwa.

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However, others whose names have been put forward professed ignorance on the reports.

Losing Mutasa North MP David Chimhini said he was not eyeing the post, but would not turn it down if he was invited.

Outgoing Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government, Rural and Urban Development chairperson Lynette Karenyi said she was not interested in the job.

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  1. This jostling for the mayor posts is a clear indication that mdcteaboy accept the results of the elections which it lost big time. The noise about rigging is a face saving antic

    1. @Gandanga- If this is true that party big wigs like Mangoma, Moyo and Mutseyekwa are elbowing the would be candidates for the mayor’s post then they are extremely dangerous to the MDC cause and they should be fired immediately. Displaying such power crazed demonic tendencies in public with little shame should not have a place in the current politics of the MDC.. I say shame on them…let the councillors choose among themselves who should be mayor.

  2. you idiots of newsday newsroom you are keeping on talking of lies about MDC T accepting results you stupit irresponsible reporters you were told the elections are null and void but you keep on talking nonsense watengesi if you are not married go and get married you bastard

    1. you are also an idiot, why are you so viciuos? ndiwe uri ktaurwa here? the guys are confirming. why do yu want to deny?

  3. Pamberi neMDC T ndizvo not zanu but Chinja maitiro pliz

  4. The Mutsekwa vs Tsunga in MDC-T, Is the same as Musakwa vs Kereke in ZANU PF issue. Have you ever noticed that?

    1. The similarity ends there, we have not heard Musakwa the losing candidate wanting to be the council chairman for Bikita, he does seem to have a little pride and is not power crazed.

  5. The biggest problem started when the part decided to reservetion seats for women pliz standing commitee u have started or created a parasite in the part

  6. MDC should know better than act in such a power hungry manner. We thought only ZUNU people think of themselves and their families when serving the people. Alas politicians are all the same.

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