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Knives out for Mujuru


VICE-PRESIDENT Joice Mujuru is reportedly in hot soup after it emerged the President’s Office has instituted an investigation into media reports claiming she insinuated that President Robert Mugabe could soon be “called by God” and that she was well positioned to succeed him.


Mujuru reportedly said this in an interview with a local privately-owned daily newspaper at the memorial service for her late husband Retired General Solomon Mujuru at the family’s farm in Beatrice at the weekend.

“We know that the President will soon be 90 and God might decide to call him, he has taught us a lot and how to lead the party. Zanu PF will never die because President Mugabe is no longer there; there are people who now can lead the party,” she was quoted as saying.

The utterances are believed to have widened divisions in Zanu PF, with party bigwigs, war veterans, top military personnel and a faction reportedly led by Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is said to be baying for the Vice-President’s blood.

These people are said to be livid with Mujuru, saying her words were as good as wishing Mugabe dead.

There is belief in the Zimbabwean body politic that Mujuru and Mnangagwa lead factions that are fighting to succeed Mugabe, although both have denied the existence of such rival camps.

The Constitution states that in the event that the President is unable to complete his term of office for any reason, the ruling party would elect a successor.

Sources in the party said the President’s Office was probing the authenticity of utterances attributed to Mujuru.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday said Mujuru had been misquoted.

Impeccable party sources told NewsDay that the Mnangagwa faction had seized the opportunity to create a rift between Mujuru and Mugabe so that Mnangagwa remained in the succession battle.

“It was an exaggeration,” Gumbo said yesterday. “You journalists have a tendency of picking a word and blow issues out of context and proportion.”

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba could not be drawn to comment on the matter and on being asked if there was a presidential probe on the matter he denied. “It is your creation,” he said, before hanging up.

NewsDay is, however, reliably informed Mujuru’s alleged utterances have caused an uproar in the party and sections of the military and war veterans.

Sources said some party bigwigs (names supplied) opposed to Mujuru met on Sunday immediately after the story was published to find ways of blocking her.

The sources added that the Vice-President’s rivals debated several strategies including organising an anti-Mujuru demonstration.

War veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda yesterday professed ignorance over reports that the former liberation war fighters were plotting an anti-Mujuru demonstration, but said it was “unthinkable” that Mujuru could have made the alleged remarks.

“I am hearing it for the first time. It could be a mistake by the newspaper. I might have to hear it from her personally. If she did say that, it is unthinkable to predict the death of a patriot. But if she did say that, it shows that she falls below the position which we expect her to be in,” Sibanda said.

“How can we wish him (Mugabe) dead when we should be wishing him well so that he completes his term of office and fulfil the new mandate he has been given by the people?”

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  1. Kungoda kuomesa nyaya every1 knows people dont leave 4ever uchangofa whether zvataurwa or hazvina & old age increases the chances.

    • Emerson planted this story to weaken his opponents position like chess. Push out the woman who might know who killed her husband. How dangerous would she be once president.

      • If Rex was alive her chances of being the next president were higher than now. Emerson is making sure of that

  2. If any one thinks there is any malice in Mujuru’s statement even if she said it, they need their heads examined!!!!

    Do they ever think that Mugabe is a motal being who will soon depart? Are they so naive that they expect him to live forever because they have no balls to contemplate a different leadership in their party?

    If the truth be said, Mugabe has long outlived his usefulness and to expect more from him is the height of stupidity!!!!

    • @Shibobo- you are dead right, this was somebody mourning her husband. What she simply meant was that she was ready when called, and tell me what is wrong with this? For someone aspiring and deserving of high office the VP should be a lot more careful in future and where possible stick with the written script (speaking of which, why not find a new vibrant speech writer seeing they are now a dime a dozen)..If memory serves me right she was caught offside again during the Nkomo years with the Strive Masiyiwa saga when she referred to the then VP as old. She has to be really mindful..For those with knives out, you are only EXPOSING yourselves as a bunch of clowns trying to make capital and stock out of nothing. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  3. Thats nonsense, Mai Mujuru is spot on. The old horse is old for sure and can die anytime. Nothing special about him. Vamwe vanofa nevakafa kare imbwa here? Pfutseke mhani.

  4. I can see that some people are taking Mugabe for their god. sorry mainingi. he is going to die very soon haachina makore akawanda tichiona kuti muchaita sei vamwari venyu vasisipo. Joyce you are dead right Mugabe is not your god and he is going to die just like any person dies. Saka Mnangagwa and group u take Mugabe as your god nhai. that’s blasphemy.

  5. there is nothing wrong if mujuru becomes the president of this country or tsvangirai becoming the president of this country.nyika ino haisi yaMugabe veduwe saka ngaapewo vamwe.iwe munangagwa wakauraisa Mujuru takazvinzwa nababa JUKWA

  6. Jabu unorwara kana uri kuona sekuti the VP can be a target of your level of leadership! You are only a small wig isingambokwani pontificating about the VP’s office.

  7. Mai Mujuru whether she is rite or wrong of wch we all will die (James Blunt) anywhere pple, mai Mujuru will not be the perfect successor of RG we all know that she is not that much of a gud leader, pliz spare the motherly part German Chancellor A.M is a gud example of hard line politics , if she wants for the sake of Zanu history’s sake she shld stay put.

  8. Asi chokwadi ndechekuti mazuva ekuenda kunamufuga nebwe ndiwo mashoma asara muchida musingadi achaiita matombo ma blankets rather sooner than later

  9. Funny enough, we will all be ‘called by God’ at one time or another. It’s inevitable. Here is a list of those who can be ‘called by God’ sooner than later: 1. Those who drink and drive. 2. Those who believe in miracles from false prophets. 3. Those who believe in Tsikamutanda. 4. Those who killed innocent people during Gukurahundi and now hounded and haunted by the spirits of the dead. 5. Those who drive on the highway while using a cell phone. 6. Anyone who is 85 years and older.

    I thank you.

    • Only if you consciously know that you are a sinner and murderer why shouldn’t you fear death. You already know where your final destiny is… destruction… yes fear grips! But for you brother just continue on the path of repentance and seeking your call and purpose in God. Why fear?

  10. Maybe it was just a lapsus linguae. Chances of getting misquoted are high. The journalists must halt dividing people.

  11. These politicians must grow up. Even if she said it… what is wrong with it? She was just pointing out an obvious fact without any malice. Gee-grow up comrades.

  12. We shall all die soon ,mugabe will not live 4eva,he is not a sprit he has flesh and blood like his kith and kin

  13. Watch out for the dirty tricks used on the mdc being used against mai mujuru and her faction. When it comes to the crunch at the zanu pf congress to choose mugabe’s successor anything will be fair game. Those in her faction will be intimidated with death threats just like the rural folk were to vote for mnangagwa. The mnangagwa faction and the securocrats CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE MAI MUJURU TAKE OVER. Lets watch events unfold.

  14. Why are some people livid each time Mugabes death is mentioned? Now that they have finished with Tsvangi their focus is now joice, these power hungry dogs have no limits. If i were joice id quit now before the storm.

  15. high above th sky a thick, black blanket of cloud is covering th sky slowly but cautiously, never to worry about th wind coming from th west wth an average speed of 8knots/hr. this is jus th begining of a storm that is brewd above th horizon. its intensity is unpredicted as the temperature rises nd decreases uniformly, bt sooner or later a hurricane is cmin in th midst of these escalating tension creating confusion nd chaos among others. let it rain, let it rain nd see th adverse effects of it. ADIOS maZimbo

  16. Highest literacy rate in Africa,but amazing hudofo.

    The issue is not whether cde RGM is mortal or immortal.

    But for some of us with chicken brains to understand it,go to your parents,or any of your older relatives and remind them that since they are old they will be dying soon and that you want to discuss nhaka with them.

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