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Jah Prayzah in no show


THERE was drama at Makoni Business Centre in Chitungwiza on Friday after musician Jah Prayzah failed to turn up for a show at Moonlight Night Club.

Tawanda Marwizi

Police had to disperse angry fans that had mobbed a commuter omnibus that is used to ferry the musician’s band members with some threatening to smash it with bricks.

When NewsDay arrived at the scene, outside the venue fans were threatening to beat the band’s assistant manager Lloyd “Mabla 10” Kurima who was trying to explain the situation to them.

“We are going to beat them up if they fail to refund us. These police officers should go and inspect the post-elections situation and leave us to deal with the musician,” shouted a disgruntled fan.

Some were baying for the musician’s blood with half bricks in their hands as they went around parked cars at the venue looking for him.
“He is a daylight robber because sometimes he comes to his shows late and he does not even take time on stage which is not fair,” said a fan who had a stone in his hand.

Inside the venue, very few people were hopelessly watching the musician’s band that had already gone on stage.

The musician’s manageress Filda Muchauraya said Jah Prayzah failed to come for the show because he had a terrible headache.

“He had a terrible headache and as we speak, he has been rushed to the avenues hospital by Patson Chimbodza,” she said.

Chimbodza confirmed that he had rushed the musician to hospital.
“We have decided to have people refunded because we feared he could collapse on stage,” said Chimbodza.

Contrary to the two’s assertions, a source close to the musician said they decided to cancel the show because of poor turnout.
“The people were very few and as far as I know him, he does not want to perform in front of a handful crowd. To make matters worse, Peter Moyo was here last week and people came in numbers than today,” said the source.

However, Muchauraya refuted the claims, maintaining that Jah Prayzah was not feeling well.

Fans who had paid $5 per head were reimbursed and the situation calmed down.

Jah Prayzah is one of the young musicians who have stolen the hearts of many music lovers and is currently riding high with his album Tsviriyo.

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