Harare residents set benchmarks for new council

HARARE residents, who for the past five years had endured poor service delivery under the MDC-T-dominated council, have set high benchmarks for the newly-elected councillors who are yet to assume office.


In a statement yesterday, Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) advocacy officer Pretty Chabuda said:“The RC (Residents’ Council) executive resolved that the incoming council should prioritise water delivery, upgrading the distribution of infrastructure and the quality of the water delivered. This should extend to the rehabilitation of the Firle Sewerage Treatment Plant to make it fully functional.”

Chabuda accused the previous council of failing to effectively communicate with residents, saying it was their hope that the incoming council would take residents’ views on board.

“It is hoped that the City of Harare will seriously review the work of their information and publicity committee and the public relations department, which largely failed to communicate council messages and facilitate engagement of the council and the residents, for example on the water shortages, rationing, billing challenges and disease outbreaks,” she said.

Chabuda also bemoaned the under-utilisation of refuse collection trucks which she said was due to the unavailability of fuel.
“Other key priorities that emerged during this meeting include waste management, where the major concern is on the utilisation of the refuse collection vehicle fleet. The council says it has 47 refuse collection vehicles, but only six are operating due to fuel challenges.

“The residents wanted the council to join hands with the residents to fight improper disposal of refuse by consistently collecting refuse and putting in mechanisms to deter littering.

“The second emerging priority was that the council should make a binding resolution that the council clinics should not be closed during tea breaks and lunch hour as this is jeopardising the lives of many patients who would have come to seek medical attention and are ordered to wait until lunch hour is over. And it is usually extended without explanation,” Chabuda said.

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  1. Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) is articulating a very noble issue but I also want to urge them to also look at the other side of the coin that they preach the gospel of reponsibility to their members, their members should now start paying their dues for the City to deliver. They should also take coignisance that council main sources of income such as Rufaro Marketing, Vehicles licencing, even maternity fees are almost next to nothing and the government should now fund for the free services they offer as is the norm the world over. We grew up tichiziva kuti kune masubsidies where ever the govt want free services for the citizens.

  2. As long as the current Directors of city of Hre remain in office, i bet with u, you will never see change coz they are fighting the battle to outset MDC Councillors, they are Zanu PF appointees on mission, also HRT is pro ZPF, they know what they are doing, NdiMadhuku anotsvaga pane mari, Chombo haabhadhare maBills, nemabhururu avo, moti tsvina izvitakure, mvura madams anongokura

    1. the issue of staff salaries should not be ignored

      1. @Ishe- yes, you have a point y friend, people should eat that which they kill..how do you justify mad in hell high above the moon salaries paid by a moribund council? Unlock this conundrum and Harare will fly.


    @ Mabvazuva, well said. Nothing to add and nothing to substract.

  4. Think tank Iam so solly there is no wayforward vakarega tichibirwa maelections uripo we will never paticipate unless you confess.Iam solly do it alone.Chabuda go to hell go and drink sewage water in your Harare

  5. adventure marembedza

    The Harare Residents Trust must also speak against looting of council land by Chombo a week before July 31 2013 election. Chombo instructed council employees to allocate him tracks of land in Budiriro and Kuwadzana.The company used to allocate himself the land is called Trymerge Investments.

    1. @adventure —All I can say to this is Oh my God.

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