Gutu for Harare Mayor


THE MDC-T’s standing committee has endorsed Obert Gutu as Harare mayor-elect ahead of other top contenders like out-going mayor Muchadeyi Masunda and former councillor Warship Dumba.


Gutu confirmed the development yesterday, but declined to give details.

“I am humbled by the party leadership’s confidence in me and I will try my level best to give it my all to ensure Harare retains its sunshine city status,” Gutu said.

MDC-T sources told NewsDay that Gutu was adjudged the best following interviews conducted by the party’s standing committee at Harvest House last week.

The former Deputy Minister of Justice and MDC-T Harare provincial spokesperson now awaits formal endorsement through a secret ballot by councillors at their first sitting expected soon.

His appointment automatically qualifies him to be chairperson of the Harare Metropolitan Province — a government administrative arm which encompasses councillors, senators and Members of the House of Assembly.

An MDC-T source yesterday said the party leadership had also selected Thomas Muzuva as deputy mayor and also selected council committee chairpersons.


  1. Well the former senator was quite energetic when he was a senator, one truly hopes he will bring this energy to Town house. Top of his to do list must be firing the whole billing department and those responsible for adjudication of tenders. He can do this within a day! he can then try and align management salaries to what is obtaining in the economy not this nonsense where these guys are paying themselves the earth. If they feel they are worth what they have been paying themselves then they should look for opportunities elsewhere since they are in this high demand, period.

  2. In addition to the above, if the Mayor-elect gets any talkback and other legal nonsense, as a lawyer he can find a loophole and LET the public know what they are paid and then let the Harare Residents and the President know what highway robbery has been obtaining in council when everyone was being forced to drink sewage by Masunda and his Town Clerk..again this should take just one day. In fact in the interest of transparency, if people know how much the president earns why should they not know how much the Town Clerk is earning.

  3. Obert Gutu ngaarege kurara nezamu mukanwa zvakaitwa nevamwe vake from 2008 until they got booted out this year .

  4. lets wait nd see. we want clean water,refuse collected. lets hope its not a way of making money fo himself

  5. Yes GUTU is to be the mayor of Harare, but this man is very proud of himself.This is a public office that you going to take mr Gutu be simple and approachable by everybody otherwise you won’t last at townhouse.

    • @wezhira- Gutu should prove to all and sundry why he was a senator and Masunda mayor by making a real difference. In my book Masunda was the worst mayor Harare ever had from Independence..anyone show me why I should change my mind.

        • @General- Many thanks, dont know how that name slipped through the cracks..but I still if it were in a race for incompetence between Solomon Tavenga, Makwavara and Masunda, they would all win in a dead heat with Masunda pipping the other two by his belly button!

    • @Goto- making him mayor is enough..the presidency should be left to Tsvangirayi or Khupe or Mudzuri..the rest should simply work as MPs as is the present case and go back to their daytime jobs as being Minister was a part time job anyway, now they can concentrate on their constituency not this missplaced notion they had of being statesmen when all they were noise makers short on deliverables. If for some reason Mr. Tsvangirayi feels a need to step down he should hand the reins to either Khupe or Mudzuri, they have tangible traceable refs of performance on the ground not musicians who took everyone for a ride with their GROSS incompetence. No need for mentioning names..they know themselves..Ok if they dont, they are Chamisa, Biti and Moyo, not necessarily in that order.

  6. Allow me to indulge myself a little to reorganise the MDC T party in the light of the past devastation which appears to have left them in disarray.. The new line up should be like this..

    Khupe- interim president
    Matinenga- Vice president
    Tsvangirayi- chairman
    Mudzuri- sec general
    Madzore-organising sec
    Biti- spokesman
    moyo-secretary for women and youth affairs

    Having reorganised MDCT now lets do the same for ZANU

    interim president- Mrs Mujuru
    vice president- Khaya Moyo/ Emmerson Munangagwa
    Sec general- Sydney Sekeramayi
    Finance- Olivia Muchena
    Publicity- Rugare Gumbo
    Youth and Women’s affairs- Oppah Muchinguri

    Now how does this look?

    • FALCON, thats good enough but not better. Take all the guys from inter-parties and make up a Good Cabinet. Where is BabaJukwa to help

  7. Pliz Mr Gutu l’m still waiting for yo childish threats u did on the eve ye Announcement yema results ema presidential elections.wn Mugabe emerged winner. u bolted out of Hicc threateneing the Nation kuti mirai muone kuona chii .Kikikikikikiest nanhasi takangomira va gutuza

    • @Zvombo MDC-Tea is full of people who dont stand by what they say. They simple dont think. The laughed when Mugabe went kumaPostori, when he gave people free party regalia and bussed people to his rallies. Tsvangirai and team went to TB Joshua forgetting the solution is and can only be found in Zim.

  8. Funny enough. Isnt he the same man who was laughing at the JOKE OF THE DECADE- decleration of Mugabe as winner by ZEC and he threatened KUTI MIRAYI MUONE. And his president Doctor of SEXOLOGY Tsvangson threatened to boycott all insitutional participation. But he is busy appointing Mayors all over. Hokoyo nebhora musango nemacouncillors pasecret ballot apo. Ana Biti havasi kurara vote buying councillors.

  9. My delivering Cabinet.
    Dr. Gideon Gono : Treasury, Economic Planning & Development.
    Fred Moyo : Mines & Mining Development
    Kumbirai Katsande : Industry, Trade & Commerce
    Stembiso Nyoni : Small to Medium Enterprises
    Dr. Win Mlambo : Agriculture, Lands, Mechanization & Irrigation Development
    Eng. Walter Mzembi : Tourism & Environment
    Amb Christopher Mutsvangwa : State Enterprises & Infrastructure Dev (Energy, Water, & Housing)
    Emmerson Mnangagwa : Defence
    Prof. Arthur Mutambara : Science, ICTs, Higher & Tertiary Education
    Monica Mutsvangwa : Labour, Social Welfare & Public Services
    Dr. Sydney Sekeramayi : State Security
    Blessed Runesu : Police
    F. Majome : Women’s Affairs & Community Development
    Patrick Chinamasa : Legal, Parliamentary & Constitutional Affairs
    S. Mumbengegwi : Foreign Affairs
    Themba Mliswa : Sport
    Dr. Paul Chimedza : Health & Child Welfare
    Flora Bhuka : Education & Culture
    Dr. Ignatious Chombo : Local Govt & Public Works
    Dr. Obert Mpofu : Transport & Communications

  10. @Mageja- we are a small country merge Tourism and Foreign Affairs and give it to Mzembi..retire Mumbengegwi, Chombo, Chinamasa,Stembiso Nyoni and Mpofu..Mliswa will need more time to grow up. One Mutsvangwa is enough. Merge Sport, Women and Youth Affairs just as merging Indegenisation with Finance and Economic planning. Let Transport and Communications take care of Information as well.

  11. i dont have hope in this! people of hre! hana yangu iri kungo rova handisi kana satled. mukuru uyu haa zvi kwanisi.

  12. This is the position that Gutu was promised when he was dropped as a candidate for senate. Gutu is also handling most of the MDC-T’s futile and misguided election challenges so as a reward he gets to become the mayor. Nothing for mahara as the saying goes!

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