Gukurahundi sparks storm

TEMPERS flared on Tuesday night during a public debate on elections at Sapes Trust in Harare when the moderator raised the issue of Gukurahundi atrocities, saying it was beyond belief that victims of the killings could vote for Zanu PF.

Senior Reporter

Renowned academic Rudo Gaidzanwa was the moderator during the debate on a topic: Zimbabwe Elections 2013: A Post-Mortem, pitting discussants Douglas Mwonzora of the MDC-T, Godwills Masimirembwa of Zanu PF and a senior researcher from the Research and Advocacy Unit, Tony Reeler.

Gaidzanwa was immediately interjected by angry Zanu PF supporters who were present during the discussions.

The supporters had apparently been irked by the moderator’s earlier assertion that Zanu PF had also bussed people to register in Mt Pleasant.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace estimates that about 20 000 civilians, mainly from Matabeleland, were massacred during the Gukurahundi atrocities committed by the North-Korean-trained Fifth Brigade during the 1980s.

President Robert Mugabe has since described the events as “a moment of madness” without making any apologies.

“From your discussions, one would like to find out how Gukurahundi victims in Matabeleland could suddenly bury the hatchet and vote for Zanu PF, a party which committed those atrocities, and also given that Zanu PF had never won a single seat there since 1980,” said Gaidzanwa.

“There were also many strangers being bussed into Mount Pleasant, where I live, during the voter registration process resulting in my children who wanted to register as voters failing to do so because of the long queues.”

An angered Zanu PF supporter sought a point of order over Gaidzanwa’s accusations of bussing of people saying how did she know they were Zanu PF supporters as they could have been MDC-T.

Zanu PF activist Goodson Nguni weighed in, saying Gaidzanwa should explain the logic of how victims of Ian Smith’s Rhodesian regime could also vote for the MDC-T.

In response, Masimirembwa said the 1987 Unity Accord signed by Mugabe and the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo was bearing fruit and that was why Matabeleland people voted for Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF has a majority in Matabeleland and all that this demonstrates from the time of the Unity Accord is we are seeing the fruits of peace amongst our people,” Masimirembwa said.

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  1. Gd point Rudo. Just not possible. Pple in Mat South where I come from are adamant those results are not a reflection of their will. The zpf sick logic – MDC and Ian Smith, where is the similarity…??? Goodson, are you ever going to stop singing for your bread in such a pathetic manner…???

    1. Goodson go face your theft charges in Safria also get a job .u talk rubbish all the time more zanu pf than the real zanu pf me3 smelll a rat

    2. Ulamanga aluhlaza tshoko. Why should I vote for a white fronting MDC? Why? Why should I vote away the land that Mugabe gave me? Mat South is dominated by farms where we blacks were resettled.

  2. MDC will do anything to get into power, including this fanning of the flame of racial hatred by bringing up Gukurahundi so as to cause chaos. I thought encouraging the suffering of many by actively participating in sanctions against Zimbabwe was the lowest point, but this is just ridiculous. Maruza varume.

    1. Scot, do you not feel that Zanu-PF should be realistic about the Gukurahundi issue? The president can start of by apologizing during the coming inauguration. Such a gesture will go a long way in starting the compensation process for the victims of a government sunctioned wholesale killing of civilians. The violent nature of Zanu-PF can not be wished away. They are a true construct of violence. Kutonga ngavatonge handiti ndivo vakahwina.

      1. I think attrocities where committed on both sides since there where also ZAPU dissidents who caused havoc in Midlands mainly. Of course two wrongs won’t make a right and both sides need to own up. I also feel this is an issue of humanity but has been hijacked by politicians for political mileage of which its not fair on the part of the victims

        1. Surviving and Strong

          When you say “by both sides”, you immediately fall in the same line as those responsible for it in ZANUPF.

          You fall in the same line as some MDC people who also abuse it on the one hand and suppress the issue on another

          People who are victims do not seek to take an observer standpoint and say, “but the other side was wrong too”. All we want is JUSTICE, HEALING and RECONCILIATION.

          Many of you speak of Gukurahundi as though you have lived it but no NOTHING OF IT and still remain ignorant calling it an issue of tribalism or divisiveness.

          The closest encounter of the experience of what these people are/were capable of was the 2008 elections. Those people deserve justice too!

          I survived that period, I saw with my own eyes. We lost a whole homestead.

          Leave the matter alone if you know nothing of it.

      2. And who will apologise on behalf of the dissidents who made killing their hobby? Don’t be blinkered.

    2. Lets not pilitake here scot?? thinking about it logically, for more than 25years Zanu has not won a single seat in the area and 33 years down the line, without an apollogy or any sort of remorcfull statement on gukurahundi they then turn it around and win the majority of seats in the area? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess what happened there.

      yes inciting public unrest is bad and the MDC should decist from such, i totally agree, but at the same time as iam looking out for the greater good, i also know the facts and his argument was right, but put out in the wrong forum.. he actually seemed more emotional about it, than objective(he may well be one of the victims too)

      and as for busing people.. i don’t think any1 can argue those facts, its public knowledge mate.. get with the program.

      in zim facts and/or public knowledge are always more likely to be diffirent from the “official” position – be it gvrnmnt, political parties,individuals.

  3. Sorry, I meant tribal hatred, my bad..

  4. There is a lot more to the Gukurahundi issue than the political rhetoric currently dominating the debate on this issue. Dumiso Dabengwa in a Sunday Mail
    interview recently said of the episode, ” horrible things were committed by both sides” no one has asked him to qualify that statement. Some of us who are old enough remember, the Gwayi arms train that disappeared, the arms cache on ZAPU farms, the break-in into the armory at Inkomo barracks, Gayigusu, Gwasela etc. We remember civilians killed, civil servants murdered, government property destroyed. I do not condone the murder of even one person, neither do I condone destruction of property and dissidence. I too lost relatives during this episode. I think it’s time those in the know on both sides give us the truth before it gets faded by memory. Munyaradzi Huni of the Sunday Mail is best able to unlock this sad part of our history.

    1. Well said Farai. There is a lot more to this Gukurawundi issue than we are told. True, far too many innocent civilians fell victim to this madness, but the origins of the debattle remain a mystry.

      There is something that both sides are hiding, ie, Zanu and Zapu. Not many senior Zapu officials have actually come out in the open to voice their opinion. And Zanu and its appologists seam to know something that was never made public.

      What is it???

      1. What needs to be known about Gukurahundi is known. The government deployed a whole army to kill over 20 000 innocent civilians, motivated by tribalism and hate. We all know what needs to be done, but as long as those who were responsible for Gukurahundi are in power, nothing will be done. But if there is no justice in this life, it will definitely be found in the next life. Sins only go away if people repent. No propaganda can change that. Death eventually comes to all of us, then we answer to God!

        1. Surviving and Strong

          Laph’uyihlomile mfo.

          I could not have said it better. Inengi labantu abazi lutho. Inengi labo still believe in the propaganda that was used during isikhathi les’yana. Even after experiencing the type of bloodlust that the Mnangagwa guided group inflicted upon us.

          Many people do not understand. They suppress us the same way ZANU suppresses a cry for help that isnt a cry for rebellion. If MDC were to look in the mirror ON THIS ISSUE, they’re better in that most of their hands are not tainted in blood but they use the issue over and over and over…doing ZERO on the ground.

  5. Silence! Lets bury our heads in the sand. See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil!

  6. when Dabengwa talks about backing welshman, he is labelled a tribalist. but when he says a lot was done by both sides, people take his word because it somehow favours their position on gukurahundi. i will never vote for blood suckers in the name of unity accord. NEVER!!!!!!

  7. Government sunctioned killing, wholesale or otherwise, of percieved opponents should never be explained away.

  8. Ana Rudo mange mateya huMinisterka? Ana Magaisa vange vateya huChief Justice ana Tamborinyoka vari maMinister of Information. Kkkkkkkk maruza. ZANU chiororo

  9. nhaimi ndibatsireiwo ndiani Zapu pane vaiva muZapu nguva yeGukurahundi vachiri vapenyu here today. why are they silent about everything are they dead where are they. who are the ZAPU heroes vamunozivawo. how come its not so popular today what happenned to ZAPU.

    1. Surviving and Strong

      Read your history. Google or even go to Wikipedia. Dont be lazy

  10. Rudo’s children could not register to vote for MDC-T. ZANU PF supporters who preferred to vote in Mt Pleasant and registered there came by a hired ZUPCO bus and voted for ZANU PF. Where is rigging there?

    M(ale)organ Tsvangirai promised compensation for Gukurahundi victims, how was he going to do this? Where was he going to get the money? He lost because he cheapened the victims to such levels.

    The story of Gukurahundi is never fully told and those old enough to know are not willing to tell us of their barbarism. Dabengwa gives only but a window and stops there; Mugabe doe not want to talk about it but some of us with details will tell you there was a PROVOCATION and then an OVER-REVENGE. Let sleeping dogs lie!

    1. gumbo, compensation comes in different forms. do not just jump to money. there are key areas like the land, mines in their area or even a stake in transport business givben their area is short of reliable transport. muka hama yangu. wake-up! ndimi muno printer mari musingazive zvine repercussions.

      1. Iwe Sirivhanosi, verenga paragraph yangu yekupedzisira. Unomhanyira kuripa ANI wacho? Stake in land, transport, etc, to who really, who is the victim in this case? In any case, is human life equal to a stake in those material things you state there? I told you that there was a provocation and an over-revenge in that “moment of madness”. And how do you verify who did what and who was directly affected then? This is why you want to compensate whites for land that they took forcefully from your people. Although you can easily take it, there is no medal for foolishness/folly! I cho!

        1. those stakes are a form of life. a symbolic compensation to life lost and most probably the wealth and contribution the victims could have provided. Gumbo, dont ask who the victims are. there are people who were left behind who were supposedly to have been raised by those deceased. its not a matter of buying back life but accepting a national disaster and try to mend the tribal relations. as for the whites, do you really think taking back the land will bring back the life and all fortunes that they looted? let your facts be balanced in your analysis. unfortunately, u took the medal yourself. kkkkkkkkkkk.

    2. Baba you know your story,hauna otswana lewena

    3. bollocks to you my friend. you are speaking out of your other end.

  11. Well about Gukurahundi & dissidents. Only 84 to 100 dissidents surrendered after the amnesity was called in 1988. The comparison of 5th brigade atrocities to that of 100 men is hiding behind a finger. 5th brigade was state sponsored genocide while the 100 dissidents were only a few disillusioned individuals

  12. Analogies with other countries at nation building stage almost invariably involve wars, civil strife, ethnic hostilities manifest in one way or the other….ours cant be an exception…painful as it is, we must move forward, the past remains in the past, thats where it belongs….like it or not. No amount of anger will change that…..lets be mature guys, inyika yedu tose

  13. this issue of gukurahundi needs to addressed properly.the government must accept it and apologise to the people, rather than just trying to ignorant like nothing happened.

    1. you are right doctor!

  14. Gumbo needs to stop and think first before speaking out of his other end

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