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Get understanding before marriage to avoid divorce


Marriage is supposed to last till the death of either spouse or both which makes it anyway practically impossible to continue.

Sermon of The Week with Pastor Erasmus Makarimayi

Responding to a question where Pharisees wanted to trap Jesus to be more lenient on the grounds of divorce going beyond the Mosaic letter of divorcement, Jesus hit them on the soft sport and said in Mark 10:5, “And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.”

Jesus went on to tell them that God’s will was for a couple to live together forever as one flesh. Divorce then, can be traced to hardheartedness.

I don’t mean to prick your heart, but if it was this generation that got the audience with Jesus, they would probably seek permission to divorce if the other partner is barren.

Imagine if Abraham had sought to divorce Sarah because of her barrenness.

There wouldn’t be the nation of Israel and Jesus Himself. Abraham waited on God who opened Sarah’s womb knowing the declaration in Psalm 127:3 which says, “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

May I be a prophet to you right now if you were about to end your marriage because of barrenness; wait on God. There are reports were a couple divorces because the children are not of a particular preferred gender. That’s wrong.

The prevalence of divorce in our times is astounding. It has not spared politicians, captains of industry, men or women of cloth, Christians and non-Christians, the rich and poor. It transcends age, race and culture. The Standard of June 23, 2013 reported President Mugabe bemoaning divorce.

The paper quoted him saying, “Out of any three weddings I have attended, at least one couple has broken up.

There is so much divorce and separation, take your time before marriage, don’t rush…study your partner,” said Mugabe. “Even looking at my own Cabinet, I ask them ah uyu ndewechingani (I ask is this the first wife)?” Get understanding before marriage and avoid divorce.

This generation would have sought permission to divorce if the partners were to discover that they were not compatible. How do you justify discovering that you were not meant for each other after say thirty years and four children to the credit?

There are other flimsy excuses such as claims that your partner no longer suits your newfound profession or calling. Do you want to tell me that God was not aware of your future in terms of advancement in occupation while you were dating, engaging and exchanging vows? He knows everything from before time to after time. Psalm 139:3 attests, “Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.” Be sober.

People are so discreet when they buy such gadgets as handsets to avoid discarding them later on thus losing money. In the same vein never get into a marriage without full knowledge of what you are entering into.

If you put so much research into importing a car that you can dispose of any time, why don’t you put all effort into understanding the implications of something that will last your lifetime? If you ever want to get married, make sure you fully understand and are fully committed.

It should go beyond the fact that everyone in your circle is now married. Don’t give in to pressure from the community. Don’t just nail yourself to someone because of a designer suit or trendiest weave. Marriage goes beyond this.

Having legal papers from the courts authorising you to be husband and wife is good but not enough. Marriage is not a carnal union but a spiritual celebration of the physical attributes given to humanity by God.

In case you choose to be hardhearted and divorce, the court or the secular counsellor will not be enough till you get spiritual deliverance from the bond ordained in heaven.

In case your marriage was solemnised by the courts only, I urge you to go to your pastor to bless that union.

In the same spirit if you divorced through the courts and never sought spiritual solution, see your pastor. Even if you are marrying for the first time but are carrying bonds from previous relationships, get spiritual insight.

I will return next week and deal with the complexities of life after divorce and tackle some of the challenges. You were not meant to fail, you are pre-programmed to success. Don’t be a casualty. Refuse to falter, you are going somewhere.

All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible
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