Fuel prices hike confirmed

THE price of fuel in Bulawayo has slightly increased contrary to vehement denials by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) with garages yesterday confirming the hike amid fears the increase might spark rises in the prices of basic commodities.

Gamma Mudarikiri/ Pamela Mhlanga

Yesterday some garages in Bulawayo were selling a litre of petrol for between $1,56 and $1,70, while diesel was selling between $1,40 and $1,50 per litre.

However, other suppliers, particularly Redan and Sakunda, maintained the old price of $1,52 and $1,55 for petrol and diesel between $1,35 and $1,40.

In Harare, however, most garages had not increased the prices.
On Monday Zera denied that fuel prices had gone up.

“Zera views such reports as trying to instigate unnecessary fuel hikes not at all related to any changes in the cost drivers of fuel,” the energy regulator said in a statement.

Bulawayo public transport operators, however, confirmed the latest fuel price increases and bemoaned the hike. They said the development was likely to cripple the transport industry.

“It is disheartening to note that the price of fuel has gone up at some service stations and what I can say is that the development is likely to cripple our operations in the transport industry and it will be hard to put food on the table for our families,” said Nicholas Sithole, a taxi driver plying the Hillside route.

The slight increases in the price of fuel coincided with the controversial re-election of President Robert Mugabe in an election whose outcome has been rejected by the MDC-T.

The hike in fuel prices follows another increase when the government raised excise duty on fuel by at least 20%, a cost which suppliers passed on to consumers.

Analysts yesterday said the hike in the fuel price was likely to have a ripple effect and push up the prices of other commodities unless government intervened.

Economic analyst Eric Bloch although attributing the hike in the fuel price to the rise in oil prices globally, said the development would push up inflation by an estimated 2% and this would have a knock-on effect on other goods and services.

“The rise in fuel prices is inflationary and this will have a direct impact on the operations of business,” said Bloch.

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  1. Ummmm vaSamkange nemafungiro enyu aya handioni gore richipera tinemi

  2. The 20% duty surcharge introduced to raise funds for the general elections is now redudant since these were held and should be removed and this will result in a drecease in the price of fuel.

  3. i see a return of price controls


    @Gamma/Pamela in your report there is no confirmation and verification of the prize increases in Bulawayo by the authorities. In such stories please let get the other side of the comment. You dont mention the service stations. Its your story and taxi drivers comment. Am not against your story but you unbalanced reporting

  5. Govt increased the price of fuel by a 20% duty surcharge.The 20% duty surcharge introduced to raise funds for the general elections is now redudant since these were held and should be removed and this will result in a drecease in the price of fuel.

  6. To the reporters of this article i have one simple question:Who authorised this fuel hike?

  7. prophets of doom get doomed.

  8. This is the begining of our end

  9. This type of reporting will not last in a free Zimbabwe. Your donors will soon withdraw their support. Start looking for jobs Gama and Pamela. Your days are up.

  10. SA increased it’s fuel price by R0.32c recently, they are expecting another increase today in response to international fuel market prices. We get most of our product from SA! Eric Bloch should speak louder to correct the fiction of an increase linked to the people’s victory.

  11. kuti harare ndokuti zimbabawe, kana isina kukwira ku harare saka hapana increase, reporter bvuma kuti wakanyepa kwete kungonyora zvisina basa coz wakakonzeresa kuti ndibhadhariswe ma pondo nemakombi coz of your lies. dai government itsva ikakutorera licence iroro or ban your newspaper for good. uri kuda kukonzeresa iwe


    I can see ‘rigging’ of prices by business people and price controls which will lead to scarcity of basic commodities and later on long winding queues. The commuter operators are eagerly waiting so as to increase the fares. Am not a pessimist.

  13. I would be glad if all newspapers report objectively…..this story is certainly out of step, meant to raise panic in the nation, whereas the heading reads ‘hike’, the body of the story describes it as ‘slight increase’. I am a proponent of freedom of expression, and one of those unhappy with some political developments, but to create unnecessary alarm and despondency is the highest level of irresponsibility. Don’t tarnish the credibility of the Newsday unnecessarily.

  14. Mbuya madhuwe itai rimwe dhiziri.

    1. Zimbabweans we claim to be educated, but some of the news comments just show how dump we are.
      nyorai zvinoenderana nenews article kwete kutuka kana kutsvinya

  15. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

    I think the reporters are the ones who have a strong wish for a bad situation. People like these reporters are not different from a certain leader who cried for sanctions for the suffering of his own people. Why do people want to make money with people’s suffering. The reporters should be made to mention the service stations so that the law takes its course or the service station owners can defend themselves.

    1. fuel yakakwira world wide

  16. Thats being greedy on the part of our local fuel dealers, fuel price was increased by R0,32 in SA where we get the bulk of our fuel how would they now justify their increase of close to R5.

  17. even in sa prices of fuel are not the same.fuel has a lesser price at towns near sea port i.e in durban.thus price in durban is leser if u compare to the 1 in joburg.as u travel to zim border fuel price of fuel wil b getin higher as u aproach the nxt city.thus it has to b mo higher in zim coz due to transport cost.with this “democratic” paty “losin” & “despotic” party “wining” we shld xpect this to hapen.mo things to folo 4 at least the next 5 yrs

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