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Family brings hope to Marondera residents


MARONDERA Town, located at about 75km east of the capital Harare, has benefited as far as service delivery is concerned after a Marondera family this week brought hope to the provincial capital through donating bins and wheelbarrows to the town council.

Jairos Saunyama

Fabian Madanyika and his wife Grace have become the talk of town following their generous hand that will ensure a clean environment in and around the town. The town has heaps of uncollected garbage lying on the ground especially at the bus terminus due to shortage of litter bins.

The couple, who owns Royce Hardware, on Tuesday handed over a dozen of 210-litre steel bins and a number of wheelbarrows to the Marondera Town Council.

The bins will be planted across the town while some are to be placed at designated areas in the high-density suburbs of Dombotombo, Nyameni and Cherutombo.

The donation came at a time when the town is facing shortage of bins and other equipment for cleaning the environment.

Speaking at the handover ceremony that was held at the council chambers, Madanyika said it is the duty of residents to give back to the community whenever they get the opportunity.

“I grew up with this passion of giving back to my community and recently I made a move and went to buy these drums and wheelbarrows.

This town needs to be clean always and it takes residents to assist the council whenever necessary.

“I am happy that I have made a contribution to the town and I believe more people will do the same for a safe environment,” he said.
His wife echoed the same sentiments and added that she hoped the donation would bring value to the town.

“We realised that there was shortage of bins and other tools in our town and this triggered my family to secure the bins for the town.
“I believe the donation will go a long way in bringing value to the town,” said Grace Madanyika.

Marondera town clerk Josiah Musuwo hailed the family and said their generous donation was of great value to the town.

“We are really thankful to the Madanyika family for their contribution to this town. The donation will go a long way in ensuring a safe environment for our town and its residents,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Marondera district administrator James Chivaro said: “The donation by the Madanyika family is greatly appreciated and we are sure it will make a difference as far as the town’s cleanliness is concerned. Last time we wanted the town to have city status and we failed to meet the demands, but with the help of our residents we will apply again and hope this time it will go our way,” he said.

Marondera residents hailed the Madanyika family for their unwavering support.

“I really appreciate the effort by the Madanyika family to donate such big litter bins. There are not enough bins in this town and most of them are very small. But these drum bins are ideal especially here in Dombotombo,” said Chido Makuwe a resident of Dombotombo.

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