Drunk Lady Squanda disappoints fans


DANCEHALL chanter Sandra Gazi, better known as Lady Squanda, left fans disappointed on Sunday night at Club Super Label after staging an appalling show.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

The musician, who was visibly drunk, took part in a show dubbed Mini Heroes Splash alongside Benjy T, Shinzoman, and Yoz, among others. She struggled with her voice and only performed for less than half of her slot and unexpectedly stormed off the stage for good.

Fans and show organisers thought she was taking a breather and would return to the stage only to realise later that she had chickened out. Event organisers tried to contact her for explanation, but her manager did not answer the calls to his mobile phone.

An official from Super Label told NewsDay that they were disappointed by the way the artiste conducted herself.

“It seems as if these dancehall artistes are not taking their work seriously. Lady Squanda was supposed to show maturity and respect to the fans,” said the official.

“She behaved in an unprofessional manner. We paid her in advance, but the way she left the stage was unprofessional and we were really disappointed.”

During her short performance, Lady Squanda kept accusing DJ Sammy Benz, who was selecting music for her, of sabotage.

“I tried my best to play her CD, but she kept on complaining about the sound yet her voice was not even good and everyone at the show should have noticed it. If she was really serious about the show, why did she not bring her DJ?” said DJ Sammy Benz.

Lady Squanda’s manager was not answering calls from NewsDay yesterday. Despite the setback, the show went on well as other artistes took to the stage.

Upcoming artiste Benjamin Takavada aka Benjy T and Shinzo Man had a good show.

Benjy T showed that he is a force to reckon with as he sent the fans into a frenzy when he belted out his hit songs like Tachinja Skiri, Zvemapoto and Ndozvinoita Rudo, among others.


  1. The same Lady Squander who is always double booking and not turning up for shows like she did in mutare on 27 July. Its a trend showing greed amongst young recently popular artists. They double book and always fail some promoters. Guspy Warrior, Sniper Storm, Freeman are equally guilty. Even Jah Prayzah is notorious for the same skills. Somebody advise young ones not to lose focus.

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