Deputy mayor appointment angers residents


A MAJOR showdown looms between Chitungwiza residents and the MDC-T over the appointment of Ward 2 councillor-elect Phillip Mutodi as the town’s deputy mayor.

The residents have disapproved of the appointment, claiming he did not have the requisite qualifications for the post.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told NewsDay the party settled for Mutodi last week following a rigorous selection process.

“Chitungwiza has appointed Phillip Mutodi who is councillor for Ward 2 as the deputy mayor,” Mwonzora said.

He added that towns and cities controlled by the MDC-T party would know their new mayors this week.

“The party will shortly announce the names of the mayors of all the cities under its control. I think this should happen early this week,” he said.

However, in a statement, Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CRT) said: “The MDC-T after its caucus meeting and interviews at Harvest House in Harare, has appointed Phillip Mutodi (councillor-elect for Ward 2) as the deputy mayor-designate for Chitungwiza Municipality: A man of no known educational, academic or professional credentials or competencies beyond street vending.

“We hope they will be more serious with our future as a town when they sit down to choose the city’s mayor. So far the future looks bleak, we must say.”


  1. The party of (s)excellence does not consider academic and professional qualifications important as Tsvangirai does not possess any except open zip, open mouth and shut mind

    • Even in Kadoma the outgoing mayor Matambo runs a green market. He has no known academic credentials. The state of service delivery is pathetic to say the least. The unilateral decisions made by central government through minister chombo made it even worse because it hamsrung the capability of the already incapable city fatheres to improve service delivery. Chinjai maiitiro machinja.

    • Iye Deputy Mayor for Harare ndiye asina chaanacho manje kana dziri nyaya dzechikoro. Kana experience yekushanda pakambani kana mu Tuckshop zvayo haana. I smell a rat here, by the way he is brother to Tsvangirayi’s Body Guard. I smell cronism at work That Tsvangirayi fellow is up to no Gud.

    • The nation of Zimbabwe is where it is because everyone, at independence in 1980, believed these technocrats would take us to dizzy heights. Look where we are. They make great speeches and arguments but tangible things are far. They couldn’t even build an extra toilet in Harare. Instead they closed some in 33years. An uneducated pragmatic person will ask for these small things which are actually the amenities citizens need. Someone who was elected by Chitungwiza people to be a councillor must surely be able to do one or two things. Otherwise what are you saying about Chitungwiza citizens who elected him.

  2. What is your base line for his Academic credentials?Hamuna kubva kuhondo muine magrade 0?be the Mayor

    • Mugabe Team, you do not know the secret behind the success of Zanu P.F. These are the most elite crop of people in Zimbabwe and we will never have the opportunity to be ruled by such high breed of inteligent people. These are the people who left at Form 3 Form 4, Form 5, Form 6 and under and post gratuades after a screening process in grade 7, Form 2, Form 4 and Form 6. Iyezvino hakuna screening mu grade seven. Igunda musaira. So the war verts are the most inteligent people in Zimbawe. You can not beat Zanu P.F pasharpness of mind. Vana mai Mujuru vakaenda at Form 3 from St Aleberts, vachidzoka nekugona kwavo vakauya vakapedzisa eduaction yavo within a short space of time. Vane Masters ipapa, ko iwe unayo here.
      Ndokusaka vana Jonathan vaka va joina and recently vana Mutambara vari kuva joinawo nekuti no inteligent person can resist Zanu P.F. Zvinoda vana Chairman ve Worker’s Committee ye Trojan. Vese vari dull are the supported of MDC and they cry of being rigged but can not have the evidence of that rigging. Thats what dull people do.

      • Naome if ZanuPF had sharp brains we would not be in this mess. The other thing you should know is vana Mai Mujuru did not just go to war they were kidnapped and frog marched to the war,it was only after indocrination that they accepted they were doing good for the liberation of Zimbabwe. If they want to be honest they will tell you they were frog marched used as human shiled into Mozambique. Those who voluntarily went to war were the adults like form 4s and 5s as we know that those days they would be around 20/21 these could reason on their own not 15 year olds that is a big lie. They have masters in zanupf but how genuine are those degrees. Do you know now its no longer a pride to have a local degree considering what is happening in our tertiary education, if you have the money and someone who can do the studies for you you are done. There are people who are earning a living through writing thesis for these politicians Naome.

        • Kare very few would be 15 years in Form 3. Most people were above 18 years in From three coz vaiita six years mu primary.
          These have genuine degrees and masters and doctrates. Vana vemazuva ano vanoda quick monies and high posts. vasingadi kuita move up the ladder slowly are the ones who are having fake degrees. Havadi kutamburira hupfumi. Vanongoda zvechopchop.

  3. A lot is happening in MDC-T which needs to be corrected in 2016 congress lets elect straight people in the standing committe not people who r building empire for themselves eg Lovemore Moyo, Nelson Chamisa and Theresa Makone ths people whom l have mationed r the ones who costed the part in the recent elections

  4. Its fun though the so called residents or those who are complaining. They are saying the leadership is imposing candidates who are not even councillors. But this guy was elected a councilor ut still are complaining. I don’t think these are genuine but always a hand behind is visible.

  5. I told you that it was the end of MDC in Zimbabwe as it does not represent the will of majority rather than selfishness!

  6. One major accusation against Tsvangirai was councillors’ corruption. He’s just taking responsibility by delegating to those he trusts. Meanwhile the learned war vets with above letters some of them are too long and winded.

  7. Zanu PF indoctrinators can not go straight to the point. I see New is now 100% Zanu pf leaving Newsday as the only impartial website.

  8. I wonder why the MDCT is realising its poor strategy after the elections. It just proves what a chaotic government we would be having in Zim if the people had chosen MDCT. God loves Zimbabwe, the people voted spiritually.

    • Thanks reason this Tsvangirai must just leave the MDC and take with him his Tea. MDC was formed as a Labour Movement. Tsvangirai took ove from Gibson Sibanda ansd he sold it to foreignors and him and them changed the founding values of MDC nxaaa this chamatama

  9. Kana baba vakati tsvagai munhu wavanoda kutuma imi movapa.Vakatuma munhu iyeye kunotenga chingwa moti baba vakanganisa.Madofo awa eMDC-T akatiparira.

  10. Inga ma degree awuraya nyika hamuzvioni here,thumbs up on your choice avendor understands the people better,vemadegree munoda kufambira mumhepo and too much theoris asingasevenzi.


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