Chombo is lost on mayors: MDC-T


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai says his “appointment” of mayors for major cities is above board and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo must stop politicking.


In a move seen by some observers as candidate imposition, Tsvangirai has nominated Obert Gutu for Harare mayor and Thomas Muzuva as his deputy, while in Chitungwiza he has nominated Isaac Manyemba for mayor.

The nominations were, according to the MDC-T, done through processes that involved provincial leaderships of the party, culminating in interviews for prospective candidates.

Chombo has threatened to block the nominations, arguing that the mayors should be chosen from among elected councillors.

The former Prime Minister’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai was following the law and his decision on mayors was reached after consultations with stakeholders, including councillors and residents.

“He is acting legally,” said Tamborinyoka yesterday. “He regards service delivery as key and must make sure it is prioritised. The MDC has interest in the calibre of these people, that’s why there were rigorous consultations on the matter so that we get the best people. He is not imposing. There was a rigorous consultation process and it’s legal.”

In a statement, the MDC-T said Chombo’s threats were ill-advised and in contravention of Section 272 (1) of the new Constitution.

“The new Constitution clearly stipulates that at the first sitting after every general election, a provincial council must elect a chairperson from a list of at least two qualified persons submitted by a political party which gained the highest number of National Assembly seats in the province,” reads part of the statement.

“The Zanu PF minister’s evil intentions to fight and destabilise the MDC-led councils are malicious and are bent on causing disharmony in the MDC local authorities’ leadership.

“It is obvious that since 2000, Chombo has been at the forefront of destabilising the MDC-led councils with a view to causing popular disaffection against the MDC leadership.”

Chombo, according to the party, wants to perpetuate urban dwellers’ suffering by creating conditions that would make it difficult for the MDC-T-led councils to deliver quality service to the ratepayers at all times.

“It is suspicious that Chombo’s threats come immediately after similar threats by the Zanu PF leader, Robert Mugabe, to punish Harare and Bulawayo residents for voting for the MDC,” the party said. Efforts to get Chombo’s comment were fruitless at the time of going to press last night


  1. Considering Tsvancry’s blundering history and idiotic utterances, chances are very high that Chombo is correct.

    • Why did MDC-Tea Leader has to announce himself and not delegate to a Responsible Member of his NEC. At the end of it Chombo could be rite as l nolonger trust MDC-Tea leaders understanding and interpretetion of common sense law

    • Section 270(1) only refers to the eLection of chairpersons and not mayors. the election of mayors is a preserve of concillors. If mdc is interpreting the law correctly why are they concerned. Tsvangirai still has not learnt from the dictatorial attitude of imposition candidates that cost him the general elections.

  2. Soon you will be Vice President in the Gukurahundi government of Gukurahundi Unity – the cat is already out of the bag!!

  3. vanhu ava taneta navo, iyezvino akaona kuti anechikwereti chemvura, then he opted to remove all outstanding water bills to zero, asi masalary edu atisikupiwa, chiiko ichocho

  4. “at least two qualified persons”. What needs to be clarified is what a constitutes a qualified person? As long as the definition of qualified persons is not given both Chombo and Tsvancry are correct in their reading of the constitutional provision. However, it would appear that Tsvangirai has indeed imposed once again as he did with that stupid so called confirmation of sitting MPs. Does he ever learn? Suffice to say Harare and Chitungwiza will be coming back to Zanu PF at the next election.

  5. Tsvangirai is ryte, the constitution dznt expressly say tht mayors must come from councillors, all it says z tht the winning party must come up wth two names for the chairperson! Morgan thot this one out so hard luck Chombo, besides MDC wld naturally want the best candidates not necesarily frm councllors which is well wthin their right.

  6. I am not sure where Chombo gets “those powers” really, unless he’s already been told that he would be retained in the same position!

  7. Can somebody kindly remind this moron called Chombo that Zimbabwe DOES NOT have a cabinet, let alone Local Govt Minister. In what capacity is he saying this nonsense????????????? Mbwa yemunhu ndosaka akatizwa nemukadzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. reading the law and interpreting it could be two different things, parliament comes up with a law, the executive implement and the judiciary interprete it, our leaders differ in the interpretation of the law, let our learned judges give them the correct interpretation

  9. i think outgoing ministers are to retain their position even after the cabinet reshuffle to induce the incoming minister. so simbi yebasa (chombo) is stil active at local government ministry til the incoming minister is inducted. secondly simbi yebasa haina kutizwa nemukadzi. try reading and understand proceeding of ur claim and pls improve level of ignorance cz its quite disheartening kuti a person can shout on top of a mountain without any facts whatsover.

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