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Chinese dance company in splendid act


CHINA’S Shenzhen Song and Dance Company left local audiences in awe after a splendid performance dubbed Phoenix Dancing over Oriental Land at the 7Arts Theatre on Wednesday night.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

The performance that was divided into five parts gave interpretations of various Chinese images and glamour through comprehensive artistic expression.

The energetic group performed colourful displays through song and dance of Chinese legendary stories, with the first conveying the glamour and atmosphere of the prehistoric and beginning of Chinese civilisation.

The highly flexible dancers went on to convey the heroic elements of China with an aim to convey the depth and profundity of Chinese classic aesthetics.

Audiences applauded the various artistic forms and images that were incorporated in the performances, expressing the representative images of China and the uniqueness of its oriental culture.

Audiences clearly expressed amazement over their various artistic expressions including dancing, opera, martial arts and acrobatics, which were incorporated to demonstrate the diversity and dynamics of Chinese culture.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Ambassador Lin Lin promised more Chinese performances in the country.

“This is the third Chinese arts group to perform in Zimbabwe and so far Harare people have been impressed. I promise you that we will be bringing in more performances from China,” Lin said.

Lin handed over a $10 000 cheque from the Chinese Scholarship Fund to the Zimbabwe’s Chinese New Hope Foundation Scholarship. The fund would go towards paying school fees for less privileged children in the country.

Also present to witness the Phoenix Dancing over Oriental Land performance was the outgoing Deputy Minister of Education, Sport and Culture, Lazarus Dokora, among many other guests.

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