MDC-T calls for fresh polls

MDC-T will present a dossier with evidence of poll rigging to the local courts, the African Union and regional body Sadc in order to push for a fresh election, party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said.

Report by Tapiwa Zivira

“We are calling for a forensic audit on the election, from the voters roll to the ballot paper printing,” he told reporters and diplomats at his Highlands home this evening after his party held a National Executive meeting today to discusss the elections issue.

Tsvangirai had earlier announced his party’s reservations over the late production of the voters’roll by the electoral body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)

Zec only availed hard copies of the voters roll on the eve of polling day.

Earlier reports had indicated that the MDC-T intends to engage in the street protests against Zanu PF’s poll victory, but Tsvangirai said his party “is resolved to pursue peaceful, democratic and constitutional remedies to this crisis.”

Tsvangirai, whose party is facing a huge loss to Zanu PF in the just ended harmonised elections, said MDC-T will also, in protest, not recognise the results of the polls and will not participate in any form of government until the issue is resolved. Ads

The former Prime Minister of the coalition government tasked to ensure a raft of governance reforms in the 2009 Global Political Agreement facilitated by Sadc after the 2008 poll stalemate said his party “will not do what we did in 2008” and join with ZANU to “sanitize” this election.

“Once this is resolved, a free and fair election must be held soon,” he said.

Tsvangirai said evidence his party had gathered show victory had been wrestled from his party.

“We did not lose this election. We have won it. This is not a personal issue, it is a national issue.”

The former trade unionist also claimed the impasse had thrown Zimbabwe into a fresh crisis.

“The fraudulent and stolen election has plunged Zimbabwe into a constitutional, political and economic crisis,” he said.

More details to follow.


  1. If you lose its over for your side .

    1. tsvangirai pliz do watever u ken broe to bring bek zimbabwe…..zimbabwe ruins jus started..

      1. Where will Tsvangirai get the money to fund elections. People have voted, they’ve practiced their right, so please accept it and move on

      2. Was it a secret that elections are to be held every 5 years? I will accept complains about the voters roll from Simba Makoni, Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa. Tsvangirai was the Prime Minister and he controlled the Ministry of Finance. Why didn’t he make money available for the improvement of the voters roll? Why did he delay giving money to ZEC? His party shared the Home Affairs Portfolio with ZANU PF and Registrar-General’s office was not a no-go area for him.

    2. Morgan Tsvangirayi was the Prime Minister in the GNU. How come he doesn’t know where the ballot was printed? He voted while not even knowing where the ballot had been printed. Is that a leader? Now he wants SADC to do a forensic auti! Is that the responsibility of regional organisations to do forensic audits? Morgan is mistaken and will lose this one. He must provide the forensic audit evidence himself, and not to ask SADC to do it for him! Thats what he must provide as evidence in the courts and not those meaningless videos!

      1. You must be a zpf zealot or you don’t live in Zimbabwe or just plain primitive and stupid! How can you honestly ask such a stupid question. Tsvangson was PM only by name he had no power thanks to sadc and the AU the zpf puppets. Albert mutasa as well as being stupid you can’t read either, it was quite clear what mdc said, “MDC-T will present a dossier with evidence of poll rigging to the local courts, the African Union and regional body Sadc in order to push for a fresh election, party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said”. As observers and mediators it is their job to investigate using the evidence opposition parties have gathered. And as far as Tsvangson taking it to Zimbabwean courts thats a waste of time and money and he is stupid too as he hasnt learnt from 2000, 2005, 2008 where those cases are being sat on till today, the justice system is full of zpf party faith-fools that don’t act independently but follow their pay masters, zpf.

        1. I’m a zanu pf zealot who heard Morgan Tsvangirayi boasting for weeks in July that this time ZANU PF has no chance to rig because MDC-Tea is marking them man for man, and that he had informers everywhere making sure no rigging takes place. Even on 29 July Morgan said he was confident of a resounding win. On 1st August your Morgan then said the elections are a sham and started to quote events of months ago and years ago as evidence of rigging. That is the dossier you are talking about. About a voters roll! Why was he promising a resounding victory on 26, 27, 28, and 29 July when he had not seen any voters roll? How come the voters roll becomes an issue when he is now starring defeat. Your brilliant Morgan said the election was invalid and presented a list including media and security sector reforms! Why was he claiming a resounding victory on 25, 26, 27, 28, & 29 July when he fully knew perfectly well that there were no media and security sector reforms? And honestly, how have security sector reforms affected this election? Then he has a video of a bus, and 6 guys arrested with ‘fake’ registration slips. That’s the meaningless dossier that you think I must expectantly wait for him to submit to SADC? Why didn’t he submit it all this time from 1 aug to 2 Aug? What dossier of evidence, of some fiction of ink that transfers itself from Morgan’s X to Mugabe’s X on a Chinese printed ballot paper? Baba Jukwa stupid stuff that no sane person can call evidence? He was interviewed and asked what evidence he has and all he said was ‘ How can we lose all those seats?’ That’s the evidence? Shame MDC-Tea. ZANU PF will always run rings around you until you get someone with at least half a mind to lead you!

          1. Now u are talking Mr zpf.
            Tswangirai, the mdc, zimbos, mainly urbaners where played off the pitch by zpf planners.
            The planning of this sham was 4 years ago.
            In anutshell to disenfranchise as many urban fork as possible, on the voters registered ofcourse, and other subtle electrically cheatable areas.
            Meanwhile tendai be, mdc and Morgan are busy enjoying the fruits of tomporarised power sharing, improving life andconfidence in zimland
            Innocently, childlike not cognizant of zpf electoral frauding plans afoot.
            Put it mildly tswangson hasbeen well and truly outmanouvred,outplayed in electoral chicanery,outthought humiliated and left dangling on a rope in midair. Hungout to dry, naked and shown to be naively childlike innocent.
            The court,au, sadc, don’t waste ur time, these organisations are just as corrupt. They probably acquired to mugabe,so electoral fraud, after chin and mug promised no violence, on knowledge of no need for violence as voters roll of zanpf supporters would deliver a noviolnce electric.
            Postpone elect for 2weeks pretend advice, which u can ignore as long as your courts shamily sits to hear and reject.
            The rush tothis election at any cost probably shows how confident zanpf were of their plans to cheat many zimbabweans and win.
            Mdc fools had no idea what zanpf had sinisterlyly planned, the more hauling,are they brainless chimps to aid and abet zanpf in their fraud.

        2. After rubbishing the SADC and AU observer mission leaders and staff, the imbecile expects a favourable response to his ridiculous petition from these very people he insulted. I am sure he has forgotten how he rubbished the Constitution Court only to realise that he had to go back to it with a petition seeking a favourable ruling. We all know what happened there. And some of you want this imbecile to run a country?

        3. Jongwe musadaro kutuka vamwe. If the PM doesnt know where the ballots are printed you think he is PM? Zimbabweans have have never liked Tsvangirai for lack of vision, wisdom, and for lack of consistence. In 2008 they only voted T becoz of the treats he was throwing at them everyday.

          Now they ahve lived with the sunctions, hardships and everything that Mr T brought. They have nothing to lose. Tsvangirai lost this election. May have been some irregularities here and there but the truth is people of Zimbabwe dont like Tsvangirai for who he is. A father that sets fire on his homestaed to force kids to accept him.

          Mwari akazviramba nokuti Tsvangirai can only bring ruin to Zimbabwe. all he looks at is a cup of tea from Britain. Brainless idiot.

        4. U can say that again Jongwe, some people comment as if they stay in Mars. Baba Chatungu never gave MDCs the power they should have had in GNU. They were just positions without power. Vanhu svinurai mhani

          1. Prince of lions

            All these foolish Mdc Teaboy followers feel cheated because boss man said so. If you were cheated yet was in office for so long you don’t deserve to be in public office. Logic would say after complaining about previous elections ,reform should’ve been the highlight of your days in office. The president is an old man who had his days blah blah blah. Even as a critic you failed to cover important issues in depth. Our romance with you captain Morgan was short and sweet but you have to go out with the rubbish like a used condom.

      2. albert,school is very important…nwy when you read next time play close attention to what the former pm said..i doubt u understood a word he said…it is because of ppl like you,ppl without a brain that today we are in this crisis. chinotimba wld undoubtedly show reason better than u.

      3. Nowhere does it say SADC audit

        You must be dreaming up your own article. There is nowhere where it mentions a request for an audit done by sadc.

        Go back to school

    3. Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and MDCT are their own worst enenemies. Tsvangirai has been tried and tested in the past three elections where he failed dismally but they kept on holding on to that leadership. The MDCT must accept defeat and move on. They must re-shuffle their leadership and re-organize themselves. For as long as Morgan Tsvangirai remains the leader, the MDC T will never win any election in Zimbabwe because he is not a people”s person. What does the MDC T constitution say, is this democracy to them as a party. Tsvangirai is a dictator in MDC T. The MDC T lack political intelligence, I think they got all the decorated media coverage mainly from the western and independent media but this did not help their situation. To make mattes worse the MDC T diverted their attention to this Baba Jukwa thing who mislead them into believing that there were a darling to the voters and the people of Zimbabwe. Mr Tsvangirai was busying himself with press conferences to please the foreign media on the other hand President Mugabe and ZANU (PF) were busy campaigning. Another election is in five years time but I do not forsee anything changing for the MDC T.

      1. Election re-run quite complicated in the given situation.

  2. produce yo evidence bro. We also would like to be enlightened so that when u yoself rig future elections we’l kno wher 2 start….

  3. We invoke our inalienable right to remain silent!

  4. bro tswangz we are sad as a nation at large but why did u go into an election u knew was not gonna be fair only to cry later?why do you keep making the same mistake of going for elections when u know the playing field is not level? i for one will never vote for you again bcos u r a gukurahundist also.u have let us down so many on earth did you fail to pick up this rigging thing before?where was was yr intelligence and how many times were you warned about NIKUV?Right now some of us want to go to the streets but we cant because you cant lead us,why cant u give us the go ahead?we want to die for our country,i would rather be a suicide the space.Mthwakazi is the way#

    1. i am with u ol the wae

      1. Go to skul and get educated you fools, weather you go to the streets the fact is Tsvangirai is not fit for being a President. How can we vote for someone childish like him. In this field of politics experience and intelligence also counts. if you are caught off guard then the clever ones will destroy you.

    1. Mtoto waZimbabwe

      At least he is human for you to call him an idiot. Very much unlike chameleonic zombies or tokoloshis like you.

  5. also ask the south africans why all of a sudden they want visas?? When they think the election was free and fair.

  6. Morgan is a fighter. no revolution has been won or dictator removed without the spilling of blood.

  7. De irection was firii, feya and kiredhibhulu in Tsholotsho where I was. Johno ‘Musorobanga’ Moyo lost pants down! Dis animal called gender equity is no good. What next firipi firopa?

  8. we need change today nt tmrw nt any oer day we are ready 2 fight.

    1. Yes, Zanu chiororo chekuba.

    2. Mtoto waZimbabwe

      Zanu chiororo chevabereki vako, your brothers and sisters and your present or any future kids.

  9. At yu didnt talk war coz the regime wil declare a state of emergency nd cause a lot of pain yu know what yu can never fight a pig in the mud

  10. we want peace to prevail,let these political parties use the courts wt evidence,no to voilence,pple may die,innocent people for tht mater

  11. iwe tsvangirai taneta nekuchema chema kwako wakadiiko kungoramba b4 maelections acho&everytym and again unongochema zvesure u ar a cry baby zvakona give biti mukana otherwise he will do better

  12. The MDC requested rerun is common sense imperative. The international community must also step in to advise Africans that national elections in which particu lar party grants itself monopoly or lion’s share of national broadcasti facilities are a travesty of fair contest, hence non-event. Period.

    1. even e so called superpowers r corrupt n rig elections too but they jus learned how disguise it better.

  13. @mkays .Who are you going to fight? I am 100% sure that at the sound of the first bullet, you are one of the first people to jump into the crocodile infested Limpopo river, on your way to South Africa. Big Brother Zuma is reintroducing the dreaded visa to stem the tide.

  14. The big mistake you are doing is you think Harare and Bulawayo are Zimbabwe no they are just small parts of this African land you can’t defeat a nationalist party muri a party formed by activists, emperialists and you are into student politics shame!

  15. As things stand some shops have gone empty overnight,these guys are looting and they are still gonna loot bigtym.No dictator has ever been renoved by the ballot someone has to die and it can be you or me.Why cant the mdc organise a peaceful demo i for one will surely join,i survived gukurahundi,i survived the 98-99 riots i survived as a student activist,i survived 2002 and 2008.okungasi kufa yikuphi?lets go on the streets and demonstrate peacefully,the only language they understand is killing and the moment they kill 5 people the international community will intervine believe you me.why is this happening to us why?

    1. You are dreaming zim is no place to implement Arab spring style demos.which shops are empty?

    2. how many people HAVE died so far over the years what did the international community do???????????????

      2) if 5 people dies as u say the int community will be there then let you and your loved ones be that 5 people if you find this hard to accept then don’t ever think anyone will do what u want them to do

    3. Thers no reason for going to the streets, fighting has never solved solutions instead it has made things worse. You’ll be a fool to think there can ever be a peaceful demonstration not with the black mentality

  16. This guy is total insane you were busy campaigning on facebook through another idiot called baba jukwa whilst zanupf was relentlessly druming up support in rural areas where most zimboz live n now u are crying foul.where is your evidence?alwalys crying!!now u can go home n utilise that drip irrigation system of yours

    1. you are equally insane, you behave as if you dont come from zim. which part of “the electorate was intimidated from attending opposition rallies worse still voting for them” did you not understand. the mdc did what they could. the problem with most zimbos is that you want everything to be delivered on a silver platter for you. the moment things dont go your way you start pointing fingers and playing the blame game. i would really like to see you in morgan’s shoes, i bet the shoes will be too big for you.

  17. this notion that the majority of zim ppl live in the rural areas is debatable.however if the millions of registered voters go out to demonstrate peacefully then surely no army or no force in the world can stop us.our votes where the space#

    1. vana Tsvangison kuda kuurayisa vana nevkadzi vevamwe iwe wako Elizabeth atiza

    2. yes they do in sub saharian Africa on RSA has 50% urban/50%rural and islands like scyicheles,mulrituis,cape vade (forgive spelling) have >50% or even 100% urban populations

      as u rightly pointed out tsvANGI IS AT FAULT FOR not campaigning and when in rural areas he told them he will give them jobs while Mugabe told them less taxes and support for farmers
      if you where them who would u vote for??? Mugabe knows the right words for rural fox tsvangi thinks everyone is a city boy looking for a good job

    3. its a fact that most Zimbos are in the rural areas. look at the census results, look at the voter registration patterns. look at all the country’s constituencies and see for yourself how many are rural how many are urban. Even tsvangirai acknowledged the fact but for some reason he has no message for the rural folks.

      1. You people claim harare alone has 5mil ppl how then do u support the notion that many live in the rurals?if harare has 5 mil what about Bulawayo,Gweru,Queque,maswinko,mutare,kadoma,chinoyi,vic-falls,wankie etc?what about those in the diaspora?mxm typical zanu hogwash.

  18. gandangagururisingakwanemusaga

    This country remains Rhodesia until the respect of human rights is fully implemented. by this I mean until pple can openly criticise gvt and can freely express their views and demands through peacefull

  19. The problem for the MDC is Tsvangira. The man is not leadership material. After all these attempts to unseat Mugabe and he has failed, we need to put in another leader. We need a man who can match Mugabe. A strong politician and not a trade unionist. Need for change now in the MDC leadership.

  20. vana zuma vaigotsigira bato ripi ivo vakapihwa minda yenzimbe kuchisumbanje. Handiti vaipiwa minda yekubata miromo yavo. Hanzi ivhu ndere vana vezim ko vana zuma mazimbabweans. Heyo petrol yakwira. Totnga kufambazve ma20km netsoka here.

  21. Vapanduki Relax ,Ere is a grand Plan about to Take place God is in Controll , all we need is ur dilligence wen our leader sez we shld move we move …

  22. Biti,chamisa also thot e election ws going to have a semblance of fairness but that was not to be,so saying tsvangirai erred is just the same as saying why did you yourself go to vote,why didnt you discern the rigging,lets confront the monster which we all know.

  23. Crazy Whiteboy

    because there wasnt violence doesnt mean that elections were not costed $13m to pay those 5 nikuv guys.just watch this space and learn you of shallow minds,to hell with zanu pf.Tsvangirai keep on fighting we are almost there!

    1. if u think somehow thsvangi is going to be the winner and will end up prez then u are analyzing things right tsvangi is a gonna that is it the world media in less than 10days from now will have other headlines and life goes on EU,US keeping their mouth shut they are tired now all they want is to start business with zim ,tired of seeing the chinaman get all the deals now they want in. even if its zanu in power

  24. Babaimi! This is neither Libya nor Egypt. Munofira mafufu segonzo. Inga vanhu varikungodzvurwa kuSyria the so called international community yakatarisa. In any case, muZimbabwe hamuna oil for the imperialists!

  25. God will intervenue.Save is my only hero dead or alive.kutonga nekusatonga.Rambai makaruma Dziva.

  26. Fanuel Tungwani

    Zanu pf has no credible explanatin of its star perfomance in the rural dark. Zanu’s imaginary star delivery in the rurals? Zanu’s brilli ant economic policy understood mainly by the illiterate rural com munity only, hardly capable of full grasp of Zanu’s indeginous policy! Cleverer rigging would have seen the urban literates better apprecia ting zanu’s brilliant economic policies ahead of the rural illiterates misled by Tsvangirai.

  27. Musaneta save. Hapana dictator rakazombobva easy easy.

  28. mugabe shld follow the steps of Mandela,ngaasiire vana vadiki

  29. The zim crisis has and will always get world attention until a time free and fair elections are possible,you will see this reality unfold in the coming days,a government needs global support for it to function,im glad tsvangirai says has vowed to press on with the fight,im glad biti says hes also rolling up hes sleeves to fight on.

  30. wat can i say.zanu’s tactic was “dont beat the pple physically,but beat them interllectualy.” they knew that a lot of people whould say they were free and fair bcoz there was no violence. i qoute mdc president,”dont celebrate yet”. mdc is going to provide the evidence.1)edit the voters roll on who voted and and where,2)check the ballot papers for fakes,3)and reasons why voters where turned away.the truth wil cum out,SOON.

  31. Kefias Mutimwi

    Key questions. Could Zanu afford to lose the elections to MDC? Was Zanu in control of the GNU? Did the peopple’s unanimously expres sed constitutional intolerance of presidential aspirant seeking to extent his tenure further than 10 yrs later find expression in the election results? The correct respo nses reveal valid rigging allegatns & merit for thorough investigatns.

  32. Richard politics is different from kubikatea wake up. If you cant beat them pliz join them.manzwa here Save??

  33. The road is now widely open coz you alwayz a looser and you always cry like a newly baby born . Save this different when you to cook tea for us at Trojan this is politics. Just go kuna Mugabe onoti pliz SIR teach me politics.

  34. good pple lets not waste our lives n time on useless things,God is the answer let us trust in him not our instincts or minds.he is the one who chooses leaders n removes them he is not aslip or a fool to let all this happen at the peril of his own pple.remember for he so loved us that he gave us his only begotten son,wat else cant he do for us wen he went thus far.lets b wise n seek the lord not violence wch will bring misery,hunger,death and take us 30 yez bek.i reapet ”Trust in the lord”

  35. Mwari muripi tibatsireiwo mati mongoita zvinoda mapositori ekwamarange chete hre.hamuoni hre kuti tanzwa neudzvanyiriri.dai mangoitawio kuti dictator ribve zvaro iri pane kuuraya nyika yose. Tofira kuenda kwake kuhondo hre asina akamutuma. Obama uripi ndongoda nuclear ndodistroyer positori yemarange vanoenda kunovoter nechurch regalia.tofa hre tichidya nhoko dzezvironda mdc tipei pfuti hapana kusiri kufa apa

  36. If the international community does not listen to what Tsvangirai is saying then it means they are interested in buying diamonds while the elections were stolen by Mugabe.They should not talk about human rights here but only about extracting minerals in Zimbabwe.We don’t want anyone who says human rights while in actual fact they mean diamonds and other minerals in our country.

  37. The leader demon in the just ended Zim electionswas and remains the African Union political philosophy of oneness even with errand brother. Second in command demon is the AU benchmark standards for credible African elections. ‘Were many people killed during voting’? If not, “Congratulations”!Third in command demon is the AU & SADC fear factor of Zim political intellectuals & the pleasant desirability of cordial concurrence with them. African culture, in any event, not only prefers celebrations but actually looks for them, inclusive of cultural dances and jokes at funeral. Zanu pf prepared itself for flawful peaceful African elections, that met AU ostensible basics & got away with monstrous fraud!

  38. Tsvangira,don’t with a great man anokunyudza

  39. “Tsvangirai, whose party is facing a huge loss to Zanu PF in the just ended harmonised elections, said MDC-T will also, in protest, not recognise the results of the polls and will not participate in any form of government until the issue is resolved. ” IDIOT. Zanu Pf doesn’t need you. Zanu Pf has more than two thirds in parliament so there will be no paralysis.

  40. MDC-Tsvina got served.

    Chinja my foot. Hatichinji!!!

    1. Lets stop the war of words,even vebato rechibhakera havasikufara vashomavavo vagaravachiguta,asika they are very afraid they are not sure what wil hpn next.This time around wait and see hatisati tarwadziwa,Take note of this varikufara for a moment before disaster in their camp,they will eat one another,The two camps will be jostling for control like never before

  41. Mr Biti is fond of such sermons. Always the aggrieved party. Shall we examine Mr Biti’s omissions and commissions as the election date approached. As a lawyer and Secretary General of the largest party in Parliament, he ought to have known that the end of life of Parliament meant elections. As a self professed democrat, he ought to have known Parliament would be illegal and there were limits to extending life of GPA or of GNU. Holding the purse strings as Minister of Finance, in conversation with friends of the deep pockets fame as with multilateral funders, he ought to have been ensuring the country could fund ZEC and the critical election on time and comprehensively. The GPA & GNU should have been running the country yes BUT the most fundamental result ought to have been a level playing field for 2013 elections and as chief negotiator, Mr Biti knew this very well. The Freedom House survey alerts him to declining popularity and he waves it away, busy declining authority to travel to ZanuPF ministers. The election debate slaps him in the face and he acknowledges that an early election would be good for the economy, and promptly goes back to sleep. The date debate gathers momentum and he throws in an opinion piece but fails to place his party on an election footing. The ConCourt weighs in and he leads his party to SADC, where he is remembered for beating his boss checking into the Maputo Presidential suite. Don’t even try contrast that against Mr Chinamasa who not only raises funds for elections and says so, but makes sure his boss has a position to take to SADC special on Jo’burg – a legal compliance with ConCourt. The Secretary General waits on Mr Chinamasa to apply to ConCourt to benefit him and his party! The election is upon him and the state institutions he controls do not rise to the occasion, no ballot papers for Special Vote, his party’s insertion into the constitution. WHO in their right mind think that Biti or his party deserved to win this election. They threatened voters with hunger if they did not give them the vote. The sense of entitlement is pathetic. Out with this lot – by whatever means. IF, and IF, there was any rigging, it served to increase the margin above two-thirds otherwise ZANU-PF fully deserves their chunk of the vote. There is no need for Mr Biti to wake up now. He can sleep as much as like for all Zimbabwe cares. We breathe a sigh of relief and await ZANU-PF action, even if its a roller coaster ride, we’ll absorb the pain in anticipation of gain. The West is waiting to starve us, punish us and make Morgan’s threats come true. We’ve been there done that, bring it on Cameron, Haig. Mark my words, Bob will be in office when the British electorate votes you out. Bob will be in office when Europe forces you to eat humble pie. Our economy will boom, and it will NOT be with the British.

    1. I agree mate. am mdc myself, infact i used to sympathise with mdc only for the sake of change (but never voted tho) however, i have realised that i was totally lost and this time i made sure that i transfered my name from where i was previously registered to where i am residing now and made sure that i kept my registration slip to make sure that i was never going to fail voting come the day coz i was determimned to vote zanu and get rid of these idiots. they have all shown high levels of hypocricy during the time of their participation in gvt and enough with such idiocracy. until there is a better opposition, i will vote for the revolutionary party.


    These elections are bringing BPs and stress, becoz of these allegations most people especially the MDC supporters have lost hope and are tired and the call for fresh polls will create voter apathy. Why not leave the incumbent president to rule may be forever? Truly speaking people no longer want to vote again. Kana iri nhamo tongoshingirira inga 2008 takararama wani?

  43. There is only one way to settle this. Vanhu who supported ZANU, go to work and pay the government’s wages. Those who are protesting, don’t pay. Don’t even bother working. Let us see what happens.

    It may be time for another black-market economy to start.

  44. People we must knw wat hppned nt just tlking rubbish.Its clere that Mgabe had riggid de elections bcoz hw can de # of people registerd to vte less than the number who voted in uzumba masvingo mtare.buses wer patrollng with people to vot also the same pple wer used to rigg a the same in the whole zimbabwe.hw cn 21 000 pple vted in 12hrs which means 2 people per second aaaa unbelivable so zvenyu ana herbet mutasa kana msina information keep ziiii dnt show us yo stupidity!!!! Election mst dne again One man One vte besides that we wil never ever salute mgabe even mst broke out!!!

  45. Ndezvemeso muromo zvinyarare

  46. i luv it when tsvangirai kps on makng the same mistake…mgabe ndiye ane yese

  47. Resuscitated Limping Donkey

    Lets all celebrate by drinking MDC Tea. Kikikikikikikikikikikik…

  48. ngugi wazimbabwe

    is this it really?
    Ain’t nothing more to it?

  49. We thank god because this time we did not have people losing their limbs as what happened in 2008. I think going to the polls again now will not solve anything as it will be doctored again. For now I think the best option is to continue with that power sharing at least it give all the parties a share in the government and it brought hope to our ailing economy.

  50. Hokoyo nenhamo

    mungapembere zvenyu but 2008 is coming bek with the 1st step being the return of the zim$.Pliz Tsvangy,facilitate a re-run & bring Zim back

  51. guyz zanu pf took their tym to plan this , they employd the best people in this world to achieve this result . mdc should have stood its ground not to participate in ths thing they failed the nation.

  52. did u realize the ink was very easy to remove unlike the previous elections where it could take more than two weeks remove it

  53. the solution is nt another poll e solution. if i had e means for e love o zim siyanai neZanu they won let em rule komungaitiitei?

  54. Mr Tsvangirayi the fresh polls you are calling for will be coming in 2018.Now its time to fulfill the people’s promises as enshrined in the ZANU PF Manifesto. That’s what the people of Zimbabwe have voted for. Swallow your egoistic pride and accept the reality. You lost this one, try again in 2018.

  55. Yu tsvangson,the loser, go on streets first then the few who voted fo yu follows!!!!!!

  56. @joe i am in zim and there are many of us who are now motivated to go to the streets and hold peaceful demos.this election was rigged and it is a fact.the notion that the larger populace resides in the rural areas is zanoids claim that harare has 4mil people,add Bulawayo,Gweru,Queque,maswingo,mutare,kadoma,kariba,chinhoyi etc what then remains of the rural population?YES they are there but dont exaggerate their number! tswangirayi is also an idiot,why did he participate in an election when he knew that the playing field was not level?Why does he keep making the same mistakes?SADC advised him to pull out but he just could not wait to be president and now he is crying,he might even go to jail coz zanu wants him bigtym.LET US RISE PEOPLE,LET US MARCH PEACEFULLY FOR OUR FREEDOM,YES SOME WILL DIE AND IT CAN BE YOU OR ME BUT EVENTUALLY ALL OF US WILL DIE.

  57. God will right the wrongs done to His people.Thats for sure.A stolen victory soon turns sour.U wait and c

  58. This time around u lost it mr former pm how could u go into an election when u new of all those irregularities as u claim??? U personally said zanupf was not going to rig a few days before elections and went on to vote with joy now where is all this coming from?????????

  59. you can celebrate but things ar going to be tight,i jus feel sorry to my city of Kings coz ever since Nkomo died we have been going through hell but let not lose hope,it shall be well wth us one day

  60. Tsvangirai is very stupid and dull. He has one problem of thinking that Zimbabwe is Harare, Chitungwiza and Bulawayo only. He mad a mistake, instead of marketing JUICE he was busy talking about the age of Mugabe.

    Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik…….hahahahahahhaha……ha Look now Tsvangirai is now busy crying to the whole world that ” Help, help please that 89 years old man is intelligent than I am.”

    Ooh Tsvangirai, yesterday you were busy saying Mugabe is of age “Haachafungi, brain dzake dza retarded, why are you now crying.

    In simple terms you are dull and stupid Tsvangirai. Vamwe vachi companer iwe uri busy kutarisa madress muvakadzi.

  61. Even a child can tell the election was rigged, as Zimbabwe we ghave to take steps and decide pour future, taking to the street is not a bad idea afta all


  63. We will have endless reruns of elections , coz tsvangirai will never win . People generally dislike him.

  64. sarmmanthar smith

    zimba wll neva b won by votes
    If it mnz blood shed let t b coz we hrd enough of dis bullshit.Jst 4 future of d nxt genaration.VIVA FLESH POLL VIVA

  65. Even afa neAIDS munongoend kugata kunotsvaga muroi majaira u had failed Zimboz Bvumaiwo kan

  66. Can someone please convince me that by Zanu PF’s own egoistic minimum empathy standards an election would indeed be fair in which MDC would have granted itself monopoly of national broadcasting facilities for party election campaigning. Or that in such circumstances MDC would also ultimately merit benefit of the doubt in event challenged fairness of its victory. Period.

  67. The big puppet Twangie is trying to justfy the westerners’ billions he spent on boat cruzes overseas accompanied by some of his trialist wenches whom he changed daily like underwear. What he doesn’t realise is that those people like us all know he had totaly disengaged of his political responseblities of engaging the voters. America and once gt.Britain, you better resort to your usual mode of operations. The Tsvombe, Savimbi route and start engaging Mugabe before it gets dark. You will never recover your money from Tsangirai and company. Even those of your NGOs whom you loaded with bribe money have taken you for ride.

  68. mkamboona mari inobviswa mamwe mazero Zanu Zvakaoma

  69. kuchinja taramba . vakapanduka zvachose muchadzoka mega. zimbabwe will move forward with or without you

  70. ZANU was fooled by Nikuv ane after rigging the elections Nikuv took all the evidence when they left Zim and handed it to their subsidiary company in SA to give to Mdc.Mugabe is in quandary,walked out of meeting angry with how he was tricked.Nikuv was working wth CIA to expose Mugabe ‘s rigging ways.Now he is astonished.The World knows,SADC knows hence 14 members have refused to indose t elections as fair.Next week is going t be interesting.ZANU’s plann was to rigg a certain section but they over did it to the extend tat they are shocked as well.Pray pray pray pray,the truth will be out soon.God is on Zimbabwe side.Mugabe is a lame President even if he is sworn in.

    1. Ndakambozvireva

      The rigging machine failed and ZANU PF judges will have to swallow their bitter pill (If they cannot see sense here for the first time, then their integrity is doomed, which is already in some circles, but on this one the evidence is overwhelming). This delicate paper with raised watermark on ZANU PF candidates can be repeated in court and the same results achieved (this is strong evidence). Tsuro mangen’a nhasi kabatwa kachaoma moto. NIKUV has pocketed the money and now its subsidiary is taking over, inyika yekungotorerwa mari chete nemakoronyera apa ichitadza kuita zvine musoro kuvanhu, so insensetive to the plight of ordinary people but paid for any dubious company to just rig and stay in power forever. Where on earth have you seen a losing party without any meaningful program, getting all the votes and the voters themselves are shocked?. The purported winners are shocked, no celebrations at all, someone did the job on their behalf and they are feeling guilty. The ballot papers need to be re-verified and any ballot with straight line should be discarded, we were not using the rulers to put the crosses in this election

  71. everything about MDC is a joke. you are aware of your opponents deeds and you continue to sleep. until u learn on how to watch your steps and you backs . Only then you can start to play the game.

  72. in your dreams Kisinger. keep need to stop these hallucinations. can’t you read between the lines. MDC leaders hawasisiri pa Payroll ye Govt , Americans, British, Rhodies and other disgruntled local Corporates and individuals. Chingwa ka change chawa pamuromo.Wake up Zimbabwe………

  73. hee varume musaputse sungano, sungano ndeya mwari…………..

  74. Tinoda Hondo especially ini ndavakuida zvanyanya.

    1. First Tsvangisex must call for elections in his own party and see if he can win them. The man is totally idiotic, all the clever brains left mdc because of his dictatorial traits.

  75. The results were there at polling stations. If those who lost were serious candidates, they could have obtained correct figures from their polling agents and add them up tyo see if they agree with announced figures. If they did not have agents can it be the problem of the winners? Lets have facts not speculation. Waruza aruza vakomana.

  76. Gore rakapera Tendai Biti akati va Mugabe was “a fountain of knowledge: a fountain of stability”. Nelson Chamisa akati va Mugabe i pilot anoziva zvaarikuita. Kuzoona 2018 osvika, pane mutambo akomana. Basa redu tap[edza tavekuenda kunorima murunyararo kupurazi yangu yandakapuhwa ne ZanuPF.

  77. Ndakambozvireva

    Kune vakamboita Chemistry vanozviziva zvinoita Spectrum (IMPETIGO) and Paper Chromatography. @StubbornFacts unofunga kuti Ma Agents angaoma zvinoitika paChemical Reaction here?. Will see how the full bench will decide on this one, the real experts will stand and be counted. The purpor
    ted winners, cannot celebrate for now even themselves are shocked. World record of rigging.

  78. Kikikikikikiki aaaargh Ndini hangu ndirikuseka.Even dai pakaitwa that well publicised Grand Coalition of all opposition parties in Zim it would have have not dislodged baba Chatunga that’s how determined he was pakuRigga.kikikiki. Ncube 92.637’Dabengwa 25.416 kikikikiki ma1

  79. And to think that you wanted to be president.Stop wasting our time and start strategising for 2018. For now its game over.

  80. Tsvangirai dzungu dzungu dzungu murume mukuru. kana kunyara. kungoita addition yemapolling station results sent to him by polling agent, uye dza kutoita press coneference kuannouncer maresults that are not even verified. saying statements that are very dumb and that are irreversible nw when its now time to produce facts. i used to sympathise with mdc only for the sake of change (but never voted tho) however, i have realised that i was totally lost and this time i made sure that i transfered my name from where i was previously registered to where i am residing now and made sure that i kept my registration slip to make sure that i was never going to fail voting come the day coz i was determimned to vote zanu and get rid of these idiots. they have all shown high levels of hypocricy during the time of their participation in gvt and enough with such idiocracy. with the high levels of immaturity and dullness, never will i and my family vote this useless party.

    just look at mdhara. he is calculating as we speak. as you shout, he is finding appropriate ways of counter-acting. he is using his intelligence to examine all you are trying to do. you are fooling yourselves especially if you’r cooking evidence you, going to expose yourself even more. and loose more followers. you are digging your own grave man

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