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BBA The Chase: Nigeria still going strong


WITH only 19 days left before the curtain comes down on Big Brother Africa: The Chase, seven housemates from six countries are left in the Rubies House from the initial 28.

Report by Melissa Mpofu

Housemates from seven countries have been evicted while the remaining housemates, Elikem (Ghana), Bimp (Ethiopia), Dillish (Namibia), Angelo (South Africa), Feza (Tanzania) and Cleo (Zambia) have been separated from their countrymen.

It is still not clear who will walk away with the prize money considering that housemates have failed to get rid of competition. Though BBA host, IK, has frequently told housemates to eliminate competition first to better their chances of winning, most housemates have preferred to eliminate those they dislike first thereby leaving competition in the House.

Nigeria, which has always been a strong contender since the inception of BBA, is still going strong as it is the only country which still has both its county representatives, Melvin and Beverly. From the seven BBA editions held, Nigerian housemates have won for three consecutive years (2009-2011).

This year, the money may go back to Nigeria considering that most evicted housemates have tipped Melvin to win, stating that he has been real, calm and composed in the House. Also, it seems the remaining housemates have fallen in love with Melvin’s character considering that they rarely ever nominate him for eviction. The only time he has been up for eviction is when he sacrificed himself when he was Head of House by swapping a housemate who had been put up for eviction and putting himself in their place. This made him gain popularity as a lot of African countries voted to save him for his noble gesture.

For some editions of BBA, the winner has been predictable judging by their performance in the House, but this year, it is not clear who will walk away with the money considering that some housemates like Sulu (Zambia) and Bassey (Ethiopia) who seemed to be strong contenders have since been evicted.

This year, romance has been the downfall for many as a lot of couples have been sacrificed. Whilst some couples like Koketso (South Africa) and LK4 (Uganda) were evicted together, some simply were evicted one after the other. Couples which have left also include Bolt (Sierra Leone) and Betty (Ethiopia) and those who have been separated include Pokello and Elikem (Polikem), Hakeem and Cleo (Hacleo), and recently O’neal and Feza (O’neaza). Their separation though could be a blessing in disguise as the remaining partners are now concentrating more on the game as compared to when their partners were still in the game.

The only couple left in the House is Beverly and Angelo. Other housemates such as Bimp, Dillish and Melvin were not compromised as they have not been involved in any relationship in the House.

Badmouthing West African countries have also been the downfall of some evicted housemates such as Pokello and recently evicted O’neal. O’neal badmouthed West African countries during his nomination session when he said he was fed up of West African housemates’ confidence because they knew they had a lot of support as they were from countries which had a lot of people. This clearly was not taken well by West African countries that did not vote for O’neal hence his eviction on Sunday after receiving only two country votes.

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