40 heads of state to attend Mugabe inauguration

AT least 40 heads of state are scheduled to attend President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration at the National Sports stadium in Harare tomorrow

Report by Staff Reporter

In an interview yesterday, the acting governor of Harare metropolitan province Alfred Tome said preparations were at an advanced stage.

“It’s a huge event which we expect to be graced by at least 40 heads of state or their representatives,” said Tome.

“Harare will be provided with 30 buses while all the other provinces will have 10 buses each for those who want to attend the inauguration.” He said people were expected to start arriving at the stadium by 6am and be seated by 9.30 am.

The event is billed to be as big as Mugabe’s inauguration as Prime Minister in 1980. He said a number of local musicians, including Alick Macheso and Cde Chinx, complemented by foreign stars, including South African group Mafikizolo.

Zambian outfit Amayenge would also perform at the event. Last night government declared tomorrow a public holiday.

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  1. Desperate for legitimacy. Unfortunately African bestowed legitimacy is useless because Africans have no money. Apart from South Africa, there is no other African country that has the financial muscle for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

    Zimbabwe’s economy can only start ticking up if diamonds and other resources revenues are properly accounted for and utilised properly through reinvestments. We all know this will never happen because the Gukurahundis are just too corrupt to ever change.

    Just like the West, the Chinese are equally strict with their money. The only difference is they employ different investment strategies, which ignore the issue of democracy and human rights.

    1. Zvakurwadzaka Mthwakazi wakungorotomoka nonsense. If you can’t beat them, join them otherwise unofa neBP unnecessarily. You wanted this puppet who has “…friends with money…” to win and sell-out our Great Zimbabwe for a song? God is not stupid and remember He doesn’t sleep. PAMBERI NEZANU PF, naRG. MUGABE, neINDEGENIZATION, nekupa vana veZimbabwe IVHU ravo. Pasi neMDC, naTsvanCRY and his friends with money. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!!!. ICHOOO!!!!!!!. Bhora rakagohwa kare kare while goalkeeper TsvanCRY, all players in his amateur team and supporters were napping. Sorry kwazvo vatengesi. Prepare for 2018 if you will still be around.

      1. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!!!. asvotwa ngarutse.

      2. charles charingeno

        @Girinya can you answer these questions:
        (1) What will ZPF do to ensure diamonds benefit everyone?
        (2) What will ZPF do to improve our roads, hospitals, colleges and universities?
        (3) What will ZPF do to create employment for the youths(all)?
        (4) Will we see an improvement in our health facilities so much such that even our President will receive treatment in Zimbabwe and improvement in the quality of education so much such that no minister will send his children abroad but to our own Universities?
        (5) Will many more people staying in mountains get land?

        1. and you charles can you answer this questions:
          what will tsvancry do with lizzie?
          what will the mdc do with bennet?
          what will the britain and its allies do with tsvancry?

        2. Hongu…Read manifesto book uone zvichaitwa nebato revanhu kubva mangwana

    2. Even if the Queen of England is part of the invited guest that wont buy legitimacy.
      You stole, rigged and excluded many from the past election.
      God cannot be fooled. Chitema hachigezwi,

      1. What’s so special about the Queen of England you brain-washed nonentity???

        1. @girinya
          Ask your old sekuru why he reveres so much going to see the Queen of England. He wants travel bans- (sanctions) removed and go there to do what?
          He is the worst queen boolticker,

          1. @Queen bootlicker
            you think sanctions are merely about travel bans, do you know that there are laws in place in Europe and America to inhibit Zimbabwe trading? This is not a forum to expose your appalling lack of knowledge.

      2. @Gabvura

        Who cares for legitimacy?
        Even the queen of England herself is a fake, and illegitimate demi-God of imperial thieves and looters.
        All we care for is Bobby being crowned for the upteenth time tomorrow. You are also welcome to witness the pomp and funfare.

      3. So sad that the person you hold in the highest as the pures in humanity is the Queen of England who does not even give two-shitts about us! What a shame indeed, warungu wakakufonyoresai misoro.

    3. we needed one voice in Finace ministry and Mining sectors so that accountability is guaranteed. the west can go hang a tousand times this is africa for you. things are changing and the more people realise it early the better. i tell you the west need us much more than we need them. ngavagare nemari yavo or else let them invest where they feel comfortable and they leave us with our own god given resources. we will not Die i tell you. we embrace godly ways of living and as such mwari haatisiye tichiparara. this is yet another call for the west kuti ngavakanganwe zvavo. those who will be willing to do business with zimbabwe are welcome but we will not bootlick any one. here we are free zimbos

    4. josefa chinotimba

      Indeed Mthwakazi,people should just boycott this kind of thuggerism perpetrated by thugs,thieves and crooks.

      Industry is quickly closing down while these thugs and murderers wine and dine,obert mpofu is now big like a bull,shame on these thugs.

      Please boycott the so called ceremony of thugs and crooks.

      1. You will have a heartbreak come tomorrow coz the venue will be overfilled!!!!!!

        1. @nYIKA
          You will also have a heart break when josef chinotimba doesn’t get a heartbreak!!

      2. we will not loose sleep over yo boycott. takatowadisa ground richaita diki. u hormosexuals

    5. “Unfortunately African bestowed legitimacy is useless because Africans have no money. Apart from South Africa, there is no other African country that has the financial muscle for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).”

      Oh, I see, now the truth comes out; it is about cash with you people? When you said change I thought you meant democratic change but now I see it is about chump change from baas’s left overs. SO you must call yourselves Movement for Baas’ Change – Tsvangirai (MBC T).

    6. Prince of lions

      Mugabe is a master of his own destiny while Gaylord floats with the wind. Here another point of view which is hard to accept. Other nations have crook like we have in mbare. Other nations have bogus business men and fraudsters like we do. They can go back on original agreement eg the u-turn by the British over the Lancaster agreement. We don’t these individuals and with Gaylord’s intellect he would probably get a raw deal. Now we have resources. No minister looting will finish them in the immediate future yet they are getting rich beyond means. They buy flash cars, open bottle stores, have vast amount of land and livestock e.g gono’s chicken project, Mutasa’s farm, etc. notice something. The money is staying in zimbabwe, creating employment etc. a foreign investor would not invest to make a loss and his profits would not stay in zimbabwe. Our banks would not smell a penny unless through western union and money gram charges which are peanuts.
      True change comes from within and not to the beat of the puppet master.
      2018 is not for Mdc to get a better chance but for Zimbabweans to choose a leader. Gaylord is a dictator in the making. He is not a very smart guy. It’s like asking your garden boy to start doing your household monthly budget using excel without experience.in time he could learn but at your expense. Every year since independence we have had many graduates in economics political science law etc. those are the type of people we need to speak for us.
      40 heads of states came over. It is easy to write off their significance but that’s over half the countries in Africa.

      1. Prince of lions

        Chirungu chinonetsa. Excuse the errors

  2. The final chapter in the sad history of Zimbabwe witnessed by the world begins..

  3. Oliver wekwa Mutare

    Beginning of the END!

    1. Not really the END

      Not really the end. We will die off but the land will still remain. Stripped of resources but will exist. Unless there is a nuclear war.

      Otherwise, our generation has it hard. A few sunrises and sunsets, a few turns around the sun and the empire will crumble like many have and many will.

      We will leave it for our kids post-ZANUPF and post political intolerance FROM BOTH SIDES.

      Lets give it 50yrs. Our bones may witness it. Otherwise, if you can hang in there. Fight the good fight… mostly for your family.

  4. Oliver wekwa Mutare

    What a nice send off. People coming to witness the election miracle and a 90 year old on a stretcher on his final lag.

  5. Those that attend might as well hang around…lest they may need to return soon. Kwedu tinoti ‘kurindira’

  6. Whatever the case may be…what ever the naysayers may say…however they gnash their teeth, however they wish him dead….MUGABE IS PRESIDENT…..AND WE LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Matambo, what is pathetic is not the mdc whom you are at pains to bring into an issue that is of no relevance to them.

      This shameless 90 year old always finds money for birthday bashes and inaugrations but none for roads, schools and hospitals.

      I suppose the octogenarian would love to show case hid potholed capital with no running water.

      1. All those who will come to grace this wonderful occasion, especially from African countries will see first hand how this dangerous deranged TsvanCRY and his MDC lunatics, through their call for sanctions, have decimated Zimbabwe’s infrastructure all because they wanted Zimbabweans to turn their backs on the revolutionary party ZANU PF so that this puppet could rule Zimbabwe and relinquish it to whites who funded his sorry efforts. Mamboti madii vatengesi???. Zanu PF CHIORORO mazvionaka mapenzi?????

    2. Jacktheswede, go on. Celebrate the only thing Zimbabweans have known for 33yrs – poverty!

      1. uri chinyadziso my frend. i drive a range rover and a Ford ranger T6 out of my sweat because robert and team zanu pf availed to me the room to test my abilities. i did that and guess what the piece of land i got where i am farming sugar beans potatoes and cabbages i am manging to live much more better than you. so what i know from the 33 years of robert is first the education that transformed into entreprenuership expertise and now i am living large. LONG LIVE GUSHUNGOOOOOOOO?

        1. Becoz you are connected and you use other people without paying them. Why is there are somany educated people in the streets doing informal trading?

      2. So how come we are recording population growth every year? Surely 33 years of poverty would have killed us all, don’t you think? Ndamboenda paMbare Musika nhasi kunotsvaka makabichi, anga ari tii. ndatodya sadza redhora ipapo pamusika, ranga riri tii! Heyi, saka povhati yacho iyi inoita wena, hakusi kuguta ikoko ufunge, ndadya sadza nemuchinda anonzi Solo anokwenya chingoro, ndiye anditakurira katundu kangu ende ndiye anditengera sadza nekuti anonditi number one customer yake. Saka kana mukomana wechingoro achikwanisa kutenga ranchi yake neyangu zvinorevei kuti iwewe nechikoro chese chauinacho chawakapihwa nawaMugabe wachembedazwa nepovhati kushaya ranchi pa 33 years dzese shuwa? Either urikunyepa kanakuti urimusungwa, kabanga urinyope, ini handichaziva ini!

  7. Silvester Matambo

    Final nail into the coffin of the pathetic and irrelevant as well as reactionary and treacherous Mdc imperial running dogs

  8. #shakingMyHead… #Sad

  9. Ipapa pakugadzwa ndopauchasimudza hasha dzamwari we wl watching frm a distant

    1. @cmrd
      Maakuprofita here vakuru? Mwari ndozvaakakuudzai kupi?Anga ashaya here cde prophet Makandiwa kuzoudzawo imi cmrd ani zviya? Zvichemo zvenyu ndezveyi mushandirwe? Ko rinonzi buka sandiro here iri? Or kuvhumuka?

  10. Congratulations.you really outdid yourselves,theft and lying all rolled in one.Wish you all the best in uplifting the lives of the people as you promised.No more lies please.

  11. Matambo, what is pathetic is not the mdc whom you are at pains to bring into an issue that is of no relevance to them. What’s pathetic and indeed tragic is a 90 yr old who runs a basket case of a country whose people, apart from dying from
    cholera, are fed by the West, always finds money for birthday celebrations and inaugurations.

    I suppose the octogenarian would love to show case hid potholed capital with no running water.

  12. Towards the end of his rein, Mobutu Sese Seko, who name meant, ‘someone who leaves behind a trail of fire,’ and someone who media would make sure he emerged from the clouds every morning, would declare national holidays for his birthdays. Zimbabwe, this is unheard of and unnecessary and very expensive, time-wise, money-wise, and otherwise. For instance, the national parastatals have been bordering on total collapse, or have totally collapsed, yet people are supposed to be transported by the same ZUPCO buses, who organization has almost totally collapsed? These are say moments for our country and ngoma iya yorisa…hatizi!

  13. Lets not repit 2008/or blood shedding.

  14. Age iyi haichaita hatinawo here wangatungamire nyika tizorodze president. Thas too much guyz ngavambo enjoy mabenefits eZimbabwe achiri mupenyu.

    1. Age inozivei zvayo? Tinoda maPOLICIES ebato raanotungamirira chete chete isu vana vechokwadi veZimbabwe. Ndizvo zvakakuruzisai izvozvo imi zvituta. PamaRally enyu during your pathetic campaigns ndiyo yaingova nyaya ye89 years dzaRGM instead of articulating the policies of your puppet party MDC. Fools never learn because you are still singing the same stupid song about RGM’s blessed age although the electorate showed you the middle finger in favor of the one whose age you are still making stupid noise about. Sorry kwazvo mapenzi, you don’t seem capable of learning anything from your experiences saka mucharamba muchidya izvozvo kusvika madhongi amera nyanga.

    2. Wataura zvakanaka Gonzalo asi anokuterera hapana. Matsotsi ega ega kuZANU PF. Pfungwa dzavo veZANU PF dziri pakumora upfumi hwenyika veruzhinji vachidya nhoko dzezvironda!

  15. Only God gives and takes. Hakuna cvhinoitika pasi rino kusatoti vatendera


  17. Phambili ngo Mgabe will be there tommorrow because my vote counted Viva mgabe, phansi ngabathengisi umuntu ongathi yisilwane Tswangirai would do well as a mr ugly contestant

    1. The resounding victory for the President and ZANU PF was well deserved and everybody including the former PM knows that. One can understand that for him to hang on to the MDC T leadership , he needs someone to blame so he can hold on to a party that carries his name. Indeed the party would have to remove the T when the former PM is removed and that T will go with many of his die hard supporters and form another party so just leave him there !

  18. Now that vogadzwa we need civil servant increament.Thurs 22 august2013 vachigadzwa presid mangwana acho totomuka tiri kundotora mariku banks. Bcz Biti wataiti anoramba nemari hachipo yave zanu yoga inoda vanhu.

  19. Thus the end of terror.This is a fairwell party

  20. Watikiritai aL Falaby Sudani

    40 other Dictators attending the inauguration of another Dictator. God is watching us. The list is as follows: Iran, Cuba, Gabon, equatorial guinea, Chomushango (Mozambique), Myanmar, Venezuela, DRC, Nyasaland, Zambia, …

  21. Gushaz vapinda! Saka ndiyoyo,pauri ipapo ndoopaunodyira saka zvisarwadze,hapana anoda kubuda basa saka kana uripo ramba wakabatisisa ipapo,basa rirkunetsa mazuvaano.Congrats Comrade!!

  22. The Inauguration date was announced before the judgement of the Concourt. Where else was the verdict going in favour of???

  23. it will be a gathering of 40 + 1 dictators

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Exactly munemo,including Jacob Zuma with his shower cap on his head,a dictator,Joyce banda we once clashed with her after Baba Jukwa gave us her numbers and she is back again,shame on her.We will deal with her again on her FB account again.

  24. Reading through some contributions one can see that Napoleon has lots of sheep on this Animal Farm called Zimbabwe. ZvimaGreen Bomber nezvimaYouth Officers ndizvo zviri kuwawata kuti Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Ko Chinese colonisation hauivoni?

  25. Its sad but really maybe this advice will be heard by “these to celebrate more than they did when they took over reigns of colonisation from the white race”, >>>>>>>>>Only and only if you change your approach, policies, structures, and behaviour, irrespective of your means to tommorrow’s inauguration, fire fighting/crisis management will never be out of your way. In simple, regardless of how victory was attained, this is your last chance to prove yourselves.

    On another note, I needed tomorrow very much and thank you for it, but again am worried, kwahi usashande china konzi shanda chishanu, madii mamaita ose. Anyone who “really works” unlike you should have figgered that its tough to go to work on friday when you were absent the previous day.

  26. The only legitimacy that matters is western legitimacy, anything else is a waste of time. It does not matter what you think of the west – this is the reality of today’s world we all live in!!

  27. This must be a security nightmare for our intelligence services. Will they cope when they fail to catch baba Jukwa? We wonders! we wonders!

  28. let e people of zim united .

  29. Zpf uses the sanctions mantra as subterfuge for its ineptitude to manage the economy. Where is the money for the inauguration coming from? What is so special about this one, when all the past inaugurations, but the 1980 one, were done clindestinely. You are flaunting to us the hungry what you can do with the loot from diamonds?

  30. age ndoyadini let gushungo rule zim.nomatter what.we are pple munhamo ngatibatei pamwe,chematama must join team zpf if he love zim.

  31. girinya talks nonsense i hate him so much he lacks reasoning capacity. So foolish he is

  32. he won the election, did he not? he has been given a mandate to rule. if he fails to rule come 2018 we will be free to elect a leader of our choice(he will be dead then). ranting now will not stop this express train, get this into your heads

  33. Kkkkkkk! Biti chairamba nemari chakaenda. Masivhuru sevhanzi vavakuzotambira USA nebhasikiti! The times, are changing, fast. A rejuvinated parliament – self-driven MPs like Cde Chinos making things happen! Zimbabwe will never be a ‘koroni’ again! Don’t talk about our relationship with the Chinese magents, its a win-win scenario. Didn’t you learn about symbiotic relationships at school? Let the PARTY begin! Gate-crashers WELCOME!

  34. Its practical its happening you may like it you may not like it but ndozviripo. Iri ndiro bhanan’ana chairo inonzi ZANU (PF) haitambi bhora rezvikweshe. muchapfidza its just the beginning. 2018 tinenge tichiti bhora ngaridambure maneti kwete kungopinda mugedhe but kutoita zvinosvotesa .

  35. Standard 6 and very Proud

    For those of you who are so fond of the word PATHETIC here are some synonyms to prevent its over usage: lamantable, inadequate, meagre, melting, miserable, paltry, pitiable deplorable, heartbreaking, wretched, poignant, woeful and plaintive.
    I swear that adjective has been pitiably abused and can ruefully single out a puny ‘pathetic’ poster who goes by the pseudo Reason as the chief culprit in his woeful shots at wretched Tsvangirai. Are these equally not poignant to Zimbabwe its self?

    1. @Standard 6

      What is the meaning of ‘lamantable’ sir? May be it’s my limited education, just like I am failing to understand the meaning of the phrase ‘its self’.

  36. The bad and Urgly


  37. Had they existed in the same era, this old man’s antics would have made Adolf Hitler jealous!!

  38. Ngavhatonge.Let him rule,but before this very year is out ,all those who operated the rigging machinery will be giving him nightmares as they demand their pounds of flesh.


    40 HEADS OF STATE attending the inauguration of a FRAUDSTER, this is a farce FELLOW RIGHT THINKERS, only the ZANU mad dogs will attend. Hamunyare mbavha dzevanhu.



  40. Negativity! Negativity! ITS PATHETIC! Lets have some positivity! Positivity! Exciting times lie ahead!

  41. Standard 6 and very Proud

    @N. Sithole. Excuse my error on the ‘lamentable’ effort. But Zimbabwe ” it’s self ” should not be that cryptic anywhere, is the import not sufficiently imparted?

  42. Rhodesians Never Die

    Are they by any chance serving beer at the coronation of Mugabe as King of Rhodesia?

  43. Rhodesians Never Die

    Are they by any chance serving beer at the coronation of Mugabe as King of Rhodesia??

  44. Well perhaps we might not be lucky enough to get 40 heads of state as at our independence but we will probably get a handful..verry good,lets move on. The more exciting part is the new government line up of ministers. I hope we will see new faces being more than old ones either way whethe president decides to pick from his party alone or further afield in the ranks of the opposition and elsewhere. I pray we will not see the following four in the line up who I refuse to name but can only hint: 1. The incompetent voluble. 2. I stole all the chickens in the village 3. I am Ra the sun god 4. How did I get here? 5.I am no liar, I MISINFORM. These five personages should be kept as far from anything that resembles government as the moon and stars are from earth.

    1. Please give us the names already, some of us are not as clever as you ka! Tipe apa, iwe chikomana!

  45. Non-event…

    Nherera inoguta musi unofa amai !

    Wait till the 1st minister is appointed a and woona kuti Mugabe uya haana kungwara..

    Rega uone.

  46. This colony will never be a country again!!!!!!

  47. Zvakaoma. Namatai kuna Mwari.

  48. @ Falcon. Its my guess though that the Rock Diesel 3 will feature on account of age to nuetralise the emperor from sticking out like a sore finger.

  49. @scotv excuse me but by your own admission and otherwise I think your best wager would be to confine your support to cheering, sloganeering and collecting agro-inputs timeously for the good of it. These cryptic posers will indeed elude you as they are well beyond the scope of your comprehension. Here is a simple one ‘I died for this country’

  50. iiiiiiyaa! heyi. chimbonyararayi vakomana tine vaenzi ah! asi hey lets all congratulate HE vakakunda zvine mutsindo. there will be mouth watering scenes to enjoy for this occasion. guess who has taken the cake in the theatre category? karibu sana wa mheshimiwa wageni wetu! will say it tomorrow.

  51. 40 Heads of Failed States for mahumbwe! aya mahumbwe chaiwo, mota dzemawaya kana sadza remavhu! This election was a sham, with ZEC not in control of the running of elections. Even some honest zanny people were shocked of these results. Results were cooked in farms. Any constituents with some dark farms sprang surprises. We no longer have confidence in these african governments.

  52. pycho analysist, its his excellence not ours. So let him keep his excellence and we keep our dignity as proud zimbos who remain peaceable even after some fraud.

  53. ndiyo bwana asante sana. but remember there is a world of irony out there. wazee kuwazee. hilarious!

  54. Actually Chiwengwa is planning a coup, Mnangagwa sanctioned it. Be warned great uncle, least you let your guard down.

  55. Actually Chiwengwa is planning a coup, Mnangagwa sanctioned it. Be warned great uncle, least you let your guard down.

  56. Actually Chiwengwa is planning a coup, Mnangagwa sanctioned it. Be warned great uncle, lest you let your guard down. Nkala sacrifice may not be enough to block this one.

  57. Becoz you are connected and you use other people without paying them. Why is there are somany educated people in the streets doing informal trading?

  58. No amount of legitimacy will hide the challenges facing the country. We are already way behind our neighbours who have been quietly developing using tried & tested means. We have
    1. Deplorable road network
    2. Poor television infrastracture & technology
    3. Very slow internet connectivity & development
    4. Slow penetration of ICT technology
    5. Education standards falling whilst our sadc friends are growing. This business of 90% literacy is a 1980 position, too many kids are out of school.

    There are many other countless areas

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