Zimbabwe needs spiritual deliverance — Tsvangirai

MASVINGO — Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said the hardships that Zimbabweans have endured for a long time have left them “spiritually and physically bankrupt”.

Report by Tatenda Chitagu

He said the nation needed salvation ahead of polls slated for July 31.

Addressing non-governmental organisations, members of the business community, civic society, and ordinary residents at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) offices, Tsvangirai urged church and political leaders to respond to such a deficit within the society.

“We need to reflect on the challenges that Zimbabwe is facing at the moment. The country is spiritually and physically bankrupt because our people have suffered for too long,” he said.

“That is the challenge we face ahead of polls. We need to respond to that as a nation for the people to be happy. The people need salvation so that they can be happy as a nation.”

He cited the Gukurahundi massacres, the destruction of homes during the Murambatsvina era, violence related to farm invasions and the economic decline Zimbabwe has suffered in the past decade.

Tsvangirai also described political violence and unemployment as “traumatic experiences” that eroded the nation’s moral campus.

“At the moment, we have unemployment as our biggest social challenge. The economy shrunk by more than 50%,” he said.

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  1. “The country is spiritually and physically bankrupt, The economy shrunk by more than 50%”, how pessimistic! For once say one positive thing about our beautiful country please, sir!

    1. Scott and Tendai dislike Tsvangirai. Your comments prove that whatever and however MT puts it is wrong. Do not deny MT his right of opnion. You have yours and omitting some words does not change the situation on the ground. After all gukurahundi and murambatsvina are two historical events that left the country needing healing and deliverance. God help Zimbabwe.

    2. kO IWE UNOTOZVIONA ZVAKANAKA HERE ZVAZVIRI IZVOZVI? WHICH PLANET ARE YOU FROM, BE REAL, THINGS ARE BAD.no amount of denial will wipe away the fact that this country is way below what is should be. The PM is right, things are bad, we need divine intervention. Hameno imi makanakirwa nazvo, isu vamwe tirikuyaura ende tinoda kupindira kwedenga. We will rally behind him and those who enjoy seeing pple suffering will be the ones to take in the bitter pill they currently prescribe to others vachiti ndiyo inoita. Nothing lasts forever!!

    3. The Words of the Wise

      Surely can we call a spade a spoon or hide behind your finger. The truth is so glaring for all to see. Chokwadi chinorwadza veduwee!

    4. Somebody sent me a picture of three trains one from South Africa, anther from China then one from my country Zimbabwe. Now Scott what do you see if you can see? What do you think if you can think? The country needs spiritual and physical healing and this is true. There is nothing to celebrate in Zimbabwe. That war was in vain. What do you expect from Dydmus Mutasa which he failed to do in 33 years, from Mugabe after 33 years of failure imagining he got his position on a silver platter from the man called Thabo Mbeki, why was he ever born?

  2. You summarized our problems quite well, Morgan Richard. I hope, in the near future, you will organize a great indaba where great ideas will be churned out to chart the way forward for our great nation. We are gifted as a nation and what is needed is good leadership to galvanize the nation towards excellency!

    1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

      It is a pity that Tsvangirayi now wants God to help him during election time but not so long ago, he wanted to smuggle same sex marriages into our constitution. Do you think you can cheat the God that we all know?

      1. Only a while ago Mr Tsvangira wanted same sex marriages legalised and now wants God to help him.He needs salvation cause Zimbabwe is a prayerful country.

  3. I am being honest right now, if Richard More were more positive and not sounding the same as the British, Americans and every hater of Zimbabwe out there, I would consider giving him a chance. We are all very much aware of our issues as does the opposition in USA is very well aware of their issues but you don’t hear them making statements similar to those made by extremist Moslems! Give us a solution, just say Zimbabwe needs healing and I am calling for a week of prayer and fasting, or Zimbabwe is traumatised so I have this program to heal the wounds of past hurt. Don’t tell us we are spiritually bankrupt and we need deliverance; how condescending!! I believe that God loves us and that we are blessed despite the issues we are facing; let’s seek Him honestly if that is what we are truly after and not site examples of trauma that is political.

    1. Tsvangirai is has never been the President of Zimbabwe, he is contesting in a historic election within the next month and to you in his campaign he must focus on the positive?

      must he say

      1) “Zimbabwe is very nice, the current preseident is very competent,our economy is strong, Please vote for me” or

      2)”The current preseident is incompetent,the economy is shrinking, unemployment is 90% (even if its 10%), taxes are too high( even if he himself will carry on with the sanme tax regime”, parliament and cabinet are too big, the president has too much power and is unaccountable, there is too much corruption etc etc”

      Common Sense, which you clearly do not have dictates that any serious contender who is not the incumbent will focus on the negative.
      You need to remove your head that is deeply buried in other men’s asses so that you can see better!!!!!!

      1. Perhaps this will make him reflect a bit more before he tries to whitewash all his party’s evil deeds and tell us about ‘sovherenti’!

    2. Tino Munjanga

      You are such a retard, your ignorance is beyond redemption. Have time to grasp the rubbish you have posted you idiot. why commenting on matters you have very little knowledge …. daft. you understand politics at all no wonder why you want opposition parties to shower praises on the ruling party. that’s not the game of politics dear

    3. Fox Makwiravana

      Scott oposition muZimbabwe iZanu PF,kungoti ine military support saRajolena weku Madagascar.

  4. Tendai Chaminuka

    If Tsvangirai was people oriented saFather Zimbabwe,this nation would have been very very prosperous.What is spiritual bankcrupt nhai munyika inama prophets anoita minana jahwi yakadai.Zimbabwe is politically bankcrupt coz the alternative to ZANU (P.F) is corrupt,self centred and controlled by a foreign hand.M.D.C.T is Z.A.N.U(P.F) less patriotism.Ko mamillion jobs were are they vana vachingo tandara mumastreets.Its a shame.

    1. Africans who do not believe another African can think for himself are a disgrace. For your info (I am supposing you know politics of Zimbabwe by ear) before December 1987 ‘Father Zimbabwe’ was vilified the same way the are doing to Tsvangirai. There are the Hove group – Reginald, Byrone, Chenjerai who were standing for nill corruption- they were labelled as well. Then there was Edgar ‘ET’ Murambatsvina who wanted (like Josh and More) an inclusive (rainbow) Zimbabwe – mind you it was in line with reconciliatrion policy propagated by RGM himself. Because they talked and seemed to befriend whites publicly, they were vilified. Remember Josiah Magama Tongo who said we are not fighting Ian Smith or the whites- we are fighting a system (he did not see the light of day in Free Zimbabwe!). Now young man/ woman (you cannot be over 35- you’d know better) it is this same system which has alienated even those ZANU PF cadres who would want to change the system. They have no room in the party. For your info even Ian Smith said it. He said if he had known that all these “terrs” wanted was to change street and town names while maintaining the system he would not have fought them at the peril of many black and white lives. It is the system of a superior man, and party, an oligarchy of rulers who also become the wealthy, fear factor, oppression and repression(through POSA etc), name calling, disrespect of the African (black or white)- it is the system entrenched by Ian Smith which we must rid ourselves of. A system inherited from the Conservatives in UK, which is what labour has been fighting. The liberation movements were deemed by Ian Smith to be puppets of the Eastern block (Communists). Now Tsvangirai leads a process which began as early as 1985 and its linked to land which was taken in 1999. Dumbutshena asked for reforms before elections, Muzorewa did the same, ZUM, ZAPU (under Nkomo) as well. Its a system. If you want ask seniors who know how this system sidelined the likes of Shambambeva-Nyandoro, Nzarayebani, Malunga etc. This system will let you side with it but when you try to be level headed and reason non-partisan but as a nationalist, then you’ll immediately be labelled a puppet of the west. That ideas confluence is a matter of the issue being common in terms of normal reasoning. It must be acceptable that an African can think for himself. Ok.

    2. Tendai, minana do not necessarily reflect a sprirtually healthy nation, otherwise ancient Egyptian magicians wouldn’t have stooped to Moses

  5. I am 25 and I’m tired and weary for how much longer shall Zanu continue to lead us loot our wealth and hold us at ransom because they liberated us 🙁 , RG is 89 and lets be honest that’s old we need someone younger with energy and vigour to lead us into the future . Zvakwana lets all go vote for a better future .

  6. a country with heaps and heaps of garbage, a lot of potholes, its a sign of a cursed nation, hunger, diseases and violence, are not for a blessed country, sure we need a God fearing leaders, not corrupt, not protecting self interests. Unemployment!!!!!!!!! a hungry somebody is angry, can do everything for survival, hatidi kuva maHwindi, Touts, Prostitutes, street sitters, but what can we do for a living. lets put our country and us first, think about our tomorrow, when voting,

    1. very true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The potholes uncollected garbage,raw sewage, dry pipes are all a result of the Municipalities which where all run by the MDCT failure to deliver and perform. While the PMs gift in finding fault but lacking prescription or solutions is a direct result of his lack conceptual skills which are a major requirement for all leaders.He is a typical trade unionist who only finds fault without creating solutions. He is behaving like a bogus doctor who agrees with the patient description of his illness but cannot give you a prescription. Would you return to that doctor the diagnostic approach involves identifying the problem then offering a solution.

      1. Let us take your example further. Are you telling us you would return to this doctor even if he gave you a wrong prescription? As long as he has given you a prescription? Which is exactly what you deserve, what with entrusting the future of your children in the hands of people who have managed to turn a virgin Zim into a whore of unimaginative proportions, her children scattered to the four corners of the world trying to make ends meet. And, before you say it, the rot started way before mdc was formed.

      2. Qawe laMaqawe

        John Ndebele why did MDCT win in the towns and municipalities because of the potholes, dry water pipes and raw sewage. If Zanu was doing well why did they then loose and are struggling to win a single seat in town or councils after the good job they did. When MDC-T came to power Chombo was busy in all councils, 1st with special interest councillors then protecting corrupt councillors like the 23 that were fired from the MDC-T but he kept them as councillors so how did you expect MDC to perform wonders when they sent their proposals to the mother ministry, the proposals were thrown away or the usual excuse there is no money and do not increase tarrifs….At least MT is saying were the problem is unlike you who blame 2000 sanctions for the ills of the 80s to 90s that you caused on people, manje:

        Hailume gore rino Zanu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Garwe, l don’t quite agree with you that our country is cursed. Why not other nations who do not even worship God. Zimbabwe is way ahead of many of these so called “Blessed nations”. More pople are dying in South Africa daily due to robbery and abortion than local. Hence it should be another problem other than curse.

  7. Anamukoma Richard.. hanzi ndataurawo, askana. This is campaign season brother, you don’t waste precious time and print space talking nonsense. Tell the nation straight in the face that you are POLITICALLY bankrupt.You got nothing to offer the electorate.You have joined many national DAYS of prayer, we’ve got numerous pastors and prophets who are better equipped to talk spirituality.Come on RICHARD,what do you have for the pple that can make them vote for you. YOU tried to sell your JUICE and noone could buy it. Why talk of unemployment when you’ve got a million jobs in your JUICE program? Endai munofudza mombe mukoma.

  8. True, but the deliverance is at most a voluntary exercise. You (political leaders) go around on sex escapades and divorcing your wives without confessing your sins even after you are discovered. This is a disregard of righteousness which exalt a nation. This reproach we are are and we are in is mostly a result of leaders – civic, political, traditional and even religious who are not demonstrating righteousness and the fear of God.

    1. Well, Gwaziva, I agree with the general thrust of your point. However, one must note that brother Morgan does not fit in your description above.(Of course, you did not specifically mention brother Morgan but some may think you are talking about him). Firstly, Morgan has never divorced. Lorcardia just manipulated the situation to appear as if she was married to Morgan thanx to lawyer Samkange (who has now seen that ZANU PF is cunning when he tried to be it’s representative in the primary elections). You would be right on sex escapades but during that period brother Morgan was a bachelor and he has apologized for his shameful behavior. It’s now water under the bridge and even Lorcardia was compensated though she was no virgin (mhandara chaiyo). Let’s pray for brother Morgan, he may turn out to be the David who destroyed Goliath. (David had his own sex escapades but he apologized to the Lord and all was forgiven!)

  9. @ Garwe, having travelled to every African country I would say we are one of the least ‘cursed’ by your definition. Today I drove through Samora Machel Ave from south to north and I have not seen heaps and heaps of garbage and potholes but in other parts of the country you will find such. So, Zimbabwe is not covered in garbage and potholes, you sound like More Richard! I have lived in Washington DC, Chicago and New Orleans so I can tell you now that touts, prostitutes, ‘street sitters’, garbage and potholes are on another level there; you probably think America is blessed, don’t you? Let’s pray for wisdom in us and our leaders and let’s heed the call from the Lord to tame our tongues because life and death is in the power of the tongue. You are what you speak and I refuse to speak death to Zimbabwe.

    1. Your ranting on and on about having been to all african countries (which are 54 by the way) and living in America is typicall of underachivers who can only be significant in a forum like this where everyone is faceless and nameless.

      So if there is no gabbage along Samora Machel Avenue, that in your brainless head amounts to a clean Zimbabwe? Ok just turn from Samora Machel and come down Second Street behind Eastgate tione ukasatsika dhodhi mu harare. Go to all the Harare High Density surburbs and witness mountains of garbage that has not been collected for ages.

      You really need to remove your head from other men’s asses so that you can see better!!!!! maybe you were licking and your head went to far now you are embedded in there sehuku yabatwa nekahovo.

      I dont waste time comparing Zimbabwe to any other country for i know the current Zimbabwe is not what i wish to have as my country. A country where hard work and honest is not respected. Everything is about shaddy deals and chikoronyera. Go to the ranks and all the roads where police mount roadblocks 100m away from each other to fleece them of their hard earned cash. imagine a pensioneer who bought a combi after reaching 60, how does he make ends meet when daily he is robbed of 60% of his clean income by the police?
      A country where the police demand bribe even to write a stolen property report? Which Zimbabwe are you talking about?

      So to you a Presidential Aspirant must concentrate on the good that he incumbent has done so that he will be voted in? Your reasoning process is strange indeed>

      Since your brains are at the level of a grade seven scholar i will break it down for You in a multiple choice example:


      Which statement is likely to be said by a Presidential candidate who has never been in power before?
      1) “The current presedent is very competet, Our economy is very strong, We have low unemployment in the country, Our salaries are competitive, corruption is not tolerated by the current president and our education and health delivery is one of the best in the world.
      Having said that, ladies and gentleman vote for me to replace the current president”

      2) “The current president is useless. Corruption is the order of the day and has been institutionalised wherever you go. Factories are closing and there is massive unemployment, fueling corruption and crime due to very stupid policies that are scarrying away investors. Our education is in tatters. The healthy delivery system is in the intensive care unit. Harare has been villagised. people drilling matsime in yesteryear surburbs like waterfalls, hatfield, greendale etc can you imagine????The current president is unaccountable to anyone etc etc.

      Ladies and gentleman vote for me i will end all these things. Goodbye to Poverty”

      So to you which speech will an opposition party leader go for?
      The incumbent will naturally dwell on the good things in a country he has been in charge of. I am just a sober analyst trying to make people like you see sense.

    2. Its one thing when the nation is fighting to put systems which give a chance to these street people to get off the street. It is another when the nation is making efforts (through systems put in place) to put everyone on the street.

    3. “..Today I drove through Samora Machel Ave from south to north and I have not seen heaps and heaps of garbage and potholes but in other parts of the country you will find such…” Are you saying Samora Machel road runs Harare south to north? That must be in Mozambique not Zimbabwe since it runs east to west.

      “….. pray for wisdom in us and our leaders “… that an 89 year old can grant us a revolution which he wants to witness in his lifetime since he is destined to live for 140 years.. Even Moses never entered Canaan

  10. mr pm, i am glad you can come up in the open and acknowledge the need for a higher authority to work for us. you as man can go to a certain distance, but the further we need God to do it for us. you as leader be wise enough to ask God to do things for the people and you will be on the right for the healing of our country. yes play your part and God will do the rest.

  11. Morgan is always so negative, NGO’s say we are a basket case, MDC says we are a collapsed state, Obama says Zimbabwe yakafa, @Garwe says Zimbabwe is cursed, USA & EU say we are an outpost of tyranny; isusu vana vevhu toti ehe ehe shuwa? I say Zimbabwe is blessed beyond measure; vana vemuno vanoda runyararo, vanhu vanetsika nehunhu; tiri vana vanoziva kuti kuguta kushanda ndosaka takamirira kushanda kuti tigute. Tinorumbidza Musiki, hatitaure hondo nerufu, hatidi ba!

    1. scot, there is no negativity in saying the truth wazvinzwa. if a pot is black it is black simple why say it is white just because you want it to be without painting it such. hondo is always on zanu pf speeches wherever they go, nzara (hunger) right zambia is selling us maize saka iwe uri positive taura tinzwe nhema dzako. it shall be well with zim that is a fact but right now things are not mface wangu.

  12. All because of sanctions called for by puppets in the mould of bennet, tsvangirai and biti who dinned with the white men who were resisting the land reform programme. how can you talk of spiritually bankruptcy when you move around with an open zip sleeping with various women, singing the white man’s song of rule of law. Murambatsvina was a clean up exercise meant to bring normalcy in our beautiful country, gukurahundi was a tribal warfare which has since ended after the unity accord. shut up Morgan, you have nothing to offer, you wasted a lot of time for ZIMBOZ, by demonising our rightfully actions to claim what is rightfully ours. You were even taken to court to maintain a child you fathered by a bulawayo inocent lady, and if you can not take responsibility of a child you fathered do you think anyone can take care of us, let alone a nation. just close your zip and moth then open your daft brains for scrutiny by psychiatrist. Its you who needs deliverance Morgan.

    1. “…..vana vemuno vanoda runyararo, vanhu vanetsika nehunhu…” Blessed in poverty, peace and poverty cannot live side by side. Wealth requires that it is spend where now since there is nowhere to go because of sanctions

  13. Tsvanctions,so u thot sanctions would bring prosperity?

  14. zvinhu zveruzhinji hautarise pfungwa dzako, tarisa mamiriro ekunze, previous game takaenda ku tie brek morgie united yakatungamira 47 kwa 43, match was later abandoned due 2 induced bad weather. Bvumaiwo kut chi team ichi chaita ma supporter hobho

  15. zvinhu zveruzhinji hautarise pfungwa dzako, tarisa mamiriro ekunze, previous game takaenda ku tie brek morgie united yakatungamira 47 kwa 43, match was later abandoned due 2 induced bad weather. Bvumaiwo kut chi team ichi chaita ma supporter hobho.

  16. Morgay it is u who needs delieverance because you have joined the bandwagon of the corrupt people and u singing from the same hymn so please shut up

  17. Reason Is so uneducated, uninformed nd unreasonable.he cant seem to throat the fact that the so called champions of black empowerment have miserably failed…..reason you were better off when whites owned the land,so keep your crap to yourself and bury your head where the sun doesnt shine and smell what you made of! !!!!

  18. Very true, the sooner we realise that the better for us. Im happy that at least we have leaders who see these things. This world is very spiritual all tangible things come from the spiritual. Yes we have so many Great Prophets other men and women of God but as a nation we havent accepted them. Varume ngatibateyi vanhu ava ivo havanzwi kuvava kwemvura yemu jericho . lets embress the spiritual leaders. Thank you PM your wisdom brings us hope.

  19. garai makadaro nechi Zanu pf cvhenyu muone kwamuno svika.
    Mucha gwesha nema garo chaiwo svikira mati Mwari tabvuma.
    Hendei tione.

  20. psychoanalyst

    I agréè. Let us all sing thé same nàtional anthem and look up to thé constitutional court lawyers cum judges tomorrow to réalise that thé footsteps of a good man are guided by thé Lord. So in all court constitutional and election processess SO HELP ZIMBABWE GOD! Lobengula Kumalo’s’bones are right in placing responsibility for unfair conduct squarely on Barrister Maguire/Thomson/RUDD Concession who should have foreseen thé effects of imposition of thé Law of England on our ancestry, a palpable immorality. SOHÉLPZIMBABWEtomorrowGOD it is for all of us.



    1. Tumbs up James

  22. For sure Zimbabwe needs spiritual healing as the Prime Minister alluded to.
    The only problem is that the PM does not know that the demon which should be casted out
    is in himself. He is the reason why Zimbabwean economy,politics, social life stagnated.

    Before he entered into politics, that is before 1998, Zimbabwe was not bad but just on his
    entry into this country’s politics every thing started to go bad. Demoni ngaribvuswe pamunhu
    uyu anonzi Tswangirai. You will see Zimbabwe will revert back to its rightful status.

  23. Editor, why are my comments in response to Scott being removed when there is nothing obscene in them, neither do they constitute hate speech nor contain any racial/tribalistic innuendoes?

  24. Hijacking church services to preach politics is morally wrong. How did the congregants feel when told they are spiritually bankrupt? Who is being propagated to come and cleanse the Zimbabwean congregants? Spiritual bankruptcy no but political bankruptcy yes…

    1. which church was hijacked

  25. Screwing around and abusing Mthwakazi women willy nilly has indeed left you spiritually bankrupted as well!!!!

    1. Labious Zakeo

      Come on Gazilam, the guy apologized a long time ago. The offended members accepted his apologies and the guy even tearfully made a public confession. All is now forgiven and we are all geared for the 2013 political cup finals. All of us, including Mthwakazi women, must rally behind the guy!

  26. Supporters of MDC (supporters of ‘democracy and freedom of speech) begging the editor to ban everyone who does not blindly follow Morgan Richard from this free forum is a new low. I have used neither hate speech nor profanities; if your ability to engage in an intellectual argument is limited haisi mhosva yedu; your cry for us to be banned sounds like Morgan Richard crying for reforms and for the law to be broken so as to win an election. Kwana iwe Chigembe!

  27. psychoanalyst

    Many mày not see it but there is an established road with no potholes between GOD thé rule of làw and our beautiful ZIMBABWE. What has happened is not it so thé judiciary has thé onerous reponsibility and an opportunity to become fair to Zimbabwe. Thé appeal therefore is to all of you not to reduce décisions to a level near what an unlearned Lobengula Kumalo intelligently labelled “a fly blown pièce of paper” and became thé first to battle what was acknowledged by thé lawyer Maguire as “epoch of our time”in form of Rudd Concession. Consider this all thé time you deliberate matters beneficial to all of us Zimbabweans. And to all of you in line for exercising your voting rights be fair to yourselves and others including thé leaders you want and particularly think about saddling he who has to enter thé empire state building daily a load too heavy to carry for a whole five year term. Do not lie please. Mày thé good Lord bless all of our national leaders who will be beneficial to all of us thé next five yéars “vatungamiriri vavenenduramo” per lyrics of thé national anthem. LORD hear our prayer.

  28. @Scott may you be kind enough to tell us what it is that made you travel thst far and wide if it pleases your honesty, give dates as most sejourns were a direct response to the effects of a mismanaged economy. what again was the incentive thst enticed you back, spare us the normsl motherland thing..thst is universal.

  29. I travel for the love of travel; asi unofunga kuti varungu chete ndivo vanofamba nema backpacks kani? Unofunga kuti munhu mutema akati ndakamboenda ku Washington DC anenge aenda kunogeza chembere kani? It shows your level of low self esteem and how you are conditioned to think so low of your own people. I love Afrika and I have seen it all; the good and the bad. I have seen it with my own eyes, not through the eyes of BBC and CNN. Vana vemuZimbabwe, musanyeperwe kuti nyika yedu yafa na Obama wekunyepa kuti achapedza hondo ovhara Guantanamo iye otowedzera zvakaitwa na Bush, musanyeperwe kuti we have raw sewerage flowing in the streets; musanyeperwe kuti nyika yedu is cursed by a negative report from a man who is a notorious philanderer. What matters is what the Lord says about Zimbabwe and from what I gather hapana, not even 1 man of God, preacher, pastor, priest, prophet, apostle wandakanzwa achiti Zimbabweans are spiritually bankrupt and the country is cursed.

    1. “Scott” Muziva zvose. Munhu asina chaanotomboziva kana whani anoda KUZIVA ZVAKANYANYA. Handitombofungi kana wakambosvika paMozambique chaipo Espungabeira. Panojambika border apa. Usafoya shamwari.

  30. Philip Tsikai Chatora

    I fully concur with MRT’s intimation that the nation needs divine intervention. It is only GOD who can deliver us to a new Canaan. We need leaders who fear GOD and treat the country’s citizens in a humane way. The 2008 Elections brought about untold suffering to many innocent souls and we should strive to have peaceful, free, fair, credible and transparent elections this year and this can only materialise through GOD’s intervention thus the PM’s clarion call for such an eventuality.

  31. come elections we will see who is a bull of the krall

  32. guys besides politicisn this whol thing these guys brought change to this economy we wer the laughn stock of this world bt nw we ar bettr although we want the best.if we stop looting of resources n being transparent we cn b one of the best in africa.zvekutukana izvi hazviite u know who is to blame for all our sufferings

  33. As a mother, I am saddened by the fact that isu ma Zimbabweans tave kuvengana coz of people vari kurwira kupihwa mu state house .kana vapinda they won’t care less what we eat, wear or where our kids go to sleep. Have u been to Harare hospital or Parerenyatwa this past week, month? Guys we need change.. We keep fighting each other ne kuti some have it good and are benefiting from this mess dai tese tiri kutambura nekushaya fees, medication or proper meals hataimboita zva tiri kuita izvozvo. Lets end this evil that has taken our strength and dreams. U work but cannot afford anything new. Zve see mazitye… Cars, clothes etc. lets reclaim our former glory! Stop fighting varume.

  34. Reason uri right na Love Joe, and if I may add “The reason so many people in AA give thanks that they are alcoholics is that the problems of living and of failure to meet life succesfully are singled down for them to the problem of alcohol. It is definite and specific” kwete kureva nhema muchiti he-e Zanu pf yakonewa this and that %. Mavakuda kupinza mwari mumanyepo enyu, zvino mwari harisi benzi aiwa. Tendeukai nguva ichipo nokuti hamupindi denga kana muchiitirana nharo namwari muchida kufadza the west moto planer zvemagay rights ukumoda kubata vanhu kumeso ne healing. Motochenjera kugwara ndokunge musingatohwi zvakanaka muchingoda zvekunetsa vanhu. Zvokumwa muchidira mvura hazvibetseri. Kana riridoro Absolute Abstinence a second meaning of AA is the way to go

  35. @ Peace, I agree; only God is the answer, not one man or woman.

  36. Tsvangarai must repent for all his transgressions against the Zimbabwean people. That is what the ALMIGHTY requires of him. If he fails to repent then his pray will be considered an abomination. And while he is at It, he should disclose to the people of Zimbabwe what he said to the ex rhodie farmers at the secluded and secret meeting held in South Africa some three weeks ago. Tsvangarai must know that he cannot continue to be dishonest with the people and expect their support.

  37. Sad to read through this trail. when there is no food in the house..the kids can’t even tolerate singing a song together. They begin hate each other and they would rather have each one sing their own song…and resonate disoder in the house. In the interim..the root cause will be busy drinking beer and braaiing somewhere….and when they hear his footstep or hear his own broken song as he enters the yard….they keep quiet and pretend to sleep, like rats that have hear . No one dares to say a thing. Daddy is a lion…..

  38. Tibvirei, maitarisa nyika ichiparadzwa ne Zanu, zvakatanga pakupa ma War Vets mari and sending soldiers kuDRC, way before MDC came into play, Morgan achiri kuZCTU aitokurwirai kuti mupihwe mari, musature zvekumama, majaira kungo pembedza vaobudurira nekutsitsira vamwe, Madiamonds ari kwaMutare asi arikuphumisa ana Obert wekuBulawayo, Mutare inotosemesa, wakeup guys, they liberated us yes, but that does not mean its only them who should enjoy the cake. dai zvanga zvataurwa na President Mugabe zvisina kana kukonzeresa.
    ruzhinji rwuri kutambura, vana vemachef vagere bho, varikunze kwenyika kwavanodzidza muzvikoro zvakanaka, imi muchi share muri 10 one textbook. munhu aripachigaro iyezvino anotodakuti dai zvaibvira kufa kwake neZimbabwe yofawo.
    he think hapana anogona kutonga kunze kwake, and this demoni riri mumasupporters eZanu, coz it starts from the head zvoaffecta vanomutevera., sunungurwai hama dzangu.

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