Zimbabwe: BBA Evictions: Pokello Walks Out Gracefully!

Zimbabwe’s hot and sexy Pokello has been Evicted from the Big Brother House. The ever-graceful lady simply kissed her man, Elikem before passing hugs around to the rest of the Chasemates.

Report by BBA

There was an akward silence and a few whispers here and there as the Zimbabwean Housemate made her way through the Chasemates.

Pokello followed her favourite Housemate and best friend Bassey who became the 15th Chasemate to be booted out of The Chase.

Leaving behind her beloved Elikem is possibly one of the hardest things she’s had to do throughout her stay in Biggie’s House. But as we all know, the lovers in Biggie’s House are bound to either leave together like LK4 and Koketso or leave one after the other like Bolt and Betty.

Earlier in her Diary session, Pokello said her goodbyes to Biggie, stating how content she was with her stay in his House and even happier about her game.

When Biggie asked her whether she’d miss Elikem, she admitted with no doubt that she would and insisted that this was not the end of his game but hers.

In her interview with IK on the red couch, Pokello said she was really feeling Elikem and was ready to wait for him out of the House.

What will you miss the most about Pokello?

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  1. at lease pfambi yadzoka kumusha

    1. Kisinoti Mukwazhe

      You are right. BBA stands for Big Brothel Africa. It’s disgusting. If you vote me into power I will proclaim that no Zimbabwean participates in that filthy exercise!

      1. Is this the real deal?

  2. well done to pollokello 4 time spend in bba

  3. Well done Queen of Swag, you did very well. even though you didn’t win the $300 000 to us you will always be a winner.

  4. i dont understand how we can celebrate such behavior. she is a disgrace to zimbabwe, having sex in public, bathing in public and changing sex partners like panties. sis


    vanity fair

  6. Welcome home sweety

  7. Kikikiki, Kisinoti wandisetsa, unopenga.

  8. I just wanted her to comeback before the elections, may be she will add votes in our favour.

  9. It was a shocker but the housemates were really gunning for her but on the bright side game on because vasara shamwari dzega dzega, let the backstabbing begin. The silence meant she was a strong contender but tough luck it’s jus a game!

  10. Vote in that man into office on 31 July and we’ll be having BBZ right there on ZTV everyday. Sexellence – ptuu!! Ndozvamunodaka!

  11. Money iz e root of al evil fo sure! Ah ah

  12. I guess the recorded frantic copulation did not amount to much for the poor thing, it worked pretty well for Kim Kardashian though. Maybe it is because Kim Kardashian is attractive, I don’t know..

  13. Daddy VaJukwa

    One more vote is back home. Very happy.

  14. at least pfambi yadzoka kuzovota i was worried ‘n sick

  15. @kisinoti I think you are losing it and if you are against BBA it does not mean that everyone should be against it too. The best thing for you is to shut your eyes or watch Zanu pf campaigns and slogans on ZTV leave those who like BBA to enjoy it peacefully.

  16. tarisiro hadzisi dzose dzinokuda, ndizvo zvinoita upenyu….

  17. Thobela…

    Re a le boua kgaijadi…mmereko o tswere sentle mo BBA…empa sechaba sa ronna se maketse ka tsile eng oi tswere ka teng mo la BBA. Ke tswanetsi ke dule le uena fasi re boua katsila e ke ra tang ho re oi tsware ka yona methong a bathooo…

    Modimo ea be le wena ngoaninyana…empa le business ja ho ke hopolela a de ko fatalala fasi ka nnako o mola BBA.


  18. kuhura!!!!!!!!!!!!! eyiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. Tough luck Qeen of SAGA., I bet Elikem hasn’t laid his eyes on that sex tape yet

  20. Thats lust not love

  21. just appreciate what she did in the house leave her alone welcome home poki

  22. Hapana kana munhu kwaye wese mukadzi nemurume saka masiyana chii nembwa dzisina privacy?. U’re a disgrace worse than dogs.

  23. Haa inzwawo uyu asina kana zita uyu,hanzi jst appreciate what she did in the house, what’s there to appreciate. Mbiri yake both in and outside the so called house ndeyei kunze kwezvinonyadzisa chete, indawa kuda chirungu chakaora kudaro.

  24. Ndozvavari kudzidziswa na Tsvangson,.,..,human rights freedom of speech & expression, don’t hate the player ,.,.hate the teacher,.,kikiki,.,.,.,You want to be like the west and european countries,.,…thats what it comes with,.,.yenyu culture musango pfocho. Hanzi na reporter “Zimbabwe’s hot and sexy…..” please that’s not and will never be Zimbabwean behavior, it’s a borrowed culture being allowed to flourish by the perpetuation of ignorance,.,.hanzi ndokuti SWAG,.,.,what the hell??!!!!!

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