ZBC blocks political adverts

STATE broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) yesterday blocked all political parties’ adverts while awaiting the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to wind up its nomination process.


ZBC chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere said the public broadcaster was following the legal route in dealing with political advertisements ahead of elections and would only start doing so after Zec was done with the relevant process.

This came as MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai complained that his adverts urging Zimbabweans to register to vote had been rejected by ZBC.

Muchechetere said: “If they received a letter, they should not rush to say their advert was rejected. This is not a dip-tank. We have regulations that we follow.

We are under the guidance of Zec and if Zec informs us that they are finishing today we will carry their adverts as long as they comply with our own requirements.

“We are going to give them all they want. They should not stampede us into doing anything unprocedural. The law says that if their adverts are rejected, they appeal to Zec. If they want to come back with their advert, even tonight if Zec is done, they should. People should stop being overzealous and want to create a mountain out of a molehill.”

He added: “The Zanu PF adverts they are talking about were before the proclamation of the election date, after that, there was nothing. Even Zanu PF is fuming the same way the MDC is fuming, but we are following the law.”

In a letter to Tsvangirai dated June 28, ZBC indicated it was unable to run the MDC-T advertisement as it was not yet cleared by Zec.

His spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed receipt of a letter from ZBC.

“In the letter there is mention of political adverts, but this one was a politically colourless advert in terms of partisanship and bias. It was an advert by the Prime Minister to urge Zimbabweans to vote and by that time there were Zanu PF adverts on ZTV. Clearly those adverts were sponsored by Zanu PF,” Tamborinyoka said.

The move by ZBC also came at a time Zimpapers, another State-controlled media outlet yesterday also indicated it had resolved that all political advertising will be published in its newspaper stable during the last two weeks before polling day.

Zimpapers chairman Paul Chimedza, himself a Zanu PF candidate for Gutu South, said: “The company had taken that decision to safeguard its business interests.”

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  1. Tendai Chaminuka

    ZBC kuda kumisa mombe nedanda

    1. Vana Muchechetere ndeve ZANU avo, what rules,laws, regulations, procedures blablablablabla he is talking about. For the past for years up to date they are many ZANU adverts than any other adverts of public interests on daily bases. No wonder we the uhuru generation pledge to remove ZANU PF regime from power and put Tsvangirai in power for the next 5 yrs, then when the environment improve put any person who is human in nature. ZBC is similar to RBC in every respect. According to what i heared from mother and grand mother the way they were being treated is exactly what is taking place now, only that we are being allowed to enter first street.

    2. Why opposition parties not sponsor a free to air channel, look at churches, even in zim churches we have ezekiel tv and miracle tv. Raise the initial capital outlay then u will raise the other money through adverts becoz it will definately be popular.

      1. u forgot the broadcasting services act nxa

  2. And of course this is SURPRISING Mr. Muchechetere then? And what about this story about salaries not being paid to the workers for six months now..surprising that you would refuse adverts, NO?

  3. chirongo chinorema chavapedyo

    Mr. Muchechetere l still have to pose one question for you; yes u flew zanu-pf ads before the proclamation of election day, but still why didnt u play mdc’s as well at that time. We are not fools baba, you have been zanu broadcasting corporation for long. Tanzwa taneta ne ma adverts e zanu since donkey years ago. Ana mbarae chimurenga crew and those urban grooves artist praising mugabe and zanu pf. Zvapera baba!

  4. chirongo chinorema chavapedyo

    zimpapers on the other hand claims advertorial space for our clients, kikikiki come on guys! Kana nesu takadzidzawo dont down play us by your stupid obvious tactics. You have a deficiet budget cant even pay employees and suppliers yet you claim you don wanna be overbooked. Chisingaperi chinoshura. Garai marongedza twenyu musazonyara kubuda.

  5. Political parties should save their money as i believe flighting adverts on zbc is a waste , can someone do a survey to see the pecentage of zimboz who actually watch ztv my bet is its less than 10% so rather find alternative media i 4 one havent watched the channel for over 4 years and i bet im not the only one just sayin

  6. Is it business

  7. Please help me pple out there, is it still possible to form a grand coalition?

  8. Zbc attracts a very few pple so Muchechetere should not boast about it. Let zanu fool its fools on zbc. We have a lot of social networks that outnumber zbc by a million times

  9. Apa MDC yagadzirirwa size. Every minute that ZBC is broadcasting it is advertising for Zanu-PF. You have songs about Zanu PF, the News are all about Zanu-PF. ZBC can even say no political adverts for any party this year and Zanu-PF wont even loose sleep coz they get air play at news, dramas songs, everything.

    1. We won’t even lose sleep coz hatichatomboona marara e Dead BC. takungoona DSTV , because hatidi kunyaudzwa.

  10. Yaa like i always tell you on this platform, it never rains in zimbabwe, but it pours. Its now high noon in zim, thats the beginning of the end, lets put our fingers crossed, i always bet you that no one can resist the change of times,, cheers doctors

  11. My Vote Counts

    Why fight for zpf info. department headed by cde Muchechetere? We switched off zbc long long time ago

  12. ZBC Zanu pf Broadcasting Criminals

  13. New generations

    Kana kamwana kangu kanototi papa chinjai channel, izbc iya bhowa , iyarhasa , poison to our ears.

    1. cry the beloved country,Zimbabwe

  14. we already know zbc is partisan’and tht cannot stop mdc from winning.”,how they wish to control facebook

  15. Zanu British club
    Zanu bitching club
    Zanu blantantly crazy
    Zanu business corporation
    Zanu bulling corporation
    Zanu burning chair
    Zanu busing club
    Zanu bullies club
    Zanu business centre
    Zanu brothers company
    Zanu brothers club
    Zanu burial charity
    Zanu big chiefs

  16. Zanu brothers corporation

  17. New name after dictactorship

  18. Ngaaasanyepa ndakanzwa kasong kekuti ”pamberi nezanupf president vedu tichavavhotera nevatungamiri vese vezanupf” nezuro manje hatina basa nazvo tinongochinja kana koridzwa

  19. ZBC KUNYEPA HAHAHAHAHA, they are playing zanu pf songs even today.

  20. Ana happison tiitireyi mushe apa you indicate left when turning right mota musango

  21. kumbunyikidzwa. When shal fredom come?

  22. Ngatishandise maSMS pamanetworks ese President Tsvangirai zbc inyare.Munhu wese anefone kudari vanoona zbc


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