Zapu-MDC-T coalition talks still on

MDC-T treasurer-general Roy Bennett has revealed that his party was still negotiating with Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa to form a grand coalition to unseat Zanu PF in this week’s polls.

Report by Victoria Mtomba

In an exclusive interview with NewsDay last Wednesday in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bennett said Zapu secretary-general Ralph Mguni and MDC-T’s Elton Mangoma were spearheading the talks.

The coalition talks are reportedly taking place nearly three weeks after Zapu and the Welshman Ncube-led MDC forged their own southern region pact, while the MDC-T sealed a similar agreement with Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn and Zanu Ndonga in what has been dubbed the grand coalition of the northern region.

“We have had a very serious approach from the Zapu structures to disown Dabengwa. His own structures are disowning him now because they are totally in contrast to his view. It is not the view of the constituency nor the leadership structures of Zapu,” Bennett said.

Mangoma confirmed the development in a telephone interview.

“There are Zapu people we are working with and they have disowned Dabengwa as he is doing his own thing. I am at a rally now and cannot give you more details,” Mangoma said.

Contacted for comment, Mguni said: “There are people that have been trying to act as intermediaries and they have done a shoddy job out of it.

“The intermediaries on Tuesday (last week) said they had arranged for me to meet the MDC-T secretary-general (Tendai Biti) and when I turned up at Harvest House, he was not there. I was phoned and told he was tied up elsewhere. They approached us. We are open to discussions on a grand coalition as long as they are serious,” said Mguni.

Mguni said Dabengwa had been briefed about his scheduled meeting with Biti, describing reports of a Zapu split as fictitious.

“That is absolute nonsense. We are one as Zapu.”

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  1. Now that we approaching the elections we going to hear lots of nonsense. We even hear thay Welshman has withdrawn to support Morgan. They are all lies! Why is the MDCT obsessed with forming coalitions with individuals while disregarding the leadership of the parties? Bhebhe and co., Semwayo and now Mguni of Zapu? Shame on you Bennet, shame on u Mangoma, shame on you Tsvangirai! Very soon we gonna hear we are in talks with MDC, the structures have disregarded Welsh. For in the last days many will come in my name and say ‘ I am the Christ’.

  2. Silvester Matambo

    Lets all go out in numbers on Wednesday and bury the Mdc infidels and puppets and their Rhodesian remanants ounce and for all. Vote Zanu Pf

    1. If I say you are mad, it will be to say the least. You are really mad. Leave our party alone. I an sane enough not to vote for a 90 year old. It shows you do not value your future. I can’t vote for a person who is now good at “ngano”. What difference will it make this time to vote for Sekuru Chaminuka?

    2. sorry sha, we are sick and tired of the same people benefiting from Zanu policies. Rhodesia yaipa vanhu mabasa

  3. Its time for regime change now.

  4. Psychology mazivisa

    We shall vote for mugabe to promote corruption ,we are benefiting in it so much,we also want 2 ensure that only few ppl in zimbabwe will benefit 4rom ur natural resouces .we also want a one party state dictatorship in which ur mother zanu will enjoy the monopoly.

  5. We shall see

  6. pliz let Mugabe rule untill the end of his lyf…..

  7. sure man vote for President Mugabe……tanzwa nekudya mari isu dzekuzvishandira

  8. Mugabe became Prime Minister at 57 in 1980 and became President a 61 .Tsvangirai at 57 became Prime Minister and now 61 .Wil he be our President also?

  9. Hahaha some people are getting desperate!

    Did the foreign based, structureless Ralph Mguni really think he could go and negotiate with MDCTea?! Here is a reminder of a clause in the ZAPU agreement with the MDC Green; “….that they would not have any other coalition with other parties without first agreeing as an alliance.”

  10. Bye-bye tavakutora nyika vanaBaba Chatungwa naGrace vachingo chema chema
    Dictator raenda zvino makororo apedza diamond redu Kuchiyadzwa vachiipa maChina tirikurida back mhondi dzevanhu

  11. Im feeling the change…….with GOD ,victory is certain for MDC T. and i beg every one to pray for peace on transition. Zanu pf, this time kana madyiwa musauraya vanhu pliz ivai nemweya wekubereka.

  12. Zvakaoma vakomana. From all this wrangling and bickering, I see no end to Zimbabwe’s crises and chaos. What we lack is a true unity of purpose and a desire to further national interest. These are the two ingredients necessary for the creation of a great nation. Im not saying we should all agree on policies and how to run the country but we must agree that Zimbabwe is much greater than MDC or Zanu, much greater than Tsvangirai or Mugabe. Zimbabwe is about the young man working hard at school hoping to get fair compensation for it in the form of a good paying job. Its about that 55year old who has worked hard all his life and looking forwad to reasonable pension benefits allowing him to live a comfortable life. Its about that young woman who yearns to express herself freely without fear of intimidation/imprisonment. Its about entrepreneurship and economic stability that enables everyone to pursue their own happiness with equal opportunities. The moment our leadership realises that this is the new Zimbabwe, moving forward will not be difficult. Be it MDC or Zanu that wins majority, they will strive to create this kind of Zimbabwe with the support of the opposition. When leadership realises this, we will hear less of Rhodesian past, sanctions, corruption and fingerpointing. More of praises and constructive criticism is what we will hear. Genuine leadership is what Zimbabwe lacks and forever we shall live in poverty and be the world’s laughing stock if we refuse to unite to further national interests. I am not worried if Zanu pf wins and plan to stick to their word of developing the nation. Likewise i am not worried if the MDC wins and are faithfull to create a vibrant economy. What I want is a Zimbabwe with bright future to look forwad to. Right now i dont see that. Revise the way you see things and be progressive. Learn from other successful nations. Stop being selfish and maybe you might create a better nation to leave your kids as an inheritance. God bless Zimbabwe.

    1. Many thanks for this…politicos should remember that the generality of the people are not members of their respective parties..people are neither for nor is what they think the politicians can do for THEM, that is the key.

  13. Mupfana weBikini

    A Zanu pf free Zimbabwe begins with you. VOTE MDC-T come JULY 31.

  14. Indipendence is around the corner please get ready to celebrate.

  15. the above comment needs be noted by secretaries to the leaders of this country vakomanana takura and about to retire before anything our monies have been blocked in clossed banks .

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