‘Zanu PF, Zec in rigging plot’


GWERU — MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said his party had unearthed a new plot where Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) planned to rig the July 31 polls by printing two million extra ballot papers.


Addressing a campaign rally at Mkoba Stadium in Gweru — where attendance was more than double the capacity of the 10 000-seater
venue — Tsvangirai accused his arch-rival Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe of always devising subtle schemes to rig polls and portraying himself as a victim of imperialistic attacks each time his shenanigans have been exposed.

“Violence tainted the legitimacy of Mugabe’s Presidency in 2000 and 2008 in the eyes of the international community and he knows this. So now he wants a peaceful, but rigged election,” Tsvangirai said.

He said the rigging could only happen with the connivance of Zec.
“This will only happen if Zec allows it. But, we want to say we will protect the vote, the voter and the vote outcome from those who want to rig,” Tsvangirai said.

The MDC-T leader questioned why Zec had printed eight million ballot papers when Zimbabwe had an estimated six million registered voters.

“Our hearts are bleeding over the things that Zec is doing. They failed to print adequate ballots for the police and soldiers. They denied eligible Zimbabweans in the urban areas a right to vote by stalling the registration process and now they have printed eight million ballot papers when we have six million registered voters,” he queried.

Contacted for comment, MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said: “While we don’t doubt the possibility of Zanu PF doing this to try and steal this election, we, however, for now have not yet received figures of printed ballot papers from our officials on the ground. At this juncture, I can’t confirm or deny this allegation. However, let me hasten to say the possibility of Zanu PF abusing State institutions to rig this election is very high.”

However, Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo rubbished the claims and accused Tsvangirai of seeing shadows where they do not exist.

“It is all nonsense. Though I really do not know the number of ballot papers Zec has printed, but if they printed more, what is wrong with that? What happens if we have damages? Isn’t it better to have more than to encounter shortages? This is not the kind of talk expected from a whole Prime Minister,” Gumbo said.

Tsvangirai challenged Mugabe to a live televised presidential debate, saying that would provide the electorate with an opportunity to judge for themselves who has a manifesto that will take the country forward.

“I challenge Mugabe and other presidential candidates to a live TV debate so that the people of Zimbabwe can judge for themselves and see who has the will and capacity to take them to a better future,” he said.

Tsvangirai blasted Mugabe for threatening to pull out of Sadc and the African Union (AU) and described the move “as a fool’s errand”.

“Mugabe lost the 2008 election, but was saved by Sadc on his Presidency. Mugabe is a beneficiary of Sadc benevolence, but he still has the audacity to condemn Sadc. He wants to leave Sadc and the AU, but we say we will not leave these institutions. They are our homes. It’s a fool’s errand to try and pull out because you have argued with others,” he said.

Mugabe has threatened to pull out of Sadc and gone as far as insulting Sadc facilitators to the inclusive government, in particular President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu.

Tsvangirai was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Macheka, who moved around the stadium picking up babies into her arms, much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

Turning to the emotive Gukurahundi massacres where about 20 000 civilians in the Midlands and Matabeleland region were killed by the army under the guise of cleansing the area of armed dissident elements in the 1980s, Tsvangirai said his government would compensate the victims and their immediate family members.

“There are those of you who are waiting to have vengeance; who are saying once we take over government you just want three days so that you can have revenge against those who killed your families during the Gukurahundi era. I want to tell you that you may not take the law into your own hands.

“If you want this country to move forward, we need peace and stability and this is what we will maintain. But, victims of Gukurahundi will not be forgotten, they will be compensated by the State because the State has a responsibility to protect and compensate victims of State-sponsored violence,” he said.

Tsvangirai said his party would take stock of what happened during Gukurahundi, Operation Murambatsvina in 2005 and the bloody 2008 elections through a peace and reconciliation commission.

His sentiments were echoed by Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn president Simba Makoni, who also attended the rally at Mkoba. Makoni said Mugabe had to answer to all the heinous acts which he allegedly committed over his three-decade-long rule.

“We are here to liberate Zimbabwe for the second time from rule by fear which has become a trademark in our politics. We should liberate the old man from the fear of his own generals . . . but first he has to be made to explain his evil deeds over the past decade,” Makoni said.


  1. Peaceful,rigged Elections.After 31 July it will be Peaceful,free,fair and credible Elections won by an 89 year old and as such the International Community will not accept the results.This compensation issue pliz stop this political gimmick,its an emotional phase.

    • Tendai, you ceertainly benefited from the irresponsible RGM govt. But certainly we shall this time remove the lot of you & put in place a pple responsible govt. When Jesus says yes, no one else can say NO. You & me know that the 2008 were rigged & our brothers & sisters were killed by the orders of powers that control the systems.History has shown that dictators WILL certainly GO.Going they should!!!!

      • You might not have noticed but most people benefited for cde RGM. Education and independence. What does the cry baby have to offer besides criticism

        • Prince of Idiots. What is education without jobs and whos independence? zpf’s independence to loot, rape and murder? If thats your idea of independence then you and your masters in zpf can keep it and go to hell.

        • prince of lions: What a moron you have shown us you are. People benefited from education (which has subsequently been destroyed) and independence (without freedom) He has also destroyed the country in case you didnt notice so wake up. We don’t want this to continue and zpf has nothing more to offer except mor destruction and sorrow. Vote MDC before the chinese take over completely.

      Voyedza tisavhota vaMudede…
      Rega ndiseke hangu hede…
      Kunyepa kwahi bhora mugedhi…
      Mwana wevhu ndonokava bhora…
      Musango Zanu ibva yaona…
      Zvotoziva Zanu iya yawora…
      Simukai tinoponjesa bhora…
      Gore rino vaMugabe vachachiona…
      Kusvika isu tahwina.

    • In game where mdc is a participant no one is safe. Eveyone is labelled a cheat be it refrees lines men let alone the opposing team. The modus operandi is to play a victim card, to smear as many as possible, to sobbotage the process if you can’t get your way. In a real world if you label a match official a cheat you risk being heavily fined or booted out of the competition, unfortunately Zimbabwe is not an ideal world.

    • What do you know you idiot. Do you really want to be ruled by a 90 year old Fossil. Have you no pride in your own inteligence!!!!

      • Well said Greenland. Unfortunately there are uneducated fools like him in Zimbabwe. Lets hope he spoils his voting paper which he is likely to do.

  2. Ko kuno ku Mudzi south tose ma supporter enyu vaTsvangirai tiri kunyorwa mazita and are getting promises of corrective measures from mr navaya. Chimbouyaiwo kuno mutibatsire. Navaya ari kutoda kudzokera muhofisi zvechisimba apa vanhu havachamuda.

    • Kana vose kuMudzi vakangwara ndavaende kumusangano yake vozomugadzirira size. Hamunganetswe nemunhu iyeye. I Navara mota here ukaona munhu ozvipa zita re mota hamuna chiro chese mumusoro umo. KuMakaha uko kuti zvifambe munoziva zvekuita.

  3. Kana mashaya zvekutaura prime minister imbonyararai munotyeiko .idyai kana kudyiwa makanyarara ko kuchema chema ndiko kwadiniko .zvamaimboti wani chero zvikadini tino winner chete ,ko motyei imi muchizviti ndimi munevatsigiri vakawanda .hapana rwendo rusingasvikwi (fambai zvenyu gushungo tinemi musatye) mwari vachirikukudai kunyangwe vanhu vataure zvavo. zanu pf hairovi chero mukatora vese vana dabengwa ,makoni ,ncube torai zvenyu asi ndiko kunonzi kupererwa ikoko (zanu pf zvakare 31 july 2013)

  4. These silly promises of compensation are not practical. He wants to compensate white farmers (for land they stole in the first place),matebeleland dissidents for not disarming and murambatsvina for building illegal unsafe shacks in urban areas. This is madness. Compensating all sorts of criminal and illegal activities.
    Where exactly will all this money come from. I will not be taxed to pay criminals. His white friends are yet to pay for the atrocities of slave trade and colonialism but this idiot wants to reward them for stealing our land. Moron morgan has all promises to excite the lazy pple who believe manna will fall from the sky. One has to be an extremely childish and lazy dreamer to accept this hogwash.

    • Debate tione, victims have to be compensated whatever the case, if a government fails to do that then it has failed. Mind you some farmers did not steal land, if you were old enough when we got independence we did what we named Zimcord in which we invited investors in everything agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transport, buiilding and constructions, etc and that is when some farmers came and invested in agriculture, it was by invitation and you would buy a farm after government had issued a no interest certificate so you cannot use that apartheid law kuti a white man cannot have land when you invited them. yes there are those who inherited illgotten land and maybe sold it but it was with concurrence with this zanupf government. Matsotsi aya ‘debate tione’ kana uchiaziva, matsotsi chaiwo anopinda mumba mako achihwanda mvura ozokudzinga oti yaive ya sekuru vangu. Sekuru va Mugabe vakatorerwa land ipi yacho tiudzewo tinzwe?

      • You are the worst fool of all fools. Even the whites knows that President Mugabe fought a just war to liberate his fellow Zimbabweans together with Father Zimbabwe. These sons of the soil never went to war because their own families were affected but because the entire nation was robbed. So your talking of sekuru vavaMugabe just shows everybody how people in your mdc party thinks. You dont think beyond your yard makajaira kuudzwa zvekutaura nevarungu so go and stay there. When did ZANUPF ever invited and sold land to the whites? What was the reason for going to war if they wanted to sell the land to the whites? You are just used to lies because you think there is popularity in them. Manje this time malumila. Mumambure kachakacha rakazara bhora.

        • Do we have figures of how many white farmers bought land from other white farmers? I know for a fact that most white farmers would put their money together to buy a farm that was on offer to prevent black farmers form purchasing it. Also, the indigenous and original land owner was never compensated for it so whether these farms were purchased or inherited makes no difference, it remains stolen property! Neither the thief nor the person who buys stolen goods has rights under any law on this earth..

          • Maybe u should start with an audit if the land reforn programme i.e. how many farms did each minister get and y was mugabe entitled to another farm i.e. the dairy farm he got & not an ordinary man like me.

        • Just after independance if you wanted to buy a Farm the Government of Mugabe had First choice if they did not want the land they issued a certificate of No interest!!!! Now that I have developed the Land he comes back and says I stole the Land well let me tell you that in August I will reclaim the part of my Farm stolen by ZANU and if I must spill Blood to recover my Farm so be it. I will spill Blood

      • Apa wataura Wamaromo. I need people like you to be my campaign managers. You have everything on your fingertips. Well done, Wamaromo!

      • Why are you so concerned about white compensation in a struggling economy and who should compensate them with whose money. There are more important issues to address like a failing health and education system. The land has been taken full stop. The best way to start a civil war is to try and change that. The rightful owner are now the dwellers. There are many white farmers with large pieces of land as we speak so not everyone was targeted.

    • How did we pay war veterans them z$50000 they got back then? Worst thing i ever read, robert killed matebelez for not disarming?? Is that the justification?? I bet u justify the killing if 200people after u lost the election in 2008 for not voting zanu (failure to disarm their vote).

      As for murambatsvina that is a whole load of rubbish ti say unsafe shacks…for your own information shacks were there becasue zanu givernemnt had FAILED to provide people with descent housing period.

      The trend with zanu is destroy and not build. Economy destroyed. Zim dollar gone. 75% unemployment rate. Health non existant yo own leader flew thousands if miles to get an eye exam. What does thaT point to??? FAILURE.

  5. vaudzeyi hama dzenyu dzose kumamisha kuti no zanu vote musi wa31 july we have had enough of zanupf gave them time now what more can they offer,tumacartoon patv vambova kupi nyika ichiparara viva chinja

  6. Its been 33 yrs of failure.Giving ZanuPf another 5 year of Gorvening means another 5 years of suffering..Zimbabweans,vote wisely.Don’t forget the US$,rand and the pula is not our currency..What happened to our Zim dollar? Our supermarkets are full of products imported from South Africa.Lots of Zimbabweans are still coming to South Africa to buy groceries and electrical gagdets.Why not buy in Zimbambwe..What happened to our industries?

    • 33yrs of failure. Really. Your the type of idiot that would borrow all the time and when told no once would become the foe. We were not the best educated Africans during smith regime so who do you think changed that. Every country in Africa is struggling right now and many have changed government . How do you expect Mdc to change our fortunes exactly?

  7. riggin zvinoreva kutambwa nepfungwa dzenyu inova isiri mhosva pamutemo we politics. like in this case most are missing the point ye zanu trick in propping up a 90 year runner to compete against but a boy. immediately after the finishing, the old man’s shadow will be summoned to proceed to the podium and lift the prize in the zanu ragsgalia all provided for in the constitution. then a 5 year vacation in singapore will take place. how nice of politicians…

  8. Cry babies just shut up. Zec made this info public now dutye claims to have discovered a plot. If the ballots are not enough you will also complain. Shut up moregays.
    @Wamaromo you should know about the issue of buying stolen property. Anyway if you are old enough to know the lancaster house negotiations you will understand that the british and americans undertook to compensate their thieving relatives. Zimbabweans do not have an obligation to pay those criminal settlers.

    • So all of a sudden there are measures just in case ballot papers are not enough. We not stupid woye. The whole process is flawed chingobvumai. Register everyone who wants to vote first. Special vote was chaotic and those cops were denied their right to vote.

      A baby cries kana pane zvirikunetsa mukuda tinyarare here kana zvinhu zvisina kunaka. Its a basic right to protest when things are unfair!

      Zanu vanongochema inga wani vachiti hee tanzwai na lindiwe zulu tsvee kuti mungoita zvamakuudza vanhu kuti you are goin to reform!!! Zanu in their eyes they have done everything right…zim dollar ririkufaya in their minds, hospitals are all fully equiped even the president had an eye exam pa parerenyatwa hospital…..it’s a party in denial.

  9. The Hon Prime-minister please do not forget the 12 students victimized while studying under the presidential scholarship by Mushohwe and his nephew Mushunje and had their bursaries scrapped off. They needed to pursue their studies but have been denied the opportunity portraying the picture that the program was being operated on partisan lines.

  10. make the election tightly monitored so that whereever things are happening u will be there. a well trained election monitoring team will overcome rigging antics.be real men of positive work. ZEC’s Rita said on Sunday u cn stand by their shoulder as they work And they won’t fuss And stew about it.

  11. VaMugabe havana nguva yekutambisa vachiita tumadebate nemi. Endai munodebate nevatsigiri venyu muchipagwa mazano. Zvekuwanda kwemaballot papers zvinonzvisisika, akaperevedza ndimizve munovanikwa monyunyuta muchiti vanhu vangu vakoneswa kuvhota. Imi tarisai huvandu hwevanhu vachavoter. Regai zec iite basa rayo zvakanaka, musavafurufushe. Come 31st motambirawo zvinenge zvabuda musarudzo. Itai semunhu mukuru.

  12. Vote wisely for the leader partywho will complete the marathon, not one who wants his shadow yet unidentified, to complete the race on his behalf.

  13. Imi imbwa dze ZanuPf, stop brainwashing us with lies.Mugabe’s land reforms are not benefiting the majority poor Zimbabweans.You can say whatever you want about Tsvangirai and MDC but tell you what, change is coming.Mugabe’s land and indeginisation policies are their to devide the Nation.

  14. Lindiwe has been silenced, finally! Good riddance! It appears MDC T is ‘unearthing’ NEW plots every other day! There is hope for them as a detective agency perhaps. It also seems that the MDC T is not able to learn from past mistakes, just yesterday its leaders were rubbishing the Constitution Court and its judges and making grand accusation of ‘overstepping its mandate’ to their own detriment. Today they are rubbishing ZEC and its officers and making grand accusations of collusion with ZANU PF to rig an election. These are pretty serious charges, if there is evidence to such charges it better be overwhelming otherwise I am seeing a string of defamation suits coming against the MDC T! It might not be in his best interest to piss off every public official in an election; especially the ones who actually call the shots at the end of the day. Perhaps charming them is a wiser option to public muckraking, Mr. Prime Minister!

    Also, Mr. Tsvangirai, the President never said he was pulling Zimbabwe out of SADC and the AU, he said if such and such illegal thing was forced on an independent nation then we ‘the state, government’ we will consider taking this retaliatory action. It can never be a unilateral decision, you should know better about how foreign policy decisions are arrived at in government. And Lindiwe Zulu is not a SADC facilitator, actually..

    • Haiwawo ana Scott. Tsvangirai calls a spade a spade there is no need to charm public officials who are not doing their job professionally i.e. no bias. Why was everyone who wanted to vote not registered? Special vote was chaotic. All this is a denial basic human right.

      Same goes for the concourt its a kangaroo court. How did they fail to recognise the terms and conditions of the GPA.

      Retaliatory action for calling the unfufilled obligations on the part of the zanu. The old man is suffering fron hallucinations Zim is not that important in sadc at the moment except for being a pain in the arse by making its own citizens refugees in the states. Zim does not exist on its own planet, its intertwined.

      What bob is not telling us is the reason for not effecting the changes as per gpa as agreed by all the parties incl. Sadc?? Whats wring with a free and fair election or maybe care to explain how you woulf declare this one fair at all?? I will wait.

  15. i think my fears are well founded yes. why vote for UFO? after all that can turn out to be temba nliswa phil or gina who i consider a shadow unfit to fill in the big boots? kwete budai pachiyedza tione shadow yacho isingazorova vamwe sezvakaitwa kuna sarah mahoka!

    • ZANU PF people read, period! We are open minded to read all and take the good and the bad from all. We acknowledge that this paper has a brilliant forum to debate even though their articles are not well written or fact checked. You lot just read one source and reject everything from the other side and you wonder why you are where you are right now, in perpetual confusion and tunnel visioned?

  16. What shocks me about Tswangirayi is the guts of saying that he will bring back the friends of the west to operationalise the industries and create jobs for the people. More industries, more jobs, good roads.
    To the educated and elite populace we think of the economic tumoil of the west, Greece, Italy, Spain and so on. How on earth can they come and resucitate our industries when their economies need resucitation. Can you feed others before you feed yourself.

    Zimbabwe has vasit resources which can change our destiny if sanctions were to be removed and a conjusive environment created for us to exploit them without any interference from the west and their puppets.

  17. Dont vote for Lindiwe but respect for our culture and tradition of being normal. Honai you cant even interprete correctly what the south africans are saying to you.

  18. zec is in full complicity i agree with mdct leader,zec isnot impartial its tilting tables in favour of zanu pf,first was the deliberate ploy to frustrate urban voters from registering and not even considering extension of voter registration,now the chaos of special voting,we are headed for more chaotic general election,add nikuv to that and you have an election thats smartly rigged

  19. Is it not that, even if 2 million more ballot papers were printed, balancing will be done in the end. Damaged, like said in the paper will be subtracted from the 2million to find out how many would have not be used? If the fiures won’t agree, then rigging would have taken place. Printing more is not a problem if the number for the extras is known. Simple maths must be done in the end, if no damages were reported then the 2million ballot papers must be brought back after voting has ended. But, this damage involved in the response to the Hon. Prime Minister’s complaint is hard to understand, “DAMAGES” Maybe, us as the public lack knowledge on what really takes place when these papers are in transit to the destinations.

    • But dont u think there is an element of suspcion given that some areas have far more registered voters than are currently residing in that same area???

  20. Zimbabweans, you votted overwhelmingly for a new consitution which means you all want chanje.There is no point in a having
    a new constitution and then continue with zanuPf that has made you to suffer for the past 33 years.A new constitution,a new Government,a new era and a new beginning ndo malyrics acho..Don’t listen to those idiots who are trying to hoodwink you into believing in ZanuPf stories, some of these idiots are ghost workers in Government,they are aware that victory for Morgan Tsvangirai pavo papera

    • If at all you look for the word idiot in the dictionary, it befits one politician who moves around with an open zip, open moth and shut mind. You all know who.

      • No brainer that is rhobhati,

        Open zip= wife lying on the bed sick grab yo p.a. who has a husband and make him yo wife and half his age

        Open mouth= countless meaningless rubbish utterances

        Shut mind= denial to c country has collapsed no currency, collapses health system while he flies to singapore for medical check up, no jobs, collapsed infrastructure etc.

        Thanks but no thanks for that apparent observation

        • kikiki, dofo. 0 out of ten. yr name tells it all. you are the only one who fails a question with a given answer.

  21. Can you believe it, Migabe killed about 20000 people during the Gukurahundi madness. That number is slightly more than the people that attended his Gwanda rally. Now convince me to vote for him and his party. PS i had a farm long before the reforms.

  22. If I vote for Mugabe now and 2 years down the line he abdicates and lives Mnangagwa, Joice or Chinotimba panyanga am I not being cheated to vote for someone I dont like?

  23. scott reason you are stuck like duck in dementia muck. you seem not to understand basics of the game. who do you perceive an elected head of state represents? you only and your friends? ‘ndoda kunokutaurira kuna baba’ is your general intimidatory measure of contribution. be aware that after 31 zimbabwe will celebrate its head of state who will be standing by the national flag not your party’s. president venyika yedu now and for ever will be chosen to represent the nation and all its people including perceived opponents. that boys is patriotism.

  24. “Live televised broadcast”! That will not be allowed to happen by ZanuPF – it is beneath the dignity of the Life-President. Why did Morgan join the so-called unity government? Nothing has changed since the violent 2008 mock election. New Constitution is a joke. What was the point of this New Constitution? Where does it fit in the politics of the country?

  25. The cowards in the Presidium make it very difficult for Bob, how else do we explain their failure to exhaustively debate the succession issue? Could POSA be the cause or its the inherent fear of Save Legend of the Seas?

  26. Iwe reason unoziva zvaunotaura here iwe? Idzo hama dzako dzakavhura zip rungani? Just bcoz my President is of opposition wotaura zvisina njere, wakapata, zibenzi guru rinovharwa nescud mhuri ichifa nezhara

  27. THERE IS TRUTH IN THIS!!!! Zanu P.F people are collecting information people’s national I.D.No.,Name and residential address by force in many parts of the country even in towns.What do they want to use this information for,RIGGING OF COURSE.!!!!!.THIS IS ILLEGAL.Morgan is right zvino vanyangira yaona!!!! No rigging this time,tichaibvisana rwendo rwuno. EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE THEIR RELATIVES IN THE RURAL AREAS TO TELL THEM WHERE TO VOTE.!!!

  28. i feel pity for mai tiiiii, kuti president wangu kutaura tsvangirayi shame!!! i will vote zanu pf under what circumstance. I can’t vote for someone who get his advice from the colonisers, the oppressors, never.munhu wawakarova nezuro ukamukunda wodzoka kwaari uchiti ndibatsire kutonga nyika shame chematama. you won’t get my vote. Land for people, black empowerment. we must protect our sovereignity, Keep it up SADC and AU, kusadzidza kwakaoma uye hupenzi, SADC and AU are there to protect Africa from western brutality , please pmorgan or chematama wake up, don’t dine with an enemy. whites don’t like us fullstop.No whites is going to be given land from zimbabwe, land for for blacks , pamberi nekurima.

  29. why should you paqrticipate while you know that there will be rigging, ahme chematama whom do you want to fools, kwatas chete. manje gore rino wawira mumambure. vote zanupf .. we will show you this time bvunza Odinga!!!

  30. Its ludicrous that pple like Cee Muuuu,find it logical to let the rigging happen first then complain about it later. Is this wat they talk about wen they say zimbos are educated? I think thats the dumbest thing anybody has said to me since the beggining of this yr. I think this actually makes MT a holder of several doctrate degrees coz if he can foresee a rigging strategy such as this and pre-empts such a strategy the surely thats genius stuff,i comparing him to the “average educated zimbos” like Cee muuuu et al. I think this xplains y all the world famous zimbabwean proffessors,from mtambara,ncube,jontan,mpepereki,chivaura……..,take the back,back seat wen zimbabwean politics gets to this stage, they are cluelless really wen we need answers.

  31. Nhai M(ale)Organ Tsvangirai unombonyatsodei chaizvo chaizvo? Sei uchingoona zvipoko zvisingaonekwi nevamwe? I will not waste my vote on you coz you will say my precious vite was ‘rigged’. Why is everyone always wrong and you are the right one? Tibvire! Just boycott and see if kadhara will not rule those 5 years and make history! Nxaaa!

  32. MDCHEATS you are now hopelessly desperate. You must think all your readers as idiotic as your dump president Twangie dofo. Lies won’t get you anywhere other than down the pit lavatory where larvi awaits you. I hope mabhunu anokuitayi zvavakaita Tsvombe, Savimbi and the other sellouts. Mbwa dzevanhu.

  33. there are political skunks on this earth and had they been wildlife, tourism would thrive but its you boys whom the country deserves no less though so go read the bible, it will scare the hell out of you.

  34. The way zpf zealots are deriding Tsvangirai by calliing him names,surely it shows how pathetically low their IQs have become!!!Shrunk brains .

    • baba regai zvipore wakabva mukutsva. U must know that history repeats itself what the people from Mat did to our forefathers leaves a lot to be desired.Past is past we need to keep on united as our mudhala wetu wanted not do dig the filled pits.United we stand as Zimbabweans.Let sleeping dogs lie.Mashaya zvekunyebera vanhu nazvo here? I was supporting u M.T.but yekunyeba kuti unocompanseta iyi haa baba mavakuda kumutsa zvanga zvakavata


  36. Egyptians are killing each other, dying on the streets like dogs. What is there to emulate, nhai, di truth?

  37. zpf are the ones that see spooks everywhere. they see whites taking land, they see zuma supporting mdc, see mdc as a western party, see dilapidated economy as caused by sanctions, see collapsed agriculture as biti inability, see mugabe as zimbabwe etc. but rigging has been their lifeline. keep exposing them. vachafenda gore rino

  38. Guy our country have anything from fertile land to minerals and educated manpower. Given to a good leader I believe million jobs is just little. How many people used to work in our parastatal like nrz, zesa, gmd, cmb to mentioned just a few. If transparency and accountability is practised then nothing is impossible even more. If agric used to accommodate 75% what more with the discovery of more minerals.

    • We need change but only for the right reasons. Not just because. We have a beautiful country with the resources to build our country to a vibrant economy. Everything is in place. Our mentality is the only thing holding us back. I’m sorry but Morgan doesn’t do it for me based on what he stands for. Our leader has to be principled with Zimbabweans best interest at heart. Our leader should be unfazed by color or stature and he should have the full support of the people. Our president should retire but again I’m afraid of the replacement within the current ZANU structure. The constitution was poorly drafted and accepted so how will things change overnight. The same system that was in the 2008 elections will be in place in 2013 so how can any intelligent person expect the result to change. These are all failures by Mr prime minister as these are things he failed to address and resolve. This to me shows a character that lacks foresight which is essential in leadership. Someone earlier mention voting for Mdc would be like voting for a UFO . Reason being you are good critics but what you stand for is alien to the public. Understand that the growth point crowd are easy to sway but the people with real interests in zimbabwe will be skeptical of your intentions.
      On the other hand ZANU pf has hurt the Zimbabwean people with there corruption and dealings with the Chinese. To get rid of them we will have to have another chimurenga. The looting of minerals by some ministers is shameful. This is money that help farmers with irrigation, tractors education marketing but its benefitting a few who only use the money for bling and spreading aids. We are in this for the long run. We need a leader not another mouth to feed.

  39. @prince of lions,you´re saying you need change (real change)without Tsvangirai.Hmmm,then you seem to be acting like an ostrich,get your head out of the sand.

    • Burying my head would be to accept change without direction. Try to stay focus. We actually have no credible candidates and need to think outside the box. Please put policies for my scrutiny rather than cheerleader mentality. Haisi team yebhora.

  40. All the parties in zimbabwe have corrupt people we just need to create a POVO’s party a new party with new people who have suffered before who will restore the dignity of this country.Lets form our own party comprising of the POVO.

  41. Mugabe is too old to be even an ANCESTOR moti titongwe ne fosil riya..hell no we hav had enoug of their dirty politics we want our freedom now

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