Zanu PF, MDC-T manifestos out

The Zanu-PF and MDC-T July 2013 Election Manifestos are out and available to the public for downloading.

Update by Cecilia Kamuputa

The Zanu-PF manifesto was launched on Friday July 05, 2013 by President Robert Mugabe at the Zimbabwe Grounds, Highfield, Harare.

ZANU PF Manifesto

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan  Tsvangirai is currently at Rudhaka Stadium, Marondera,  launching his party’s manifesto.

MDC-T Manifesto
MDC-T Manifesto

ZAPU launched its own public declaration of policy and aims at Stanley Square in Bulawayo on July 6, 2013, with MDC’s Welshman Ncube being the key speaker.

The manifestos can be downloaded from for MDC-T and for Zanu PF.


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  1. Tsvangirai will win this election by 70percent mugade20percent others they will share

    1. 20% ? ….. 10 – 15% for ZANU

    2. No,it’s MDC T85 % and remainder will be shared by the small parties.

  2. Tsvangirai the next president

    1. Very correct Obriel,unoita sokunge unofemerwa nhai.Ndizvo zviri kutotaurwa namadzibaba Gagriel kuti Tsvangirai is the next President zvako.

  3. long live cde Mugabe.

    1. no1 wishes death upon him we just want to leave and go retire at his farm that’s all!!!!

    2. I bet if he stops cheating he will loose

  4. zanu pf have to surrender & leave the office for mdc

  5. Chikara che zanu

  6. denga richatipa mutungamiri akakodzera ,hondo haisi yedu

    1. Thank you for that comment, God’s will must prevail

  7. empty manifesto from political comedians.come 1 august tsvangsön will be burried in shame.wake up and witness the reality cant you see zanu pf is geared for a landslide victory!.wht do you know about politicks.see zanu pf suppoters are registered voters unlike mdc who are not.shame on you mdc monkeys

    1. That very habit of insulting others is the reasonn why Zanu is going downTop Cop csnt you stop digging. We are sll Zimbabweans non of us is a monkey. DO you notice how Mudede is stifling new registrations for voters? IT REFLECTS THE FEAR THAT MUGABE HAS FOR OUR CHILDREN THE bornfrees. But they are now not free to vote.


      Top cop humbavha ndowaungati manifesto, tinoda mabasa anobhadhara, with that ican able to venture in mining, agriculture and many more, build a house that is real empowerment. The current set up of empowerment give advantage to ZANU borgiuzis. A fter all if u are against issue of workers are u going to weed ur fields. Worker is an intergral part to any economy. All the Masiiwas, Chanakiras, Nyambirais were former workers. Its only if u are coming from very reach background u can be bussiness man from birth. But we the poor and the majority we want the job root, creation of the environment to start SMEs and we go like that. Youth do not be hoodwicked by Vakasukuwere u can not own OLIVINE from scratch.

  8. Adrian Ruzani

    It is obvious Zanu pf is going to win these elections. 17000 people voted in Kwekwe Primaries what other indicators do u want?

    1. Dont believe your own propaganda ythsts dangetous

    2. Sando Dzinotyiweyi

      Iwe muKwe kwe machom munogara vanhu vangani? mavhoti angawange kukunda anhu acho zvingabuda here anhu woye?


      Adrian Ruzani we the anti- ZANU also voted in ZANU elections because u force pple to buy ur cards. in those 17000 15000 belong to MDC. U are very arrogant that is way u believe ur fiction. Mazuvaano tino kusekererai asi hana dzedu dzichida kuparuka nehasha. Where do u think i will relive my self, its obvios in the ballot box.

  9. 33 yrs! paakudawo,new blood!

  10. kana ukati 17000 kuma primary, ainyorerwa pamapapers, ballot box iri bucket! zvzrambirana! kunyepera pwere!

  11. Ncube and Dabengwa are sellouts.People of Matabeleland have wisdom and leave these two traitors alone

  12. viva Robert Mugabe

  13. All we built in years can not be destroyed over a nite.

  14. i think even Chinamasa wen reading the mdc manifesto he is gona think twice on voting 4 his party….

  15. Shame poor Zimbos still believe that the electoral process is the way to remove a dictator. This Mugabe is old and senile, but he will never concede defeat.. Never! Because he is a dictator. No dictator in history was removed via the ballot.. If it happens, it would be the first time ever.

  16. Only fools drool for fish instead of being taught how to fish. Only naive people build their hopes on promised cash handouts rejecting ownership of means of production. Vote ZPF for sustainable development. Vote MDC.t for sustainable servitude.

    1. What sustainable development u talking about that you could not do in 33years? We already Chinese servants via zanu lol. Zanu ichaitei zvayakatadza for threee decades? Hapana zimbabwe is 30years behind the rest of the world, talking about u want to pull out of sadc as if sadc will suffer even a minor setback, zviroto chete. Chinja maitiro, maitiro chinja. Dictactor wese ane nguva yake yaachabva pachigaro ask gaddafi, saddam, chavez, hitler lol.


      Muchinyarawo unenge unotonyengwa kumagaro netima Chinese iwe. What lessons are receiving from Chinese , when they are busy looting our natural resources

  17. Morgan tsvangirai is a puppet of the west. Zimbos are now aware and he will suffer from an electroral defeat cme 31.he will follow his ugly brother raila odinga.

    1. Morgsan is not ugly he is a typical Zimbabwean with very indigenous features do you remember Enos Chikoore there was nothinng wrong with him except people like you who will kill becsuse u percive wrongly. Make your choice and live others to theirs.

  18. chinja chete we a sick of barbaric atrocities who a causing terror and political turmoil in zim hezvoko bwahh

  19. chinja maitiro, look at the 2 policies chinja ndizvo zanu marara

  20. It’s very worrisome to note that at the Manifesto Rallies, the MDCs’ ZAPU, and Zanu PF, there was little or none of the White Zimbabweans, Indian, or those of Mixed race. I thought we are in this fight together as one with no back benchers. Now i have been left wondering whether the majority of the Black Zimbabweans are being used or Not.

  21. Ndisu chete. Zanu moto. Pamberi nekushisha. Pasi nenyanyasi. Bhora mugedhi. Hezvoko bwah.

  22. Pamberi nekushinga!!!

  23. MDC 90% , ZANU PF 5%, and other PARTIES 5%. Tapinda tapinda

  24. mwari achaita kuda kwake.,lets pray 4 peace

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