Zanu PF doles out expensive vehicles

ZANU PF has splashed state-of-the-art Ford Everest vehicles to oil campaigns for its aspiring candidates for the National Assembly with nine days to go to the crucial national elections.

Nduduzo Tshuma

According to the vehicle maker’s South African website, the Ford Everest costs between R384 800 to R450 800 meaning Zanu PF could have shelled out more than R100 million in acquiring the vehicles, a figure that translates to more than $10 million.

It was not immediately clear yesterday how the party sourced funding for the vehicles as it was recently reported to be broke and failing to pay workers’ salaries.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo confirmed the development yesterday, but could not be drawn into giving more details referring NewsDay’s sister paper Southern Eye to politburo member Nicholas Goche who he said was handling the matter.

“I do not handle cars, the best person to talk to is Goche, he is the one responsible for transport,” Gumbo said.

Goche’s phone went ringing continuously without being answered. Ads

On Saturday, several aides of a number of politicians from Matabeleland and elsewhere in the country were seen driving the brand new cars to their respective areas.

Some of the candidates spotted by this paper with the vehicles include Bubi outgoing legislator Clifford Sibanda, aspiring candidates for Bulawayo Central Mlungisi Moyo, Godfrey Malaba who is eyeing the Pumula seat.

Some senior party members like Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu sent their aides to collect the vehicles on their behalf. However, it was not clear whether the aspirants would retain the vehicles after the elections.

“We were told that it would be decided after elections on whether or not we keep the vehicles. We are not sure what will happen to those losing candidates.

“So we will have to wait until after the election when the party will tell us,” a party candidate said.

“The vehicles were only given to those who will be contesting for the National Assembly”.

Meanwhile, there were reports that some aspiring candidates had to pirate with the new party vehicles to raise money for fuel.

“Some of us went with fuel coupons when we went to collect the vehicles. I think some just went thinking the party would pour fuel and were found wanting when they discovered that it was not the case,” another aspiring candidate said.

“Some were forced to carry people along the way so that they could raise money to buy fuel.”

The vehicles come as a boost particularly to some candidates in Bulawayo province who last week complained during a party crisis meeting that they did not have the money to run their respective campaigns.


  1. Honestly will vote for ZPF under such circumstances, people are jobless the economy is suffering people die needlessly in roads that have not been upgraded over the past 33 years and they spend all the on themselves maybe they are goodbye presents

  2. They will say they gave people cars. Isn’t it they get shares from companies and say they are giving people shares. Unotoona kamupfana kari hwindi zvako kakanyorwa kumusana kuti ‘Indegenise, empower and de-colonise” kikiki.



    1. Ko zvirinani panekuendesa mari yakawanda kunana Loca nechimwe cheku South Africa.

      1. Hapana nani apa. Ko kuvaka hospital?

  5. Ma priorities e zanu akaoma. Zvinotonetesa PM sunungurai Zimbabwe veduwee come 31august.

  6. Zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!

  7. wagara wadonono

    hapana chekugunun’una apa. ko mdc yacho yakashandisa marii? some of you are just obsessed with anything that zpf does.

  8. johnson katiro

    taurai zvenyu muchaneta.vamugabe mu office.honestly i cant vote for someone who has th odersity to say ndivhotereyi nekuti ndine shamwari dzangu dzine mari dzichauya kuzo invester.ko dzika sauya?kana dzauya dzinodeyi in return? Come on guys u cant be serious………ichoooooo!!

    1. In your opinion we can prosper in isolation…ki ki ki. Nobody comes here for charity including the Chinese at our diamond mines. All presidential candidates are pinning hopes of reviving the economy on some foreign investors willing to pump in money the only difference among them is the level of transparency and spinning.You are probably too drunk on slogans detached from economic and financial realities…good luck with your party you really need it this time around!

  9. Apa vaBiti votowanawo imwe mari for Zec. Zviya duty for luxury vehicles is what %? Asi uku vasevenzi havana kubadharwa, ma 1

  10. Mugabe thinks he can buy loyalty and preempt bhora musango. Funny how the former revolutionary is now resorting to open corruption to buy more than 40 years in office. Its a bit disturbing that nobody in Zanu PF appears concerned with the price the party and the are paying to sustain Mugabe’s stay in power.

  11. george bachinche

    there sis nothing spectacular about the pprice of the vehicle. The UK equivalent would be about £30 000. As such its a price anyone in gainful employment can afford.

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