Zanu PF blocks Tsvangirai rally

MVURWI — MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday forced to address his campaign rally outside Mvurwi Stadium, his intended venue, after hundreds of Zanu PF supporters besieged the arena, playing soccer matches.

Report by Veneranda Langa

MDC-T officials told NewsDay that they had booked the stadium earlier for their star rally, but Zanu PF supporters gathered inside the venue in the morning to block the rally.

Guruve South MDC-T youth chairman Fanuel Chitsungo, who was at the Mvurwi rally, said: “We booked the stadium, but in the morning (yesterday) we were told Zanu PF had booked the stadium and we were supposed to pay $1 500. As a party, we decided to use space outside the stadium. There was no noise, but they tried to provoke us by distributing Zanu PF T-shirts near where we were.”

When Tsvangirai arrived in the afternoon, some of the Zanu PF supporters started trickling out of stadium and could be seen listening stealthily to the speeches.

In his address, Tsvangirai blasted Zanu PF’s “culture of disturbing MDC rallies”, adding most State security agents who used to torment his party supporters had now come to their senses and realised that violence would not win them votes.

“Everywhere we are going the story is the same: that Zanu PF is intimidating people. The people of Mashonaland Central have suffered for long and have never enjoyed freedom even after independence. They continue to live in a Rhodesian environment. They should be allowed to have freedom of choice,” said Tsvangirai.

“The Zanu PF youths are given scuds (opaque beer) to behave in this deplorable manner. Some are even wearing trousers without underwear, but they swear they want to die for Zanu PF.”

The party’s organising secretary Nelson Chamisa said: “Never mind the Zanu PF people. The fist (Zanu PF symbol) no longer has power. It can hit the flesh, but not the heart and so on July 31 everyone votes for the open palm (MDC-T symbol).”

Later on the MDC-T leader had to call off his rally in Guruve as he went to attend to 40 party activists who had been arrested.

His Glendale rally almost failed to take place after he found the place almost deserted as several party supporters had been allegedly intimidated by Zanu PF activists. About 1 000 of his supporters, however, later converged at the venue, but Zanu PF supporters in lorries disrupted the proceedings as they drove around the venue singing their party songs and effectively drowned Tsvangirai’s address. The MDC-T leader, however, continued with his address.

Local MDC-T supporters said when they went to report the disturbances at the local police station, they found the police playing Zanu PF songs from a computer. They said Zanu PF supporters who had followed them to the police station also entered the charge office and started dancing to their party songs that the police were playing – making so much noise the police could not record their complaints.

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  1. The will of the people wil prevail come July 31

    1. Do not worry Tsvingirison we will teach them a lesson that every dictactor around the world will never forget

    2. Tsvangirai is like sadza. Very irresistible.
      Matsaga eZanu cudnt just resist listening to him.kkk

    3. muvengwa munondivengerei

      Ho nhai? Saka muri kutaura nyaya dzekubira kuitira kuti kana madyiwa mozoti tabiridziwa.

  2. General Pancho Villa

    The Zanu PF youths given scuds besieged the arena playing soccer matches and some were even wearing trousers without underwear, but they swear they want to die for Zanu PF.

    1. Chenjerai Hove

      There is no need to mention ‘trousers without underwear.’ We want fair debate and discussion, not vulgar words. Who told Tsvangirai that the youths had no underwear? Control your language, future president. Don’t imitate Mugabe’s foul language. If you do that, you will lose support like Mugabe who calls all women who disagree with him ‘prostitutes’ or ‘stupid, idiotic street woman.’

  3. Zvechokwadi,ruzhinji rwevechiduku vacho kungogumira irodoro remasese nenyama inodyiwa ichidashurwa namaoko vanhu vasina kugesa maoko acho.Chakabaya chikatyokera.Supporting blindly.I mean, honestly mhirizhonga ndeyei?Kukundikana kudzi munhu achipazera duku kokozoti pa 90 years sapresident mampara?

  4. God has a plan 4 Zim

  5. mnxxxx izituhwane lezi bantu ..

  6. mnxxxx izituhwane lezi bantu ..

  7. Mofira iro doro remasese asi chabuda hapana. Don’t waste your time talking about politics

  8. Whats the peoblem with Zimbabweans? Honestly I have talked to some of these Zanu PF youth Lunatics and tried to get exactly why they think MUgabe should be in office! They response, ” mdara isimbi amana!”
    none of them knows why they support him. They will kill and never ask why.
    To a certain extend I blame MT. The first thing he should have done when he became PM should have been to level the playing field, we all knew this day would come, now ZBC and Herald have corrupted and brainwashed every one in the rural areas. Only about 30% of our people live in Urban areas. Of those 30%, 300 000 were blocked to vote by Zanu Pf. We should have a plan B. Its time we as a nation stand up and say enough is enough!

  9. mafira kureva

    even if they rig the election this time zanu yairasa because we will show them the way

  10. Mai tiiiiiiiie

    Kana une njere chaidzo dzakakwana, ziva pekunoisa x wako, nhaikaaaaaa?

  11. Mese murikutaura zvekupenga, nyika haiende nepen & paper nemabhunu takanya. ZANU- PF 4lyf chero zvirwadze sei.

  12. In your dreams cde,zanu yaora kungoti vamwe njere nemaziso hamuna.

  13. Mash Central aendai kwaTsambe first. Look @ manicaland-gvt of zim. Shun from being misused

  14. Handiti gnu yanga iri pen,usambodherera zvako pen,31 july imwe pen iri vemuzimbabwe handei tino vota,pen inochinja zvinhu.

  15. Zanu pf yangaisineyi nemaelection, zvinhu zvakangozouya pavepaya otherwise ZANU PF HAINA KUENDA KUHONDO KUTI IGOZOITA MAELECTION ASI KUTI IZOTONGA KUSVIKA KARE musazoti hatinakuzvinzwa muchipedza nguva muchiverengana, maidi kuverengana muchienda kuhondo? Modakuzotiitira Egypt muno motosvorana nenhema dzamunoreverana, manje mucharohwa zvokurohwa zviye kusvika mega mati hatichadi zvemaelection mupaka Jesu adzoka

  16. Zanu pf yangaisineyi nemaelection, zvinhu zvakangozouya pavepaya otherwise ZANU PF HAINA KUENDA KUHONDO KUTI IGOZOITA MAELECTION ASI KUTI IZOTONGA KUSVIKA KARE musazoti hatinakuzvinzwa muchipedza nguva muchiverengana, maidi kuverengana muzadza mastadium muchienda kuhondo? Modakuzotiitira Egypt muno motosvorana nenhema dzamunoreverana anamucheka dzafa, manje mucharohwa zvokurohwa zviye kusvika mega mati hatichadi zvemaelection mupaka Jesu adzoka

  17. ko imi vezanu commentayi kuherald bepa renyu,.oh! by the way hakuna commentry section,kkkkkk they know kuti most comments will be against there biased reporting

  18. If zanu pf soccer players wanted to hear tsvangirai then one wonders how they will vote on july 31,zanu pf has got a lot of pretending supporters who pretand to support it for fear of victimisation.july 31 will be a real shocker for zanu pf.

  19. @comrade its almost 33yrs after war dont remind us of nyemba dzakaunda

  20. Enough Is Enough

    Am not that into politics,but common sense simply tells everyone that now its time for ZANU PF to VAMOOSE.Right now the only sensible and logical and productive thing to do on July 31 is to VOTE for MORGAN TSVANGIRAI & MDC-T.Everyone,including those vagabond ZANu youths,knows that.The only place left for Zanu Pf is THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY.

  21. Actions speak louder than words comrades and friends. If u are convinced with false puppet promises u should thinK again its never too late b4 31. Its high time to see true Zimbabweans on the lead of their country. What kind of people who think they are useless without foreigners. I’m amaized because some of u are fathers of families yet crying for other man to solve ur chaoses. I think is high time to stand for our sovereignity and demand back our lost heritage through invited sanctions that were meant to let people lose direction. I’m happy you did not lose direction for the last 13 years and I know you have seen that it was nothing but false and inhuman promises. ASAMBENI SIYEVOTA

  22. Takeiteasy Marcaves

    You can talk and talk until your voices are gone, asi chokwadi hachisi kure. Next week nechitatu the winning team will be celebrating while the loosing one will be busy packing its bags going where it belongs. Zvose zvekunyepa izvi zvinenge zvapera. Macomrades handeyi tinovhotera nyika yedu. Kwete kuvhotera kusevenzera murungu. Tinosvikepi tirinhapwa dzemamwe marudzi edzimwe nyika. VaMugabe varikuti iwe iwawo employer, iwawo nechinokupa iyo mari yatinodayi kuchemera saka ndiyo inonzi visionka iyi from a wiseman, not kungofunga kuti dayi ndazvimbirwa nhasi mangwana anozvionera.

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