Wear their regalia, but dump them: Tsvangirai

MUTOKO/MUREHWA – About 500 Zanu PF youths yesterday invaded the venue of MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s rally at Mutoko centre, scaring away people who had wanted to attend.

Report by Staff Reporter

Tsvangirai, however, managed to address small crowds of between 500 and 2 000 at Mutoko centre and in Murehwa, advising supporters to go ahead and wear the Zanu PF regalia for their safety, but to exercise their free choice inside the ballot box.

MDC-T provincial secretary for information and publicity for Mashonaland East Graham Nyahada said the Zanu PF youths went to the venue in the morning and ordered people away using a loudspeaker.

The youths also forced suspected MDC-T supporters to take and wear Zanu PF regalia.

“The venue was invaded as early as 6am by Zanu PF supporters and I had to call the police who took three hours to respond and I ended up going to the station personally,” Nyahada said.

”They (Zanu PF activists) used a loudhailer to warn people against attending our rally, tore our posters and broadcast derogatory statements denouncing Tsvangirai. The situation only calmed down when the police arrived. But still, they had to bring four more truckloads of police reinforcements to manage the situation.”

The NewsDay crew observed Zanu PF supporters clad in their full party regalia, singing and dancing, at different strategic points, as close as 50 metres from the MDC-T rally venue where a crowd numbering about 500 had gathered. MDC-T campaign posters had been pulled down and torn while at some places President Robert Mugabe’s posters were put up on top of those of Tsvangirai.

Before Tsvangirai arrived at the venue, MDC-T House of Assembly candidate for Marondera East Tracy Mutinhiri prayed with the party supporters asking God to deliver Zimbabwe from the bondage of Mugabe.

“We ask God to deliver us just as He delivered the children of Israel from Egypt from the bondage of this oppressor,” Mutinhiri said.

Tsvangirai hailed the women who braved the Zanu PF intimidation to attend the rally, urging them to take and wear the Zanu PF regalia to avoid victimisation.

“I can see the fear, intimidation and the roasting that you have endured in Mutoko. Just wear their T-shirts, but you know what is deep down your heart,” he said.

Tsvangirai said many people from Mutoko had suffered a lot during the bloody 2008 political poll violence.

“The people of Mutoko took refuge at Harvest House, but your determination today shows you want change. The first thing I will do when I get into power is to summon chiefs and ask them why people were tortured and treated like animals,” he said.

In Murehwa, Tsvangirai addressed about 2 000 people and told them his government would implement the one-man/one-farm policy and also take care of war veterans, civil servants and soldiers.

Commenting on the campaigns in the province, the party’s national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa said: “We are excited, we are in this province which is a pinnacle of fear and intimidation. However, we have broken the backbone of violence and intimidation.

“People are scared, but they are clear in terms of their options come election day for they had never understood the meaning of independence and that is what we are trying to make them taste — the apple of freedom and orange of democracy.”

In Kotwa, vendors and shopkeepers were ordered not to sell airtime or food to anybody wearing an MDC-T shirt.

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  1. Kirimu Dhonanzi

    Good move,Morgan. Continue to encroach these so-called ZANU PF areas and fear will just melt away from the people. Constintuencies like Zvimba North will be won by MDC-T.

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    Team Tsvangirai,you can not expect a bumper crowd kurural area coz your policies do not suit that area.You have been anti black participation in agriculture though you claim kuti agriculture was smith’s backbone and you once claimed that you will repossess land and give it back to the whites.Saka muyouth wekumusha ari kutoda kutsvaga nzvimbo yekuti atangewo kurima sezvinoita vabereki vake whom he cherishes will not be lured by your policies.Basa anoziva kuti harifi rakabuda coz your 2million jobs have been a pipe dream serailway line yekuchitungwiza.Your efforts are just as misdirected semunhu weTeam Zanu (pf) who goes to sell her election manifesto to railway workers and their families in Harare whereas these people have not been paid for so many months and one of them is at the helm of that company.80/20 rule would be most effective imi mapoliticians.

    1. I wonder where you were schooled sir. Your mind is so shallow. Open your eyes and you shall see!


        @Bodo Misi you are the sipukupuku here coz if someone differs with you politically uyanzondela. That was the politics of the 1980s. You are not Politically Schooled yourselves. Zanu PF is a Zim party legal registred to campaign and it has supporters as well

      2. Tendai Chaminuka

        Madam not sir.You Guess is just as good as mine,Gwaivhi Primary School.

    2. @Tendayi- the youth would rather you time travelled back circa 1800 where everyone was a farmer and not even a good one at that..Its also refreshing to see you have a very good memory..the invisible ZANU’s Chikowore driven Harare-Chitungwiza train is sitll stuck at the station..Blaming the MDC for this is….whats that word…idiotic, yah, that is the word.

    3. Iwe kwana usati kana zanu yataura propaganda yekuti Tsvangirai anodakudzosera minda kuvarungu iwe wototoichokwadi uridofo pfutseki imbwa yemunhu. Mugabe wako haambohwinhi nyangezvodii.

      1. Tendai Chaminuka

        who was being bankrolled by commercial farmers in one well known video and why were the commercial farmers bankrolling his party.Becoz they had seen a more handsome black guy than Mugabe

    4. chaminuka waita kunonzi kubaya nechigunwe chaiko

  3. Against Zanu pf

    they speak of peace while they are hipocrites to hell with zanu pf

    1. WHY is it a a small crowd of 500 can scamper an imagined 10000 MDC Supporters.

  4. Do not quite agree, most of these rural communities are not necessarily beneficiaries of land reform but have been living in these communal lands for a long time. Issue of money is important and has been vindicated on the tobacco success. I work for a tobacco compnay and can tel you for a fact that out of our 10,000 contract farmers, 70% are communal farmers in Rusape, Mash West, Mash East and some in the chikomba areas. We ditched commercial farmers for reason known to you and focused on rural folk (kumamisha) the reason being loyalty and nyadzi dzekusatiza zvikwereti. Those who went into the farms have been very risky and dishonest. Most of them were young and inexperienced but money hungry, give them inputs they dissapper.

    My point being that funding has helped transform the long forgotten rural community not only land reform. The next gear is to increase funding so that yeilds go up in rural communities, that way we will demonstrate that we have too much land to even fight for. Withiout even using commercial foarmers, my company is now back to 1999 capacity (which was all white commercial) and we aim to double it. The clear point is pour money, put irrigation even on those small farms, lives will change.

    Owning 1000 hactare is not better that having 10 acres of high yeild land.

    1. @Shefu- Nailed it. It is the same rural small holder farmer who in the early eightys was filling grannaries and sending 70% of all cotton produced. Your company is a rare one. It is run by smart people! More power to you and your dream which has crystallised in a very short period in time. Perhaps you could whisper to other companies running fast aground your recipe for success not just in agriculture but everyhwere. If this is true, A BIG THANK you for such innovation, please reproduce it across the land, again not just in Agriculture but everywhere.

  5. Mupfana weBikini

    Morgiza you are right! eat and drink with Zanu pf, raise yuor clenched fist,sing their jingles loudest but vote ‘MDC-T’ VOTE MDC-T.

  6. Ko regalia hakuna chainoziva , se ma cap acho akanaka, its a must have

  7. Musacheuke muridzo Save. Tapinda tapinda.

  8. who approves such suicidal moves in zanu pf? it will never win them friends. even a politician without anything to offer can easily be voted to power because zanu jongwe is making it easy for its opponents to campaign. you simply stand up and tell people that zanu is violent and they (zanu militia) will provide evidence on your behalf.

  9. Regalia yavo tinopfeka full time asi come 31st July, team inenge yakatobaiwa

    1. As people of Mudzi we will vote for Samukange an independent candidate then Save for president. We have had Muzukuru vaKaukonde Navhaya but roads and bridges are in deplorable state. Gore rino tinochinja chete. Ndakapfeka zvezanu thanks Save tiritose mdara.

  10. Save tinopinda chete.

  11. where u vote is your secret, lets wear their t-shirts

  12. tinopfeka madhende ezanu pf hatirege togozadza marally avo bt 31july ndipo pavachaona kuti havana kungwara.morgan tsvangirai pamberi newe sunungura marasta

  13. tinopfeka madhende ezanu pf hatirege togozadza marally avo bt 31july ndipo pavachaona kuti havana kungwara.morgan tsvangirai pamberi newe sunungura mazimbo

  14. Let them come and do that to the people of Bulawayo.Have they ever asked themselves why Jabulani Sibanda has always avoided Bulawayo in his terror campaigns? Because Bulawayans don’t brook any shit.


    You are rite RIGEL we shall wear MDC-Tea t-shirts but come 31 July, you will be shocked and guess you will cry stolen vote

  16. wat a shame,apa his Excellency was sayin only yesterday kut no violence,zero tolerance to violence.mayouths ayo ndovarikuisa bhora musango while the revolutionary party is sayin bhora mugedhi nePeace.

  17. zim politics arent progressive at all, just wait and see after the elections , how this IDIOTIC zimbas will do to each other for the sake of trying to please these greedy politicians rather than minding personal affairs. POOR ZIMBAS

  18. bhora ngariponjeswe

  19. #More with Morgan, zanu u didn’t give us anything in this country except independence(which we also got from zapu)…all these years you then destroyed this country and looted from your own brothers, raped your own sisters. You need to realise that white people are no longer our enemies, but poverty, corruption, nepotism& fake chinese goods are now our enemies.

  20. may be they went to liberate this country from the colonialists so that they can put on their shoes and act worse than them and now they think they can gain what they have lost. jongwe netwiwana twacho muputo. yo regilia shall be worn but remember my vote is not in the regalia come July 31.

  21. How can your first thing in power be to “summon chiefs”. That is not the manifesto…anyway how would you do that against the spirits of the land

  22. God is watching!! what intrigues me is that some of u pips who now have fading finger prints from writing counter revolutionary junkiiiiiie….are not even register. kwa…kwa kwa…. eeeish shem stereki…. Ngiyalizwela majaha lezintombi…July 31, uM’gabe ehofisini!!

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