We won’t be duped by politicians: Teachers

TEACHER’S Unions yesterday said they will not be hoodwinked by false promises from politicians seeking their support ahead of the forthcoming make-or-break elections later this year.


They said the new government would be given 100 days to address civil servants’ grievances or the “country will be ungovernable” due to strikes.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe told NewsDay that promises of increases in civil servants’ salaries towards elections was an old overused trick which will not get any politician their votes as past assurances were never fulfilled.

Majongwe said all parties in the Government of National Unity (GNU) had the chance during their five-year tenure to show their attitude towards the plight of civil servants and workers, but were all guilty of neglect.

“We have heard President Robert Mugabe and the MDCs promising salary hikes for civil servants towards elections, but our response this time around is that we have heard that before and we know those are mere political pronouncements to garner our votes, and we are going to punish those who ignored our plea to do justice to the welfare of civil servants” Majongwe said.

“Civil servants have gone for two years without salary increments when we know diamonds are looted by selfish people in government living in opulence and unparalleled extravagance in terms of expenditure.”

Majongwe said the GNU can, however, not be branded a total failure in terms of responsibility towards civil servants as the open victimisation and brutality of teachers had stopped after 2009, as well as successful restocking of school textbooks.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) led by Lovemore Matombo said the union expected the new government to urgently address their concerns.

Matombo said his ZCTU faction had anticipated good things after the formation of the GNU in 2009 as they thought workers would get a poverty datum line salary.

“We are not going to buy politician’s statements during the campaigns. Whatever government comes into power will be given 100 days after elections to increase wages to poverty datum line-related ones and failure to do that will result in the country becoming ungovernable through strike action,” he said.

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  1. Poor Majongwe you were duped in 2008. Where are salary increases promised by Tsvangirai during the workers’ day in 2010? See those you were in what you call trenches are in terms of opulant life. You were indeed ridden upon as the likes of Biti, Chamisa and company moved into Jerusalem and leaving you outside. Wake-up, its only ZANU PF which can address your plea as civil servants for it ably demostrated that through the creation of workers’ representative bodies that unfortunately turned into political vessels at the expense of genuine workers.

  2. Vna majongwe marasika, first let remove the current regime. then everything will follow

  3. Matombo can’t u see that it was a partial power for the opposition

  4. Never,the GNU was never created to solve economic problems never but political problems.How do you expect democratic peoples ideas to succeed when the dictator threw spanners into the machine.

  5. vamakotsi makakotsira zvedi.kuputirwa nezpf zvekutadza kuona zvinhu zviri clear zvekuti mwana ari grade zero can testify.t only shows kuti hauzi civil servant n hauna chaunoziva.maschools were hit by staff shortage 1 txtbook was shared by mo than ten students.zpf yakaondonga nyika 33yrs in power no developmnt mastructures n road network zvakasiiwa nasmith ndozviripo.minda makatora asi we are importng maize.industry makavhara bt u stil want 51%.izvezvi ana moyo aruuba neku looter madiamonds kasukuwere z looting mashares monyeperwa kunz community ownaship.vanoda dvlopmnt chaiyo muchiuraya vana chininga.

  6. taurai mabhunu

    Raymond Majongwe, haven’t you made enough money to return to Dynamos FC yet? Kune chibhanzi kuDFC, why uchigara uchipesana nechibhanzi?

  7. Aaah mateacher akasiyana nemapurisa akaita philosophy psychology n sociology so dont worry they know kuti ndiyani anovateerera and ndiyani avati havagoni kunyora pamaelections musazvinetsa nekucampaigner

  8. what astonishes me is the fact that during Mugabe’s tenure as a solo president when every one was suffering earning $1 a month,with no food in shops,no fuel etc not even one person ever opened up his mouth to say mugabe is a lier.whats wrong with you unthankful people?you forget your streets where flooded with sewere and pot holes everywhere not mentioning immense zesa shading.no child was born walking thus lets appreciate this baby in our hands

    1. we did not care about that, poverty came with mdc-t when they called for sanctions, your only problem could be that you never ate bread since 1980 due to your recklessness. otherwise before the mdc and sanctions everything was affordable, that is why people like biti managed to go to university on govt funds.

  9. I totally agree with both Majongwe and Matombo on this one. The bloody lying politicians should be punished come erection….ooups! meant election time


    majongwe uri kutsvaga mari yako wega dont act like you want to achieve an organisational goal


    Those fools who are being fooled by zanu pf saying sanctions have worsened our economy l think they deserve castration to avoid existence of such breeds. Before 2009 u were being duped by Zanu pf with that fools’ song(sanctions). After the formation of the GNU our economy started recovering though strained by Zanu pf, where were the sanctions? who removed them? If there are sanctions which hinder trading of Zim with other countries, where are our diamond and other resources going? Are u telling us that there is no diamond mining at the Marange alluvial soils? If there is diamond mining at Marange, where is the revenue from these minerals going? wake up you fools and think otherwise.

  12. Wena Makotsi what did your Zanu pf , do for some teachers let alone the country in 33 years. Why do you blame MDc, who had their hands and feet tied, by Zanu in the gonorea national unlimited(GNU). Blame your Zanu. Wake up from your slumber Makotsi, its never too late to see the light, you are welcome to Mdc. Failure to do that we will teach you and your party a lesson, come ERECTION time. And we demand a free and fair ERECTION.

  13. Were are not afraid of the straight erection you forced to be conducted on the 31 july, bring it on.

  14. Faceless Facebook Character

    Majongwe just stick to making crappy CD’s….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  15. The economy remained controlled by Zpf after 2009. Look at all parastatals, their boards are still filled to the bream with Zpf deadwood. Look at diamond mines, they are controlled by soldiers and Chinese Triads. They do not even remit the money to govt for salaries and projects. Look at indistries, the ones that operate are told to give shares to Zpf members or else they close shop.

    Empowerment Zpf style, destroy the livelihoods ofmillions of 7im citizens to empower a few Zpf members, their families and the Chinese backers.

    The same people who got farms are same getting indistries and diamonds.

    Imagine Grace the last lady destroying the lives of thoisands Mazowe Citris workers becos she says she wants to feed 20 orphans.

    She has two other farms 10 km away ans she cant do it?

    Why do people pretent they dont know nothing short of removing Zpf wont change their lives?

  16. Mr Raymond Majongwe misrepresented the civil servants by stating that the GNU was not a total failure when the poor communities living far below the poverty datum line are paying incentives for teachers.
    It is unlawful for Mr Lovemore Matombo to threaten the coming democratically elected government.

  17. Hey people every zimbabwean is registered by zanu pf Ghosts, what matters is go and check your name as to which ward or province they registered you at or visa v make use of our God given website from proudly zimbabweans.. They normally register you far away from where you stay. Please go and vote even if it means going to vote in Mutare , and you stay in Bindura. Mind you if you do not vote a ghost Zanu pf ghost will vote for you. Let’s catch them and beat them at their own game.

  18. Do not save money for transport to vote save the future for your kids vote vote vote.

  19. Gidza wezvokwadi

    I wonder why at times the educator sounds so uneducated. Mateacher amazuvaano madofo. Chete kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndiko kwadzino mhanyira. Votai zvakadhakwa futi muone, ma1 ndeenyu

  20. Vote for Zpf and we will continue looting. You see my stomach continues to grow everyday….it is full of diamonds. Wake up foolish Zimbabweans!

  21. i am looking for directions to the Regional Office to find out if I am one of the 5000 I heard in herald have been offloaded by the ghost employer that employs ghosts that are deemed unqualified to be ghosts. eeiish!

  22. Lets all come out in numbers to vote for MDC-T. Our enemy is mugabech****. who has destroyed our great nation in the past 33yrs. we are now a laughing stcok everywhere coz of mugache**** mis rule. Corruction everywhere anytime hama lets finish this monster once & for all. We want our diamond money to benefit every zimbabwean. Unless we vote these monkeys out we will continue to suffer. we hope this monster will soon be critical not stable but critical 4ever. viva cancer. PLEASE REGISTER & VOTE. NEW BABY ZIMBABWE IS ABOUT TO BE BORN. VIVA MORGAN BHORA MBERI.

  23. Decent salaries can only come with a stable economy. With the rate Zimbabwe is going it will take us the next hundred years. South Africa with its modest economy still struggles to pay civil servants salaries that are in tandem with the poverty datum line. The route of indigenising industries has retarded real growth that could have benefitted thousands of people. As Zimbabweans we are very hard working, but when we operate on marginal basis without accessing technology we will only feed our immediate families. A new government has a tall order in turning around the economy. Zanu pf has had more than 30 years to improve the life hood of people and they have dismally failed.

  24. ghost civil servant

    AS SEEN IN HERALD TODAY only the typical ghost employer of Planet Ghostly can invite applications from other ghosts, interview and appoint same for ghostlly tasks over a ghastly no ghostly decade to drive ghost vehicles whose ghosts thereafter are flushed out in middle of the nigght to make way for qualified ghosts under the ghost empowerment policy2013 eiiishhh. clever clever of our ghost planet!! eeeish.

  25. Please as you campaign do not promise us anything has he fully know that you will not be able to fulfill your promises.The economy does not need promising,let us vote MDC-T .They know where they are going unlike the crooks zpf.Mugabe promised civil servants a better life since coming to power in 1980 todate he has his back against civil servents.His time of showing up is election time.I will try Tsvangirai this time around.,

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