Vote rigging unearthed in Zvimba

THE just-ended Zanu PF primary elections in Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo’s Zvimba North constituency only attracted 1 600 voters, contrary to the party’s claims that more than 5 000 people voted in the area, NewsDay investigations have shown.


Sources claim Zanu PF — countrywide — inflated figures for its primaries.

Zvimba North primary election documents seen by this paper expose the rigging that took place as they showed that on average there were not more than 250 votes in 17 polling stations in the constituency.

According to official results Chombo garnered 6 382 votes.

“Less than 1 600 people voted in Zvimba north and these are the results per polling station. So where did (Chombo’s) the people come from?” questioned one of the polling agents for Edwin Matibiri, who was challenging Chombo.

One document compiled in protest at the alleged inflation of voting figures stated: “We refused to sign for the results of the election because there was evidence of rigging.

“For example, Hunyani polling station only recorded a total of 44 voters, while Pindi Park had 149, Kanonwa 196, and Mvou 190. Windsor, which had the highest voters, only had 915.”

Matibiri refused to comment on the matter, saying: “In-house Zanu PF issues cannot be discussed with the media.”

Mashonaland West provincial chairperson John Mafa yesterday confirmed that the provincial executive had received “one or two complaints” which they had since forwarded to the National Elections Directorate.

“As you know, whenever elections are held, there will always be people challenging the results,” Mafa said.

Hundreds of disgruntled Zanu PF members from various constituencies have besieged the party headquarters in Harare, protesting against irregularities in the just-ended primary elections, widening fissures in the former ruling party.

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  1. Win iwin sarai zvenyu muchiita audit tione kune muchashandurei?

    1. This is the exact level of thinking ZANU exploits. Oh dear, God help us all.

  2. Chombo’s vote manufacturing skills are likely to come in handy for ZANU PF in the 31 July general elections. Keep your eyes wide open, Save!

  3. Makaionaka zanu yenyu. Mdc wakeup, this is just a plot to rig the general elections. If they can inflate their own elections by these unbelievable figures what about the coming elections.

  4. Zanupf has lost all sense of shame! Unotonzwa kuvanyarira.

  5. so even if he rigged wat a u going to do abt it? totally nothing so quiet pliz anywhere is vote rigging a new phenomenon here in Zim?

    1. so ts ok by you to rig becauese its now part of us?

  6. hahahahaha masepa…

  7. Bvute RaMujuru Rakunetsa

    ndokuhwina zvine mutsindoka uku, ndaisa nevanhu vari mumaproperties angu ese saka ngazvisakushamisei vanhu ivava vanonditsigira, vese nemagerefurenzi angu. kikikiki apa pakadoforwa..MUNOZIVANA VANHU IMI PEDZERANAI ASI MUSABATANIDZIRA NEZVINOTEVERA

  8. Ana DWP ndimi vanhu mauraya nyika imi.Why support zvinhu zvakaora like this?

  9. Zanu pf for life. Icho!

  10. hotsi,hotsi,HOTSIIII ! ZANU IBVA PANDIRI.

  11. Hudofo hwana bvodjo hauna kutangira pano asi kure ndivo vanoti pakasurwa vofa nekuseka.Kutoti zanu 4 life ipo pachitaurwa kuti pakaitwa kubiridzira mubato machomo.

  12. Brian Chikwati

    Please the alleged busing of Vioters to St. Banabus by the Herenntals College should not be ignored. Some people who were promised work were actually ferried from Mudiriro. In the gumtrees near St. Banabus they were issued with Affidavits,w ith Commissioners of Oath readyly present. After a bif braai, the guys were tolr that they to come back to Rusape and vote there during the elections.

  13. Sarudzo 30 June 2013

  14. this inflation of voters started with the referendum,Zanu has it all packaged and ready came election day. people be ready we cant allow another rigged election.

  15. If people vote in numbers against this monster rigging will be impossible, , what happened the last legitimate election. Vangazoramba nema results asi vazvionera.

  16. zvakabvondokera

    At one polling station a number of ballot papers issurd for mp 942, senator 1058, councillor 1074, women mp 856. Why the discrepancy. Station inotinhwa vanhu kunovhota neyouth. Referendum less than 500 casted votes at the polling station. Where is the other 600 coming from. Surely figures are inflated

  17. BoBoJaNi SpAnNeR

    Zanu Pf a rotten party.

  18. Right,let me xplain to all those that r trying to understand the mystery yemavotes emaprimaries ezanu. This is wat wld happen wen a voter came to the polling booth. They wld be issued with 4 sheets of bond paper for the councillor,the mp,the senator and the provincial councillor. They would then be required to write the names of their respective candidates on the seperate sheets of paper and deposit in the same ballot or cardboard box or bucket. Most pple were only interested in the mp,so as a result either by design or by default they wld end up writting the name of the mp on all 4 sheets of paper. Consequently,one person wld end up casting 4 votes for the same person! This wld mean if 2 pple voted for a candidate they wld be counted as 8 pple! And so on and so forth. I hope this will help clarify these rediculous numbers to those who r not in the know. I thank u.

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